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Whether your shell hits the target or not,
Your cost is Five Hundred Dollars a Shot.
You thing of noise & flame & power,
We feed you a hundred barrels of flour
Each time you roar. Your flame is fed
With twenty thousand loaves of bread.
Silence! A million hungry men
Seek bread to fill their mouths again.

"To a Nine-Inch Gun", sent on a crumpled piece of paper
to the New York World  by P.F. McCarthy, c.1915, with
the author's address given as Fourth Bench, City Hall Park

[Provided by Bleedster Gavin]


American physician, fervent drug reform advocate.

Ancient Rome: LUPERCALIA, popular Roman sex fest & love lottery (which christians attempted to over-write by introducing Valentine's Day a day before): revelers whip each other to frenzy & fertility with 'februa' — thongs — from which the name of the month is derived.

A goat was sacrificed & skinned. Two young men were dressed in loin-cloths made of the skin. They held long strips of skin in each hand & ran through the community whipping everyone.

Yohoto, Japan: KAMAKURA, the snow cave festival.

399 -- [BC] Philosopher Socrates sentenced to death.

1549 -- Il Sodoma, Italian painter (Marriage of Alexander & Roxane), dies.
Source: ’Robert Braunwart’

1564 -- Astronomer Galileo Galilei lives. The Pope is pissed, he goes out alignment.

1748 -- Jeremy Bentham, utilitarian philosopher, lives, London. Extols "the greatest happiness of the greatest number."

1779 -- Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) joins in the squabble between Hume, Voltaire, & Rousseau, suggesting that Rousseau be indentured to work on the plantations.

1781 -- Gotthold Lessing dies, Braunschweig, Brunswick. German dramatist/critic/writer on philosophy & aesthetics. His The Education of the Human Race expresses his belief in the perfectibility of the human race.

1782 -- Doomsday prophet(eer) William Miller lives.

1819 -- Se celebra el Congreso de Angostura por iniciativa de Simón Bolívar.

Susan B. Anthony
1820 -- Susan B. Anthony lives, Adams, Massachusetts, early feminist & suffragist.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2006-2007
Arrested for trying to vote in 1872
(Now that women can vote, note the difference?)

1820 -- Source=Robert Braunwart In his journal Lord Byron calls John Keats "A tadpole of the Lakes".

1829 -- S. Weir Mitchell lives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Physician/novelist who wrote The Case of George Dedlow (1866) after serving as a surgeon in the Civil War, about an amputee. Notable for its psychological insights & realistic war scenes.

1845 -- US: Sarah Bagley, who leads the Lowell Female Reform Association, testifies to the Massachusetts legislature on deplorable working conditions in the state's mills.

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1869 -- US: Charges of Treason against Jefferson Davis are dropped, as are indictments against 37 other ex-Confederates, including Robert E. Lee.

1881 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Guy de Maupassant story "En Famille" (A Family Matter) is published.

1886 -- British author Sax Rohmer lives. His novels establish the stereotypically sinister Asian (the Dr. Fu Manchu series).

1892 --
Belgium: Premier issue of the exemplary L'Antipatriote, in Bruxelles.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context] (Belgique), du premier exemplaire de Plus de Frontières! -L'Humanité libre! Organe révolutionnaire annuel. Epigraphe "Le patriotisme est le dernier refuge des coquins" A. Spies et "Notre ennemi, c'est notre maître" de La Fontaine. Un autre numéro sortira en 1894, mais des poursuites seront engagées "pour incitation à la désobéissance" contre l'anarchiste Henri Willems (auteur des articles publiés dans "L'Antipatriote" et "Le Libertaire" belge) et l'imprimeur Charles Herkelboeck.

In 1892, left with Brussels (Belgium), first specimen of “Antipatriote” More Borders! - Free Humanity! Annual revolutionary body. Epigraph “patriotism is the last refuge of rascals” A. Spies & “Our enemy, it is our Master” of the Fountain. Another number will leave in 1894, but of the continuations will be committed “for incentive with disobedience” against the anarchist Henri Willems (author of the articles published in “Antipatriote” & “the Belgian Libertarian”) & the printer Charles Herkelboeck.

1894 -- anarchist diamondEngland: The Royal Observatory, in Greenwich, is the apparent target of Martial Bourdin, a 26-year-old French anarchiste, who is armed with a bomb, which explodes in his hand.

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1898 -- Cuba: US battleship Maine mysteriously & conveniently explodes, sinks in Havana Harbor, killing 260. The event prompts US intervention in the Cuban-Spanish conflict on the "behalf" of Cuba. A pretext for war with Spain, the US picked up, among other new properties, Puerto Rico, Guam & the Philippines in the deal, & used its new presence in the Pacific as an excuse for "annexing" the independent nation of Hawai'i later this year. Some claime this was the maine idea.

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1898 -- Novelist Masuji Ibuse (1898-1993) lives, Kamo. Noted for psychologically sharp & sympathetic short stories of ordinary people. Influenced by surrealism & Marxism. Collaborated with Osamu Dazai, whose suicide in 1948 deepened Ibuse's views on the fragility of life. Black Rain, a book on Hiroshima is one of the world's best known Japanese novels.

Louise Michel, anarchiste, the Red Virgin
1898 -- France: Ne voulant pas prendre parti dans l'affaire Dreyfus,
Louise Michel repart pour Londres.

Not wanting to take part in the Dreyfus Affair,
Louise Michel splits, once again, for London.

La dégradation de Dreyfus

[Source: Michel Chronologie]

1899 -- Anthony Gilbert (1899-1973) lives. Prolific British mystery writer. Pseudonym for Lucy Malleson, writing under a man's name, whose most famous character is lawyer-detective Arthur G. Crook.

Société Libre
1907 --
anarchist diamond dingbatBulgaria: Free Society premiers, the first anarchist periodical in the country.

Published on the initiative of Mikhael Guerdjikov, the intended semi-monthly is subject to repression.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Société Libre; 15 février 1907; Michel Guerdjikov Bulgarie; "F.A.C.B." ;janvier 1925; 1932 ; fascist coup 19 mai 1934

1908 -- Socialist/dramatist George Bernard Shaw responding to attacks by Hilaire Belloc & G. K. Chesterton, in the New Age dubs the pair "the Chesterbelloc ... a very amusing pantomime elephant."

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1910 -- US: "The Uprising of the Twenty Thousand," the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union Triangle Shirtwaist strike that began September 27, declared officially over by ILGWU; by now 339 manufacturing firms have reached agreements with the union; 13 firms, including Triangle, with 1,100 workers, did not settle.

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1915 -- anarchist diamond dingbatPublication of "Manifesto Against the War"("International Anarchist Manifesto on the War", in three languages), signed by 35 anarchists, including Errico Malatesta, Domela Nieuwenhuis, Louis Lecoin, Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, Alexander Schapirosometimes spelled Alexandre Shapiro, etc.

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1917 -- US: American Calvary gallops into México in pursuit of Pancho Villa.

1930 -- anarchist diamond dingbatSpain: Barcelona, aparece el primer número del semanario "Acción", órgano de los sindicalistas (grupo Solidaridad). Tras 47 números, desaparecerá en abril de 1931. ANARCHIST, anarquista

1931 -- Lillian Leitzel, circus performer, dies.

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1933 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Mayor Anton J. Cermak of Chicago is fatally wounded in Miami, Florida, by an assassin's bullet intended for Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1933 -- US: Signing of original 11-state master trucking agreement, involving 200,000 truckers, which forms the basis for the Teamsters Union.

1933 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nicaragua: National guard kills disarmed Sandinistas, Pueblo Nuevo.

1933 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Germany: Karl Radek praises the invincible force of the German Communist Party; meanwhile the Social Democratic newspaper Vorwarts is banned again in Berlin.

1934 --

"All Austrian schools, meanwhile, were closed for an indefinite period under a government decree issued to keep children off the hazardous streets"

San Francisco Chronicle 15 February 1934

Tillie Olsen's poem "There is a Lesson" is preceded by the newspaper excerpt above...

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1934 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Pirates of Venus is published.

1935 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Lost on Venus is published.

1936 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Swords of Mars is published.

1939 -- anarchist diamond dingbatFrance: Alphonse Cannone (1899-1939) dies.

Algerian-born militant, one of the anarchist participants in the Black Sea Mutiny of 1919,
combatant in the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

CANNONE Alphonse, Sauveur Né le 3 janvier 1899 à Bougie (Algérie) - mort le 15 février 1939 Marin - FAP-UA - USTM- CGTSR - CNT - Paris, Dunkerque (Nord), Rouen & Le Havre (Seine Maritime), Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône); Mutinerie des marins de la mer noire

1939 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Lillian Hellman play "The Little Foxes" opens in NY (191 performances).

1939 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Carson of Venus is published.

Duke Ellington in tophat
1941 -- Duke Ellington & his Orchestra records one of big band's all time classics. "Take the "A" Train" was recorded at Victor Records' Hollywood studio & became the Duke's signature song.

See "Some Thoughts on Jazz ..." by Kenneth Rexroth,

1941 -- anarchist diamond dingbatFrance: Henri Portier lives (d.2007) Anarcho-syndicaliste, pacifiste, antimilitariste, & historien du mouvement Freinet.

1944 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Italy: US drops 400 tons of bombs on Monte Cassino abbey, Italy, destroying it & killing a bishop, under the false belief there are Germans there.

Jean Vigo anarchist filmmaker
1946 -- France: The film Zéro de conduite (1933), by the anarchiste Jean Vigo is finally released, after being banned since 1933.

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1948 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Bertolt Brecht play "Die Antigone des Sophokles" premiers, Switzerland.

1950 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The CIO expels the Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers; the Food, Tobacco & Agricultural Workers; & the United Office & Professional Workers for Communist tendencies.

1950 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Representative Clare Hoffman (R-Michigan), speaking against a civil-rights bill, says "The group that needs protection in this country are the white taxpaying Gentiles."

1951 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Movie Great Ronnie Reagan movie Bedtime for Bonzo premiers, Indianapolis. Stars a real live chump & FBI Red-baiting snitch.

1954 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Ronnie Reagan opens his stand-up act at the Las Vegas Ramona Room. So good he can take it all the way to the White House.

1957 -- US: Impresario Irvin Feld debuts his "Greatest Shows of 1957" in Pittsburgh.

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1957 -- Beatser Jack Kerouac departs New York on the S.S. Slovenia en route for Tangier to see William Burroughs.

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1958 -- Jerry Lee Lewis performs "Great Balls of Fire" & "Breathless" on "American Bandstand." Later in the day, "The Dick Clark Show," a new Saturday night rock & roll television program, debuts.

1959 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of the movie "Chocolat" (approximate).

1961 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Postmaster General Day is briefed on the CIA's illegal mail-opening project.

1961 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Protesters disrupt UN sessions over the slaying (US-supported) of Congo PM Lumumba.

Nat at the piano
1965 -- Nat "King" Cole, 48, dies of complications following surgery for lung cancer in Santa Monica.

Salmon poem
1966 -- US: Nisqually tribe engages in protest "fish-in" to demand treaty fishing rights, Washington State.

1966 -- Colombia: Father Camilo Torres killed by government troops.

"We know that hunger is mortal"

said the priest Camilo Torres. "& if we know that, does it make sense to waste time arguing whether the soul is immortal?"

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60s poster: Amerika is Devouring It's Children
1967 -- US: Carrying huge photos of napalmed Vietnamese children, 2,500 members of the group Women Strike for Peace storm the Pentagon, demanding to see (quote) "the generals who send our sons to Vietnam" while more troops are shipped overseas & casualties mount.

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1967 -- US: Short & Sweet? Longest dream (REM sleep) on record, Bill Carskadon, Chicago (2:23).
listen to the devils in my ear tell me what what i want to hear

1967 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Short & Sweet of It?: Rosalind Russell movie "Oh Dad, Poor Dad - Mama's Hung You in the Closet & I'm Feeling So Sad" is released, US.

1969 -- US: A Florida woman is arrested for impersonating Aretha Franklin during a concert. Vickie Jones' impersonation is so convincing that nobody in the club asks for a refund.

1970 -- The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) impose a ban against rock concerts at their Washington D.C. auditorium, Constitution Hall, after Sly & the Family Stone arrive five hours late & the crowd inflicts $1,000 worth of damage on the building.

1970 -- England: "Third World First" launched, London. A UK student action movement on world poverty & the environment.

1971 -- England: After 1200 years Britain abandons 12-shilling system for decimal.

1972 -- Switzerland: Journalist / author Edgar Snow dies, Geneva.

EDGAR SNOW, Bleed Saint 2010
American journalist, supporter of Chinese revolution.

1975 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Korea: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader South Korean President Park says he will free most of the 203 political prisoners jailed in 1974 for antigovernment activities. Whatta sweetie!

1977 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Sid Vicious replaces Glen Matlock as bass guitarist of the Sex Pistols.

1980 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Author Lillian Hellman sues Mary McCarthy for libel. (The suit is dropped after Hellman's death.) Hellman brought the $2.5 million suit against McCarthy when the latter claimed on the Dick Cavett Show "every word [Hellman] writes is a lie, including 'and' & 'the.'" Both women died before the suit was concluded.

Rocket sled
1981 -- US: Rocket-powered ice sled attains 399 kph, Lake George, New York.

1984 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Iraq: 500,000 Iranian soldiers invade.

1985 -- Source=Robert Braunwart World chess championship match is abandoned: Karpov 25, Kasparov 23.

1986 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Running strike fights break out between police & striking printers protesting Rupert Murdoch's scab printing operations, Wapping, London.

Richard Feynman
1988 -- No Joke? Scientist, wit, free thinker Richard P. Feynman dies. Winner of the 1965 Nobel for physics.

Uncle George Wants You! (To forget...)
1989 -- US: President's Day?:

"Now like, I'm President. It would be pretty hard for some drug guy to come into the White House & start offering it up, you know? . . .

I bet if they did, I hope I would say, Hey, get lost. We don't want any of that."

— Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader George Bush

1990 -- US: Secret Service raids Craig Neidorf, editor of Phrack on-line magazine.

1991 -- Source=Robert Braunwart El Salvador: 15,000 march for peace & a purge of the armed forces.

1991 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: 74 antiwar protesters are arrested at four Seattle locations. Auntie Dave miraculously remains unarrested.

1993 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Germany: Government demands Iran lift the death sentence on author Salman Rushdie.

1995 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Computer hacker Condor (Kevin Mitnick) is arrested, Raleigh, NC.

1995 -- Algeria: Nabla Djanine, president of Algerian women's group Cris de Femmes, shot. One of a wave of assassinations of prominent Algerian women by Islamic fundamentalists.

1996 -- Wales: Tanker Sea Empress runs aground, spilling 72,000 tons of crude oil.

1996 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Scott report says Tory government misled Parliament over arms sales to Iraq. Not to worry, Blair will go to war & get them back, righto?

1997 -- In "Railway Tracks Action Day," some 15,000 in Wendland, Germany block & dismantle railroad lines scheduled to be used for shipment of nuclear waste.

books art image, by Joan Brossa
1997 -- France: The anarchiste bookshop in Lyon, "La plume noire," is torched by rightwing extremists. The books & furniture suffer heavy fire damage but, thanks to a wonderful show of solidarity, the bookstore reopens in a few months.
Image by Joan Brossa

1999 -- US: Airdate: February 15, 1999, "Another Brother," a one-hour PBS documentary. A moving biographical mosaic of one ordinary yet extraordinary man, Clarence Fitch. A slice-of-life view of Vietnam War, addiction, & the African-American experience.

1999 -- Kenya: Abdullah Ocalan, PKK leader, arrested. Turkish advocate for independent Kurdistan, arrested & extradited to face Turkish charges of terrorism.

2000 -- US: BleedMeister's housefire. Just another cheap excuse to get out of work. Homeless for the next 4 months. It's cold outside.

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Three Florida prison guards are acquitted of beating a prisoner to death to keep him from exposing guard brutality; their defense? that he beat himself to death in a locked cell.

2003 -- Millions around the world, in over 300 cities, demonstrate in opposition to the US government's agenda to overthrow the government of Iraq. Up to 2 million demonstrate against the Bush-Blair war, London; up to 3 million demonstrate in Roma; 1.3 million in Barcelona, 600,000 in Madrid; up to 500,000, Berlin; 200,000 in Damascus; 200,000 protest in NYC, ringed by police snipers; 30,000 protest in Los Angeles; about 25,000 in Seattle hit the streets. More massive demonstrations are also held tomorrow.

... show details

Rome, peace flags at antiwar demonstations
2003 -- Peace flags appear around the globe when, for the first time in world history, millions across the globe unite, to protest US war to recolonize Iraq. One million rally in Rome alone.

Official government figures for number of demonstrators worldwide on February 15th in opposition to War in Iraq: 8 million

Number of times in the history of the world that 8 million people have gathered on one day for any reason other than February 15th: 0

Number of American politicians acting to end the war: 0

Number of years Benevolent America will occupy Iraq in its war against Oceania ...

Number of buckaroonies American corporate profiteers extract from Iraq ...

Number of innocent Iraqi men, women & children murdered by American troops & mercenaries in the effort to ...

2008 -- US: Marijuana advocate Dr. John Paul Morgan dies, New York City.

3000 --

I can't go on. I must go on.

       — Samuel Beckett

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