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     As a child, fresh out of the hospital
     with tape covering the left side
     of my face, I began to count birds.
     At age fifty the sum total is precise
     & astonishing, my only secret.

      — Jim Harrison, "Counting Birds"



Yummy! lobster!

Walked his pet lobster on a blue ribbon
through the streets of Paris,
"because it does not bark
& it knows the secrets of the sea."

Visionary, great poet, suicide.

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FEAST DAY OF ST. DWYNDEN. Welsh patron saint of troubled lovers. Men with amorous difficulties go around in a state of dishevelledness. Duh.


DIES MALA (Egyptian Day): considered unlucky in the Middle Ages.

WEATHER SIGNS DAY: "Sun means a good year, rain or snow foretells indifferent weather, a mist means want, while thunder predicts 12 months of winds & death" - Shepherds Almanack, 1676.

1640 -- ‘I Told You So’!?: Robert Burton, author of The Anatomy of Melancholy, dies at 62, in Oxford, near the date (some say on the very day) he had predicted by casting his own horoscope.

old book
1759 -- Bard of Caledonia, Scottish poet Robert Burns lives at Alloway in Ayrshire. In 1859, at a centenary dinner in Boston, Ralph Waldo Emerson affirms that "The Confession of Augsburg, The Declaration of Independence, the French Rights of Man, & the 'Marseillaise' are not more weighty documents in the history of freedom than the songs of Burns."

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1787 -- US: Daniel Shays & 800 followers march to Springfield to seize the Federal arsenal, but are repulsed & put down by the Massachusetts State militia.

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1825 -- Russia:
Strange Stuff: Fall of little symmetric objects of metal, Orenburg (second fall of these objects; 1st in Sept 1824] [Quar. Jour. Roy. Inst., 1828-1-447]

1851 -- US: Sojourner Truth joins the first Black Women's Rights group, Akron, Ohio. Gave her famous "Ain't I a Woman?" speech, linking the cause of black freedom struggle with women's rights.

hanging out? with the Wizard of Oz?
1855 -- Gerard de Nerval hangs himself in the streets of Paris, France.

old book
1855 -- Dorothy Wordsworth, dies in Rydal, Cumberland, leaving Grasmere Journals unpublished.

1871 -- anarchist diamond dingbatFrance: Émile Roger lives. Ardennes anarchiste, member of "Les desherities" & "Les libertaires de Nouzon." Correspondent for Gustave Hervé's newspaper La guerre sociale. Died in 1917 during the war by civilized nations that ended all wars by "civilized" nations.

1874 -- William Somerset Maugham lives in bondage, in Paris at the British Embassy.

Then he added a note of cautionary advice: "Do not become a cheap writer. Keep up your standards. It is better to be read by 800 readers & be a good writer than be read by all the world & be Somerset Maugham."

       — James Laughlin, publisher, New Directions

1882 -- Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) lives. British author who made an original contribution to the form of the novel — also a distinguished feminist essayist, critic in The Times Literary Supplement, & a central figure of Bloomsbury group. Her books were published by Hogarth Press, which she ran in her living room with hubby, critic & writer Leonard. After mental illness & shock when her house was destroyed by a bomb, she put rocks in her pockets & waded into the River Ouse near her home on March 28, 1941.

1885 -- Japanese poet Hakushu Kitahara lives, Fukuoka. A major influence in modern Japanese poetry with his aesthetic & symbolic style. His first collection of poems, Jashumon (1909), depicts Christian missionaries in 16th-century Japan.

1890 -- Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) completes 72-day trip around the world. Daily Bleed Patron Saint, January 27.

1890 -- US: United Mine Workers (UMW) forms.

I do not like the bosses & the bosses don't like me.
— Aunt Molly Jackson

1894 --
Far Out Strange Stuff: Brilliant light seen in the sky, explosion heard, quake felt, Llanthomas & Clifford; half hour later, similar occurrence, with illumination so brilliant that for half a minute everything was almost as visible as by daylight, near Hereford & Worcester, Stokesay Vicarage, Shropshire [Symons' Met. Mag., 29-8, Nature, 49-325]

1894 -- Spain: En Barcelona, un obrero hiere de un disparo al gobernador civil de la ciudad, Ramon Larroca.

Another brick in the wall?

anarchiste diamond dingbat; anarquista

A bricklayer shoots & wounds Ramon Larroca, the civil governor of Barcelona.


1899 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman begins a nine-month lecture tour of 11 states, beginning in Barre, Vt., where she is hosted by Salvatore Palavicini. She delivers several lectures in Barre, including "The New Woman" & "The Corrupting Influence of Politics on Man" — the first anarchist lectures in English ever presented there.

While in Barre, Emma meets Luigi Galleani, editor of the journal Cronaca Sovversiva.

1901 --
Seal of the Commune of ParisHippolyte Prosper Olivier Lissagaray (1838-1901) dies.

A socialist who sided with no party, whose sympathies lay with Blanquistes, anticlericals, anarchistes & his friend Amilcare Cipriani.

He joined the Paris Commune in 1871, & fought on the barricades during the "Bloody Week."

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1908 -- France: André Mournier ("The Agronomist") flees to Switzerland. Two anti-militarist articles by this anarchiste & a member of the Colony of Aiglemont (founded by Fortuné Henry), got him in hot water with the government for "insulting the army." Sentenced in absentia, he returns to France in 1910 & the charges are dropped in 1911.
See the Anarchist Encyclopedia,

1911 -- US: At a meeting of the Superior Trades & Labor Assembly in northern Wisconsin, Louis Olson shows up wearing an Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) button. A motion is made & seconded that Olson discard the button or lose his seat. The motion is defeated.

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1913 -- Wales:
Even Farther Way Far Out Strange Stuff: Yet more reports of lights in the sky: ."..this evening, the lights grow bolder. Streets & houses in the locality of Totterdown were suddenly illuminated by a brilliant, piercing light, which, sweeping upward, gave many spectators a fine view of the hills beyond", Cardiff, Wales - p513 [Cardiff Evening Express, Jan 25]

1915 -- US: The Wise & Objective Justices of the Supreme Court upholds "yellow dog" contracts, which forbid membership in labor unions.

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1923 -- Argentina: Kurt Wilkens (Gustav Wilckens) assassinates the "Killer of Patagonia" in Buenos Aires.
Kurt Wilkens An anarchist pacifist emigrant in Argentina, Wilkens killed Colonel Varela, who was responsible for the massacre & torture of more than 1,500 workers in Patagonia a year ago.

When arrested he declares:

"He will not kill anyone again. I have avenged my brothers."

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1926 -- US: Passaic Strike — 16,000 textile workers strike in Passaic, N.J.

"You are the ones who can say the word Solidarity. & call each other comrades. The oppressor can claim nothing but his greed."

       — Mother Jones

1926 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministFrance: Emma Goldman in Nice for most of the month, finishing a prospectus for "Foremost Russian Dramatists," a book based on her lectures, for which she hopes to receive an advance from Doubleday, Page & Company, leaves for Paris. Alexander Berkman is also in Nice, helping Isadora Duncan edit her autobiography.

1930 -- US: New York police rout a Communist rally at the Town Hall.

1931 -- Paavo Haavikko lives. Prominent Finnish poet, dramatist, & fiction writer, winner of Neudstadt International Prize for Literature in 1984.

"I have seen quite a few things in my time. I don't recall that a single one of them seemed reasonable."

collage notecard, 1995, James Koehnline
Collage by SaintMeister Jim Koehnline

1932 -- England: Dartmoor Prison riot.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

Spanish Revolution poster, chicken with eggs
1937 -- Spain: The Consell d'Economía de Cataluyna (Catalan Economic Council) launches a campaign called the Batalla de l'Ou (Battle of the Egg), designed to alleviate the scarcity of eggs in the region.

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1938 -- England: Perhaps due to intense sunspot activity, the aurora borealis is observed throughout Northern Europe & as far south as London's West End.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1947 -- US: Chicago gangster Al Capone, making quite a racket, dies of syphilis at 48.

1950 -- US: 73ºF (23ºC) highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland, Ohio in January.

Chummy Fleming, anarchist; source
1950 -- Australia: Anarchist John William "Chummy" Fleming, late this evening or in the wee hours of the 26th, dies, age 86. Tomorrow's alternate Daily Bleed Patron Saint.

A tattered cow-bell

'... Every Sunday until his death... he took his stand under a tree at the Yarra Bank & summoned a few cronies with a tattered cow-bell....'

1958 -- SI dingbat France:

2nd SI Conference

Paris, January 25-26: Participants: Michèle Bernstein, Guy-Ernest Debord, Asger Jorn, Abdelhafid Khatib, Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio.
Exclusions of Walter Olmo, Piero Simondo & Elena Verrone of the Italian Section.

1961 -- El Salvador: Military coup deposes leadership.

1968 -- Czechoslovakia: Alexander Dubcek ascends to power & launches the short-lived "Prague Spring" of liberalization.

1969 -- Czechoslovakia: 500,000 attend funeral of Jan Palach, Prague.

From Jan. 16 to Palach's funeral on the 25th, a group of young people held a protest hunger strike at the statue of St. Wenceslas for the fulfillment of his demands. Among them was also the next "torch", Jan Zajic.

1971 -- Charles Manson (36), Susan Atkins (22), Patricia Krenwinkel (23), & Leslie Van Houten (21) convicted of the brutal "Manson Family" "cult" murders of Sharon Tate, four of her friends, & a Los Angeles businessman & his wife. Norman Mailer later called Manson "the robber bridegroom of American dream life."

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1971 -- Grace Slick & Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane become the proud parents of a baby girl, which the they originally wanted to name God, but settled on China.

("She's a neat little person," boasts Grace. "She has a funny vocabulary 'cause she's around rock 'n' roll musicians all the time.")

Dada server logo
1971 -- Uganda: Military coup under General Idi Amin Dada.

Chinese happy poster
1981 -- China: Mao's widow Jiang Qing sentenced to death. Apparently belonged to a motorcycle gang with three others; her sentence is later commuted to life.

1982 -- US: Steam-generator pipe breaks at Rochester Gas & Electric Company's Ginna plant near Rochester, New York. Small amounts of radioactive steam escaped into the air.

1982 -- Germany: Berlin Appeal for European-wide nuclear-free zone.

1983 -- US: Court of Appeals affirms rights of six Chippewa bands to hunt, fish & cut timber on lands ceded to the US.

1984 -- Yoko Ono makes $375,000 donation to Strawberry Fields, an old folk's home that inspired the John Lennon song of the same name.

1984 -- US: INFACT (Infant Formula Action Coalition) wins settlement with Nestle Corporation after a seven year boycott.

The earth is not dying,
      it is being killed,
& the people who are killing it
      have names & addresses....

1988 -- México: An electrical short-circuit sparks an explosion & fire in a coal mine near Las Esperanzas, killing 41 miners.

1988 -- Frisco, California approves renaming 12 streets for local writers & artists. Includes Jack Kerouac alley.
Kerouac Street poster; source:

Nice briefing
1994 -- Singer Markey Mark is sued by a Portland, Oregon woman claiming she was trampled during one of his shows. She said he invited the crowd to rush the stage after he stripped down to his underwear.

1995 -- Soldiers' Mothers Committee begins 56 mile march between Nazran & Grozny, Chechnya.

1996 -- Germany: The former 'Bundeswehr' general Jorg Schonbohm becomes Berlin's Interior Minister & declares that all squats will be evicted.

2001 -- Switzerland: In Davos, under massive police protection the "World Economic Forum," bringing together heads of states & business leaders, anti-Globalization protesters (having slipped through closed borders) try, as in Seattle, to disrupt the Forum, today & tomorrow.

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2011 -- Egypt: Massive street protests erupt during a “Day of Rage” against Beloved & Repected Comrade Leader President Mubarak's 30-year rule. The government shuts down cellphones & the internet across the country.

3000 --
Collage by James Koehnline; em001

Collage by BleedsterSaintMeister James Koehnline     

Direct Action...implies that the working class subscribes to notions of freedom & autonomy instead of genuflecting before the principle of authority. Now, it is thanks to this authority principle, the pivot of the modern world — democracy being its latest incarnation — that the human being, tied down by a thousand ropes, moral as well as material, is bereft of any opportunity to display will & initiative.

— Émile Pouget, DIRECT ACTION

Buck Fush; source

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