Brian Rachford's Arizona peak lists

I have been compiling lists of ranked peaks in Arizona's National Forests using the 300-foot rule, and I'm in the process of putting them up here. I have one list more or less finalized, with a small number of errors possible:

The rest of the lists are works in progress with errors and incomplete information:

These lists all stem from having completed 9 square degrees of topos that include the appropriate National Forests. As an example, you can also check out my list for 35 north, 112 west; i.e., the square degree containing Bill Williams Mountain and much of the Kaibab National Forest, which is a fairly sparse degree with less than 100 ranked peaks. This list is more or less finalized, although might contain an error or three.

For reference, my technique is to use the 1-arcsecond resolution National Elevation Dataset (NED) to generate color-coded topographical "images" of one or more square degrees which make it very easy to see where peaks and saddles are located. This data has been available for free since at least April 2006 via the National Map Seamless Viewer website. For every putative peak/saddle, I look at the corresponding 7.5-minute USGS quad to verify each peak.

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