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Ah, lives there a man with soul so dead,
      who never to himself hath said
As he hunched & rolled in his comfortable bed:
      To hell with the rent... I'll drink instead!

— Hunter S. Thompson, 1.17.1958, The Proud Highway


American actress, cabaret singer, anti-war activist.

Italy: CARNEVALE, from January 17th to Ash Wednesday, January 24th.

OLD TWELFTH NIGHT: Toasting the health of fruit trees.

ST. ANTHONY'S DAY. Blessing & polka-dotting of animals, refraining from all farm work.




251 -- St. Anthony of Egypt lives, Cairo.

Anchorite hermit, Christian patron saint of hemp.

1536 -- Francois Rabelais absolved of apostasy by Pope Paul III & allowed to resume medical practice.

1600 -- Pedro Calderón de la Barca, the last great figure of the Golden Age of Spanish Drama, lives. Wrote La Vida es Sueño. The poet Shelley was a great admirer of Calderón & learned Spanish in order to be able to translate him.

1636 -- Jose Silvestre de los Dolores White Lafitte lives.

Franklin Quote
1706 -- Benjamin Franklin, electrician, printer, statesman, philosopher, writer, kite-flyer lives, Boston. His urbanity is sometimes downplayed in favor of his Yankee common sense. (His was one of the major scientific minds of the Age of Reason.)

There is the story of the young Franklin arriving in Philly so poor that all he could buy was a penny-roll to eat. A local girl, Deborah Powell, laughed at him. Years later she became his common-law wife. Mark Twain said of this American Success Story, "It's not that big a feat. Anybody could have done it."

1771 -- "Father of the American Novel," Charles Brockden Brown lives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His first novel, Wieland (1798) involves a demented man who uses ventriloquism to convince his brother to kill his wife & children. It set the stage for two of America's great authors, Edgar Allan Poe & Nathaniel Hawthorne.

1773 -- Captain James Cook becomes first recorded guy to cross Antarctic Circle (66º 33' S).

1775 -- Richard Brinsley Sheridan's play The Rivals is first performed, introducing to the world the comic character Mrs. Malaprop, who used words not-so-well:

"Forget this fellow — illiterate him from memory."

[Sounds just dandy to us, esp when applied to any politician.]

1820 -- Anne Bronte (pseudonym, Acton Bell: Agnes Grey 1847; The Tenant of Wildfell Hall 1848) lives, Thornton in Yorkshire. (When Charlotte discovers Emily's poetry in 1845, Anne reveals hers. The collected poems of the three sisters are then issued — under pseudonyms — at their own expense.)

1857 -- US:
Strange Stuff:       Fall of cinders in showery weather, farm near Ottowa, IL [Amer. Jour. Sci., 2-24-449]

1860 -- Anton Chekhov lives, Taganrog, Russia (Jan 29 New style). In 1904, the year he dies, his last play, The Cherry Orchard, opens at the Moscow Art Theater (his 44th birthday).

"Any idiot can face a crisis. It's the day-to-day living that wears you out."

      — Anton Chekhov

1863 -- US: Mangas Colorado, Apache chief, agrees to peace talks, is then arrested & imprisoned at Fort McLane (Arizona), then shot by two soldiers in his cell.

Nice bidet
1863 -- Flush toilet patented by Mr. Thomas Crapper.

The rectal area is, naturally, a very sensitive part of the human anatomy. No doubt you have mourned the endless spools of toilet paper that you have wasted, wishing that you could spend the money on something more enjoyable. In addition, often you come away with nothing more for your troubles than soreness. Isn't there a better way?

1873 -- US: Four hundred federal troops are routed by Modoc Amerindians in the Tule Lake area of Northern California. The Amerindians proceed to wage guerrilla war on state & federal soldiers.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1875 -- Uruguay: Florencio Sánchez, the country's leading playwright, lives. Periodista & dramaturgo anarquista. Wrote for La Protesta & the magazine El Sol, the latter being headed by Alberto Ghiraldo. Sánchez's plays include ¡Ladrones! (Thieves!) & Puertas adentro (Doors Within), Los muertos (The Dead). Themes were family, the tenement & immigrants — displaying through the everyday life of & dialogue between his characters both the misery & hope of the working class.written within the anarchist model. Died of tuberculosis at 35. Now has a town named for him.

1885 -- Itlay: Il corpo di spedizione di Assab salpa da Napoli in direzione del mar Rosso. Italian colonial aggression in Africa begins officially.

Osugi Sakae, martyred anarchist
1885 -- Japan: Anarchist Ôsugi Sakae lives.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-2004; Sept. 16 Saint, 2008-9
Early 20th Century Japanese anarchist, martyr.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1893 -- Yes, We Have No Bananas?: Liliuoka'ani, Queen of Hawai'i, yields to superior force of the US under protest. Pineapple Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a Dole banana republic.

Errico Malatesta, Italian anarchist
1898 -- Italy: Two day General Strike & riots in Ancône following an increase in bread prices. The army occupies the city. Errico Malatesta (publishing the newspaper L'agitazione), Luigi Fabbri & several other anarchists are charged (tried on April 21-28, 1898), with a "criminal conspiracy" against public security & property.

Bread riots had occurred in about 50 Italian towns, providing a pretext for arresting Malatesta & other anarchists.

When the trial was held, 3,000 anarchists signed a declaration confessing to be guilty of the same "crime," being malfattori...

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1899 -- Beach boy Nevil Shute (1899-1960) lives. British-born Australian novelist, best-known for the novel On the Beach (1957). A pessimistic tale of the atomic age adapted to the screen in 1959. The film is one of the most celebrated anti-Bomb films.

1899 -- Arch-gangster Al Capone lives. Prohibition in America was a blessing in disguise for him, as he came to control the bootleg liquor business.

1902 -- US: Washington State Federation of Labor formed.

Funeral of the Anarchist Galli, Carlo Carrà, 1911; source wikipedia
1904 -- Italy: Milan: Piazza Scala · Attentat contre le sous-lieutenant Cesare SIVELLI par Giovanni MANFREDI Lien avec la campagne antimilitariste largement animée par les libertaires. MANFREDI condamné à 7 ans et demi.

· Attentat on second lieutenant Cesare Sivelli by Giovanni MANFREDI. Manfredi is condemned to 7-1/2 years. Italy's antimilitarist campaign was largely animated by the libertarians.

Graphic: The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli Carlo Carrà, 1911
Oil on canvas 198 × 266 cm, 78 × 104.7 inches Museum of Modern Art, New York City

1910 -- Royal Flush?: Thomas Crapper, developer of the flush toilet, craps out. Inspires the invention of the Crap Table. See 1863 above.

1913 -- Wales:
Strange Stuff:       Object "larger than the Willows airship" seen in the sky about 5:00 p.m., leaving a trail of dense smoke, Cardiff [London Times, Jan 21].

Little Red Songbook, songs to fan the flames
1915 -- US: Anarchist Lucy Parsons leads hunger march in Chicago; IWW songwriter Ralph Chaplin wrote his famous labor song, "Solidarity Forever" for the march. aka Lucy Ella Gonzales Parsons

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1917 -- US: Purchases the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 bucks. We don't know if the virgins or the young bucks got the better of the deal.

1917 -- US: Dr. Ben Reitman is convicted on charges resulting from his arrest of Dec. 12, 1916, & sentenced to serve six months in jail & to pay a fine of $1,000 in addition to court costs. No Regrets: Dr. Ben Reitman...cover; anarchist

Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist

Ben Reitman was arrested in Cleveland in December for organizing volunteers to distribute birth control information at Emma Goldman's lecture on birth control.

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Anti-anarchist cartoon
1920 -- Italy: Luigi Galleani & Raffaele Schiavina begin publishing their anarchist paper, N°1 of Cronaca Sovversiva in Turin. Galleani began the paper in the US in 1903, but he & other Cronaca Sovversiva supporters were deported on June 24, 1919.

"When we talk about property, State, masters, government, laws, courts, & police, we say only that we don't want any of them.

      — Luigi Galleani, The End of Anarchism?

Further Reading: Avrich, Paul. Anarchist Portraits, Princeton University, 1988.
& his book Sacco & Vanzetti: The Anarchist Background, Princeton University, 1991.

Anarchists on the Buford; news clip
1920 -- Finland: S.S. Buford, full of labor activists, anarchists & radicals kicked out of the Land of the Free, lands at Hangö. On January 19 the deportees are met at the Russo-Finnish border by Russian representatives & received warmly at a mass meeting of soldiers & peasants in Belo-Ostrov.

1921 -- Spain: Crackdown on Barcelona cenetistas involved with the Comité Pro-Presos de la CNT (Pro-Prisoner Committee).

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1927 -- Chile: General Strike, simultaneously, in Santiago & Valparaiso.

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1927 -- Cabaret singer, activist Eartha Kitt lives, town of North, South Carolina.
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1929 -- US: Popeye makes his first appearance, in the comic strip "Thimble Theatre."

1935 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministCanada: After a disappointing turnout for her Jan. 17 lecture on moral censorship of current films Emma Goldman cancels further lectures.

1942 -- Muhammad Ali lives.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 2003 MUHAMMAD ALI
Boxing great, anti-Vietnam War activist.

"Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand.
I beat people up."

       — Muhammed Ali

old book
1944 -- Jan Guillou (1944-) lives, Södertälje. Swedish journalist, writer of popular spy novels.

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Raoul Wallenberg
1945 -- Hungary: Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, arrested by secret police. He eventually lands in one of Stalin's prisons (for the next 30+ years); the USSR denies any knowledge of what has happened to him & he is never heard from again.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2004,
Swedish anti-fascist activist,
mysteriously disappeared near end of WWII.

1947 -- Eugène Lanti (true name Eugène Adam) (1879-1947), ardent Espérantist, anarchist, dies. A founding member of the French Communist Party, he left it after several disillusioning trips to the USSR. Founder of Sennacieco Asocio Tutmonda (SAT), dedicated to the liberation of the working class, the eradication of national boundaries, & the use of Esperanto as a means in this struggle.

1949 -- US: Land of the Free stages a Conspiracy Trial against 11 Communist Party leaders — charged by that Liberal & Conservative comedy duet, Opens Today! — with having impure thoughts.

dollar bill spoof, Corporate States of America
1950 -- US: Brinks robbery in Boston. Masked bandits rob a Brinks's express office of $2.8 million, $1.2 million of which was in cash. The case was solved 6 years later, when 8 people were sentenced to life imprisonment.

1951 -- Italy: La polizia di stato reprime alcune manifestazioni in occasione della visita del generale Dwight Eisenhower, comandante delle forze militari della Nato in Europa : 4 morti.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1958 -- US: Lumbee Indians drive Ku Klux Klan off their land in Maxton, N. Carolina.

1961 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Eisenhower delivers Farewell Address warning the nation of the "Military- Industrial Complex" & its' "acquisition of unwarranted influence."

1961 -- Patrice Lumumba, a leader of anti-colonial struggle & former premier of the newly independent Republic of the Congo (Zaire), is assassinated by the CIA; Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Eisenhower ordered his murder. This was done in a joint US-Belgian operation, facilitated by officers serving in Moise Tshombe's Katangese gendarmerie, loyal to Mobutu. They shot him & dumped him in an acid bath.

1965 -- Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts' book, Ode to a High Flying Bird, a tribute to jazz great Charlie Parker, is published. The Stones also record "The Last Time" & "Play with Fire" today.

1965 -- US: Poor Room Service? Segregationists assault Martin Luther King, Jr., in Selma, Alabama, as he registers as the first black guest in a hotel built a century earlier with slave labor.

1966 -- Spain: US plane drops four H-bombs on Palmira, unexploded.

B-52 collides with an Air Force jet tanker while refueling over the coast of Spain. Two hydrogen bombs ruptured, scattering radioactive particles; a third landed intact near the village of Palomares; a fourth was lost at sea. Fifteen hundred tons of radioactive soil & tomato plants were removed to the US for burial. It took thousands of men three months to find & raise bomb number four. The US tried first to cover it up, then downplay the incident. (Rough Guide: Spain p.173)

1967 -- England: London's "Daily Mail" reports the Blackburn City Council's road hole survey. Forgettable were it not that John Lennon mentioned the 4000 holes in the song "A Day in the Life."

1967 -- Ike & Tina Turner Revue with the Ike-Ettes at California Hall in Frisco. Meanwhile Big Brother & the Holding Company appear at the Matrix.

Booze for breakfast, at the White House!
1968 -- US: Eartha Kitt disrupts White House luncheon, giving her views on poverty & the Vietnam War.

1968 -- US: Police attack a crowd of 600 protesting an appearance by US Secretary of State Dean Rusk in Frisco, California.

1969 -- Japan: Police storm University of Tokyo to end a student occupation.

1970 -- US: Chicano activists gather in Crystal City, Texass, to found La Raza Unida Party.

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Rites of Passage, book cover
1970 -- US: Jerry Rubin addresses an overflow Seattle crowd of 4,000 at the University of Washington Student Union Building.

1970 -- SI dingbat

Delegates Conference

17 to 19 January

See Report from the Delegates Conference Held in Wolsfield & Trier, 17 to 19 January 1970, bilingual internal document in French & English signed by J.V. Martin, Claudio Pavan, René Riesel & Tony Verlaan.
Exclusion of Robert Chasse & Bruce Elwell, American section.

Background, see Orientation Debate | [Situationist Resources]

1971 -- Puerto Rico: 50 march against naval target shelling, Flamingo Beach, Culebra.

1977 -- US: Convicted murderer Gary Gilmore executed by a Utah firing squad in the first exercise of capital punishment in the US in 10 years. Gilmore opposed all attempts to delay the execution; his last words: "Let's do it!" Gilmore was the illegitimate grandson of magician Harry Houdini.

Seven Red Sundays, book cover
1982 -- Spain: Author Ramón J. Sender dies.

Anarchist book reader; Ramón José Sender Garcés

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Says one reader,

"The most interesting use of perspective I've ever encountered. Sender gives the view of the beginning of the revolution through 10 different points, even the moon! Even though fiction, you get a comprehensive feel of what it must have been like. He dissects conflict with poetry."

1984 -- US: Supreme Court rules (5-4) private use of home VCRs to tape TV programs for later viewing does not violate federal copyright laws. Just think ... one vote away, from the iron boot of the government, kicking you in the head, every time you touch that little red button.

1985 -- Japan: Hashimoto Yoshiharu, 55, dies in Tokyo.

anarchist diamond; anarquistaJapanese anarchist & founder, in the 1960s, of the publishing house "Barukan-sha," & a writer for the review Anaki (Anarchy). Yoshiharu was a writer & translator of many works of the classical thinkers & theorists of the international anarchist movement, such as Proudhon, Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, & Oscar Wilde, et al. In the 1970s he was involved with the group of Miura Seiichi, centered around the publication, Libertarian. anarchist do refute

1985 -- Frankly speaking? With Frank Sinatra in town to produce & direct the inaugural galas, the Washington Post runs a piece recapping the sleazy glories of the "Rat Pack." When reporters try to interview him later, he is not a happy man: "You read the Post this afternoon?" he snarls, eyes blazing & index finger waving. "You're all dead, every one of you. You're all dead."

Hank Ballard poster
1990 -- Hank Ballard, The Four Seasons, The Four Tops, The Kinks, Simon & Garfunkel, the Platters & The Who inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Repo Man movie poster
1990 -- US: Possessed? James Pough shoots four neighbors, killing two; before committing suicide the next day, he kills eight & injures four more in the office of the loan company that repossessed his car, Jacksonville, Florida.

1993 -- US: Native Hawai'ians demonstrate against US control of their homeland.

Not for rent
1994 -- US: The Northridge earthquake rolls through Los Angeles, registering a 6.7 on the Richter scale.

Pete Seeger
1996 --
David Bowie, Tom Donahue, The Jefferson Airplane, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Pink Floyd, Pete Seeger, The Shirelles & the Velvet Underground are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

"Some may find them merely diverting melodies. Others may find them incitements to Red revolution. & who will say if either or both is wrong? Not I."

       — Pete Seeger, Rolling Stone April 13, 1972

1996 -- Little Willie John inducted in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ("Fever"). He killed a man in a Seattle bar with a knife & was convicted for manslaughter in May of 1966. He died two years later in the Washington State Prison at Walla Walla.

War is not the answer poster; source Holt Labor Library
1997 -- US: Holt Labor Library, specializing in labor & radical history, fires both of its workers, Ali Bruce & Kurt Biddle. Both were involved in a union organizing effort at New College & the Holt Labor Library. Later, Mr. Holt also wants to know why the "Union YES!" sign was on the door.

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1997 -- NBA suspends Dennis Rodman indefinitely, with $25,000 fine, for kicking a cameraman, in the basketballs.

1997 -- New Zealand: 20 activists arrested for trespass at the Waihopai spy station.

1998 -- México: Over 2000 indigenous Tzeltals & Tojolbals from the state of Chiapas occupy the military barracks of the 39th Military Zone in protest over Army incursions into their communities.

On January 3, 2000, the Mexican daily La Jornada reports that the Mexican Army is bombarded by the Zapatista Air Force in an Air(mail) Attack.

Amador Hernandez, Chiapas — The Zapatista Air Force today attacked the Federal Army encampment here with paper airplanes. Some flew well & maneuvered themselves right into the dormitories, hidden by vegetation & large black plastic sheeting. Others sputtered in flight & barely cleared the barbed wire fence.

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2001 -- Que en paz descanso, Gregory Corso, Beat poet, dies after a lengthy struggle with cancer.
Que en paz descanso, Gregory Corso, my second favorite Beat poet, died ... after a lengthy struggle with cancer.

The Beats got me through the bleak years of the 1950's for which I shall always be grateful. (I was once suspended from high school for 3 days for bringing a copy of Howl to school.)

I think Corso's poem about the bomb — in the shape of a mushroom cloud — was the first I had ever seen that used its typography as an integral part of its message. It was at least the first to make enough of an impression on me to be still remembered.

As one who learned throughout his school years to hide under my desk in a ball with hands protecting my neck in case of atomic attack, I remember clearly the enlightenment brought by several Beat poets, but especially Corso, that there might be another way, through art & protest, to protect oneself.

Corso was the baddest of the bad & one of the best of the best. He worked to the last apparently, recording a cd of readings with his daughter. I can hardly wait to hear it.

— Lynn DeWeese, Bookman

3000 --

"What honorable thing can come out of a shop? What can commerce produce in the way of honor?

Everything called shop is unworthy an honorable man. Merchants can gain no profit without lying, & what is more shameful than falsehood?

Again, we must regard as something base & vile the trade of those who sell their toil & industry, for whoever gives his labor for money sells himself & puts himself in the rank of slaves."

— Cicero

Hot Bullets, pulp cover
3500 --

anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less
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