Notes on the Hickson Compact Galaxy groups

The following links give photos, object information, and my observing notes (when available) for individual Hickson groups. Note carefully the scale of each DSS photo; it is not always the same. I have used a logarithmic scaling to bring out faint detail and hopefully facilitate better printing, at the expense of sometimes washing out the cores of galaxies. I generally use powers from 122x to 203x for the best views of faint galaxies through my 6" f/8 Newtonian. I will assume you know what "NELM" means; "TLM" is the same, except through the telescope and is probably a better indicator of conditions for this sort of observing. This value may be a bit conservative, because I sometimes spend over an hour on a faint Hickson group, but generally 15 minutes on the TLM check. You can click on the table headings on each page to get more information on the sources I used, and I also give a link to the NED page for each galaxy.

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