Sangre de Cristo Range photo gallery

The Sangres are a narrow linear range in the southern part of the state containing 9 14ers, including several of the hardest. The mountains also generally require long approach hikes as well. I've climbed 3 of the 14ers.

Blanca Peak

Blanca Peak is the 4th highest peak in Colorado, and has two significant satellite peaks, Ellingwood and Little Bear. It's a long trek for a one-day hike, but poses no major difficulties by its easiest route. I climbed it in August 1999.

Here is the daytime view from 2WD vehicle parking; you are seeing about 6000 vertical feet here, and none of the summits are actually visible. There's a camper barely visible on the left edge of the frame, about one-quarter of the way up from the bottom; keep that in mind.
Blanca massif

Parking down in the desert you get a depressing view of the lower road on your way down. I'm about 3 miles from my car at this point, which is probably somewhere in that cloud shadow.
Blanca parking

Here is an extreme close-up of the previous photo. Remember that camper? I think it's one of the white splotches along the road at the bottom edge of the cloud shadow. I believe I'm parked right in the middle ot that cloud shadow. With a long lens, I probably could have could have obtained a conclusive detection of my blue car.
Dude, I can see my car from up here!!

For my climb of Blanca, I gained 6500ft and hiked 7.3 miles in 6 hours to reach the summit. Here I am forcing a smile in the fog at the summit.

Humboldt Peak

This is the easiest 14er in the range, but is still a long hike if you are driving a normal car. Its main attraction is the tremendous view you get of Crestone Needle. I climbed it in July 1995.

Speaking of which, here is the tremendous view, from the south slopes of Humboldt. The famous technical route, the Ellingwood Arete descends the blunt ridge angling to the right from the summit all the way to the trees. Part of the traverse to Crestone Peak can be seen extending off the right-hand side of the frame.

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