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The San Juans are a large mountainous area in the southwest part of Colorado. They contain 13 of the Colorado's 14ers, including some of the most remote and difficult ones. I've done 6 of them. For a change, I list the mountains from west to east.

Wilson Peak

Wilson Peak is part of a group of 14ers along with Mount Wilson and El Diente Peak. Wilson Peak is the easiest of the three, but is still a challenging climb. This trip was in July 1997.

This is a famous mining cabin at 12,000 feet with the summit as a backdrop. It's only been during the last 20 years or so that the roof of this cabin collapsed, and there are many reminders of the extensive mining history of this area.

This is a photo of El Diente from the summit of Wilson Peak. In the original photo, the clouds looked darker, and in fact, a thunderstorm developed about 15 minutes after this photo was taken. It was just after 11am when I first heard thunder, but luckily the storm fizzled out and I made it safely back down. You are looking at a north face which is why there is still so much snow in July.
The Tooth

Here is the companion photo of the top of Mount Wilson (El Diente is just off to the right of the frame). Navajo Glacier is in the left foreground.
Mount Wilson

Wetterhorn Peak

One of the hardest 14ers based on its 150-foot summit pitch. I climbed this in June 1996.

This photo is looking down the summit pitch to the famous shark's fin tower that you skirt just before the final push.
Don't fall

This one shows the ridge to the summit, from left to right, and the east face. The shark's fin tower is just left of the summit block.

Redcloud Peak/Sunshine Peak

These two modest 14ers are often climbed together, and that's exactly what I did in August 1995.

This shows the final ridge hike from a 13,000-foot saddle. The summit is the high point on the left.

Here is the view down the Bent Creek drainage from the saddle.
Get Bent

The summit of Redcloud, looking across the connecting ridge to Sunshine Peak. The ruddy rock near the summit is what gave Redcloud its name. Sunshine Peak is about 1.4 miles away and is notable for being the lowest 14er at 14,001 feet.

This is a view from at or near Sunshine's summit looking down into the drainage that I descended. This area has some of the prettiest rock colors of any place I've hiked.

Finally, here is a shot with a 135mm lens looking at 14ers Wetterhorn Peak (high point of the left background) and Uncompahgre Peak (high point of the right background). I subsequently climbed both of those peaks.

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