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I want to sleep the dream of the apples,
to withdraw from the tumult of cemeteries,
I want to sleep the dream of that child
who wanted to cut his heart on the high seas.

I don't want to hear again that the dead do not lose their blood,
that the putrid mouth goes on asking for water.
I don't want to learn of the tortures of the grass,
nor of the moon with a serpent's mouth
that labors before dawn.

I want to sleep awhile,
awhile, a minute, a century;
but all must know that i have not died;
that there is a stable of gold in my lips;
that i am the small friend of the West wing;
that i am the intense shadow of my tears.

Cover me at dawn with a veil.
because dawn will throw fistfuls of ants at me.
and wet with hard water my shoes
so that the pincers of the scorpion slide.

For i want to sleep the dream of the apples,
to learn a lament that will cleanse me of the earth;
for i want to live with that dark child
who wanted to cut his heart on the high seas.

— Garcia Lorca

"Gacela of the Dark Death"



Perúvian poet, anarquista, national librarian.


OLD CHRISTMAS EVE. Old Christmas Eve/Twelfth Night: with one blow, boys would nail the tailcoats of window shoppers to the window frame of pastry shops.






ST. AGATHA'S DAY. Also known as Santo Gato, she appears as a cat & can summon storms when angry.


Glastonbury, England: BLOOMING OF GLASTONBURY THORN, offshoot of the staff of Joseph of Arimathea.


Old Bohemia: Beginning of CARNIVAL.



1527 -- Switzerland: Felix Manz, first Anabaptist martyr, sentenced to death, Zurich.

1715 -- US: Advertisement in Boston newspaper offered for sale Indian woman "fit for all manner of household work."

1757 -- France: We Gotta Go Now? Attempted assassin of Louis XV torn asunder in public by horses. In a near miss, Robert Damiens attempts to knife the especially worthless Louie.

1781 -- US: Former American General Benedict Arnold, who defected to the British, helps the Redcoats plunder & burn Richmond, Virginia.

1782 -- Poet William Cowper assesses the propensities of John Dryden: "Never, I believe, were such talents & such drudgery united."

1796 -- England: At the Swan Inn at Dunkerton, the father of geology, William Smith writes one lone single sentence his discovery of the mode of identifying strata by the organized fossils respectively imbedded an axiomatic & fundamental fact of modern geological knowledge.

Tourist boat
1821 -- Lord Byron writes in his diary about Sir Walter Scott:

"Wonderful man! I long to get drunk with him."

1825 -- Choose Your Weapon?: Alexandre Dumas, pere, embarking on the career of a romantic at 23, fights his first duel — in which his pants fall down!

space photo
1834 -- US: Kiowa Indians record this as the night the stars fell.

1835 -- US: American feminist Olympia Brown lives, Praire Ronde, Michigan.

Manuel González Prada book cover
1844 -- Perú: Manuel González Prada lives (1844-1918), Lima. Journalist, social critic, anarquista & poet.

Manuel González Prada Noted Perúvian poet, controversial socialist intellectual & polemicist, by 1902 he was committed to anarchist ideals & published numerous works on the social question & emancipation of the individual. Numerous articles on anarchism & related themes which appeared in the Lima newspaper Los Parias (1904-1909), published as Anarquía, which has gone through numerous editions. Briefly head of the National Library of Perú, he resigned following the coup d'etat in 1914.

Several of his collections of poetry were published or translated during his lifetime & well after.

    Aunque desiertos las campiñas sean
Y calcinados muros las ciudades
)Por qué desesperar? Creamos siempre
En un futuro espléndido y radiante.
Vendrán los siglos de soñada gloria,
Tras el horrible, universal combate,
Que siempre fue la dicha de los hombres
Una flor de ruinas y de sangre.

— Manuel González Prada, "38", from Grafitos (Paris, 1937)

See Free Pages & Hard Times: Anarchist Musings, Manuel Gonzalez Prada (Oxford University, 2003)

Aunque desiertos las campiñas sean Y calcinados muros las ciudades )Por qué desesperar? Creamos siempre En un futuro espléndido y radiante. Vendrán los siglos de soñada gloria, Tras el horrible, universal combate, Que siempre fue la dicha de los hombres Una flor de ruinas y de sangre. Nietzsche No el superhombre ni el quídam, No el Mesías ni Luzbel: Es, más el bluff y la pose, Un don Quijote al revés. Pi y Margall -(Colgadle el sambenito! (No haya con él blandura ni piedad! -)Me dicen su delito? -Escribir en España la verdad. 74 Shelley Al revés de los montes, Se va con la distancia agigantando, Y quién sabe si un tiempo La gran altura excederá de Byron. 79 Tolstoi Don Quijote de la estepa, Cristo chocho y regañón, Fecundus vir predicando La abstinencia en el amor. A la vez de literato, Zapatero remendón; Lleva un tornillo de menos, A no ser que lleve dos. El declara guerra al ocio Y escribiendo de desvela: Hace al año su novela... Hace también su negocio. Hoy altivo, amenazante, Vertiendo luz de sus manos, Alza en un circo de enanos Su cabeza de gigante.

1869 -- US: First Negro Labor Convention held.

1874 -- Léon Jules Leauthier lives, Manosque. Anarchist shoe-maker who stabbed & seriously wounded the Minister of Serbia. Sentenced to life, Leauthier was killed during a prison uprising at ïles du Salut (October 1894).

Nelly Rousel
1878 -- France: Nelly Roussel lives. Free thinker, anarchiste, feminist. Partner of the sculptor Henri Godet.

Agitated, with Paul Robin, to spread néo-Malthusian ideas, opposing the ideology & laws which repressed contraception & its propaganda. Beautiful speaker of talent, Roussel agitated throughout France, demanding complete freedom for women, founded on new relationships between the sexes. Among her writings: Paroles de combat et d'espoir (1919); Quelques lances rompues pour vos libertés; Trois conférences.

Jean vigo, anarchist filmmaker
1883 -- Eugene Vigo (1883-1917) dies in prison; also known as Miguel Almereyda (anagram: Y'a la merde). Father of the famed French surrealist/anarchiste filmmaker Jean Vigo.

Like his son, French authorities also give Eugene a big fat Zero for Conduct.

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1892 -- First successful auroral photograph made.

1892 --
Strange Stuff: US: Light in the sky (part of series of sightings from Dec-Apr every 27th night), Lyons, NY [Scientific American, May 7, 1892]

1895 -- Henry James's play Guy Domville opens at the St. James's Theatre in London. When James, arriving too late to assess the audience's reaction, steps forward to cries of "Author! Author!", he is jeered & hissed offstage. At 52, gave up drama & returned to prose.

Elizabeth Cotten
1895 -- Songster Elizabeth Cotten lives, near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Likes fast freight trains.

1895 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman helps organize a benefit ball sponsored by
the joint anarchist groups of New York.

1895 -- France: French Captain Alfred Dreyfus, convicted of treason, publicly stripped of his rank; Dreyfus was the victim of anti-semitism among the military & government seeking a scapegoat for their failures, & only with massive popular protests was he later declared innocent.

1898 -- Federico García Lorca lives. Spanish poet/dramatist. The turning point in Lorca's literary career was the folk music festival Fiesta de Cante Jondo in 1922, where he found inspiration for his works in the traditions of folk & gypsy music.

Garcia Lorca

Murdered by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Franco's fascists in 1936.

Accused of subversive activity, evidence today suggests that it was a hate crime in response to his homosexuality. His writings were censored until Franco died (1975).

Despite his murder by the government & it's efforts to suppress history, Lorca is now one of the most widely read writers in the world.

1898 -- US: Emma Goldman speaks on "The New Woman" (in German) to the Social Science Club in Brooklyn. Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist

During this period, the anarchist-feminist Emma Goldman is in contact with Filipino rebels & helps to support their attempts to gain independence from Spain.

Emma also announces her lecture topics for the year: "Charity," "Patriotism," "Authority," "Majority Rule," "The New Woman," "The Woman Question," & "The Inquisition of Our Postal Service."

1899 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman speaks at a large meeting at
Cooper Union to protest the International Anti-Anarchist Conference in Rome.

Yves Tanguy painting
1900 -- Surrealist painter Yves Tanguy lives.

1911 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman speaks at the inauguration of the new Ferrer School in New York City.

Also the publishing offices of Mother Earth have moved from 210 East Thirteenth Street to 55 West 28th Street, New York City.

1914 -- US: Ford Motor Company raises its basic wage from $2.40 for a nine hour day to $5 for an eight hour day.

1914 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Under the auspices of the Free Speech League, Emma Goldman addresses a large meeting in Paterson, NJ, to protest recent violations of free speech; other speakers include single-taxer Bolton Hall, Leonard Abbott, & Lincoln Steffens.

1918 -- Russia: The Constituent Assembly in which the Bolsheviks are a minority meets for one day before being suppressed. Earlier in the day a demonstration is fired on by Bolshevik units & several demonstrators are killed.

The Bolsheviks & Workers Control 1917-1921: The State & Counter-Revolution:

1919 -- Germany: Gottfried Feder founds the German Workers' Party, a political party that would later evolve into the Nazi Party. Among a number of extremist political groups operating in Germany after World War I, the relatively unknown Workers' Party combined socialist economics with militant German nationalism & an opposition to democracy.

Swastika being stepped on

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'Rosa' video cover
1919 -- Germany: Spartacists, led by Karl Liebknecht & Rosa Luxemburg, head a revolt to renew the November revolution — which lasts six days (in Berlin); both are murdered by the so-called "democratic" left on the 15th.

"We must take life as it comes, courageously, undismayed & smiling — despite everything."

1921 -- Friedrich Durrenmatt, novelist & dramatist (The Visit), lives, Konolfingen, Bern.

Praire Fire Hot Sauce label
1930 -- China: Wizard of Oz? Mao Tse-tung writes "A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire."
Mao; worker asks about Self-Management

1932 -- Umberto Eco — literary critic, novelist, semiotician — lives, Alessandria, Italy.

Is A Cult Of The Pendulum Born?

1933 -- US: Golden Gate Bridge work commences in Frisco, California. Bridge opens May 27, 1937.
Mooning the Golden Gate Bridge

1934 -- US: Both the National & American Leagues agree on a uniform size baseball to be used. It was the first time in 33 years that both leagues used the same size ball...much less agreed on anything.

1936 -- England: Emma Goldman lectures to the Leicester Secular Society on "Traders in Death (The International Munitions Clique)." Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist

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1937 -- US: Abraham Lincoln Brigade forms to fight against the Fascist forces in the Spanish Civil War.

1938 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2012, remove 2013Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong'o lives. Anti-colonialist, Fanonist Marxist, whose work includes novels, plays, short stories, & essays, ranging from literary & social criticism to children's literature. Adopted as an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience.

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1941 -- England: Friendly Fire: Amy Johnson 'disappears' in a plane over the Thames; it is later revealed that she has been shot down by the British.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

American Patriotism
1942 -- US: Great American patriot, John B. Hughes of the Mutual Broadcasting Company, opens an attack on Japanese Americans in California.

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1943 -- Black American botanist George Washington Carver dies.

1945 -- Japan: Pilots receive the first order to become Kamikaze, or "Divine Wind."

The suicidal blitz of the Kamikazes reveals Japan's desperation in the final months of World War II. Most of Japan's top pilots are dead, but youngsters need little training to take planes full of explosives & crash them into ships. At Okinawa, they sank 30 ships & killed almost 5,000 Americans.

1957 -- Hungary: Reviewing Red Army occupation forces, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Khruschev says: In Hungary, everything is now in order."

1959 -- "Problems, problems. Car started missing like hell last night...
hotel room, Tacoma, Washington"

— Mel Lyman, Diary of a Young artist

Sabate; book cover
1960 -- Spain: Anarchiste guérilla Francisco Sabaté dies after a shoot-out with fasciste Guardia Civil. Wounded yesterday, he escaped, but is killed today in San Celoni by a sometén (Catalan militia).

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Sabater Llopart

1961 -- US: "Hello... I'm Mr. Ed!" — "A horse is a horse, of course of course"... some of you actually know the lyrics! "Mr. Ed", the talking horse, débuts for a six-year run on TV.

1963 -- Co-founder of Chess records, Leonard Chess, tells Billboard, "As it stands today, there's virtually no difference between rock & roll, pop & rhythm & blues. The music has completely overlapped."

1964 -- England: First automatic ticket barrier on the London Underground:

"Why should others pay while we travel for free?"
Source: [Calendar Riots]

Dinosaur book
1967 -- US: Inaugural message of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Ronald Reagan, California's 33rd governor, delivered during ceremonies in the Rotunda of the State Capitol at midnight.

Just before the swearing in, the new governor turns to US Senator George Murphy — a former movie song-&-dance man also, & says,

"Well George, here we are on the late show again."


Spock, Star Trek
1968 -- US: Dr. Spock, opposed to the Vietnam War, indicted for conspiring to violate draft law, along with Coffin, Mitchell Goodman (married to Denise Levertov), Michael Ferber, & Marcus Raskin for delivering draft cards (October 1967).

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1968 -- Czechoslovakia: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Antonin Novotny, Stalinist ruler, is succeeded as Communist Party leader by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Alexander Dubcek, a Slovak who supports diplomatic reforms.

Old town

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1970 -- US: Joseph A. Yablonski, unsuccessful reform candidate to unseat "Tough Tony" Boyle as President of the United Mine Workers, murdered, along with his wife & daughter, in their Clarksville, Pennsylvania home by assassins acting on Boyle's orders. Boyle was later convicted of the killing. West Virginia miners went on strike the following day in protest.

1970 -- US: Bastion of democracy, the State of Mississippi, integrates the first three districts of its public schools.

1971 -- US: 19 arrested in "Homes Not War" protest, Tucson, Arizona.

1971 -- Sonny Liston World Champ heavyweight boxer (1962-64), found dead at 36.

Sir Charles I
1979 -- American jazz great Charles Mingus dies, Cuernavaca, Mexico...

Beneath the Underdog. UC Jazz poster of Mingus

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2002. Great Black American jazz composer, performer.

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1980 -- Umberto Eco completes his novel The Name of the Rose.

10 million children below poverty; child abuse
1987 -- US: "Fiscal conservative" & "Free-marketeer" Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Reagan produces the nation's first trillion-dollar budget, projecting 1988 outlays of $1,024.3 billion, revenues of $916.6 billion, & a deficit of $107.8 billion.

Oddly, the rich get richer & the poor get poorer. Trickled on, again.

1989 -- Real Duds?: Two French TV newsmen arrested for trying to plant fake bombs on three airlines at JFK airport in security test.

1989 -- China: Riots against African students.

1990 -- US: 50 demand taxes for human needs, not Israeli occupation, Israeli Embassy, Washington DC.

1990 -- Spain: Lola Iturbe (1902-1990) dies. Sindicalista libertaria (CNT), member Mujeres Libres. Pseudonym, Kyra Kyralina (Kiralina).

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Nude Newts book cover
1999 -- US: Plans Go Awry?: Clinton\Gore go down. Newt Gingrich, still officially House Speaker, becomes President.

Ruggiero Romano; source
2002 -- France: Ruggiero Romano (1923-2002) dies, Paris. Braudel’s disciples include Romano among Italian pioneers. One of the most important exponents of the economic historiography in the 20th Century, he taught at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales.

I do not locate myself, because I am an individualistic anarchist... & my model of society is with an almost nonexistent state. The State works bad in all the countries, to eliminate it completely would be ideal...

Source: Revista, "Toda es historia," N° 251, mayo de 1988.

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2006 -- US: Paper Politics: An Exhibition of Politically & Socially Engaged Printmaking. Curated by Josh MacPhee, 5+5 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Show runs through February 19th.

2009 -- UN warns of humanitarian crisis in Gaza as Israeli attack continues. Basic foods are no longer available, hospitals lack medical supplies, sewage runs through the streets. Hasan Khalaf, Gaza's assistant deputy health minister, describes the ongoing assault on Gaza as "an Israeli massacre".

2010 -- US: Peace activist George Willoughby dies. Willoughby was a WWII conscientious objector who helped find homes for Japanese-Americans who had been put in camps at the outbreak of the war. An anti-nuke protester in the 1950s & a crew member of the Golden Rule, protesting atomic testing in the Pacific ocean — inspiring the Greenpeace movement.

Married to "Granny for Peace" Lillian Willoughby, also a lifelong anti-war activist.

3000 --
When we can't dream any longer we die.

Emma Goldman

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