Other northern Minnesota 2000-foot peaks

Selected other ranked peaks above 2000 feet in the Arrowhead. (I could look up the Lat/Lon for these points, but did not have them in my spreadsheet from my original research. I do have a code that would let me easily find the peak again.) There are probably other ranked 2ers than these, because I wasn't as systematic after finding my top ten list.

RankPeakElev (ft)Exact?CountyLatLonNeighborRise (ft)
YesPoint 2065 2065YesCookPt 2081335
YesPoint 2046 2046YesCookPt 2065396
YesPoint 2030 2030No CookPt 2081360
YesPoint 2019 2019YesLake >319
YesMoose Mountain 2012YesCookPt 2065362
YesPoint 2007 2007YesCookPt 2266337

Selected lower prominence and interesting points:

RankPeakElev (ft)Exact?CountyLatLonNeighborRise (ft)
??? Stony Tower Hill2080YesLake
No Point 2246 2246YesCookPt 2260256
No Gaskin BM 2245YesCookPt 2260275
No Brule Mountain 2226YesCookEagle Mtn276
No Kelso Mountain 2100 Cook

Of particular interest, Point 2246 is the highpoint of the area labeled as the "Misquah Hills". However, the true highpoint of this general area is Point 2260 listed on the Minnesota top ten page.

Stony Tower Hill (Isabella Benchmark) is the highpoint of Lake County, but I'm not sure if it is ranked at the 300-foot level (I sort of doubt it, but I won't bet money on it).

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