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For better or worse, Prescott is my "home" for the time being. Fortunately, there are a lot of photographic opportunities around and the climate makes it easy to enjoy them. Unlike most of my Colorado photos, these are all digital photos. They are all substantially reduced from the original 3072x2304 format.

Here is an overlook of downtown Prescott from the summit of White Spar.
Prescott from White Spar

Here is a shot of the "backside" of Thumb Butte from a nearby hill, with Prescott in the background.
Thumb Butte

Here is an evening shot of Granite Mountain from the top of the hill in Acker Park. The obvious building in the center of the frame is the hospital.
Granite Mountain

Here is the Moon over "P" Mountain looking in the opposite direction from Acker Park on a different night.
Moon over P

Here is the Moon in that previous frame at full resolution, pretty darn good for a handheld shot with just 3x zoom available.

Mount Francis is a 7110-foot foothill southwest of town, which can be easily identified by the communications towers on the summit. This first shot was taken from the summit of White Spar and shows a wide view of a sunset and sun pillar extending up from the Sun. You can see the summit of Francis just left of the Sun. The hills on the right are in the near foreground and lower than Francis.
Francis Sun pillar

Here is another sunset photo over Francis from somewhere along the trail to White Spar on a different night.
Mount Francis

Now, for the opposite. This is a shot from the summit of Francis looking back down at White Spar (below center). You can see the so-called "twilight wedge" along the horizon, literally the shadow cast by the Earth, with the rosy area above being illuminated by the setting Sun.
On Mount Francis

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