Sitgreaves National Forest peak list

I have put together a tentative list of all peaks with a saddle rise (i.e., "prominence") of at least 300 feet and peaks which may satisfy that rule depending on their exact summit and/or saddle elevations. I am basing this list on interpolated saddle and/or summit elevations, thus after the summit and saddle elevations I include an "error". This is taken to be zero if an exact elevation is given, and half of the contour interval otherwise. This allows you to figure out the possible range of saddle rise for each peak. Right now, I am indicating a "ranked" peak with a "Y" in the first column and a "soft ranked" peak which may satisfy the 300-foot rule with an "S".

Note that not only does the peak have to be within the Sitgreaves National Forest, the summit also has to lie outside of any private inholdings within the public land, based on United States Forest Service maps. This list is provisional and probably has mistakes. When I think I have it finalized, I will add more information, like latitude and longitude, and links to online maps. For now, note that either the name of the topographic map or the topo code will allow you to easily find the appropriate scanned 7.5-minute quadrangle at the Libre Map Project, or the USFS Geodata Clearinghouse.

Chevelon Ranger District

Y794020Promontory Butte680Promontory Butteo34111c1726020
Y69450Chevelon Butte670Chevelon Butteo34110f762755

Heber Ranger District

I did not find any ranked peaks in the Heber Ranger District.

Lakeside Ranger District

Y88851Point 8885335Boundary Butteo34109b6855010
Y88281Wishbone Mountain498Boundary Butteo34109b6833010
Y867010Pierce Mountain400Boundary Butteo34109b6827010
Y85011Lake Mountain531Sponseller Mountaino34109b7797010
Y82881Wolf Mountain538Boundary Butteo34109b6775010
Y813010Antelope Hills360Sponseller Mountaino34109b7777010
Y789010Ecks Mountain340Sponseller Mountaino34109b7755010
Y78311Turkey Mountain401Sponseller Mountaino34109b7743010
Y77211Ziegler Mountain431Sponseller Mountaino34109b7729010
Y77031Marshall Mountain353Sponseller Mountaino34109b7735010
Y76981Doyle Mountain348Sponseller Mountaino34109b7735010
Y76561Blue Ridge Mountain466Lakesideo34109b8719010
Y76461Morgan Mountain376Sponseller Mountaino34109b7727010
Y7612 1Pat Mullen Mountain402Lakesideo34109b8721010
Y7595 1Porter Mountain605Lakesideo34109b8699010
Y7385 1Twin Knolls335Lakesideo34109b8705010
Y7170 1Hub Point320Clay Springso34110c3685010
Y7007 1Ortega Mountain502Ortega Mountaino34109c765055

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