23 November 1997: Laramie, Wyoming

This was a case where I wasn't paying enough attention, but still caught the display. At about 6:30pm I drove over to my favorite gas station and on the way noticed a glow in the north, which disappeared while I was watching it on the way back. After checking Internet information, I gathered up my equipment and headed out to my site. Temperatures were in the low 20s (Farenheit). I took the following notes. Times are given in UT.

The Boulder K-index was 6 for 0-3UT and 7 for 3-6UT, which I found out right before heading back out.

The photos were all taken with a 35mm f/2.8 lens stopped down to f/4. Using the numbering scheme above, these are photos 1, 6, and 7. In photo 1 you can see the bowl of the Big Dipper, in photo 6 you can see all but Merak and Dubhe, and in photo 7 you can see the entire Big Dipper.

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