Example Specialties of the

RCG uses your specified needs, their implied prerequisite topics, and information about its consultants in identifying one or a team of them to apply to your situation.

(* = listed under more than one category)


Accelerator Physics and Design Adhesives Agricultural Immunodiagnostics* Algebraic Geometry Analytical Microscopy Applied Mathematics Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks and Expert Systems Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics Atomic/Nuclear Physics: Reactor, Criticality, Radiation Analysis Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy Automation Biochemistry* Biomedical Engineering* Biomedical Sensor Technology* Biophysics* Coatings Computer Architectures Computer Programming in C Computer Programming in Fortran Computer Science Concrete Protecting Coatings Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Data Processing Algorithms Detection of Gamma Rays Using NaI, HPGe, BGO, etc. Development of Computer Software for Natural Sciences (Chemistry Bioinformatics) Differential Equations Digital Filtering Dyes/Colorants Electrochromic Materials and Devices Evaluation and Integration of Scientific Software Experimental Nuclear Physics Forensic Witness Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Microscopy Gas-Phase Adsorption* Gas Separation* General Physics Genetic Algorithms* Halide Lamps Heat Transfer* Heavy and Fine Chemicals Production Image Processing Industrial Mathematical Modeling Infrared Spectroscopy Laser-Related Physics Material Durability Materials Characterization Materials Defects Mathematical Modeling Mathematical Physics Mechanical and Moisture Properties of Paper Microwave Propagation Through Urban Environments Modeling of Mechanical Behavior Monte Carlo Simulation Nonlinear Controls Nonlinear Dynamics Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Numerical Algorithms Objective Criteria for Industrial Output Operations Research Optical Films Organic Chemistry Organic Photochemistry Parallel Processing Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Photographic Science Physical and Chemical Thermodynamics Physical Chemistry Plasma Deposition of Biomaterials* Plasma Diagnostics Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Plasma Etching Plasma Processing Plasma Surface Modification Plastics Polymers Quasi-Optics Queueing Theory and Applications Real Time Control Systems and Embedded Software Robotics Rocket Propulsion Technology and Space Power Systems Science Writer/Scientific Writing Scientific Computing Sealants SEM/EDS: Scanning Electron Microscopy/Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Semiconductors Several Complex Variables Signal Processing and Control Algorithm Design, Analysis, and Implementation Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications* Solid Mechanics Solid State Electronics Statistics Stochastic Optimization Structural Dynamics Thermal Analysis Instrumentation and Methods Thermal Engineering Thermodynamics of Solids Thermoviscoelastic Materials: Polymers, Rubber, Paper, etc. Thin Film Deposition Vibrations Vision and Image Processing Waterproofing Wavelet Analysis Weathering and Thermal Stability of Materials


Agricultural Microbiology* Anesthesia: Biologic Foundations Anesthetic Mechanisms Animal Models for Human Diseases, Regulations Involved Animal Related Projects, Regulations Involved Antimicrobials for Product Preservation Artificial Blood Biochemical Separations Biochemistry* Biomedical Engineering* Biomedical Sensor Technology* Biophysics* Cancer Biology Cancer Research Cardiac Function Cardiovascular Pharmacology Cardiovascular Physiology Cell Calcium Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology - Perioperative Considerations Enzyme and Cell Immobilization Gene Therapy Genetic Algorithms* Immune Responses Ion Channel Industrial Microbiology* Laboratory Animal Medicine Medical Immunodiagnostics Medical Writer/Medical Writing Micromanipulation Technique Model Membranes: Liposomes and Planar Lipid Bilayers Molecular Biology Molecular Immunology Negative Staining & Freeze-Fracture Electron Microscopy; SEM New Drug Development & Registration with the FDA Physiological Oxygen Transport Plasma Deposition of Biomaterials* Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications* Spectroscopy


Air Pollution Control/Air Quality Science Agricultural Immunodiagnostics* Agricultural Microbiology* Carbon and Coal Science and Engineering Energy: Clean, Renewable Energy, Power, and Environmental Process Optimization Environmental Impact of Degradation Products Environmental Microbiology Environmental Physics and Chemistry Gas-Phase Adsorption* Gas Separation* Heat Transfer* Indoor Air Quality Industrial Microbiology* Plasma Deposition of Biomaterials*

OTHER -- Attributes in Addition to Technical Specialties

Biological Business Development: Marketing & Market Evaluations, Strategic Planning & Partnering, Fund Raising--Grants & Venture Capital Editing for Publication Financial Derivative Product Pricing and Development "Good" Manufacturing Practice Health and Safety Regulations Industry/University Technology Programs Advocacy: Related U.S. Politics and Sociology Patent Law Photographic Product Manufacturing Process Optimization R&D Management Toxic Substance Control Act Regulations

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