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Trou - ble, trou-ble, I've had it all my days.

Trou - ble, trou-ble, I've had it all my days.

It seems that trou-ble's going to fol-low me to my grave.

     — words & music, Lovie Austin & Alberta Hunter, Down-Hearted Blues


Historian of Rwandan genocide, human rights activist.

NEW YEAR'S DAY - in the 20 day, 18 month Aztec calendar (preceded by the five "useless days" of Nemontemi).
Today begins the month of Atlcoualco.

Oaxaca, Mexico. FESTIVAL OF PITOOYAGE, God of Gaming & Chance.


1128 -- Toghtekin slave / atabek of Damascus, dies.

Voluptuous lips, animated
1554 -- Thrown?: Lady Jane Grey, deposed 19 July 1553 at age 15 after playing Queen of England for 9 days, being charged with treason, is today beheaded. Last words: "You can kiss my . . ."

Needless to say, Tarzan (aka Lord Grey) is not happy. See opening lines, today's opening poem above...

1804 -- Immanuel Kant dies, Konigsberg, Prussia.

1809 -- England: Charles Darwin (1809-1882) lives, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The Origin of Species, published November 24, 1859, sold out immediately. He saw five more editions in his lifetime. Darwin's voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle, recorded in the Journal of Researches, is said to be one of the best books of travel ever written.

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1809 -- Abraham Lincoln lives, Hardin (now Larue) County, Kentucky. During the Civil War, as a strategic move to weaken Confederate Army forces after three years of battle, he decided to proclaim southern slaves free.

1825 -- Up the Creek?: Treaty of Indian Springs cedes all Creek Indian land in Georgia to the US federal government.

1828 -- George Meredith, novelist/poet (The Ordeal of Richard Feverel, Love in the Valley), lives, Portsmouth. Oscar Wilde, in his dialogue The Decay of Lying: "Ah, Meredith! Who can define him? His style is chaos illumined by flashes of lightning".

1831 -- US: Nat Turner's plot to revolt in Virginia begins with divine signal — solar eclipse. See also November 11.

1853 -- US: Illinois passes a law that requires any black entering the state & staying more than 10 days to pay a $50 fine. If unable to pay, they would be sold into slavery for a period commensurate with the fine.

1861 -- Lou Andreas-Salome lives, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-2006
Intellectual mistress to Freud, Rilke, Nietzsche, etc.

1870 -- Official proclamation sets April 15 as last day of grace for US silver coins to circulate in Canada.

Politician railing
1873 -- Rated X?: US: Congress abolishes bimetallism.

1874 -- Hawaii: American troops land in Honolulu, Hawaii to "protect" the king & US (sugar-coated) "interests".
Source: ’Robert Braunwart’

1877 -- Witchcraft?: Alexander Graham Bell first publicly demonstrated his telephone with a call between Boston & Salem, Massachusetts.

1877 -- US: Railroad workers begin strikes to protest wage cuts. (See 14 July).

1880 -- US: John L. Lewis, United Mine Workers (UMW) & CIO president, lives, in Iowa, the son of immigrants from Wales. The American secret police will accumulate 2,815 pages on him.

1885 -- Italy: Partenza per Massaua della seconda spedizione militare.

La propaganda del governo italiano parla di miglioramento delle 'condizioni morali' della città a seguito dell'invasione. Non ci sono limiti alla sfrontatezza e al ridicolo dei governanti statali.

Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Cafe Terminus, illustration by Flavio Costantini
1894 -- France: A week after the execution of Auguste Valliant, Paris anarchist Émile Henry throws bomb into the bourgeois Cafe Terminus, killing one & injuring 17. Arrested & executed May 21.

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1899 -- France: "Ecole Libertaire" opens, at l'hôtel des Sociétés Savantes, in Paris.
Supported by Jean Grave & Pierre Quillard, the school is intended for children; unable to realize this plan, it provides evening courses for adults. Participation in their courses by the Dutch anarchist Domela Nieuwenhuis is announced on November 3, 1899, in Le Journal du Peuple, & in the following year it launches the review L'Education Libertaire. 12 février 1899, 3 novembre 1899

Fernand Planche, French anarchiste
1900 -- Fernand Planche (1900-1974) lives, Auvergne. French writer/activist of "Anarchist Synthesis" (establishing links between all the various tendencies).

1905 -- Spain: Federica Montseny, major figure of Spanish anarchism, lives, in Madrid.
See Camillo Berneri's "Open letter to comrade Federica Montseny",

1908 -- Andrew Garve (aka Roger Bax), short story/mystery writer, with a reputation as one of the finest contemporary practitioners of thrillers.

1908 -- US: New York to Paris auto race (via Alaska & Siberia) begins in New York NY; George Schuster wins after 88 days behind the wheel.

1908 -- US: Anna Jeanes bequeaths $1,000,000 to Swarthmore to become all female.

1909 -- US: Founding of The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) by W.E.B. DuBois & others, New York City.

1913 -- US: Mary Harris "Mother" Jones leads a protest of conditions in the West Virginia mines & is arrested. (On May 8, newly-elected Governor Hatfield releases her from jail.)

A government official once called Mary Jones "The most dangerous woman in America." She was dangerous to the established order because she was fearless in her defense of the oppressed working class. For 60 years she went into mining towns where men often feared to go, organizing unions. The miners called her "Mother" Jones. She was still out there at age 83. No rockin' chair for this lady...

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1913 -- US: A New York commission reports there is widespread violation of child labor laws.

Blue graphic by James Koehnline
1924 -- Rhapsody in Blue first performed by George Gershwin as composer/pianist, premieres at Aeolian in NY, backed by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra.

Inspires a whole new generation of rhap singers in the 1980s.

Graphic by SaintMeister James Koehnline

1927 -- France: Preliminary meeting is held for 'international conference', based on the Dielo Trouda group's 'Organizational Platform.'

The Dielo Trouda group, often referred to as "Platformists," was founded by Nestor Makhno, Peter Arshinov & other exiled Russian & Ukrainian anarchists in Paris...

Christopher Caudwell
1937 -- Christopher Caudwell (1907-37) dies, killed by the fascists in the valley of Jarama, during his first day of battle. He was last seen firing a machine-gun, covering the retreat of his section from a hill about to be taken by the Moors. Caudwell was killed, along with a third of the British Battalion.

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1938 -- Judy Blume lives. Breakthrough American author of realistic books for children.

1945 -- Greece: Beginning of the Civil War.
Source: Birchall, Workers Against The Monolith, Pluto Press

1946 -- US: Picket demanding amnesty for jailed war resisters at Danbury Federal Penitentiary, Connecticut.

1947 -- US: 60 anti-draft demonstrators burn their draft cards in New York City during an antiwar demonstration. First draft card burning in America "against peacetime draft." Now a grand patriotic tradition.

Between 400 & 500 veterans & conscientious objectors from World Wars I & II burn their draft cards in two demonstrations, in front of the White House in Washington & at the Labor Temple in New York City, in protest of a proposed universal conscription law.

Flying Saucer, animated
1949 -- Ecuador: Mob burns down the radio station following broadcast of "War of the Worlds."

15-25 people are killed in the melee, numerous rioters arrested & the offending radio station is charged with inciting the riot. This Ecuadorian "War of the Worlds" was the work of the Chilean actor, Eduardo Alcaraz, & the manager of Radio Quito, Leonardo Páez.


1949 -- anarchist diamond dingbatItaly: Nella Giacomelli dies. Contributor to Errico Malatesta's anarchist daily Umanita Nova & a founder of Protesta umana (1906-1909) with Ettore Molinari & Leda Rafanelli. dell’anarchismo italiano

1954 -- Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov loses his camera. Pioneer documentary film (The Man With the Movie Camera [1929]) & newsreel director. His brothers Boris & Mikhail Kaufman are also notable filmmakers.

DZIGA VERTOV, Patron Saint 2004-2011
Original Man with a Movie Camera. Soviet culture hero.

Photo from helicopter, Fishhook
1955 -- American Pie?: US agrees to train the South Vietnamese Army. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Ike Eisenhower sends first US advisers to South Vietnam.

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Screamin Jay
1956 -- Crypt-kicker Screamin' Jay Hawkins records I Put a Spell on You for Okeh records in New York City.

Photo (right), Berlin, 31.07.94, by Stefan Müller who notes: "Die Musik, die im Film Stranger Than Paradise aus dem Recorder der Ungarin kommt, ist von Screamin' Jay."
See Hawkins photography gallery,
& also

Screamin' Jay Hawkins

1959 -- Carl Sandburg, poet/socialist, addresses joint session of the US Congress on 150th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday.

1960 -- Pat Boone earns a gold LP for "Pat's Great Hits."

"America can't stand pat!"

       — Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dick m Nixon

1961 -- Kenneth Rexroth's personalist approach to poetry & critique of impersonalism...

In Assays, the most important selection is "The New Poetry," an essay first published in the New York Times Book Review today.

Kenneth RexrothRexroth reviews the history of US poetry in the 20th century, Rexroth profiles over a dozen active poets whom he recommends.

With their spirit, breadth, learning, & strong outsider (anarchist) stance, his essays play a significant role in developing the view of North American poetry in the 1960s & into the next millennium.

Carnegie Hall
1964 -- The Beatles play two concerts at New York City's Carnegie Hall, their first US appearance. The NY Times' review of the second performance credits the 3,000 fans in the audience as giving the show & the Beatles as merely their accompanists.

1964 -- SI dingbat

'Sudden death' in Alba of Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio (born February 12, 1902) one of the founders of the Situationist International at the Cosio d'Arroscia conference ('The birth of the situationist movement owes him a great debt'). | [Situationist Resources]

Acid Cube
1966 -- US: Watts acid test causes major freak-outs when people drink electric Kool-Aid, unaware it is dosed with LSD.

1966 -- Rock For Peace at the Fillmore Auditorium in Frisco, California, with The Great Society, Quicksilver Messenger Service, & Big Brother & the Holding Company. Benefit for Democratic congressional candidates & the Viet Nam Study Group.

Meanwhile, it's Lincoln's Birthday Party with Sopwith Camel at the Firehouse, former quarters of Engine Co. 26 & Truck Co. 10, 3767 Sacramento St. The Charlatans also appeared.

1967 -- Benefit at the Fillmore for the Council for Civic Unity. Moby Grape, & Sly & the Family Stone perform.

Jimi Hendrix
1968 -- A Key Weighs...? Jimi Hendrix returns home to Seattle where he plays for the students of Garfield High School (which he dropped out from), receives a key to the city.

1969 -- US: "Wild, uncontrolled" oil leakage, caused by natural gas under pressure, occurs on the ocean floor off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. The gas was trapped when a Union Oil gusher was capped with cement (see 28 January).

1969 -- US: Howard University law school protest. Prelude to larger protest on the 18th. Things are beginning to heat up on campuses all over the US.

1973 --

Vietnam War:
POWs begin to come home as part of "Operation Homecoming."

1974 -- US: After 10-years of direct actions to claim treaty fishing rights, Washington State tribes win court decision giving them 50% of allowable salmon catch. Legislators have sought to undermine or overturn the ruling ever since.

1976 -- Angola: Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) proclaims victory over (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, Jonas Savimbi, President — supported by US:) UNITA forces, winning the Angolan Civil War. UNITA forms coalition with FLNA (National Front for the Liberation of Angola)(?).

1980 -- Poet Muriel Rukeyser dies, New York City. Many of her poems are based upon her witness of important daily events. Taught at the California Labor School, & elsewhere. Poet Kenneth Rexroth once observed there may never have been an American poet who deserved the Nobel Prize as much as Muriel Rukeyser.

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."

1981 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2014, remove 2015 David Graeber, anthropologist, author & anarchist activist, lives.

1983 -- Composer jazz man Eubie Blake, born in 1883, dies.

Eubie Blake at age 100:
If I'd known I was gonna live this long I'd have taken better care of myself.

Julio Cortazar
1984 -- Argentine novelist/activist/jazz-lover (he played trumpet) Julio Cortazar dies, Paris, France.

1984 -- "Can a handicapped person run the nation? One is now!"

— Jesse Jackson, dismissing the notion that a disabled person could not be US president

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Tiny tim
1989 -- US: Tiny Tim declares himself a New York City mayoral candidate.

Must have surfed in from California...him & Norman Mailer.

1989 -- US: Reverend Barbara Clementine Harris is elevated to the episcopate of the Anglican Church. QB x e1 (ouch!).

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1989 -- A Novel Protest?: Five Pakistani Muslim rioters killed protesting Satanic Verses, a book by Salman Rushdie (some love-thy-neighbor religious leaders have publicly called for his murder).

Salman Rushdie

1989 -- Controversial Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard dies in Gmunden.

1991 -- North & South Korea form a joint team for table tennis competition. Don't know who supplied the joints — or who won; split-decision probably still in arbitration?

1999 -- US: Havana?: $40 million dollars later, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader "Loose Willy" Clinton smokes Congress & the Raging Right.

Poets Against the War logo
2003 -- US: Led by poet Sam Hamill, today becomes a day of Poetry Against the War conducted as a reading at the White House gates in addition to over 160 public readings in many different countries & almost all of the 50 states. Since then, over 9,000 poets have joined this grassroots peace movement.

Poets Against the War, book cover
Better Than Boiled Coffee!:

Viviendo la utopía
2007 --

"Viviendo la utopía". La exposición estará en la ciudad desde el 12 hasta el 28 de febrero, en Cáceres.

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2009 -- US: Rwandan-genocide historian Alison Des Forges dies, Clarence Center, NY. Adviser to Human Rights Watch.

2054 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of Rudy Rucker novel Realware.

3000 --

When action grows unprofitable, gather information;
when information grows unprofitable, sleep.

— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

3500 --

burnt-out cop jeep

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