Third Series Woodsman

Match Target Model with 6" barrel illustrated. Also came with 4-1/2" barrel. All third series models are basically the same internally, but there are significant external differences. The Huntsman and Targetsman, for example, lack the automatic slide stop that is standard on the Sport, Target, and Match Target. They also have a slightly heavier, non-tapered barrel, an integral front sight, and different rear sights than the other models. Several changes took place within the third series, and not all parts will interchange with earlier or later 3rd series guns, even those of the same model.

I am not in the parts business. I have been selling off the excess that I accumulated over the years in building my Woodsman collection, and most of my extra parts have already been sold. The parts that are listed in GREEN are still available. Those in RED are not available.

Pricing will depend on whether the part is new or used, and, if used, on condition. For barrels and magazines, please indicate whether appearance and condition of the bluing is important, or whether you would prefer cheap and functional, but not necessarily pretty. All parts that I have are Colt originals unless otherwise stated, and all are sold with satisfaction guaranteed or you can return the part for a refund of the purchase price.

If you would like to order a part, please fill out the "Woodsman Parts Order/Inquiry " form. Please be as complete as possible in order to save us both a lot of unnecessary correspondence back and forth.

You can then send it to me electronically, or you can print out the form and mail it to me at:

Bob Rayburn
PO Box 97104W
Tacoma, WA 98497

I will respond with availability and pricing. Only those few parts that are listed in GREEN, and marked with an asterisk, are still available. Those in RED are not available.

3rd Series Parts
Drawing                             	Part
Number					Number
 1    Assembly Lock			50019*
 2    Assembly Lock Plunger		51249*
 3    Barrel Detail Assembly:
	4-1/2" 	Match Target 		50696*
	6" Match Target			50096*
	Target Model 6"			50093*
	Sport Model  4-1/2"		50002*

Barrels are both new and used. Price depends on condition. Please state your preferences. Third series barrels will fit the second series guns, and are identical except for the markings.
 	Huntsman 6"			50885
	Targetsman 6"			50885  
	Huntsman 4-1/2"			50878
 4    Rear Sight Detent Ball-
	(2 Required)			51195
 5    Ejector	  			51549
 6    Ejector Pin 			50032
 7    Rear Sight Elevating Screw	51682
 8    Rear Sight Elevating Spring	51194
 9    Extractor				50021
10    Firing Pin			50022
11    Firing Pin Spring			50023
12    Firing Pin Stop			50024
13    Front Sight-1/8" Blade
	Match Target			51368
	Target Model			51370
	Sport Model			51366
13    Front Sight Blade .100 
	Match Target			51367
14    Front Sight Blade Pin-(2)		50060
15    Hammer	 			50035*
16    Hammer Strut			50036
17    Hammer Strut Pin			50729
18    Magazine Assembly			51464
18a   Magazine Base			51471
18b   Magazine Base Lock 		51470
19    Magazine Catch:
	Early Huntsman and
	Targetsman			50881
         All other models		51480*
20    Magazine Catch, Pin and 
      MainSpring Housing Lock Pin-(2)	50015
21    Magazine Catch Spring		51481
22    Magazine Follower			51467
23    Magazine Follower Stud 		51468
24    Magazine Spring			50064 
25    Magazine Spring Guide		50115
26    Main Spring			50010
27    Main Spring Cap			50011
28    Main Spring Cap Pin		50012
29    Main Spring Housing:	
        Match Target			51483*
	Early Huntsman and
	Targetsman			50688*
	All other models		51482*
30    Rear Sight-Blade 1/8"		51648
30    Rear Sight Blade-.100		51229
31    Rear Sight Leaf Assembly:
	Match Target			51696
	Target and Sport		51694
	Huntsman			50190
	Targetsman			51879
     Elliason rear Sight-(Not Shown)	94092
32    Receiver (Main Frame)           NotFor Sale
33    Recoil Spring			50025
34    Recoil Spring Guide		50026
35    Safety Lock Detail Assembly	50038
36    Sear    				50042
37    Sear Pin and Main Spring
	Retainer Pin-(2)		50015
38    Sear Spring			50044*
39    Side Plate:
	Huntsman and Targetsman		50689*
	All other models		50045
40    Side Plate Screw:
	Huntsman and Targetsman		50684
	All other models		50107
41    Rear Sight Leaf Pin		51647
42    Slide Detail Assembly:
	Target, Sport, Match Target 	51490
	Huntsman			50692
	Targetsman			51887
43    Slide Stop Detail Assembly	51674*
44    Slide Stop Spring			50109
45    Stock-Left Hand-Walnut
	(With Thumb Rest*)		51968
	Stock-Left Hand-Walnut
	(Without Thumb Rest*)		51967
46    Stock-Right Hand-Walnut*		51966
47    Stock Screw			50088
48    Stock Screw Nut			50089
49    Trigger				51479
50    Trigger Bar			50050*
51    Trigger Pin			50017
52    Trigger Spring			51222
53    Rear Sight Windage Screw		51192
54    Rear Sight Windage Spring		51193
 55    Rear Sight Detent Spring		51683
'Stocks sold only in pairs, with Stock Screws