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The Daily Bleed: Jacques Roux, Emma Goldman, Alex Comfort, Internationale situationniste, Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem, Alfred Sanftleben, Home Colony, Theodore Schroeder, Ian Purdie, Octave Jahn, Giuseppe Pasotti, Eugene Bigel; Timeline, Almanac of Radicalism, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists... a radical annotated chronology, almanac, anarchist CALENDAR, anarchisten, anarchism, anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, sindicalismo, anarquia, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, libertarian, syndicalist, libertarian, What Happened on this day, in recovered history February 10
OH, silver tree!
Oh, shining rivers of the soul!

In a Harlem cabaret
Six long-headed jazzers play.
A dancing girl whose eyes are bold
Lifts high a dress of silken gold.

Oh, singing tree!
Oh, shining rivers of the soul!

Were Eve's eyes
In the first garden
Just a bit too bold?
Was Cleopatra gorgeous
In a gown of gold?

Oh, shining tree!
Oh, silver rivers of the soul!

In a whirling cabaret
Six long-headed jazzers play.

— A text by Langston Hughes analyzed
by students in "Culture in the Jazz Age"

at the University of Texass


Great German political dramatist & poet,
proponent of modern "Epic Theater,"
the "gest," & the "alienation effect."

A BAD DAY FOR PRIESTS, according to Mayan chronological estimation.

Tampa, Florida: GASPARILLA DAY.

    Spanish pirate defeated by US Navy in 1821.
    Beginning of week long festival.
    Someone playing Gasparilla is crowned Pirate King, given keys to city, etc.

Beer label, Olde English Malt Liquor
60 -- St. Paul thought to have been shipwrecked at Malta. Not a saint just yet, drank a lotta malta likker.
Some say this is the source of the hallucinatory despair found in the Book of Revelations.

1354 -- England: A bad day for the children of the privileged too: citizens of Oxford — having been attacked by University students — fight back in style, killing several. 'Town' & 'Gown' is born.
'Calendar Riots'

1535 -- The Naked City?: 12 nude Anabaptists run through Amsterdam streets. Inspires 20th Century streaking.

1655 -- The first, third, 10th, 19th & 21st of February are good days for marriage — according to
Andrew Waterman's 1655 Almanac. However, this seems to have been based on
"nothing more than Waterman's wish to fill a few pages with random dates." Yo!
'Calendar Riots'

1749 -- Henry Fielding's The History of Tom Jones, in 10 small volumes, finishes serial publication begun seven days ago.

1763 -- Treaty of Paris signed, ending the French & Indian War.

1775 -- Essayist/critic Charles Lamb lives, London.

French Revolution, by Kropotkin, cover
1794 -- France: Suicide of Jacques Roux (1752-1794) in his Paris prison cell.

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"So you would use us for bumfodder?

Not for Long! "

— Address of the Sansculottes of the Rue Mouffetard to the Convention, 9 December 1792

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1837 -- Aleksandr Pushkin, 37, dies in Moscow of wounds received in a duel defending his wife's honor.

1846 -- The first edition of Edward Lear's A Book of Nonsense published by Thomas McLean.
There are altogether 72 limericks in two volumes selling at 3s 6d each.

Lear deserves his small virtual space as much as his contemporary poetical colleague Lewis Carroll. After all, Lear may be considered the inventor of the term 'snail mail' & has a jet named after him.

1855 -- US: The Women's Hospital of New York City is founded. Although it provides much needed care for poor women, the hospital was also the arena for J. Marion Sims, known for his hatred of women & ruthlessly cutting up their bodies. Here he performs brutal operations, including ovariotomies & clitoridectomies, & uses indigent women as guinea pigs before audiences of men.

Sims began his career performing dangerous sexual surgery on black slave women who were housed in a stable in his yard. On a slave named Anarcha, he performed 30 operations. After affiliating with the NY Women's Hospital, Sims performs the same number of operations on Irish indigent Mary Smith from 1856 to 1859. Internationally famous & honored by his peers, Sims was an object of adulation at Harvard Medical School, counted as one of the immortals.

1862 -- Floored?: Dante Gabriel Rossetti returns from a night on the town with Algernon Charles Swinburne, finds his wife on the floor, having taken a fatal overdose of laudanum.

1863 -- Fire extinguisher patented by Alanson Crane.

1863 -- P.T. Barnum, Circus owner & failed bookseller, stages wedding of Tom Thumb & Mercy Lavinia Warren. The ceremony ends with their duet of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues."

Now if you see Saint Annie
Please tell her thanks a lot
I cannot move
My fingers are all in a knot
I don't have the strength
To get up & take another shot
& my best friend, my doctor
Won't even say what it is I've got

1869 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaFrance: Octave Jahn (1869-1917) lives, Cherbourg. Anarchiste who founded, with Tortelier & others, the "League of the Anti-patriots" in 1886.
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1869 -- German Jewish poet / writer Else Lasker-Schueler lives, Elberfeld. Wrote poems, dramas, & stories, & becomes good friends with Gottfried Benn, & other writers. Emigrates to Jerusalem in 1933.

1872 -- France: Eugene Bigel lives. Ardennes anarchiste & proponent of direct action. Dynamited numerous police stations, inflicting material & psychological damage. His last attempted bombing, July 15, 1891, at the residence of an industrialist, failed to explode & was traced to him. Bigel received heavy sentences & was sent to the prison colony in Cayenne.
[Source: L'Ephéméride Anarchiste]

1884 -- Italy: Una nota del Papa Leone XIII critica duramente una sentenza della Corte Costituzionale che impone alla Congregazione de propaganda fide la conversione di tutti i suoi beni immobili in cartelle del debito pubblico. L'ingerenza e l'arroganza dello stato italiano nei confronti del Vaticano non conosce limiti.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1888 -- Italy: Giuseppe Pasotti (1888-1951) lives. Anarcho-syndicalist & member of the Italian League of Human Rights.

1890 -- BorisBoris Pasternak lives, Moscow. Librarian, translator, novelist (Doctor Zhivago), poet.

1892 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaSpain: Four farmworkers are executed during the repression following the uprising of 8 January, in Jerez, Andalusia, setting off new waves of violence.

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1893 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2014, remove 2015México: Inaugural issue of the student newspaper El Demócrata at the National School of Law, headed by Joaquín Clausell. The Flores Magon brothers Jesus & Ricardo are collaborators, & Ricardo also works as a proofreader. It is soon repressed & shut down in April when police arrest the staff, including Jesús. Ricardo narrowly escapes & goes into hiding for three months before returning to school.

1896 -- US: Home Colony Co-Operative (Mutual Home Association) founded on Van Geldern Cove near Seattle & Tacoma, Washington.

The Home Colony was a peculiar combination of communism & anarchism, organized by a group who had already been in the Glennis Co-operative Industrial Company, a Bellamy colony. It was quite as successful as the others of its time. Private homesites were limited to two acres. Members were carefully chosen. There were about 150 members. Great stress was laid on individual liberty & non-resistance. There was a high degree of mutuality, though more unorganized & undirected than in any other colony. There seems to have been less internal friction here than in most colonies. Financial troubles led to disbanding after about 10 years.

See the Stan Iverson Archives,

  • Mutual Home Association (AKA Home Colony), Washington, 1898-1921; See Fogarty, Robert S.: American Utopianism, p144-145; Hinds, William Alfred: American Communities & Cooperative Societies, originally published in 1878 & revised in 1902 & 1908. p544-547. Reprinted by the Porcupine Press, 1975. Like Nordoff's book, this is also based mainly on first-hand knowledge, augmented by a scholar's mentality, & highly readable to boot. A must read; LaWarne, Charles Pierce: Utopias on Puget Sound 1885-1915, p168-226
  • See Kenneth O. Ghormley's "Home Colony, Its Philosophy & Beginnings" (about the middle of his longer article on his family),
  • See also,
    & the papers of the anarchist Jay Fox at Gonzaga University,

1898 -- Germany: Marxist playwright Bertolt Brecht lives, Augsburg. Doctor, poet, playwright, theatrical reformer. Fled rightwing German Nazis. After moving to the US, fled from the Land of the Free when HUAC's right wingnuts come after him during the Cold War.

1911 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman lectures in Chicago for the next 6 days.

1912 -- Emma GoldmanUS: Emma Goldman's annual lecture tour begins in Ohio, February 10-18; speaks in Cleveland, Lorain, Elyria, Columbus, & Dayton; topics include "Anarchism, the Moving Spirit in the Labor Struggle" & "Maternity," a Drama by Eugene Brieux (Why the Poor Should Not Have Children)."
Source: 'Emma Goldman Papers'

Alex Comfort
1920 -- England: Alex Comfort lives. British anarchist, poet, & author of the ever-popular Joy of Sex. Involved with Freedom Bookstore in the 40s & ‘Anarchy' magazine in the 50s — & author of the hugely successful « Joy of Sex ». He also lectured in physiology at London Hospital Medical College. Devoted to "unreason" — or the imagination. Wrote lyrics for Pete Seeger. Oh, Joy! Oh, Joy!

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Karl Yoneda
1931 -- US: Karl Yoneda attends a demonstration in Los Angeles, where the Red Squad severely beats him & toss him into a cell.

“‘Come & pick up this goddamn Jap, he’s dying anyway’ he told me," Black recalled in her biography The Red Angel.

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1932 -- Spain: Anarcho-syndicalist CNT proclaims General Strike; insurrections follow. Within the week the Catalan city of Terrassa is taken over & anarchist communism is declared. Anarcosindicalistas

1933 -- US: Noteworthy? First Singing Telegram sung, New York City.

1941 -- Netherlands: Anti-Nazi "Het Parool" begins publishing.

1946 -- Singer Donovan lives, near Glasgow, Scotland. Gets high on banana peels.

1948 -- Great Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein dies ("Potemkin," "Ivan the Terrible," "Ten Days That Shook the World").

1949 -- Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller opens at the Morosco Theater in NY.

1952 -- US: Alfred Sanftleben (1871-1952) dies, Los Angeles, California. Militant German anarchist, active there, Switzerland & the US. Typesetter & translator, friend of Max Nettlau, Gustav Landauer, Rudolf Rocker & the Flores Magón brothers, & much influenced by Giovanni Rossi.
[More on Sanftleben]

1953 -- US: Albert Theodore Schroeder dies (1864-1953), age 88.

He met & came to know the liberals, socialists, radicals & anarchists whose civil liberties he worked to uphold; the other defenders of civil liberties; & leading personalities in the field of psychology.

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1954 -- US: The FDA files a decree for injunction to curtail Wilhelm Reich's work with Orgone energy & the medical use of orgone energy to treat injuries, physical disease & health conditions. Reich refused to appear in court on the decree motion but did respond in a letter to the Judge regarding the courts unclear jurisdiction of scientific discovery. The FDA was granted the injunction on March 19th.

1957 -- Laura Ingalls Wilder, author & the last surviving member of the pioneering Ingalls family, dies in her Rocky Ridge home. Laura's daughter Rose became a noted author & right-wing libertarian.

1961 -- England: Voice of Nuclear Disarmament pirate radio station begins operation off shore.

1961 -- Italy: Vengono finalmente abrogate le norme fasciste che sottoponevano a restrizioni il libero spostamento di residenza delle persone all'interno del territorio italiano.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1962 -- Francis Gary Powers, a CIA pilot allows both himself & his super-secret airplane to be captured by the Russians, then confesses everything before a Soviet court. Exchanged for reputed Soviet master spy Rudolf Abel (see 1 May, 5 May, 7 May).

1962 -- SI dingbat

February 10 to 11

Fourth session of the Internationale situationniste's Central Council, in Paris. Participants: Debord, Kotànyi, Kunzelmann, Lausen, Nash, Vaneigem.
Exclusions of Lothar Fischer, Dieter Kunzelmann, Renée Nele, Heimrad Prem, Gretel Stadler, Helmut Sturm & Hans-Peter Zimmer, German section.

  • Nicht Hinauslehnen (Don't Lean Out!), bilingual tract in German & French, illustrated by Gericault's Raft of Medusa, publicizing the exclusion of the 'Spurists.' signed on behalf of the SI's Central Council by Debord, Kotànyi, Lausen & Vaneigem, Paris.
  • Spur #4, journal of the German section of the SI, Munich.Editor: Zimmer. Editorial committee: Prem, Sturm, Fischer.
  • Hanegal, gallisk poesiealbum, book by Jørgen Nash illustrated by JV Martin. édition Internationale situationniste, Paris. The cover is made of cardboard & wire.

  • | [Situationist Resources]

    1965 -- China: Playing Dominos? Meeting between Mao Tse-tung & Kosygin in Peking ends without any agreement on joint Chinese-Soviet aid for North Vietnam.
    [Source: K.S. Karol]

    1967 --
    The loveable, affable cross-dresser J. Edgar Hoover1967

    "Tribute to J. Edgar Hoover" at California Hall. Music by the Jook Savages, Blue Cheer & the Mojo Men. John H. Myers Blues Project, Jimmy Reed & John Lee Hooker at the Fillmore Auditorium.

    1967 -- Blue Cheer, the Mojo Men & the Jook Savages in "A Tribute to J. Edgar Hoover" at California Hall, February 10th, 1967 — "a dream that is a public event."

    1969 -- Mozambique: Eduardo Mondiane, president of FRELIMO, assassinated.

    animated snowflake
    1970 -- France: Dry powder avalanche moving at 120 mph smashes into youth hostel killing 40 Belgian, French, & German youths, Val d'Isere.

    1970 -- England: Ian Purdie is imprisoned for nine months for throwing a petrol bomb at the Ulster Office in Saville Row during an Irish Civil Rights Campaign march. One of numerous actions in England & France during this year, some of which are attributed to 'The Angry Brigade' or similar anarchist groups.

    1971 -- NY Times reports Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention are forced to cancel a concert in London that was to include the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & songs from the score of "200 Motels." Officials objected to Zappa's film "200 Motels," finding it obscene.

    "It would be easier to pay off the national debt overnight than to neutralize the long-range effects of OUR NATIONAL STUPIDITY."

    1971 -- US: National protests against US invasion of Laos include 1,500 protesters & nine arrests at the University of Washington in Seattle.

    1972 -- England: & a bad day for the pigs as they're routed by 18,000 at Saltley Gates.
    'Calendar Riots'

    1973 -- US: Gigantic storage tank filled with liquefied gas explodes, Staten Island, New York, killing 40 workmen.

    1978 -- Italy: Nothing on TV Again? Looters in Cagliari attack & burn the RAI-TV van that is being used to film their actions.
    'Calendar Riots'

    1981 -- US: Jamestown Clallam tribe, on Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State, receives federal recognition.

    1982 -- Canada: Got Flippers?: 28 skiers perform backflips while holding hands, Bromont, Québec.

    1989 -- US: To gain deregulation WWF admits pro wrestling is an exhibition & not a sport, in a New Jersey court.

    1990 -- Wired to the Gills?: Perrier Water pulls bottled water from the shelves due to benzene contamination. Just a little cleaner than you want to swim in, Perrier is a great place to visit, but don't drink the .....

    1990 -- Brasil: I Only Have Eyes For You!?: Not only that, but a bad day for shopkeepers as 800 loot a Rio de Janeiro food market as striking security guards look on.
    'Calendar Riots'

    1992 -- Alex Haley, who assisted Malcolm X with his autobiography, & wrote the highly popular Roots, dies in Seattle, Washington.

    1992 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaSpain: During this month the TV film, A Matar Franco (To Kill Franco) is made in Madrid.

    ... show details

    1993 -- Michael Jackson grants his first interview in 15 years to TV goddess Oprah Winfrey. Jackson claims he has a disorder destroying his skin pigmentation & sez he's had little plastic surgery.

    Defend Free Speech Radio poster
    2000 -- US: Microradio movement news accounts on the struggle to free the airwaves: 'Free Radio Austin Rejects FCC License.' Also, 'FCC ruling won't affect low-power radio pioneer.'
    Source: [Pirate Radio Kiosk]

    2001 -- US: Tribes of the Cass Corridor founded, Detroit, Michigan; buncha ice skaters without skates: "Think where man's glory most begins & ends, / & say my glory was I had such friends." — William Butler Yeats

    2011 -- US: Philadelphia grand-jury report blasts Catholics Bevilacqua & his successor, Cardinal Justin Rigali, for their gross mishandling of priest-abuse complaints.

    In July 2011 a court rules that Monsignor William Lynn will be tried alongside four other men accused of rape (two current priests, a former priest & a former schoolteacher). Lynn is the only US Roman Catholic Church official ever charged with transferring pedophile priests to unsuspecting parishes.

    3000 --

    "Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.... A man full of faith is simply one who has lost (or never had) the capacity for clear & realistic thought.
    He is not a mere ass: he is actually ill."

    — H.L. Mencken

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