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  Grave, canting, Mammonite freebooters,
Who in the name of Christ & Trade
(Oh, bucklered forehead of the brass!)
Deflower the world's last sylvan glade!

       — Herman Melville

Arise you dead...1917


Powerful Belgian graphic artist, radical social critic.

Alternate Saint,

Radical American lesbian educator, feminist theorist.

(Patroness of Paris).


106 -- [BC] Roman philosopher/essayist/orator Marcus Tullius Cicero lives, near Arpinum.

1521 -- Martin Luther excommunicated from Roman Catholic Church.

1781 -- Inca Rebellion. Inca besiege Cuzco (Perú) in attempt to dislodge Spanish.

1793 -- Lucretia Mott lives, Nantucket, Massachusetts. Abolitionist & feminist.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-2007
Pioneer feminist, conductor of the underground railroad.

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1803 -- A widow wrote this epitaph in a Vermont cemetery:

Sacred to the memory of
my husband John Barnes
who died January 3, 1803
His comely young widow, aged 23, has
many qualifications of a good wife, &
yearns to be comforted.

old book
1803 -- Douglas William Jerrold — author, playwright, & wit — lives, London. A contributor to Punch, he also founded a magazine & a newspaper bearing his name.

Old Loving couple
1825 -- US: Scottish factory owner & socialist Robert Owen buys 30,000 acres in Indiana as site for New Harmony utopian community.

On Robert Owen, see Kenneth Rexroth's Communalism

1865 --
Strange: January Fortean Events 1865 -- Outer Space: Second sighting of red lights on Mars (previously seen in Oct 1864) [C. R., 85-538]

1869 -- England: Sound of six or seven reports, "as if of heavy guns far away", Harlton, Cambridgeshire [Nature, 30-19]

Norton button
1867 -- US: Joshua Norton I, "Dei Gratia" Emperor of the United States of Amnesia & Protector of Mexico, abolishes Congress & calls out the Army to clear out the riff-raff & crooks...

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Oscar Wilde, anarchist
1882 -- US: Docking in New York, Oscar Wilde is asked by customs if he has anything to declare; he replies:

"Nothing but my genius."

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1892 -- Lordy, Lord! Medieval J.R.R. Tolkien lives, Blomfontein, Orange Free State, Africa. The English philologist also publishes scholarly studies of Chaucer & Beowulf & an edition of Sir Gawain & the Green Knight.

1899 -- Algeria: Alphonse Cannone (1899-1939) lives.

Cannone was one of the French anarchiste sailors who rebelled during the 1919 Black Sea Mutiny, refusing to fight the Russian revolutionaries during the Allied intervention.

"Marins français, ouvriers et paysans russes, femmes et enfants, se tenant par les bras, montaient vers la ville hurlant leur joie et leur espérance en des temps qui permettraient de connaître enfin le bien-être et la liberté."

1903 -- anarchiste diamond dingbatUkraine: Anarchist Jack (Yankel) Frager lives (1903-1998), Ismeryuka. He was last arrested at age 88 during a Hiroshima Day protest, for painting the shadows of bomb victims on sidewalks in New York City. The rain washed away the evidence, so the charges were dropped (no pun intended!).

1904 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: During this month Emma Goldman, on behalf of the
Free Speech League, undertakes a brief lecture tour to gain support for English anarchist John Turner; Emma speaks before garment workers in Rochester & miners in Pennsylvania.

Further details/ context, click here[Details, John Turner's arrest]

1904 -- México: Ricardo Flores Magón, with his brother Enrique, seeking to escape constant repression by the dictatorship, leaves México for the United States.

While Ricardo ends up dying in an American prison, never able to return to México alive, his career significantly influences the Mexican Revolution, even in exile.

Sidney Street Seige, illustration by Flavio Costantini
1911 -- England: Sidney Street Siege, East London: three anarchists suspected of killing three cops three weeks ago shoot it out with over 1,000 troops, including Scots Guards from the Tower of London & armed police.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1916 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: During this month Emma Goldman lectures in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, & Pittsburgh, on sexuality, modern drama, & the war, including "Preparedness: A Conspiracy between the Munitions Manufacturers & Washington." Emma also lectures before enthusiastic members of a prominent women's club in Brooklyn.

1917 -- US: Tom Mooney trial begins in San Francisco.

Martin Swanson, a detective with a long involvement in strikes, & various labor confrontations in Frisco, spent a couple of months trying to frame Mooney for an earlier bombing of PG&E power lines, offering bribes of $5,000 to several of Mooney's allies. He also maintained constant surveillance & harassment of Mooney, Billings, & the anarchists Alexander Berkman & Emma Goldman, who were living at 569 Dolores in the Mission District.

Over the next two years it was gradually revealed that Swanson was primarily responsible for finding & coaching false witnesses for the District Attorney. In spite of revelations showing all the evidence against them was faked, & a convincing demolition of the state's case in each of the trials, Warren Billings & Tom Mooney were both convicted of first degree murder.

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1920 -- US: Baseball's Babe Ruth is sold by the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees.

La Revue Anarchiste
1922 -- France: La Revue Anarchiste appears in Paris. It runs for 35 issues, until August 1925, & counts many talented collaborators.

Cover, premier issue of La Revue Anarchiste; courtesy of Ephéméride Anarchiste

1923 -- ¡Dead Drunk! Czechoslovakian writer Jaroslav Hasek dies of drunkenness at 39, having finished only four QUARTS volumes of his projected six-volume anarchist novel The Good Soldier Schweik [or Svejk]. For the first edition Hasek's friend Karel Vanek provides a weak, spurious ending. Now a classic in world literature, Schweik is a soldier who creates havoc in the Austrian army during World War I by pretending to be extremely stupid. * [[1923]] - ¡Muertos bebidos!: Dados Checoslovacos Jaroslav Hasek de la embriaguez en 39. (Autor, “el buen soldado Schweik.”)

Tut mask
1924 -- Egypt: Two years after British archaeologist Howard Carter & his grave robbers discover the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen near Luxor, they uncover the greatest treasure of the tomb — a stone sarcophagus containing a solid gold coffin that holds the mummy of Tutankhamen.

The commies are coming!
1924 -- Sweden: A rain of red worms in Halmstad.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1925 -- Italy: Mussolini puts an end to the parliamentary system & issues a decree ordering the dissolution of the anarcho-syndicalist USI (Unione Sindacala Italiana).

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1931 -- US: Some 500 farmers in England, Arkansas, many of them armed, march on the business section of town...

Shouting that they must have food for themselves & their families, the invaders announce their intention to take it from the stores unless it is provided free from some other source.

The long drought last summer, in this depression era, ruined many Arkansas farmers & has put them in drastic straits leading to dramatic actions such as today's.

— cited in Mauritz Hallgren, Seeds of Revolt

1933 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Howard Hughes movie Scarface is retitled "Scarface: The Shame of a Nation" at the insistence of chief censor Will Hays.

1935 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministCanada: During this month Emma Goldman is absorbed writing lectures with the hope that a new lecture series & published articles will provide a meager livelihood, as well as spread anarchist ideas. She considers writing a book of portraits of famous people she has known, an idea first suggested by Frank Heiner. Emma suggests that the sustaining fund Jeanne Levey is helping to raise might be designated to support its writing.

1935 -- Italy: Il governo dell'Etiopia si rivolge alla Società delle Nazioni a causa del ripetersi di incidenti con le truppe dell'esercito italiano in Ogaden.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1937 -- England: Emma Goldman begins organizing a publicity campaign about the Spanish Revolution. Emma Goldman, anarchist

Aside from the London anarchists, Emma finds allies among leading members of the Independent Labour Party (ILP), including Fenner Brockway & especially writer Ethel Mannin.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1938 -- England: During this month Emma Goldman moves into new offices for the C.N.T.-FAI, S.I.A., & the publication "Spain & the World" in central London, but finds little enthusiasm for the S.I.A. (International Antifascist Solidarity)Solidarité Internationale Antifascisteventure, as numerous antifascist organizations & Spanish aid committees already exist. Emma Goldman, anarchist

US labor leader & anarchist Rose Pesotta meets with Emma in London; promises to help organize a committee to obtain a US visa for Goldman.

Further details/ context, click here; Anarcosindicalistas[Details / context]

Joe & Ike
1955 -- US: The government announces that over 3,000 persons designated security risks have been discharged from federal employment between June of 1953 & October of 1954, a period regarded as the height of "McCarthyism" in America.

The witchhunt for commies turns up mostly suspect homosexuals; none are prosecutable, but the the rabid right & its liberal flunkies needs to be mollified with a tough look.

1961 -- US: Diplomatic & consular ties with Cuba severed after disputes over the nationalization of US firms, the US military presence at Guantanamo Base (in Cuba), & other "concerns." The US Marine Corps Cuba campaign begins (-Oct. 23, 1962).

1961 -- US: Nuclear reactor explodes at the National Reactor Testing Station in Idaho Falls, Idaho, killing three military technicians, & releases a surge of radioactivity which, in the words of John A. McCone, Director of the Atomic Energy Commission, was "largely confined" to the reactor building.

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1961 -- anarchist diamond dingbatFrance: Carloman François Rose (b.1879) dies, Paris. Anarchiste, trade unionist (CGT, UD, CGTU), served on the editorial board of Germinal & a salesman for Libertaire. Organized support for the Black Sea Mutineers in 1921. (no longer on the internet; SOURCE: Cd-Rom Maitron : Dictionnaire bibliographique du mouvement ouvrier
ROSE Francois, Carloman. Born on March 9, 1879 in Armentières (Northern), house painter, François ROSE were member of the editorial board of the anarchistic weekly magazine of Amiens, Germinal, & salesman of the Libertarian. The shortly after the First World War, secretary of the trade union of the Building industry & assistant secretary of the Labour market of the Picardy capital, it occupied the station of regional delegate of the Building industry CGT (departments of North, Pas-de-Calais & the Sum), particularly important function because of the problems of rebuilding. Fascinated by the Russian Revolution, Rose organized in 1921 the countryside in favour of the mutineers of the Black Sea in the Sum & was the man-key of the trade-union scission in this department. Without adhering to the Communist Party, Rose, like much of anarchistic militants, placed herself in the mobility of Communism & undertook an action of sap against the leaders reformists of the CGT of Amiens. The coalition anarchist-Communist arrived to his ends at the time of the congress of the departmental Union of the Sum, held in Amiens on April 10, 1921: the socialist militants were évincés stations of responsibility & Rose succeeded Buignet as secretary of the UD, which it affiliated with the CGTU the following year. François Pink died on January 3 JANUARY 1961 in Paris (Xe arr.). ROSE François, Carloman.

Né le 9 mars 1879 à Armentières (Nord), peintre en bâtiment, François Rose était membre du comité de rédaction de l'hebdomadaire anarchiste d'Amiens, Germinal, et vendeur du Libertaire. Au lendemain de la Première Guerre mondiale, secrétaire du syndicat du Bâtiment et secrétaire adjoint de la Bourse du Travail de la capitale picarde, il occupait le poste de délégué régional du Bâtiment CGT (départements du Nord, du Pas-de-Calais et de la Somme), fonction particulièrement importante à cause des problèmes de reconstruction.

Fasciné par la Révolution russe, Rose organisa en 1921 la campagne en faveur des mutins de la mer Noire dans la Somme et fut l'homme-clé de la scission syndicale dans ce département. Sans adhérer au Parti communiste, Rose, comme beaucoup de militants anarchistes, se plaça dans la mouvance du communisme et entreprit une action de sape contre les dirigeants réformistes de la CGT d'Amiens. La coalition anarchiste-communiste parvint à ses fins lors du congrès de l'Union départementale de la Somme, tenu à Amiens le 10 avril 1921 : les militants socialistes furent évincés des postes de responsabilité et Rose succéda à Buignet comme secrétaire de l'UD, qu'il affilia à la CGTU l'année suivante.

François Rose mourut le 3 Janvier JANUARY 1961 à Paris (Xe arr.). SOURCES : Arch. Nat. F7/13621 et 13020. -- Arch. Dép. Nord, M 595/38b. -- Arch. Dép. Somme, Z 317. -- Arch. PPo. 301.

1962 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Cuba: Pre-SuperBowl! Pope John XXIII excommunicates Beloved & Respected Comrade Dictator Fidel Castro I.

1964 -- US: Why Johnny Can't Read?: 450,000 public school kids strike in New York City. Pissed off against de facto racial segregation & crummy learning conditions.

1965 -- SI dingbat


January 1965

During this month (exact date unknown — ed.) Following a complaint from the American Moral Rearmament movement, J.V. Martin, representing the Situationist International in Scandinavia, is charged with offenses to morals & good taste, eroticism, pornography, antisocial activity, outrages to the state & injury to the Danish royal family over eritico-political leaflets published by the SI & distributed in Denmark & Spain. | [Situationist Resources]

1966 -- US: Ron & Jay Thelin open a head shop intersection of Haight Street & Ashbury in Frisco (cleverly named The Psychedelic Shop).

1967 -- US: Jack Ruby, assassin who killed assassin Lee Harvey Oswald (see 24 November), dies in prison of natural causes(?) while awaiting retrial.

1967 -- Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys is indicted for draft evasion for trying to avoid getting killed in Vietnam.

John & Yoko buck naked
1969 -- US: Police at New Jersey's Newark Airport confiscate 30,000 copies of John Lennon & Yoko Ono's "Two Virgins" album, saying the cover photo of the nude John & Yoko is "pornographic." In Chicago, vice squad officers close down a record shop for displaying the cover.

1970 -- African nationalist guerrillas based in Zambia stage their first infiltration raid on white-ruled Rhodesia since mid-1968.

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1971 -- US: First lesbian center established in America, in New York.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

Frans Masereel header
1972 -- France: Frans Masereel dies in Avignon, aged 82. Graphic artist, born in Belgium in 1889. Best known for his woodcut novels. A WWII resistance fighter (Le Soleil). Masereel graphic; source

Masereel came from a well-to-do family. He attended an art academy, & became interested in anarchism & pacifism.

At the outbreak of WWI, he fled to Geneva, where he met many left artists & writers, such as Romain Rolland & Stefan Zweig, who became friends for life. Masereel started illustrating the pacifist magazines Les Tablettes & La Feuille. They established his international reputation. Artists button; source

In the late 1920's artists surveyed by a German magazine named Grosz, Käthe Kollwitz, & Masereel as the most important artists concerned with the daily lives of workers.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1983 -- US: Times Beach, Missouri, declared disaster area due to dioxin contamination.

1985 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Israel: Government confirms resettlement of 10,000 Ethiopian Jews in Israel.

1993 -- START II Treaty signed.

1995 -- Sri Lanka: Cease-fire agreement between government & Tamil rebels.

1998 -- México: The army invades Aguascaliente, La Realidad, looking for firearms & harassing the population. Part of the ongoing effort to repress the Zapatistas, the mass media is full of rumors & uncertainties. anarquistas, EZLN
3 de ENERO JANUARY: El ejército buscando armas de fuegos y hostigando a la población. Este acto causó mucha incertidumbre y rumores en los medios de comunicación.

2000 -- México: Zapatista Air (Mail) Attack

From the Mexican daily La Jornada:

Amador Hernandez, Chiapas -- The Zapatista Air Force today attacked the Federal Army encampment here with paper airplanes. Some flew well & maneuvered themselves right into the dormitories, hidden by vegetation & large black plastic sheeting. Others sputtered in flight & barely cleared the barbed wire fence.

"We do not sell our lives. We want to free our lives & those of your children, your lives & those of your wives, your brothers & sisters, your uncles & aunts, fathers & mothers, & the lives of millions of poor exploited Mexicans.

We want to free their lives also so that soldiers do not repress their towns by the order of a few thieves."

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

2006 -- Australia: Sydney Opera House 'No War' activists face court to prevent them from auctioning the paint can & two brushes used to paint "NO WAR" in five-metre-high red letters on the highest sail of the Opera House on the eve of the invasion of Iraq (March 2003).

2009 -- Palestine: Israel begins ground assault on Gaza Strip. One of the bloodiest attacks on Gaza since 1948, the three week assault kills some 1400 Palestinians & 13 Israelis.

2010 -- US: Radical lesbian theorist, academic, & Catholic theologian, Mary Daly dies.

2013 -- Revisiting Rexroth's Cabin — Terry Bisson & Kim Stanley Robinson organize this event as a sort of follow-up to Stan's publication of In the Sierra: Mountain Writings of Kenneth Rexroth.

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Ivan Chtcheglov
3000 --

"A mental disease has swept the planet: banalization. Everyone is hypnotized by production & conveniences — sewage system, elevator, bathroom, washing machine...

Presented with the alternative of love or a garbage disposal unit, young people of all countries have chosen the garbage disposal unit."

       — Ivan Chtcheglov, October 1953, "Formulary for a New Urbanism"
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