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The State is the organization
Of the evil instincts of mankind.
History is the penalty
We pay for original sin.
In the conflict of appetite
And desire, the person finally
Loses; either the technology
Of the choice of the lesser evil
Overwhelms him; or a universe
Where the stars in their courses move
To ends that justify their means
Dissolves him in its elements.

— Kenneth Rexroth


Burmese rebel leader, anti-dictatorship activist, martyr.

Anarchist Valentines VALENTINES DAY:

Grew out of Roman LUPERCALIA, when young people drew names from urns to determine true loves ...
St. Valentine is the patron saint of prisoners.

The day birds & animals choose their mates.

Portland, Dorset: BINDING DAY — Movable holiday, probably not today, but this will have to do: the 7th Wednesday after Christmas, according to a fine tradition, you burgle your neighbours' house & ransom the stuff back. This commemorates a successful counter-attack by locals who had managed to remain hidden whilst raiders slew local men & carried off the women.

Source: [Calendar Riots]

1349 -- Germany: 2,000 Jews burned at the stake in Strasbourg.

1571 -- Italy: Benvenuto Cellini, sculptor/metalsmith & author of a remarkable autobiography, dies in Florence.

1776 -- Captain James Cook killed by native Hawai'ians after taking hostages. or 1779?

1804 -- US: New Jersey is the last Northern state to abolish slavery.

Grossly incorrect. The 1804 New Jersey act provided for the emancipation of any slave born after July 1, 1804, at the age of 25 for males & 21 for females & didn't actually abolish slavery until 1846 (though it made emancipated slaves 'apprentices'). New York's act of 1799 didn't officially abolish slavery until 1827. Rhode Island & Connecticut had similar provisions as New Jersey, but didn't officially abolish slavery until 1842 & 1846 respectively. & Pennsylvania had a similar gradual emancipation, but NEVER officially got around to abolishing slavery until it ratified the Thirteenth Amendment.

— Bleedster Michael C

1817 -- US: Black abolitionist, orator Frederick Douglass lives, born a slave, founder of the influential The North Star newspaper in Rochester, New York.

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Emporer Norton's Ghost
1819 -- England: Joshua Norton I, Dei Gratia Emperor of the United States & Protector of México lives, London. Greatest Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader the US has ever had.

"Everybody understands Mickey Mouse. Few understand Hermann Hesse. Hardly anybody understands Einstein. & nobody understands Emperor Norton."

— Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C.

1831 -- France: Parisians plunder a church & Archbishop's palace in a demonstration against the former Bourbon dynasty.

1848 -- Prussian Revolution begins.

1856 -- Editor Frank Harris, author of the erotic memoir My Life & Loves, lives, County Galway. Oscar Wilde quips:

"Frank Harris is invited to all the great houses in England — once."

1859 -- George Ferris lives, inventor of the Wheel.

1870 -- US: Esther Morris becomes the nation's first woman justice of the peace.

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1877 -- Julia Bertrand lives (1877-1960). French teacher, militant anarchist, feminist & free thinker. See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page,

Jules Valle, anarchiste
1885 -- France: Jules Valles dies. Journalist, anarchiste propagandist, novelist. Valles was involved in the Revolution of 1848 & a Proudhonist imprisoned in Jules Valle, animated1853 for a conspiracy against the Emperor. He launches the weekly magazine The Street, on June 1, 1867, involving artists & writers such as Émile Zola & Gustave Courbet, before it was eventually suppressed. See

1894 -- US: TV comedian Jack Benny fiddles around.

1894 -- Venus is both a morning star & evening star.

Oscar Wilde, anarchist
1895 -- Oscar Wilde's comedy The Importance of Being Earnest opens in London at the St. James's Theatre.

"Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience & through rebellion."

George Cheitanov, anarchist
1896 -- Bulgaria: Gueorgui Cheitanov lives, Yambol. Writer, speaker, theorist of the Bulgarian anarchist movement. Captured & executed in 1925 following an attack in Sofia.

GUEORGUI CHEITANOV, Patron Saint 2008-2011
Romantic Bulgarian theorist, guerrilla, orator. He of the wonderful slouch hat.

alternate spelling, Sheitanov

1899 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: The indefatigable Emma Goldman delivers 10 lectures, in German & English, in Philadelphia; speaks before the Friendship Liberal League, Ladies' Liberal League, the Fellowship for Ethical Research, the Knights of Liberty, & the Arbeiter Bund. she also helps organize a regional committee of anarchists from Philadelphia & surrounding areas.

1903 -- US: Western Federation of Miners (WFM) strike for the 8-hour working day.

1903 -- US: Composer Abel Meeropol lives, Bronx, NY.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2005
"Strange Fruit" composer, Rosenberg-case activist.

Source: Autonomedia Calendar

1907 -- Leading Lithuanian poet/editor/critic & pseudonymous Vyte Nemunelis, author of popular children's books, Bernardas Brazdzionis lives, Stebeileliai.

Bern Porter
1911 -- US: Bern Porter lives, just south of Houlton, Maine, a human child, & works on the atomic bomb as a human adult, (freely creating however, yes). So be it. &, the question now is, where would Porter suggest we go on this website?

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1913 -- US: American labor gangster Jimmy Hoffa lives. (Where is this guy?)

Passannante by Flavio Costantini
1914 -- Italy: Giovanni Passannante [sometimes spelled Passanante] dies, following 32 years of unbelievable suffering in prison, age 61.

The 29-year-old anarchist Giovanni Passannante attempted to assassinate the Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader King Humbert I, whom he stabbed & wounded.

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1917 -- France: Émile Roger (b.1871) dies. Ardennes anarchiste, member of "Les desherities" & "Les libertaires de Nouzon." Correspondent for Gustave Hervé's paper "La guerre sociale". Died during the war by civilized nations that ended all wars by civilized nations.

1919 -- Colombia:

1919 - Fabric workers' strike, in Medellín, Colombia, with the worker Betsabé Espinoza as director & negotiator. Women's "swarms" are formed to protect strikers from police attacks. Febrero 14, 1919 - En Medellín, Colombia, se realiza la primera huelga de las obreras de Fabricato, dirigida y negociada por la obrera, Betsabé Espinoza, quien forma escuadrones femeninos para protegerse de la represión policial.

1921 -- US: In New York, Jane Heap & Margaret Anderson face obscenity charges for publishing a portion of James Joyce's Ulysses in the Little Review. They got fined $50.

Jane Heap, Mina Loy, Ezra Pound


Little Review reunion:
Jane Heap, Mina Loy, & Ezra Pound, Paris, c. 1923


1923 -- US: American-Italian anarchist Nicola Sacco goes on prison hunger strike.

Long ago a British judge was quoted as saying he refused clemency at popular demand to uphold the principle of capital punishment & to prove he was not to be intimidated by public protest.

During Hitler's time, Himmler remarked that for the good of the state, popular complaints should be ignored, & if they persisted, the complainers should be punished.

Judge Webster Thayer, during the Sacco-Vanzetti episode, was heard to boast while playing golf, "Did you see what I did to those anarchistic bastards?"

The Never-Ending Wrong

Katherine Anne Porter

Treasure of the Sierra Madre film poster
1925 -- In the film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre a close-up of a lottery list shows the winning numbers drawn in the Mexican National Lottery, dated February 14, 1925.

The camera pulls back to the hands of a man holding a lottery ticket.

The scraggly-looking bum, a dirty, ragged scrounger [later identified as Fred C. Dobbs "Dobbsie" (Humphrey Bogart)], tears his losing ticket to pieces.

— From John Huston's film script of the anarchist B. Traven's book, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

1928 -- Venezuela: Pío Tamayo, poet & influential militant anarquista, arrested along with student leaders Rómulo Betancourt, Jóvito Villalba & Prince Lara. La Federación de Estudiantes demanded their release. Anti-dictatorial fighter who died 1936.

1929 -- US: St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Seven members of Chicago's Moran gang, waiting in a garage for a shipment of hijacked liquor, are executed by a Capone firing squad outfitted (fittingly?) in police uniforms.

1936 -- Spain: The CNT (anarcho-syndicalist trade union) issues a prophetic manifesto warning that right-wing elements are ready to provoke a military coup.
[See Murray Bookchin, The Spanish Anarchists, p. 273]

1937 --


Saragossa, Spain

14 y 15 de febrero



"Congreso Extraordinario de Colectividades de Aragón donde se funda la Federación de Colectividades de Aragón"

Meets today & tomorrow at the Teatro Goya, in Caspe, Saragossa. 456 delegates represent 150,000 to 300,000 colectivistas, & some 275 to 500 active collectives (with still others joining soon after). Adopted measures include defending & promoting collectives, the suppression of currency, & the construction of a true federalism.

1937 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministScotland: Emma Goldman speaks in Glasgow to an audience of 600 on "The Part of the CNT-FAI in the Spanish Revolution" in the afternoon; & in Paisley on "The CNT-FAI & Collectivisation" in the evening.

1942 -- Jamake Highwater lives. Native American novelist / writer. Cofounder of the San Francisco Contemporary Dancers.

1943 -- US: Stanley Murphy & Louis Taylor begin three-month prison hunger strike over discrimination against conscientious objectors, Danbury, Connecticut.

1945 -- Germany: Allied fire-bombing of Dresden, killing more than 135,000 German citizens, enters into its second day.

Many die of suffocation as firestorms, purposely created by dropping incendiary bombs in the raids, consume all the oxygen over large areas of the city.

To the victor goes more than the spoils, but also the cover-up of its own crimes & atrocities. The US & its Allies & its media divert attention from these by focusing on German atrocities, & especially the Holocaust.

"It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing of German cities simply for the sake of increasing the terror, should be reviewed. Otherwise we shall come into control of an utterly ruined land."

— Winston Churchill, memorandum to Air Marshall Arthur Harris (28th March 1945), concerned with the physical & economic destruction, not the murders of innocent civilians

& "so it goes"

Hole in the roof, collage by James Koehnline
Collage by SaintMeister James Koehnline

1949 -- Canada: Asbestos workers begin six-month strike, Quebec.

1949 -- US: Michael Zinzun lives (d.2006). American anti-police brutality activist of African American & Apache descent.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2006-2007
Anti-cop activist, African American Apache, former California Black Panther.

1951 -- anarchiste diamond dingbatFrance: During this month premier numéro des cahiers mensuels d'études sociales Contre-Courant, in Paris. Publishes until 1968, with the aid of many collaborators, under the direction of Louis Louvet.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context] In February 1951, left in Paris the first number of the monthly books of social studies “Counter-current” (after a preparatory number out of the ordinary published in December 1950). The principal person in charge for this publication which will be surrounded by many collaborators & who will appear until 1968, is Louis Louvet. “The political, philosophical, moral currents involve the company towards totalitarianism. While waiting for that the dictatorship of right-hand side or left, of which the methods are similar, opens its concentration camps or carries out the summary executions, the state control penetrates everywhere, the birthrate wants to be excessive, of party of the Church saps the public school, the tax department is omnipotent, the exterminating war prepares. In the circumstance, “Counter-current” does not need to justify its title. It is sufficed for itself. It will be the body of all those which aspire to peace & freedom, without ulterior motives.” In epigraph of the February 1952 issue of. // En février 1951, sortie à Paris du premier numéro des cahiers mensuels d'études sociales "Contre-Courant" (après un numéro préparatoire hors-série publié en décembre 1950). Le principal responsable de cette publication qui s'entourera de nombreux collaborateurs et qui paraîtra jusqu'en 1968, est Louis Louvet. "Les courants politiques, philosophiques, moraux entraînent la société vers le totalitarisme. En attendant que la dictature de droite ou de gauche, dont les méthodes sont similaires, ouvre ses camps de concentration ou procède aux exécutions sommaires, l'étatisme s'insinue partout, la natalité se veut excessive, de parti de l'Eglise sape l'école laïque, le fisc est omnipotent, la guerre exterminatrice se prépare. En la circonstance, "Contre-Courant" n'a pas besoin de justifier son titre. Il se suffit à lui-même. Ce sera l'organe de tous ceux qui aspirent à la paix et à la liberté, sans arrière-pensées." En épigraphe du numéro de février 1952.

1957 -- US: Georgia Senate unanimously approves Senator Leon Butts' bill barring blacks from playing baseball with whites.

1958 -- Too Hip?: CBS television newsman Walter Cronkite reports the Iranian government has banned rock & roll on the grounds that it's against the concepts of Islam & a hazard to health. Iranian doctors advise the "extreme gyrations" of rock & roll dances are injurious to the hips.

book pages turning, animated
1959 -- Tsitsi Dangarembga lives, Mutoko in colonial Rhodesia. Zimbabwean writer, whose novel Nervous Conditions (1988) has become a modern African classic. It was awarded the Commonwealth Writers' Prize in 1989.

1965 -- US: Malcolm X's home fire bombed, New York City.

1966 -- In Cold Blood by Truman Capote becomes a bestseller.

1967 -- México: Treaty banning nuclear weapons in Latin America signed in Tlatelolco.

Music notes, animated
1967 -- Jim Morrison & The Doors perform at Whisky A-Go-Go, 568 Sacramento St., Frisco, California.

1968 -- The Airplane opens at the Carousel Ballroom, Van Ness Ave. & Market Street, Frisco, California.

1968 -- SI dingbat













Ideas improve. The meaning of words takes part in it.







Let it be said ! ! !




— Special printing-shop of the Enraged, Nanterre, [France], 2/14/1968

14 À Nanterre comme ailleurs... (In Nanterre as Elsewhere ...), fly-poster comics by the Enragés. | [Situationist Resources]

1968 --

14 février  68 "Affaire Langlois", 3 000 manifestants contre la police à la Cinémathèque française.
One of numerous incidents at universities throughout France by students demanding freedom of speech & movement, which culminates in the near-toppling of the government in May.

Chicago 8 poster
1970 -- US: The Chicago Seven Trial: case goes to the jury.

1971 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Nixon orders secret taping system in the white House. Instructs Bob Haldeman to "get reel."

1972 --

"El Ángel Rojo"

anarquista; added 2007Spain: Melchor Rodríguez García, "El Ángel Rojo", dies.

1973 -- First group of American prisoners of war (POWs), formally held by North Vietnam, arrive in the US at Travis Air Force Base, California.

1974 -- Rolling Stone reports David Bowie has turned down a Gay Liberation group who asked him to compose the "world's first Gay National Anthem."

1978 -- First 'microcomputer on a chip' patented by Texass Instruments.
Austin Lounge Lizards: video

old book
1985 -- Poet/playwright/critic Douglas Stewart, dies in Sydney, Australia. Much of his work, like the retelling of a Maori legend in The Golden Lover (1944), uses myth to recreate the past.

Zappa's stash
1986 -- Frank Zappa appears on TV's "Miami Vice," playing a crime boss named "Mr. Frankie."

1986 -- US: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History agrees to return Native American skeletal remains for reburial when a clear biological or cultural link can be established.

Salman Rushdie
1989 -- Everyone's A Critic?: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Ayatollah Khomeini (aka "Chuckles") passes a sentence of death on Salman Rushdie, orders Muslims to murder the Satanic Verses novelist. (or yesterday? probly an international dateline thing.)

Also wants to kill Penguins (a case of black & white)?

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1990 -- Universal Commie Plot?: Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system. Scientists are shocked to discover "it's not a system, it's a collective."

Bomb Shelter? woman & child being bombed, poster by Sue Coe
1991 -- Iraq: While the military & American press are agog with their proclamations of "precision" bombing, US war planes bomb a civilian shelter, killing at least 500, in Baghdad.

Graphic by Sue Coe

1996 -- Huck?: Eva Hart, Titanic survivor, dies at 90, river rafting.

1997 -- In "Prince of Peace Plowshares," six activists pour blood & symbolically disarm the U.S.S. Sullivans at the Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine. All are eventually convicted of trespass & destruction of government property.

1997 -- Palestine: Last remaining Jahalin Bedoin families, who had been living in the Abu-Dis area for over 40 years, are forcibly removed to make way for new Jewish settlements (illegal under the Oslo accords).

2008 -- Thailand: Burmese freedom fighter Mahn Sha La Phan ("Mr. Star Moon Bright") assassinated.

Spikey fish
2009 --

anarchist diamond dingbatLuís Andrés Edo, anarcho-syndicalist (b. 7 November 1925) dies. Anarquista who fought the repressions of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Franco's Spain. An untiring militant & author of two books (2002 & 2006).
In Spanish:

2011 -- Iran: Two protesters killed in Tehran & hundreds arrested as tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters, in a solidarity rally with Egypt & Tunisia, face security thugs in Iran, Bahrain, Yemen & elsewhere.

book cover, Slaughterhouse 5
3000 --


Sheltered in an underground meat storage locker, the Hoosier soldier managed to survive a combined American/British firebombing raid that devastated the city & killed an estimated 135,000 people — more than the number of deaths in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki combined.

After the bombing, the soldier wrote his father:

"We were put to work carrying corpses from Air-Raid shelters; women, children, old men; dead from concussion, fire or suffocation. Civilians cursed us & threw rocks as we carried bodies to huge funeral pyres in the city."

Re: Slaughterhouse Five

All bleeding eventually stops, animated
3500 --

4000 --
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