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i have three wings.
with whom do i flock?

      — Wanda Coleman, "American Sonnet (29)"


French Marxist scholar of Islam & Arabic history.


"Old Codger for Peace"

& Chummy Fleming, anarchist; source

Australian anarchist agitator, social rebel.

"Chummy" Fleming died on the 25th or the wee hours today.

'... Every Sunday until his death... he took his stand under a tree at the Yarra Bank (the "University of the Working-Class") & summoned a few cronies with a tattered cow-bell....'

Scotland: UPHELLYAA. Norse galley burned in Viking sacrifice to sun.


Australia: INVASION DAY.

TU BISHRAT: New Year of the trees in ancient Palestine. Families plant a tree for each child born in the year (cedar for boys, cypress for girls).


Collage, James Koehnline
Gone to Croatan: Origins of North American Dropout Culture
Ron Sakolsky & Bleedster James Koehnline, editors

Lost history viewed through cracks in the cartographies of control, including "tri-racial isolate" communities, buccaneers, "white Indians", black Islamic movements, the Maroons of the Great Dismal Swamp, the Métis nation, scandalous eugenics theories, rural "hippie" communes, & many other aspects of North American autonomous cultures. A festschrift honoring historian Hugo Lemming Bey of the Moorish Science Temple.
ISBN: 0-936756-92-6 $12 pp. 382 6" x 9"

1482 -- Source=Robert Braunwart First printed edition of the complete Pentateuch with vowel signs & accents is published, Bologna, Italy.

1531 -- Portugal: Lisbon hit by Earthquake; about 30,000 die.

1695 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: A Good Kidder? The first workman's compensation agreement in America, by pirate William Kidd — 600 pieces of 8 or 6 slaves to compensate for a lost arm or leg.

1697 -- Duh?: Isaac Newton receives Jean Bernoulli's 6 month time-limit problem, solves problem before going to bed that same night, no problem.

1784 -- Fowl? Benjamin Franklin, noting the bald eagle was "a Bird of bad moral character" who lived "by Sharping & Robbing" expressed regret it had been selected to be our national symbol. Franklin's choice: the turkey, "a much more respectable Bird & withal a true original Native of America."

Regards certain events in the US in 2001 & 2002, or thereabouts, Ben had this to say:

'They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.'

— Benjamin Franklin

1788 -- Australia: A fleet of 11 ships lands in Port Jackson after sailing with the continent's first 1,030 English settlers, including 736 convicts.

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1804 -- Eugène Sue, lives, Paris. French author of sensational novels of the seamy side of urban life & a leading exponent of the roman-feuilleton ("newspaper serial"). Having inherited a fortune from his father, Sue became a well-known dandy & depicts contemporary "high life" in such works as Arthur (1838) & Mathilde (1841).

Jean-Baptiste Godin, anarchiste; source
1817 -- France: Jean-Baptiste Godin lives (1817-1888), Esquéhéries, Aisne. French socialist, founder of the Familistère stove manufactory which became a commune co-owned by its workers (over 2,000 by 1908) following his death. An ardent disciple of Fourier, he advanced a considerable sum of money towards the disastrous Fourierist experiment, in Texass, of V. P. Considrant.

Photo: Jardin Godin, Guise, Aisne, Picardie Monument Godin

1831 -- Mary Mapes Dodge (Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates) lives, New York City.

1840 -- France: Paris Communard revolutionary Édouard Vaillant lives, Vierzon.

1841 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of James Clavell novel Tai-Pan.

1849 -- English Minor Romantic poet Thomas Lovell Beddoes, with no leg to stand on, takes his life.

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1850 -- England: American labor honcho Samuel Gompers lives, London, son of Solomon, a cigarmaker, & Sarah Rood Gompers. He immigrates to New York City with his family in 1863, & becomes a US citizen on October 4, 1872.

1855 -- US: Clallam Indian band signs Treaty of Point-No Point, Washington state.

1856 -- US: The Battle of Seattle. Leschi, chief of the Nisqually & Yakama Indians, leads 1,000 warriors in an attack on the town of Seattle. The attack is repulsed by naval forces in the harbor when sloop Decatur by firing its cannons. (Leschi later gets the well-manicured Leschi Park dedicated in his honor.)

bone measuring tool
1875 -- Progress? Electric dental drill is patented by George F. Green.

Gérard Lacaze-Duthiers; source
1876 -- Gérard Lacaze-Duthiers lives (d.1958). French Individualist anarchiste, friend of the arts, pacifist intellectual, Professor of Letters, member of l'Union Anarchiste & the Groupe "l'Action d'Art." Involved with the review L'action d'art with André Colomer & Manuel Devaldès. President of l'Union des Intellectuels pacifistes, responsible for the Parti Pacifiste Internationaliste, president of Syndicat des journalistes et écrivains. Collaborated on the Anarchist Encyclopedia of Sébastien Faure, & author of over 40 books & pamphlets, mostly involving literature & pacifism.
[Source: L'Ephéméride Anarchiste]

Kees van Dongen, anarchist; self-portrait
1877 -- Netherlands: Kees van Dongen lives (d.1968). Artist & a founder of Fauvism. In 1903 Félix Fénéon got him started working for the anarchist magazine La Revue Blanche for which he produced light-hearted drawings.

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1884 -- Linguistic relativist Edward Sapir lives, Lauenburg, Pomerania, Germany.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2004-2005
Linguistic anthropologist, theorist of language-realities.

1885 -- Muhammad Ahmed ("Mahdi") rebels conquer Khartoum.

1886 -- France: In Decazeville, the pitiless sub-manager of Watrin Mines, who had forced a drop in workers' wages (10% reduction), ignores their protests. Attacked by an angry crowd, he barricades himself in his office &, still under attack, dies when he jumps from his window.
[Source: L'Ephéméride Anarchiste]

Mikhael Guerdjikov; source L'Ephéméride Anarchiste
1887 -- Mikhael Guerdjikov (1877-1947) lives. Bulgarian influenced by Bakuninist ideas. Started the first Bulgarian anarchist paper, Free Society.

1891 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Oscar Wilde play "The Duchess of Padua" premiers, NYC.

1900 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Henrik Ibsen's "Naar vi Dode Vaaguer" premiers in Stuttgart.

1903 -- US: Garment workers local 17 forms in Seattle, Washington.

1904 -- Sean Macbride, diplomat & peacemaker, lives, Ireland.

1905 -- World's largest diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan is discovered. Weighs in at over one & a quarter pounds.

1907 -- After the opening of John Millington Synge's Playboy of the Western World, police are called in to calm the audience at Dublin's Abbey Theatre.

1907 -- US: Congress passes an act forbidding corporations from contributing to election campaigns for national office. Yup.

1911 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Honduras: US troops land to "protect" US lives & interests.

Jim Thorpe stamp
1913 -- Quitter?: Jim Thorpe relinquishes his 1912 Olympic medals for being a pro.

1914 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Haiti: US marines begin fighting (-November 7).

1914 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The Vatican puts Belgian Nobel winner Maeterlinck's works on the Index (banned list).

1915 -- France: Marxist Arabic Islamicist, historian Maxime Rodinson lives, Paris.
Source: Autonomedia Calendar

1923 -- Shanghai: Sun Yat-sen signs an agreement with Adolf Joffe, a representative of the Soviet government. Object: USSR aid to the Kuomintang & future cooperation between the latter & the Communists.
[Source: K.S. Karol]

Book cover
1924 -- Armand GattiArmand Gatti lives, in Monaco. Libertarian playwright, author of more than 40 plays.

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1925 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: In Seattle, the University Bookstore moves off the University of Washington campus to "the Ave", where it can be much closer to the Blue Moon Tavern (which probly doesn't exist for a few more years, but one must be forward looking); both august educational institutions continue into the 21st century, one a lackey spewing the swill corporate money & control provides, the other fine wines, hefty dark brews, loud music & much philosophical sport.

1926 -- Television demonstrated publicly for the first time by J.L. Baird in London.

1928 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nicaragua: US army invaders/occupiers take El Chipote, after a month of fighting Augusta Sandino.

General Feland, a lot of muscle, much eyebrow, crosses his feet on the desk. About Sandino, yawns & says:

—That bird must fall some day.

1929 -- Cartoonist/dramatist (Little Murders) Jules Feiffer lives, New York City.

1931 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The Fortean Society, to honor Charles Fort, chronicler of the unexplained, is founded.

1932 -- Aboard a Connecticut-bound train with editor Max Perkins, Thomas Wolfe suddenly decides he doesn't want to make the trip, jumps from the moving car onto the Grand Central Station platform, severing a vein in his left arm.

Friends of Durutti graphic
1937 -- Spain: Jaime (or Jaume) Balius appointed director of La Noche. Wrote the pamphlet Towards a Fresh Revolution.

See article III, bottom left column, Jaume Balius i Els Amics de Durruti

1939 -- Spain: Barcelona falls to Franco's fascist forces. The anarquista youth paper Ruta goes to press for the last time in Spain as Franco enters Barcelona. (It later reappears in France in the mid-40s & eventually is forced to shut down again by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader DeGaulle, & is reconstituted in Venezuela in the 60s.)
Further details / anarchist, click here[Details / context]

1939 --
"Dawn Of A New Day" (Official Song of the New York World's Fair) Horace Heidt & His Musical Knights, 1/26/39     

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1942 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: West Coast Hearst newspapers engage in a vilifying attack on Japanese-Americans & begin the public outcry for mass exclusion. Hearst's papers are renowned for their fine reporting.

1944 -- US: Angela Davis, African American commie activist, lives, Birmingham, Alabama.

Tower, concentration camp USA
1944 -- US: Spurred by the announcement of the draft a few days before, 300 people attend a public meeting at Heart Mountain (Japanese-American concentration camp. Here, the Fair Play Committee is formally organized. Kiyoshi Okamoto is chosen chairman & Paul T. Nakadate vice-president. On May 10th, 63 Heart Mountain draft resistors are indicted, then found guilty & sentenced to jail terms on June 26. They are granted a pardon on December 24, 1947.

1945 -- Poland: Liberation of extermination camp, Auschwitz/Oswiecim.

1945 -- Singer-comedienne Marti Caine lives. Oddly, she has changed her name from Lynda Crapper.

Recording equip in Lomax's car trunk
1948 -- John Lomax dies (1867-1948). Folk Singer, music producer, author, folklorist who collected folk songs & tales, documenter of musical heritage (year of birth uncertain; some say 1875). Amassed some ten thousand recordings for the Library of Congress. Father of Alan Lomax.

Inspires Boom-Boxes in trunks of cars.

1950 -- India becomes a republic as constitution goes into effect.

1953 -- US: Taint a Fit Night Out, For Man Nor Beast? Radioactive rain falls on Troy, New York.

1956 -- US: Martin Luther King, Jr. arrested for the first time; his home will be bombed in a few days.

1956 -- Martinus Nijhoff, Dutch poet, dies in The Hague. From his early work De wandelaar & his best known volume, Vormen ("Forms," 1924), his work became more optimistic, such as Nieuwe gedichten ("New Poems," 1934) & Het uur U ("Zero Hour," 1942).

1957 -- Netherlands: Dutch form new Pacifist Socialist Party.
Source: Autonomedia Calendar

1960 -- US: What's The Point?: High-school basketball sensation Danny Heater scores 135 points.

1962 -- US: Bishop Burke of the Buffalo, New York Catholic Diocese bans the Twist. It can't be danced, sung about or listened to in any Catholic school, parish or youth event. Later in the year, the Twist will be banned from community center dances in Tampa, Florida as well.

1968 -- France: 40 members of the Nanterre University anarchiste group march into the faculty hall with comical posters ridiculing the police.

The porters attack the anarchists but are whupped. Authorities call in the flics (police); 1,000 students fight back & stage a protest meeting. The movement (May 1968) thus launched grows quickly. The students are determined to get rid of the uniformed & plainclothes police haunting the faculties. Also today there are violent exchanges during a demonstration by strikers at Caen. Antecedents of the May student-worker uprisings throughout Paris & France which nearly topple the government.

1968 -- Spain: La Biblioteca Nacional española inicia la reproducción de los manuscritos de Leonardo da Vinci.

1968 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Seven right-wing Minutemen arrested for conspiring to bomb the Redmond police department & rob banks in Washington State.

1968 -- SI dingbat

Billy-club Grappin

January 26, 1968

France: At the faculty of Nanterre, Dean Grappin appeals to the police to reprimand a demonstration by anarchists & Enragés opposing the presence of plain-clothes cops on campus.

The police are chased off & cars are set alight.

On the 29th En attendant la cybernétique, les flics (Waiting for Cybernetics, the Cops), a Situationist fly-poster denouncing "Billy-club Grappin" by the Nanterre Enragés appears. | [Situationist Resources]

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1969 -- Edwin Pratt, director of Seattle Urban League, is assassinated; police involvement is widely suspected. An arrest is never made in the case.

1969 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The Washington Post reports the fall of hundreds of ducks from the sky over St. Mary's City, Maryland.

1970 -- US: State capitol of Louisiana is damaged by a dynamite explosion.

1970 -- Philippines: 20,000 riot in Manila to protest the regime of US-backed Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dictator & Shoe-Hoarder Ferdinand Marcos following his State of the Nation address. Over 2000 attempt to storm the presidential palace on the 30th & riots continue throughout the year.

1971 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Noam Chomsky, famed linguist, scorching social critic & anarcho-syndicalist, delivers the Bertrand Russell Memorial Lecture, Cambridge.

Some idiot jumped out of an airplane
1972 -- Coffee, Tea, or... Oh, Damn, Damn!?

Stewardess Vesna Vulovic survives 10,160m fall without a parachute.

1973 -- US: Selective Service military draft put on standby, never (so far) to return.

1977 -- Checked Out?: Fleetwood Mac's first lead guitar player, Peter Green, is committed to a mental hospital in England after firing a pistol in the general direction of a delivery boy who was attempting to deliver to Green a royalties check from Fleetwood Mac record sales. Green left the band in May 1970 to live a life of religious seclusion.

1978 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Seattle Sci-fi author Frank Herbert completes his novel Destination: Void. This was a few years after Auntie Dave dropped out of class he was teaching...but I don't think he meant anything personal...

"Law always chooses sides on the basis of enforcement power. Morality & legal niceties have little to do with it when the real question is: who has the clout?"

— Frank Herbert in Dune series

1983 -- US: National Commission on Excellence in Education issues a report labeling US elementary & secondary education "mediocre." Recommends schools put more emphasis on English, math, social studies, & computer science; the school day be lengthened; that teachers be rewarded for merit rather than seniority; & college admissions standards be raised.

1983 -- Dennis Nilsen, the "British Jeffrey Dahmer", strangles a 20-year-old man, his 10th of 15 victims, London.

1988 -- Australia: Aborigines mark 200th anniversary as "invasion day."

1990 -- US: Technology critic Lewis Mumford dies, Amenia, New York.

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"Layer upon layer, past times preserve themselves in the city until life itself is finally threatened with suffocation; then, in sheer defense, modern man invents the museum."

1991 -- US: 200,000 march against Gulf War, New York City & 200,000 in San Francisco; also 200,000 in Bonn, Germany.

1993 -- Canada: Women in Black demonstrate in solidarity with their Serbian sisters, Toronto.

I take the rainy landscape from my window remove the shadow of the wutong tree wipe you off.

— Yang Mu, The Woman In Black

1993 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Author Laura Esquivel (Como Agua para Chocolate) is named Mexican woman of the year.

1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: One-time lefttist, turned rightwing fascist, whacko Lyndon LaRouche is released after five years in jail for fraud & conspiracy. Perennial candidate for President, the running keeps the cult leader mean & lean.

1995 -- Where's The Rest of Me?: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman, dedicates a rest stop to Howard Stern.

1997 -- Albania: Three thousand people attempt an assault on parliament following a demonstration in Tirana. In Valona (Vlore), a bomb is thrown at the police during a protest march. The town hall is set on fire. Tomorrow in Peshkopi about a hundred people attack the police station with stones. Six policemen are killed, then the rebels set fire to the town hall offices.

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1998 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Clinton ("the Dickster") says,

"I want to say one thing to the American people, I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky...."

Jim Page, Seattle songster, anrchist
1998 -- US: Seattle songster Jim Page plays The Wild Duck Brewery in Eugene, Oregon, home to thousands of black-masked anarchists...

Jim Page is acerbic, powerful, poignant, clever & very funny — & can improvise a song in a flash. He reveals the nuances, twists & turns of political & everyday life in songs that are crafted to be engaging, one interesting lyric at a time.

... show details

1998 -- "The Global Climate Coalition just doesn't want us to notice that the climate is ten times worse that it was ten years ago, that 230 million people in China were dislocated by floods this year, that Mitch was the worst hurricane in 200 years, that jungles were on fire all over the place in 1998.

We're not supposed to know about that; & if we do know, we're supposed to conclude that it's some kind of astonishing freak accident."

~ ~ Bruce Sterling, Wired News, 1/26/98

1998 -- US: Masters of the universe...

Project for the New American Century is the pressure group established by, among others, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, Elliott Abrams & Zalmay Khalilzad, all of whom (except the prez's brother) are at this time senior officials in the US government....


I Bombed Pearl Harbor, film poster

... show details

"Bin Laden one crank from America's cup
just like that election down in Florida, this shit doesn't all add up
'cause it's all about the price of oil"

— Songster Billy Bragg, The Price of Oil

1999 -- Australian Heritage Commission accepts the Tent Embassy as a place of special significance to indigenous Australians.

Although Parliament House has moved to a sight a kilometre away & sits on a hill surrounded by a well manicured expanse of grass, the mean spirited petty, intellectually limited renegades Liberal/National Party government re-enacted a 64 year old law to remove what they see as an eyesore from in front of the old Parliament House.

The Tent Embassy was established in 1972 as a national focus for the indigenous land-rights struggle. Every time the government took down the Tent Embassy in 1972, hundreds, then thousands, rebuilt it.

2001 -- Samuel H. Day Jr. dies, age 74. A self-proclaimed "Old Codger for Peace" & author of Prisoners On Purpose: A peacemaker's guide to jails & prisons. Journalist, civil libertarian & militant opponent of nuclear weapons who led a magazine in a landmark First Amendment court battle over the publication of an article on the hydrogen bomb.

... show details

"if it is right to honor those who served in the cause of war, then it is equally right to honor those who served in the cause of resistance to war."

A very nice tribute page at:

2009 -- US: Depression?: McDonald's to open 1,000 stores during 2009. Depressing.

2013 -- US: Hacktivist group Anonymous claims credit for the hacking of the website of the US Sentencing Commission in response to the suicide of Aaron Swartz.
Swartz was a computer programmer & Internet hacktivist being severely harassed by the government. He was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS, Creative Commons & Reddit, etc.

3000 --

Pattern generation by deductive & inductive reasoning. Persons adept at pattiducking often become professional synthesizers & are favorites of the Dilettante Dept.

By concentrating on the patterns inherent in all phenomenon, pattiduckers can come to sweeping conclusions concerning current & future events. Pattiduckers are not concerned with rote memorization of facts but rather discerning the pattern facts fall into when considered as a whole.

Most Pattiduckers make good use of reference works & computational aids to compensate for their disinterest with memorization.

See Also: Language.

       — Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner

3500 --
George Bush: 'Stop Me Before I Kill Again'; antiwar poster

anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less
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