Mount Yale trip report


(I didn't really feel like writing a full report this week, so I thought I would try something different.)

Started at 7:08am at Denny Creek trailhead.

Broke off the Denny Creek trail to the trail to Yale at a well-marked intersection.

Weather pretty good, but a few clouds warning of possible later t-storm activity.

I was mixed up on where the trail was going; nearly at the summit before I realized that it was totally visible above 12000ft.

Very little snow, a few patches on trail 12-13000ft.

Despite good trail switchbacking up a loose slope to the summit ridge, just about every switchback had been cut. Sigh...

Slipped on some ice just below a snowfield, had to use my first-aid kit; no big deal.

Snow on backside of ridge; hike across this easier than scrambling across some pinnacles on the ridge.

Falling to the left would be bad, especially w/o an axe.

The madness has begun; mountain was rather crowded.

Reached summit at 10:06, there is a register but it's about 30 meters from the highpoint.

Did have summit to myself for a few minutes, third on for the day, I think.

Storms building up quickly while on summit.

Left at 10:30, heard loud thunderclap toward Missouri Mountain about five minutes later.

Hustled back down, didn't hear anymore thunder for an hour; had descended 2500 vertical feet to below treeline.

Heard thunder all the way down from here and was in some light rain.

Meanwhile, at least 15 people were still above treeline just on this route, with even more heading up; gave everyone I encountered a friendly warning about the weather.

Storms seemed to be coming in from the north, i.e. coming right over Yale from the areas around Belford, Oxford, Missouri, Harvard, Columbia; sky quite dark at times to the north.

Finished at 12:32pm.

This would be a better climb with total snowcover above 12000ft (good glissading, too).

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