Aurora photos and descriptions

I have a page for each display I have photographed, along with a few other displays for which I have a good written description. Also, I give each display a rating from 1 to 5 stars, 1 star indicating a faint sighting, 5 indicating the best displays. The ratings are based on what I saw, regardless if I could have seen something better if I had been at a darker location, or if it had been clearer, or less moony, etc. The photos are sometimes better than the rating would indicate. To keep the download times reasonable, I give thumbnail images which can be selected to give a large image.

The dates given correspond to Universal Time (UT), which is based at the Prime Meridian which passes through Greenwich, England. This time system is the one of choice for astronomy, and has the added advantage of not rolling over at midnight local time in the United States. However, you need to subtract a day to convert to local times before midnight. MST is seven hours behind UT, and MDT is six hours behind. E.g., 0200 (or 2am) UT equals 8pm MDT on the previous day.

See my aurora photo tips page for more info on photographing one of natures finest spectacles

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