14 November 1998: Laramie, Wyoming

This was the first display I photographed after my Laramie Aurora Visibility Alert started to get significant regional publicity, and an alert was in effect this night. (Again, keep in mind that the date is for UT, so in reality all of these photos are from the 13th of November MST.)

I had been monitoring on-line data, which indicated marginal conditions for an aurora display, and at about 9:30pm I finally drove out to my dark site for a look.

All times are UT (subtract 7 hours for MST):

Here are photos 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, all on Kodak Royal Gold 1000 with a 35mm lens with exposure lengths and starting times given above. Notice how promenently the Big Dipper figures into the photos. Photo #13 is my favorite. As usual, keep in mind that the colors are more vivid on the photos than with the unaided eye, but the amount of detail is similar. These photos give a good idea of what a "MEDIUM" Laramie Aurora Visibility Alert forecast will ideally represent in terms of a display, if you have a dark observing site.

[44K JPEG]

[43K JPEG]

[41K JPEG]

[36K JPEG]

[30K JPEG]

[39K JPEG]

[46K JPEG]

[42K JPEG]

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