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I was walking on white paper.
However far I went, there
I remained, between the print,
Making no attempt to read, of course
Part of the paper itself

She was correcting proofs
With red ink. At a puff of wind
The paper stirred, & I saw
That she badly needed
a haircut. Miserable.

"I'll bring you fame!" I cried,
Then continued to walk
Until, before me, I saw a book,
Unopened. A fossil. I stepped
Over it &, without a glance, moved on.

— Shinkichi Takahashi

Emily Dickinson quote


Friend to all primates, animal rights martyr.


Japan: HARU-NO-YABUIRI. A festival of Zerowork for overworked students & servants.

1697 -- Richard Savage, poet, dies savagely.

Blue Moon Sign
1749 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: An unknown person advertises that he will "get into a tavern quart bottle... & while there sing several songs", (the London Bottle Hoax).
Ho hum...zounds like any quiet nite at the fabulous Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle.

1769 -- England: Rock 'n' Roll? One of the worst riots in theatre history kicks off at the London Haymarket after a conjurer fails to appear.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1776 -- US: Continental Congress approves General George Washington's order to enlist free Negroes.

1786 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: The first coffeehouse in the country opens. & you thought Starbucks started the first coffeehouses...

old book
1794 -- Edward Gibbon (History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire) fat, feeble, & gout-ridden, dies at 56. Religious reformer Hannah More writes: "How many souls have his writings polluted! Lord preserve others from their contagion!"

Add to Gibbon's miseries that he died from the results of a botched surgery for testicular hydroceles. A most uncomfortable condition.

— Bleedster Gus, 2004

1822 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Albert Greene poem "Old Grimes" is first published, Providence Gazette.

1859 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: The papal nuncio to México says "The clergy have created the empire."

1872 -- French actress Sarah Bernhardt debuts with the Comedie Française in Victor Hugo's Ruyt Blas. Her performance makes her the leading actress in Europe.

1874 -- Canadian poet/novelist Robert W. Service lives to shoot Dan McGrew, Preston, Lancashire.

1877 -- Source=Robert Braunwart A "color organ" (for light shows) is patented, by Bainbridge Bishop. Whoopeee! Acid Rock is Born!

1877 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Don't Hold Yer Breath? William T. Steiger patents a foot-warmer that conducts exhaled breath to the feet.

[I have 13 of these...cuts way down on the heating bill, & they powers the Daily Bleed computer & Recollection (ab)Used Books.

Why they call me the 'Wheezer Geezer' ?— ed.]

1880 -- Paulette Brupbacher lives (1880-1967), Pinsk (Pelta), Russia (today in Bielorussia). A physician, militant feminist, anarchist, author of numerous books & articles. An opponent of all conformisms & partisan disciplines. Partner & collaborator of Fritz Brupacher (also a doctor) (1874-1945), friend of James Guillaume, Pytor Kropotkin, et al. Translated The Confession of the Russian anarchist Michael Bakunin.

1887 -- George Kelly lives, Philadelphia. Playwright/actor/director whose 1920s dramas depict the foibles of the American middle class (The Show-Off; Graig's Wife).

Osip Brik, famous photo by Rodchenko
1888 -- Osip Brik lives. (January 16, 1888–February 22, 1945), avant-garde Russian writer & literary criticist, important participant with the Russian formalist school, Russian Futurists, & also the Constructivists.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint October 26, 2003-04
Intellectual spark of Russian Futurist cultural innovation.

1893 -- Hawaii: Queen Lilluokalani's regime is overthrown by US pineapple tycoon Sanford Dole & pro-annexation sugar interests. With an amazing sense of timing, US troops just happen to land, "to protect US interests." With support from Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader US Minister John Stevens, Beloved & Respected Comrade Dole declares himself Hawaii's president & lobbies for US annexation. It's manifestly in the can.

The Senate Foreign-Relations Committee recommends annexation, declaring it (quote),

"a duty that has its origin in the noblest sentiments that inspire the love of a father for his children ."

In 1898, President William McKinley signs a joint resolution of Congress authorizing the annexation.

1897 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Thomas Mann story "Der Tod" is printed, in Simplicissimus.

1898 --
Strange Stuff:Sighting of something like a cloud that dimmed & blotted out stars in the constellation of Perseus (sighted again on Jan 24) [Monthly Notices, 58-334]

1901 -- Laura Riding lives, New York. Influential poet, critic, & prose writer among the literary avant garde of the 1920s & 30s. Her work with Robert Graves, A Survey of Modernist Poetry (1927) developed ideas of close textual analysis, influencing the New Criticism school.

anarchiste diamond dingbat; anarquista; new entry, remove 2008
1908 -- France: Jean Bourguer lives. Textile worker, militant anarchiste, antimilitarist, anticlérical & revolutionary syndicalist.

Sources: Ephéméride Anarchiste &

born in , à Reims.; Ouvrier du textile, il milite, en 1891, dans le groupe anarchiste de Reims. Condamné à un an de prison pour "excitation de militaire à la désobéissance," il s'insoumet ensuite au service militaire, ce qui lui vaudra de passer, au total, deux ans en prison. En 1898, à Roubaix, il devient le responsable du journal Le Cravacheur et collabore au journal Le Droit de Vivre (édité à Paris). Militant syndicaliste, il est à plusieurs reprises délégué dans les congrès pour représenter la Fédération du Textile et la Bourse du Travail de Reims. En 1905, à Tourcoing, il est gérant-imprimeur du journal anarchiste "Le Combat," et donne des conférences dans le Nord et à Reims (où il milite à l'Union des travailleurs de cette ville). En 1907, il est un des principaux collaborateurs avec Charles Dhooghe et Victor Grimbert du journal anarchiste La Cravache. Poursuivi par la justice pour recel, il est condamné à vingt ans de travaux forcés, mais il parvient à s'enfuir aux Etats-Unis grâce aux papiers d'un compagnon. Il ne retourne en France qu'après-guerre (sa peine étant alors prescrite).

"Anarchiste, je suis parti, anarchiste je reviens."

--- Déclaration faite à son retour, lors d'une conférence à Reims.

1912 -- Una nave da guerra della marina italiana compie un atto di pirateria internazionale bloccando due mercantili francesi e arrestando 29 passeggeri turchi. Il presidente del consiglio francese Raymond Poincaré esige e ottiene l'immediata liberazione degli ostaggi. La Corte internazionale di giustizia dell'Aja condannerà lo stato italiano a pagare un risarcimento di 160.000 lire.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1914 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Russia: Writer Maksim Gorki returns to Russia.

1916 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman gives a lecture at the Masonic Temple at 26th Street & Lenox Avenue, in NY City, on "The Child's Right Not to Be Born."

... show details

Alan Harrington; source
1918 -- Alan Harrington lives. He was with Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs & others at ground zero of what became the Beat Generation. (Harrington aka Hal Hingham in the later pages of On the Road.) Author of The Immortalist; most of his books are now out of print.

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1919 -- Argentina: End of « Semaine Sanglante ». ("Bloody Week") in Buenos Aires. The General Strike begun a week ago, on the 7th, is crushed in blood, with as many as 700 dead & 2000 wounded. The militant Argentinean anarchist movement is decimated by the repression which follows & trade union reformists gain control of the workers' movement.

1919 -- US: Prohibition ratified by 3/4 of the states; Nebraska is 36th. (Takes effect 1920).

"Prohibition is an awful flop.
We like it.
It can't stop what its' meant to stop.
We like it.
It's left a trail of graft & slime,
It's filled our land with vice & crime,
It can't prohibit worth a dime,
Nevertheless we're for it."

      — Franklin Pierce Adams, New York World

anarquista diamond dingbat width=
1919 -- Spain: Constitutional guarantees suspended in Barcelona. Repression falls mainly on the cenetistas (CNT). Confederal premises are raided & unionists arrested. Workers found at or frequenting the homes of prominent militants are jailed. Imprisoned in the Cárcel Modelo, they are transferred to the boats Pelayo & Giralda which serve as floating prisons in the harbor, & all newspapers are censored so that there is no voice in defense of the prisoners. The CNT is forced to operate underground.

1920 -- US: 18th Amendment, prohibition, goes into effect; Drink Anniversary; it doesn't rain again in Seattle until 1933, when the dry act is repealed.

1920 -- France: First meeting of League of Nations Council, Paris.

1920 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Russia: The Allied powers recognize the independence of Russian Georgia; The blockade of the USSR is raised. Few Americans know that the US was part of an invading & occupation force in Russia during this period. This they do not teach in the schools.

1920 -- Italy: During this month, Un Congresso di deputati albanesi costituisce un governo provvisorio a Tirana, rifiuta il protettorato italiano e chiede il ritiro di circa 70.000 soldati italiani che avevano occupato l'Albania verso la fine della guerra.
[Exact day not given — ed.]
[Source: Crimini e Misfatti]

1925 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Russia: Leon Trotsky, pretender to the throne, is dismissed from the chairmanship of the Russian Revolutionary Military Council.

Sigourney Weaver
1932 -- Rwanda: Dian Fossey lives (1932-1985). Primatologist, who could have been killed by one swipe by a gorilla, is murdered instead by poachers, Karisoke Center. She had launched an international campaign against poachers who killed one of her favorite gorillas.

old book
1933 -- Susan Sontag lives (1933-2004). American 'new intellectual' essayist & novelist, whose innovative essays to various aspects of modern culture have gained wide attention.

"Interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon art."

1936 -- US: Albert "The Cannibal" Fish, murderer of children, executed at Sing Sing.

UGT / CNT La Alianza poster; source
1936 -- Spain: Socialists / communists / anarchists form "Unidad Popular."

Benny Goodman record cover, Carnegie Hall
1938 -- US: Benny Goodman plays Carnegie Hall. The two hour concert was the event of its day — a precursor to Sinatra at the Paramount, Dylan at Newport, & Elvis in Memphis all rolled in one.

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1938 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Spain: Fascists begin daily bombing of Barcelona (Spanish Revolution/Civil War).

1941 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Vice Admiral Bellinger warns of an assault on Pearl Harbor.

1942 -- Carole Lombard, her mother, & 20 others killed in plane crash. Lombard, married to actor Clark Cable, died in a plane crash while on a war-bond drive.

1944 -- Source=Robert Braunwart China: Chiang Kai-shek threatens to cut off supplies & support for US forces in China if he does not receive $1 billion in credit. US rightwingdingers love this guy.

Emergency button
1952 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator James Eastland introduces a resolution to declare a "state of emergency" in the US. It allows Congress to invoke a McCarran Internal Security Act provision under which American Communists could be rounded up & jailed in concentration camps.

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1956 -- Beatster Jack Kerouac completes Visions of Gerard. Also during the month "The Mexican Girl" (from On the Road) is published in the Paris Review; he writes "Brooklyn Bridge Blues" poems & takes a trip to New York City.

anarchiste diamond dingbat; anarquista
1958 -- Eusebio C. Carbó (b. 1883), militant Spanish anarquista, dies.

1963 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Khrushchev claims to have a 100-megaton nuclear bomb in his back pocket.

1963 -- Venezuela: Revolutionary students in Caracas make an armed attack on an exposition of French art & carry off five paintings, which they declare they will return in exchange for the release of political prisoners.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1965 -- US: An USAF tanker plane crashes into a residential area of Wichita, Kansas, killing the seven member crew & 23 on the ground.

Out Now button
1966 -- US: Joan Baez is jailed for 10 days for Vietnam antiwar protest during a demonstration, Oakland, California.

1968 -- US: Youth International Party (Y.I.P.) founded — Country Joe & Fish, Fugs (includes Tuli Kupferberg, "one of the leading Anarchist theorists of our time" & Ed Sanders, poet, editor (Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts), owner of the fabled Peace Eye Book Store), Allen Ginsberg, Arlo Guthrie, Abbie Hoffman, Paul Krassner, Phil Ochs, Jerry Rubin (25 artists, writers & revolutionaries). No anarchist Yuppies allowed; BleedMeister has been beheaded for certain licentious transgressions.

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Ooopsie! bullet hole
1970 -- US: Soledad Brothers (including George Jackson) are accused of killing a guard in Soledad (California) state prison.

1972 -- Ross Bagdasarian, who had a bunch of hits "sung" by TV cartoon characters, the Chipmunks, dies at age 52. He did the voices for Alvin, Simon & Theodore. Under the name David Seville, he also recorded the Number One hit "Witch Doctor" in 1958. Upon hearing of Ross' demise, his father, now in a monastery, laments: "He was a chip off the old monk."

1973 -- Famed gospel singer Carla Ward, 48, dies after suffering her second stroke within several weeks. Aretha Franklin called Ward, "my inspiration."

1977 -- In Asserbo, Denmark, novelist/dramatist, Leif Panduro dies. With such works as Farvel, Thomas (1968, "Good-bye, Thomas") & I Adams verden (1973, "In Adam's World") he is considered one of the most successful Scandinavian dramatists of the 1970s.

I Was a Drug Addict, pulp cover; source
1980 -- Japan: Paul McCartney jailed in Tokyo for possession of a half pound of marijuana. Locked up for 10 days behind bars before being kicked-out of the country. The remainder of his tour is canceled.

A pencil recall is underway in upstate New York because a would-be anti-drug message ran smack into real world physics.

The pencils bear the message "Too Cool to Do Drugs," but as they are sharpened the message becomes "Cool to Do Drugs," then "Do Drugs."

1981 -- Bjorn to Lose?: Ivan Lendl intentionally loses a match in the Volvo Masters in order to avoid having to play Bjorn Borg.

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1981 -- Irish radical Bernadette Devlin shot.

1981 -- Bite Me?: Leon Spinks is mugged, his assailants even take his gold teeth.

The Marijuana Mob, pulp cover
1984 -- Paul & Linda McCartney arrested in Barbados — possession of marijuana.

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1986 -- US: Energy Department announces 12 potential nuclear waste sites in the eastern US, including Penobscot site in Maine only re-granted to them six years before, along with four other tribal sites.

1987 -- Source=Robert Braunwart E.P. Thompson starts receiving the Sykaos Papers (in his novel, Sykaos Papers).

1991 -- US invades Kuwait & Iraq. Several dozen US troops (many victims of "friendly fire") & up to 400,000 Iraqi citizens die in the following weeks. An estimated 1,000,000 Iraqis die — a vast number being children — due to the effects of the following five years of US-led global economic embargo. Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark has termed this US policy genocide.

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1991 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: BiblioKleptoManiac Stephen Blumberg goes on trial for stealing $20 million worth of rare books & manuscripts, Iowa. Bookmarked for life!

... show details

1992 -- El Salvador: Government & FMLN rebels sign a peace accord, after 75,000 deaths, formally ending their 12-year-old civil war.

1996 -- Jamaica: Where's the Beef? Authorities open fire on Jimmy Buffett's seaplane, mistaking(?) it for a drug trafficker's plane. U2 singer Bono was with Buffett, but neither was hurt.

US WAR ON COWS? or, Next Stop, Afghanistan Heroin:

The Colombian ambassador to the US has suggested that if America gives 50 cows to every Colombian family that grows coca, it will induce them to change their choice of agricultural product.

Plus ca change, Papa Bush & Son
2003 -- Iraq: UN inspectors find 12 empty chemical warheads.

Vindicates the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Powell-WhiteHouse-ConeHead-Cabal (BCWPWCHC, the rightwing ([un]think tank) "First Strike" rationale & declarations of absolute certainty that Iraq possesses spitwads Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), threatening the security of the United States of Amnesia .

[Begs the question of the sad state of US security.]

2006 -- Afghanistan: Suicide bomber drives a motorbike into a crowd at a wrestling match, leaves 20 dead.

2008 -- US: BushWhacked?: Dozens of people in Stephenville, Texass report seeing UFOs in the night sky last week.

2012 -- US: RepublicanCare? Outpatient shocked by $45 million bill from New York hospital. A computer error (so it is said)....

"To send out a lot of bills with numbers that big — someone could have had a heart attack."

2014 -- Surprise! The Guardian reports that the National Security Agency collects data from hundreds of millions of text messages each day. No idea how emails they answered. Next up, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

3000 --

"I find television very educating.

Every time somebody turns on the set,

I go into the other room & read a book."

      — Groucho Marx(ist)

anti-Netscape 6 browser
4000 --

When you pirate mp3s you're downloading communism
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