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I cut myself into sixteen equal pieces
keep thirteen & feed the other three
to the dogs, who have also grown
tired of U. S. Commodities, white cans
black letters translated into Spanish.

— Sherman Alexie, "13/16"


Greatly influenced by the anarchists, close friend of Mikhail Bakunin, & father of Russian socialism. Herzen is also the main character in Tom Stoppard's "Coast of Utopia" trilogy (Voyage, Shipwreck, Salvage).



-- 'In shallow waters, shrimp make fools of dragons.' It's from Dylan's fortune cookie at KC's, a Chinese Proverb, straight whiskies dylan thomas

1324 -- Marco Polo dies in Venice at 70.

old book
1728 -- Thomas Warton, lives. British poet laureate from 1785, writes the first history of English poetry.

1789 -- US: Treaty with the Wyandot, Delaware, Ottowa, Potawatomi, & Sauk is the first in the new US to recognize Native Americans as supposed independent "nations."

1805 -- US: "Black Laws" of Ohio passed which, among other things, prevents blacks from offering testimony in court.

1806 -- England: Rum Dum? Brought back to England – pickled in rum – four months ago, Britain’s greatest naval hero Lord Nelson (having died on the deck of his flagship H.M.S. Victory in the Battle of Trafalgar) is in a second-hand tomb. It had originally been made in 1524-9 for Cardinal Wolsey, but Henry VIII confiscated it.
rum & coke

1829 -- Thomas William Robertson, playwright whose realistic social comedies & pioneering work as producer-director help establish late 19th-century revival of British drama in England, lives, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire.

1848 -- Caroline Herschel "first lady of astronomy," dies in Germany.

My 1881 anonymous biography of the Herschels says her date of death was 1848 [we had 1843 at the time —ed.] & I have her date of birth (from somewhere else?) as 1750 Mar 16 (a year which is confirmed by her being 83 in 1833 according to that book), which would have made her only 97 at death.

— Bleedster Philip, 1999

Anna Kuliscioff
1853 -- Anna Kuliscioff lives (exact year unknown, but between 1853 & 1857), Moskaja, in Crimea. Anja Rosenstein, her true name. Feminist, revolutionary & terrorist. Anna Kuliscioff embraced any ideological movement that could supply the necessary fighters. From the pacific propaganda with the followers of the Zebunev siblings, to the international anarchism of Bakunin; from the violent & subversive terrorism to defense of the Russian peasant.

Carrie Chapman Catt
1859 -- US: Feminist Carrie Chapman Catt lives, Ripon, Wisconsin. Pacifist & suffragist, co-founder of Women's Peace Party in 1915 & League of Women Voters.

1869 -- England:
Stranger Than Fiction?


Loud report heard & shock felt, near Colchester, Essex, 30 miles from Harlton (see Jan 3, 1869); extraordinary vibration, described as being like a gunpowder explosion, a big thunder clap, & a little earthquake, South Lopham, Norfolk - [London Times, London Standard]

1870 -- France: Alexander Herzen dies, Paris. A Russian socialist strongly influenced by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon & other anarchists. He helped finance his close friend Mikhail Bakunin's escape from Tsarist Russia.

There is nothing in the world more stubborn than a corpse: you can hit it, you can knock it to pieces, but you cannot convince it.

       — Herzen, remarking on tradition

1873 -- High Seas:
Stranger Than Fiction?:


1873 - Fall of cinders on deck of a lightship [Proc. Of the London Roy. Soc., 19-122]

Source: Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned

1875 -- Algernon Charles Swinburne refers to Nathaniel Hawthorne as "the half man of genius who never could carry out an idea or work it through to the full result."

1879 -- US: At 9pm, younger warriors begin Cheyenne Outbreak at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

Emperor Norton
1880 -- US: Headline in the San Francisco Morning Call regarding America's greatest ruler, His Royal Majesty Emperor Norton:

“Norton the First, by the grace of God Emperor of the United States & Protector of Mexico, departed this life.”

It is reported by some observers that his burial was marked by a total eclipse of the sun. Some, even today, claim he is not dead, just sleeping.

Some countries, such as the Republic of Molossia recognize no other American ruler & celebrate Emperor Norton I Day as an official holiday.

1880 -- US: 6 feet (1.8 meters) of snow falls in Seattle in five days.

1881 -- Journalist, critic, poet, novelist, one of the most outspoken/controversial Italian literary figures of the early/mid-20th century, Giovanni Papini lives, Florence.

1883 -- Kropotkin Philosopher All-Stars cardFrance: Lyon, 68 anarchistes are on trial. These include Peter Kropotkin, Émile Gautier, Toussaint Bordat & Joseph Bernard. They wrote a document, "The Manifesto of the Anarchists," describing what anarchy is & what anarchists want:

"We claim bread for all, knowledge for all, work for all, independence & justice for all."

For such perfidy they will get their bread — in prison, some of them for four years.

1890 -- Karel Capek, internationally renowned Czech novelist, short-story writer, playwright, essayist, lives, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (now in Czech Republic). Much of his early work is written with his brother Josef, a painter/illustrator. Karel wrote R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), War with the Newts. Karel married the famed actress & writer Olga Scheinpflugova; Josef died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 1997. Czech playwright, master of the "robot" / worker allegory.

The satiric novel War with the Newts (1936) which ridicules Nazi-Germany & fascism in general also conveys Capek's ideas that technology can become a threat to mankind & that unabashed capitalism also poses a serious danger.

1897 -- Italy: Il governo decide lo scioglimento della Camera del lavoro di Roma e di circoli di ispirazione socialista.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1902 -- US: Public flirting outlawed in New York State.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1904 -- Choreographer George Balanchine lives.

1905 -- France: Popular French anarchiste Louise Michel dies. A leader in the Paris Commune & co-founder of the Women's Battalion. Founder of the journal Le libertaire with Sébastien Faure. Louise Michel, anarchisteHer funeral was a huge occasion, with red flags & 100,000 mourners. Memorial services were held for her throughout France, & in London.

1905 -- Russia: "Bloody Sunday;" revolution breaks out in St. Petersburg, Russia. This year sees the spread of the anarchist movement. (Date is old style, January 22 new.)
Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1907 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Yet another case against Emma Goldman, to prevent her from exercising free speech rights, this one from her arrest October 30, 1906, is dismissed by the New York City grand jury. Police enthusiasm is not to be dampened, however, as they continue to suppress meetings where she appears (see January 24, 1907).

1908 -- France: Simone de Beauvoir, French philosopher, lives. Feminist, existentialist, & author of The Second Sex.

1909 -- US: First issue of LaFollette's Weekly appears, predecessor to The Progressive.,_Sr.

1913 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President "The Trickster" Richard Milhous Nixon, America's best-known used car salesman & "First Quitter", lives.

"America can't stand pat!"

1914 -- American Burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee lives.

1915 -- Author & petty thief Herbert Huncke lives, Greenfield, Massachusetts.

In his autobiographical Junky, William S. Burroughs describes Herbert:

Waves of hostility & suspicion flowed out from his large brown eyes like some sort of television broadcast. The effect was almost like a physical impact. The man was small & very thin, his neck loose in the collar of his shirt. His complexion faded from brown to a mottled yellow, & pancake make-up had been heavily applied in an attempt to conceal a skin eruption. His mouth was drawn down at the corners in a grimace of petulant annoyance.

This was Herbert Huncke, drifter & small-time thief. Kerouac wrote adoringly of him in On The Road, & Allen Ginsberg shared his apartment with him, even though he realized Huncke & his junkie friends were storing stolen goods there.

1919 -- Italy: Durante colloqui in Italia il presidente americano Woodrow Wilson approva l'estensione dei confini italiani al Tirolo (per quanto abitato da popolazioni di lingua tedesca) ma respinge l'assurda richiesta del governo italiano di estendere l'occupazione ai territori dalmati, abitati in prevalenza da jugoslavi.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1922 -- American novelist Ernest Hemingway & his wife Hadley move into the apartment at 74 rue Cardinal Lemoine.

1923 -- New Zealand author Katherine Mansfield dies.

"I imagine I was always writing. Twaddle it was too. But better far write twaddle or anything, anything, than nothing at all."

1924 -- English novelist & critic Virginia Woolf moves with her husband Leonard Woolf to 52 Tavistock Place in Bloomsbury Square, near the British Museum. They & their associates become known in cultural circles as the Bloomsbury Group.

1924 -- France: Jean-Baptiste Thuriault dies. French labor militant, considered by authorities to be the "Grand Master" of anarchisme in the Nièvre department.

1927 -- Canada: A small, quickly controlled fire in Montreal's Laurier Palace movie theater balcony starts a stampede during a children's matinee; all but one of the 78 dead are under 16.

1928 -- Eugene O'Neil's Marco Millions opens at the Guild Theater in NYC.

1935 -- Canada: Emma Goldman's 10-week lecture series (January 9-March 13) on drama & literature at the Central YMCA in Montreal includes lectures on Russian & Soviet drama, German literary works destroyed by the Nazis, & American drama, especially Eugene O'Neill. Emma Goldman, anarchist

Only 50 people subscribe for the series, & few others attend. After a disappointing turnout for her Jan. 17 lecture on moral censorship of current films Goldman cancels further lectures; by contrast, talks to Jewish audiences — the Temple Emanu-El adult school on January 7, & the women's branch of the Arbeiter Ring on January 12 — were well received & promising.

Lest We forget, poster by Ben Shahn; source
1939 -- US: Southern Tenant Farmers' Union lead Missouri Highway sit-down of 1,700 tenant families.

"Homeless, homeless are we, just as homeless as homeless can be, We don't get nothin for our labor, So homeless, homeless are we."

            — John Handcox, "Hungry, Hungry Are We"

Evicted, homeless hiway scene
Motorists traveling along US Highway 60 between Sikeston & Hayti were startled to see the roadsides cluttered with the meager & pitiful furniture, household goods, & livestock of hundreds of families of tenant farmers & sharecroppers camped along the highways. Their arrival began tonight &, by noon of the 10th, over 1,000 homeless people are camped along the road; most there because they had no place else to go.

Baez & Dylan
1941 -- US: Happy Birthday Joanie Baez. Songster, pacifist, involved in Free Speech Movement (FSM), Civil Rights, Vietnam anti-war movement. Recorded with Bob Dylan, Eric Von Schmidt, Bob Gibson, Jeffrey Shurtleff, Mickey Hart, Jerry Garcia, Donovan, Odetta, Mimi Farina & Judy Collins.

1942 -- Thin Red Line?: A US government press release says 40 percent more Native Americans have enlisted to fight in WWII than have been drafted.

Altogether, 25,000 Indians served in the US armed forces, including 800 women. In the Philippines, a Choctaw scout escaped from the Japanese at the battle of Corregidor, & lead underground guerrilla forces until the war ended.

The Oneidas, Chippewas & Comanches blocked Japanese decoding of military information by dispatching messages in their tribal languages. Navajo Code Talkers were instrumental in the landing at Guadalcanal, where they sent & received reports from field commanders.

1943 -- Giovanni Rossi (aka Cardias) dies, aged 87. Italian veterinarian, teacher, collectivist anarchist, a founder of Cittadella Colony &, in Brazil, the Cecilia Colony. See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page, anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista / Brasil

1946 -- One of the finest of the Harlem Renaissance poets, Countee Cullen, dies in New York. Wrote Color (1925), Copper Sun (1927), The Ballad of the Brown Girl (1928), & The Medea & Some Poems (1935).

1950 -- Italy: La polizia di stato uccide a Modena 6 operai nel corso di una manifestazione sindacale.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1952 -- US: Home of Phenix City, Alabama anti-vice crusader Hugh Bently destroyed by a bomb.

1959 -- In Tacoma, Washington, Mel Lyman says goodbye to his hotel room, heading for Portland, Oregon:

On Departing

Goodbye radiator with your hiss...

Diary of a Young Artist

1960 -- SI dingbat

Constant's constructions & maquettes

9 January to 9 February A text on Constant by Guy Debord appears in heavily altered form on the occasion of an exhibition of Constant's constructions & maquettes at Van de Loo Gallery, Essen, Germany; Debord makes it known that he withdraws his signature.

Also during this month: Retrospective exhibition of the Experimental Laboratory in Alba, Notizie Gallery, Turin, Italy. | [Situationist Resources]

1963 -- Argentina: Five guerrillas burst into the offices of an electronic billboard company & force the operators to broadcast "communist propaganda" in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

US Factoid
1964 -- Panama: Relations with US suspended after riots over American control of the Canal (see 18 December). US troops kill 23 protesters in Panama Canal Zone, target practice for "protecting US interests."

Twenty-three boys are pumped full of lead trying to hoist the flag of Panama on Panamanian soil. Another flag flies over the slit across Panama.

The Canal Zone, a North American Colony, is both a business & military base.

The School of the Americas' (aka, 'School of Assassins') courses are financed with the tolls ships pay. Pentagon officers teach anticommunist surgery to Latin American military men who will soon occupy presidencies, ministries, commands, & embassies.

"They are the leaders of the future," says Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Robert McNamara, US secretary of defense.

These military men will cut off the hands of anyone who dares commit agrarian reform or nationalization, & tear out the tongues of the impudent or the inquisitive.

Says Here You

End the war in Vietnam, antiwar button
1967 -- South Vietnam announces 116,858 of its soldiers deserted in 1966 (up from 113,000 in 1965). Vietcong defectors number 20,242 during the same period.

1971 -- US: Jaycees present tubby druggie Elvis Presley an award honoring him as one of the "10 outstanding young men of America." (How young can you get?... Same guy they reviled in the 50s.)

1973 -- Mick Jagger is refused a Japanese visa because of 1969 drug bust. Jagger told a reporter, "I don't take drugs. I don't approve of drugs & I don't approve of people taking drugs — unless they're very careful."

1979 -- Benefit concert, A Gift of Song, in New York City. Includes Olivia Newton-John, Rita Coolidge, the Bee Gees, Rod Stewart, Donna Summer, John Denver, Kris Kristofferson, Abba, & Earth, Wind & Fire. Raise about a $500,000 for the World Hunger Organization.

A commodity has value ... A gift has worth.

Lewis Hyde

1980 -- Saudi Arabia: 63 Islamic fundamentalists are executed for their part in the occupation of the Mecca's Great Mosque, historically the focus of Muslim worship.

In November of 1979, armed fundamentalist rebels occupied the holy place, calling for the overthrow of the Saudi government. The government responded by sending troops to suppress the uprising, & after two weeks of fighting the siege ended, leaving 27 Saudi soldiers & over 100 rebels dead. In January of 1980, 63 more fundamentalist rebels were publicly beheaded.

The Great Mosque, or Haram, is located at the center of Mecca, the holiest city of Islam & the birthplace of Muhammad, the founder of then religion. Inside the religious structure is the Kaaba, an enormous cubic stone covered with black cloth that is said to have been built by Adam, & rebuilt by Abraham & the descendants of Noah.

Psychedlic Norton
1980 -- US: Frisco, California marks the 100th anniversary of the death of America's Greatest & Only Emperor, Norton, with lunch-hour ceremonies at Market & Montgomery streets.

“For almost a quarter of a century he ruled his vast domain with exemplary benevolence & kindly common sense.”

It is reported by some observers that his burial was marked by a total eclipse of the sun. Some, even today, claim he is not dead, just sleeping.

US Factoid
1991 -- US: Ten midwestern peace activists are arrested at Fort McCoy for handing out written warnings to military reservists about participation in war crimes.

1997 -- South Korea's primary labor group calls the biggest strike in the nation's history to protest a controversial new labor law.

2006 -- US: Rhino's BlogMeister Gary Rhine dies while doing something he loved— flying a small plane. The plane crashed in Lancaster, California, today at 1:40 p.m. Filmmaker, father, paramedic, & Indigenous rights activist. Selections from the Daily Bleed were featured on his blog over the years.

2009 -- Palestine: Press TV building in Gaza, housing an Iranian based news agency & two Arab news services, destroyed by an Israeli rocket. Meanwhile the United Nations suspends all operations in Gaza after the bombing of a convoy of UN aid trucks & three UN schools housing refugees killing over 50 civilians.

Emperor Norton parade
6004 --
Emperor Norton's Birthday Celebration at Molloy's Tavern, Colma, California, planned for Jan 9, 6004. Get your reservations now, they are going fast! Be there or be square.

The First & Last Emperor of the United States, who better to set an example for self-improving Anarchists everywhere ~ Emperor Norton (1819-1880) proclaimed himself Emperor of the United States & Protector of México in 1859.

Although a pauper, he was fed free in San Francisco's best restaurants.

Although a madman, he had all his state proclamations published in San Francisco's newspapers.

While rational reformers elsewhere failed to crack the national bank monopoly with alternate currency plans, Norton the First had his own private currency accepted throughout San Francisco.

Norton was so beloved that 30,000 people turned out for his funeral in 1880.

9000 --
Emperor Norton Award

"To make the world a sensuous extension of man rather than have man remain an instrument of an alien world, is the goal of the situationist revolution. For us the reconstruction of life & the rebuilding of the world are one & the same desire. To achieve this, the tactics of subversion have to be extended from schools, factories, universities, to confront the spectacle directly. Rapid transport systems, shopping centers, museums as well as the various new forms of culture & the media, must be considered as targets for scandalous activity."

Le roux Secoue le tyrans! Young Arab girl with slingshot; source
9000 --

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