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Yet one shall rise up alone saying:
"I am one out of many, I have heard
Voices high in the air crying out commands;
Seen men's bodies burst into torches;
Seen faun & maiden die in the night air raids;
Heard the watchwords exchanged in the alleys;
Felt hate speed the blood stream & fear curl the nerves. . .

Kenneth Rexroth,
"From the Paris Commune to the Kronstadt Rebellion" (1936),
(To be continued . . .)


African modernist, poet supreme of the Malagasy Republic.




1634 -- New Old World: First tavern in America opens, Boston, Massachusetts.

1712 -- England: Jane Wenham ("A witch & a bitch") tried for talking to her cat & for flying. The last witchcraft trial in England.

1774 -- First recorded observation of the Orion Nebula (by William Herschel).

1841 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader William Henry Harrison caught a fatal cold while standing hatless in the drizzle at his own Presidential inauguration. A month later, he is the first US president to die in office.

1848 -- George Sand (a Daily Bleed Patron Saint) & Frederic Chopin meet for the last time.

1852 -- Nikolay Gogol dies in Moscow, 42, believing himself damned. His creative theory is summed up in these words "I must present the face of life & not discuss life."

Bakunin, anarchiste
1854 -- Russia: During this month Mikhail Bakunin, imprisoned in the dreaded dungeons, the Alexis ravelin of the Fortress of Peter & Paul in St. Petersburg, is transferred to Schlusselberg.

1882 --
Libertarian Book Club Logo
Russia: Joseph Spivak lives, Uman. Lifelong anarchist who emigrated to the US & during WWI was actively involved around the country in anti-militarist campaigns with Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman. Involved in founding the Libertarian Book Club in New York in 1927.

1888 -- Amos Bronson Alcott dies, Boston, Massachusetts.

1891 -- US: The International Copyright Act, halting the piracy of British, Belgium, French, Swiss books by US publishers is passed by Congress.

1901 -- African modernist poet Jean-Joseph Rabéarivelo (1901-1937) lives, Tananarive, Madagascar.

1906 -- Poland: Rosa Luxemburg arrested & imprisoned at the Warsaw Citadel for revolutionary activities in Warsaw.

1908 -- US: Lakeview School, in Collinwood, Ohio, caught fire; 174 children & two teachers killed.

1910 --
SaboCat anarchy
US: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW = "I Will Win") begins Spokane, Washington free speech fight (which they win).   

1912 -- England: Pane in the Ass? Suffragettes, walking single file in Knightsbridge, London, smash every window they pass to protest government inaction.

1913 -- US: New Laboring Device? Department of Labor begins laboring.

1918 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: The Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice orders copies of all correspondence to & from Emma Goldman sent to its office in Washington, DC.

1921 -- E.M. Forster begins his passage to India (or on the 1st?) to assume duties as secretary to the Maharaja of Dewas Senior.
Source: Neal Jones (ed.), A Book of Days for the Literary Year; (HistoryChannel.Com says March 1st)

Truck full of revolutionaries

Kronstadt poster: Don't Forget them
1921 -- Russia: "At the Extraordinary Session of the Petrograd Soviet, called to decide the fate of Kronstadt, Zinoviev said: "Of course Kozlovsky is old & can do nothing, but the White Officers are back of him & are misleading the sailors."

Alexander Berkman, however, stressed the fact that the sailors would have none of Trotsky's former pet General, nor would they accept the offer of provisions & other help of Victor Tchernov, leader of the Right S.R.'s (Socialist Revolutionists) in Paris."

Emma Goldman, Trotsky Protests Too Much (1938)

alt: Cronstadt

Berkman's earliest essays on Russia were published in three pamphlets — The Russian Tragedy, The Russian Revolution & the Communist Party, & The Kronstadt Rebellion in Berlin in 1922. They were collected & reissued as The Russian Tragedy (Cienfuegos Press, 1976), with an introduction by William G. Nowlin, Jr.

1921 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministRussia: During the Kronstadt uprising (March 1-17), in support of striking Petrograd factory workers, sailors demand democratic election of Soviet representatives. Emma Goldman attends today's meeting of the Petrograd Soviet, which votes to accept Zinoviev's proposal to force the surrender of Kronstadt sailors upon penalty of death.

1928 -- Allan Sillitoe, "angry young man," lives, Nottingham. English novelist/poet/playwright & social critic, who introduced in post-World War II British fiction realistically portrayed working-class heroes. Encouraged by Robert Graves, he wrote his first novel The Saturday Night & Sunday Morning. His best known work is The Loneliness of Long-Distance Runner (1959).

Blinkin bowling pins
1930 -- Spare Me?: Emma Fahning is the first woman to bowl a perfect game.

1932 -- Zensi Miriam Makeba, "Empress of African Song," lives, Prospect Township, South Africa.

1935 -- Canada: Emma Goldman delivers two further lectures to Jewish groups — on "Crime & Punishment" on March 4 & birth control on March 15 — & the last in her drama series conclude Emma's lectures in Montreal; she returns to Toronto on March 17.

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1937 -- US: UAW workers sit-down victory in Flint, Michigan.

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1937 -- Spain: The newspaper La Noche carries an announcement introducing the aims, characteristics & membership conditions of the anarquista Friends of Durruti Group. Also, the Generalidad issues a decree winding up the Control Patrols. In La Batalla, Nin passes favorable & hopeful comment on an article by Jaime Balius carried in the March 2nd edition of La Noche.

1939 -- US: Lala Har Dayal (aka Hardayal, or Hardyal) (1884-1939) dies, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Indian revolutionary & scholar dedicated to the removal of British influence in India. In March or April (I have conflicting dates) 1914 he was arrested by the US government for spreading anarchist literature. Released on bail, he fled to Switzerland & then to Berlin, where he tried to foment an anti-British rising in northwestern India.

1947 -- Beatster Neal Cassady leaves New York after his first visit.

1950 -- Prelude to Ukulele guy Paul Moore's musical walk on the wild side...The only One Man Band in the world to be hosted by the “Israel Philharmonic Orchestra”.

1954 -- Russian lyric poet, essayist, & political dissident, Irina Georgiyevna Ratushinskaya, lives, Odessa, Ukraine. While in prison for her advocacy of human rights, she wrote some 250 poems, first scratching them into bars of soap & then, after memorizing them, washing them away. Stikhi (Poems, 1984) was published while she is imprisoned.

1960 -- US: It is revealed, in connection with the current congressional investigation into payola, that Federal Communications Chairman John Doerfer took a six-day trip to Florida courtesy of Storer Broadcasting.

1962 -- US nuclear reactor begins operating, Antarctica.

1962 -- Discovered today in the Family Planning Association archives: Guy Aldred, 4 Mar 1962 to John Peel (who was writing a history of FP) re: Sanger: 'Her work was very important but I believed that she liked to be patronised too much by the great & the rich. I had no time for that sort of thing.'

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1963 -- William Carlos Williams dies, Rutherford, New Jersey. His little red wagon fatally rusted, there will be no more late night notes on his refrigerator door.

Lennon poster, in Russian
1966 -- London newspaper publishes interview with John Lennon of the Beatles:

"Christianity will go. It will vanish & shrink. I needn't argue that. I'm right & will be proved right.

We're more popular than Jesus right now."

This quote causes a storm of protest & a worldwide series of Beatles record burnings.

1966 -- The Charlatans & the Electric Chamber Orkustra appear at Soko Hall, 739 Page St., Frisco, California.

1968 -- US: Martin Luther King, Jr. announces he will lead a Poor People's March on Washington in April.

1968 -- Picasso dona su serie sobre Las Meninas al museo barcelonés que lleva su nombre.

1969 -- US: S.S. Yukon, carrying 150,000 barrels of oil, hits a submerged object & spills its cargo into Cook Inlet, Alaska.

1969 -- Union of Concerned Scientists founded.

1970 -- Janis Joplin fined $200 for using obscene language onstage in Tampa, Florida.

Antiwar button: Peace; the not-so-silent spring
1970 -- Puerto Rican student killed by police during a demonstration against the Vietnam War.

1974 -- Argentina: Acting in collusion & at the behest of striking lead workers, the urban guerrilla People's Revolutionary Army kidnap one of the INSUD plant managers. As a result, & in just 22 days, the strikers win compensation for lead poisoning & a reduction of the working day to six hours.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1977 -- US: First CRAY 1 supercomputer shipped, to Los Alamos Laboratories, New Mexico.

1978 -- Netherlands: 40,000 demonstrate against uranium enrichment plant, Almelo.

1982 -- All in the family?: Frank Zappa's son Dweezil & daughter Moon Unit form a band called Fred Zeppelin. Their first single is My Mother is a Space Cadet. Not too personal.

1985 -- US: Supreme Court upholds right of Oneida nation of New York to sue for lands illegally taken in 1795.

1986 -- Richard Manuel, 41, of "The Band" dies by hanging.

Little devil
1986 -- US: Six months after gunning down a liquor store clerk, 15-yr. old "Devil Child" Sean Sellers conducts a "Satanic Ritual" & kills his final victims, shooting his parents in their sleep, Oklahoma City.

Chartre D'Amiens centenary poster
2006 -- France: Celebration of the centenary of the Congress of Amiens (8-13 October 1906), with a conference entitled "Revolutionary Syndicalism, the Charter of Amiens ("Charte d’Amiens") & workers' autonomy" on the 4th & 5th is held at the Bourse du Travail in Saint Denis (Rue Bobby Sands).

3000 --

The whole world is in jail & we're plotting this incredible jailbreak.

— Hugh Romney, aka Wavy Gravy


Priceless Government
3500 --

UPC prison bars
4000 --
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