Observing report for 27 March 1997




Comet Hale-Bopp


Wednesday evening (early morning UT on March 27) was a great night for comet shooting with the Moon finally out of the way, and I already reported on the brightness of the zodiacal light while photographing in a previous posting. I was shooting Fuji Super G+ 800 and this bunch of photos came out even better than my shots from March 18th! In particular, the 135mm shots show remarkable detail in the plasma tail, and this detail is even visible in the 58mm shots. This detail was just barely visible in the shots from the 18th. I also captured Hale-Bopp and M31 in the same frame with both the 135mm and 58mm lenses. The comet absolutely dwarfs M31 in both size and brightness!

Unfortunely, this afternoon and evening we had blizzard conditions at times during intense snow showers, and it didn't clear up enough to think about photographing until a bit too late. (I can see the comet quite nicely out my kitchen window right now.)

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