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Although one could consider these parts of the Front Range, they are distinct enough to consider separately. RMNP houses Longs Peak, perhaps the finest mountain in Colorado. Even its easiest route is a long, challenging undertaking, and the incredible East Face is one of the greatest mountain walls on the continent. There are plenty of other fine mountains in RMNP and the Indian Peaks as well, not that I've climbed very many of them.

Longs Peak

Unfortunately, after that introduction, I'm going to have to disappoint you and not show a photo of the East Face. I have some great slides (and some great video), but not a great print. So you'll have to settle for the following shot from the summit looking down 2000 feet of the East Face to Chasm Lake. You can see part of the trail, and even highway 7 in the distance.
Chasm Lake

Mount Audubon

Audubon is a modest 13er in the Indian Peaks and a simple hike. When we climbed it in July 1999, we were intending to traverse over to Pauite Peak, but were thwarted by incredibly dense fog. This photo of me (left), and my friend Matthias, visiting from France, gives some indication of the weather situation. Visibility was down to about 30 feet.
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