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I know too the last heavy maggot;
And know the trapped vertigo of impotence.
I have traveled prone & unwilling
In the dense processions through the shaken streets...

   — Kenneth Rexroth,
"From the Paris Commune to the Kronstadt Rebellion" (1936),
(To be continued . . .)

Cronstadt; anarchist


Polish-born Marxist theorist, critic of Leninism,
martyred by so-called "democratic" left in Germany.


Jim Koehnline collage
Collage by SaintMeister James Koehnline


ANTHESTERIA: A festival of flowers & three days of ancestors' ghosts wandering about. Ghosts were rewarded with panspermias (pots of all seeds) to return to the realm of the dead.

1496 -- English King Henry VII grants to Henry Cabot the right to "subdue, occupy, & possess" any lands that he might find in the New World.

1616 -- Elizabethan dramatist Francis Beaumont dies at 32.

1770 -- US: Boston Massacre. Tri-racial American revolutionist Crispus Attucks is America's first black hero (despite evidence he may not have been black at all, but rather, a Natick Indian) when he joins a mob attacking a British peace-keeping force & is shot (the first American killed in the revolution) during the ensuing melee. In all, five die & another six injured.

1839 -- Charlotte Brontë turns down Reverend Henry Nussey's marriage proposal for the same reasons Jane Eyre uses to decline the Reverend St. John Rivers: "I am not the serious, grave, cool-hearted individual you suppose; you would think me romantic & eccentric."

1848 -- US: In the Battle of Abiqua, whites attack Klamath tribe camp at Abiqua Creek near Salem, Oregon Territory; 13 men & women killed.

1870 -- American writer Frank Norris (1870-1902) lives, Chicago, Illinois. One of the first American naturalist writers.

1871 -- Poland: Philosopher, economist, anti-militarist, revolutionist Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) lives, ZamoϾ (alt sp; Zamosc). Founded, with Karl Liebknecht, the radical Spartacus League in 1916. After the Spartacist uprising in Berlin, they were arrested & murdered by German soldiers.

A good day perhaps for finally organizing that second false passport: Rosa Luxembourg's other birthday [1871, see also 25 December].

"We must take life as it comes, courageously, undismayed & smiling — despite everything."

1872 -- The General Council approves a private circular, Fictitious Splits in the International, written by Marx & Engels, which exposes "Bakuninist intrigues & disruptive activity in the International." Part of their campaign to undermine the antiauthoritarian & democratic elements within the international. Published in Geneva as a pamphlet in May.

1879 -- US: The first group of black so-called exodusters, en route to Kansas, arrives in St. Louis aboard the steamer Colorado.

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Dora Marsden, anarchist
1882 -- Dora Marsden (1882-1960) lives.

British individualist anarchist & militant suffragette. Founded a number of libertarian publications: The Freewoman (1912), The New Freewoman (1913), & The Egoist (1914-1919). Between 1912 & 1914 she was influenced by Max Stirner's version of individualist anarchism.

Dora Marsden book cover

Marsden also edited avant-garde literary journals (1911-1919) where Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, D.H. Lawrence, & James Joyce made their debuts. She later abandoned libertarianism.

1886 -- France: In Paris, the 27-year old anarchist Charles Gallo tosses a bottle of hydrocyanic acid into the Stock Exchange.

The bottle fails to explode, spreading a baaaad stink...

1892 -- Josephine Herbst lives (1892-1969), Sioux City, Iowa. Radical author of Rope of Gold (1939), The Executioner Waits (1934), & Behind the Swastika (1936).

JOSEPHINE HERBST, Daily Bleed Patron Saint 12/20/98

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Paul Roussenq
1903 -- France: Paul Roussenq (the "anarchist convict") throws a crouton at the head prosecutor during a trial, & this dastardly terrorist act leads to his being sent the disciplinary battalions of Biribi in Africa for five years...& this in turn spirals ridiculously out of control. Only after a press campaign, publication of Albert Londres' expose on the prisons, & mobilization of the "S.R.I." (International Red Help) on his behalf does Roussenq finally get released from prison — in 1932!
Further details/ context, click here; anarquista, anarquismo, anarquistas, anarquía, anarchy, libertarian[Details / context]

1906 -- US: During this month Ricardo & Enrique Flores Magón head for Canada with Juan Sarabia. Se hacen cargo de "Regeneración" Librado Rivera y Manuel Sarabia. Huelga y represión en Cananea. Aparece el Programa y manifiesto del Partido Liberal Mexicano.
Further details/ context, click here; anarquista, anarquismo, anarquistas, anarquía, anarchy[Details / context]

1907 -- Marton Taiga (1907-1969) lives. Prolific Finnish pulp writer, who published 54 books from mystery novels to science fiction.

1911 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman encounters police interference in Staunton, Ill., but manages to speak before members of this mining town, despite the arrest of one comrade.

1917 -- Russia: First edition of Pravda is printed. The Russian version of The New York Times.

1917 -- US: Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World, aka IWW) go on trial, Everett, Washington. The labor agitators were gunned down by a government sanctioned mob (sheriff-led vigilantes). Like most cases of labor strife, the government, big business, police, military & the media are actively aligned against the unionists: the criminals & perpetrators go free while the victims are vilified & tried.

anarchist symbol
1920 -- France: Victor Pengam (1883-1920), dies. Anarchiste propagandist.

Kronstadt 1921
1921 -- Russia: Today's "Izvestia," n°3 of the provisional Kronstadt revolutionary committee of the Sailors, Red & Working Soldiers:

"Here for three days Kronstadt has been rid of the nightmarish rule of the Communists, just as four years ago it did with the rule of the tsar (...) Yes, three days that the citizens of Kronstadt breathe, free, delivered from the dictatorship of the party."
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1921 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministRussia: Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, & several others send a letter of protest to Zinoviev, proposing a commission to settle the dispute with the Krondstadt sailors peacefully; no response received. In two days Leon Trotsky orders the artillery bombardment of Krondstadt, counter-revolutionary vs. revolutionaries.

1922 -- Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) lives. Italian director, screen writer, essayist, poet, critic & novelist, best known outside Italy for his films. Died violently in 1975.

1924 -- Well, Bowl Me Over?: Frank Carauna, becomes first to bowl two successive perfect 300 games.

1927 -- China: US Marines land in to "protect US property" during the civil war.

1928 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministFrance: During March-May, in Paris, Emma Goldman is reunited with old friends & comrades, including Alex Berkman, Mollie Steimer, & Senya Fleshin. alt: Senya Flechine, anarchist
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1932 -- From a café table in Chez les Viking on rue Vavin in Montparnasse, Henry Miller writes Anaïs Nin, who has just left the café, "I love you....I am in a fever." Of course, Henry seems always to be in a fever.

1936 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministEngland: During this month Emma Goldman's friendship with Eslanda & Paul Robeson deepens, as does her friendship with her new admirer & benefactor, Shloime Sutton. Also, Garden City Publishing Company prints a cheaper edition of her autobiography, Living My Life after purchasing the rights from Alfred Knopf.

LaGuardia book cover, by Howard Zinn
1937 -- US: The American government officially apologizes to Nazi Germany for New York Mayor LaGuardia's reference to Adolf Hitler as a "brown-shirted fanatic."

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fire-breathing dragon
1939 -- Bestselling adventure writer Richard Halliburton (Royal Road To Romance) sails from Hong Kong on the Sea Dragon, an unseaworthy junk with an inexperienced crew; neither he or the boat is ever seen again.

1939 -- Spain: The Negrín government is overthrown in an overnight coup (March 5-6) in Madrid; members of the anarcho-syndicalist CNT trade union in the south-central zone are involved in the coup & occupy posts in the new National Council of Defense.
Source: Emma Goldman Papers

1943 -- Tunisia: Bernard Baissat lives, Nabeul.

French journalist, pacifist & libertarian filmmaker. Professor of Italian & French Letters, in 1967 he becomes an alternative journalist, an "historian with camera"...

Pasquale Binazzi
1944 -- Italy: Pasquale Binazzi, 71, dies, in Spezia. Anarchist, secretary of the "chambre du travail," & organizer of the "syndicat de l'arsenal" in Spezia. Founder of the weekly magazine Il Libertario (published from 1903-1922 until destroyed by the fascists) & author of many popular booklets. Il Libertario was vital part of the Italian trade union movement & agitation at the beginning of the century, in the debates over WWI, & during the events of 1919-1921.

1946 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Curtain-Maker Winston Churchill gives his "Iron Curtain" speech, Fulton, Missouri.

1949 -- England: Prepatory Conference of the Socialist International held in London.

1953 -- Russia: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Uncle Joe Stalin dies of a stroke, in Moscow, & goes to heaven. Also known as the lovable/huggable "Napoleon" in George Orwell's Animal Farm. He beat Leon Trotsky in the chess game of life (power struggle) & was responsible for the deaths of many millions of pawns.

His thick fingers are fat like worms,
And his words certain as pound weights.
His cockroach whiskers laugh,
And the tops of his boots glisten.

And all around his rabble of thick-skinned leaders,
He plays through services of half-people.
Some whistle, some meow, some snivel,
He alone merely caterwauls & prods.

Like horseshoes he forges decree after decree —
Some get it in the forehead, some in the brow,
some in the groin, & some in the eye.
Whatever the execution — it's a raspberry to him
& his Georgian chest is broad.

— Osip Mandelstam, We Live, Not Feeling, 1934(?)

1955 -- With continual controversy about offensive R&B records, BMI, the largest organization of music publishers, releases plans to clamp down on objectionable lyrics. But nearly a dozen singles were released without approval, & some — like Big Joe Turner's "Shake, Rattle & Roll" — became major hits.

1955 -- Elvis Presley makes his television debut on the regionally telecast "The Louisiana Hayride."

1957 -- British Gold Coast becomes Ghana, first independent nation of sub-Saharan Africa.

1958 -- US: In the Dumps? A B-47 jettisons an atomic bomb off Georgia coast after mid-air collision.

1963 -- US: Country singer Patsy Cline, best known for crossover hits like "Crazy" & "I Fall to Pieces," dies in small plane crash near Camden, Tennessee.

Daily Bleed Alternate Patron Saint, Nov 3, 2006-2008
Country-Western songstress, airplane splatstress.

Music blasting from speaker, animated
1967 -- Warren Hinckle III, editor of Ramparts Magazine, hosts a "rockdance-environment happening" benefit in Frisco in honor of the CIA (Citizens for Interplanetary Activity) at California Hall. Participants included the S.F. League for Sexual Freedom, the Diggers & the San Francisco Mime Troupe.

Source: [Frisco History Archive]

1968 -- Italy: Il ministro della pubblica (d)istruzione destituisce il preside del Liceo classico Parini di Milano per essersi rifiutato di chiamare la polizia contro gli studenti che hanno occupato l'istituto.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1970 -- Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty comes into force. Yup.

1978 -- China: A new constitution stressing economic development over revolutionary ideology is adopted.

John Belushi
1982 -- Comedian & Blues Brother John Belushi, 33, dies of drug overdose in the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Beverly Hills. Belushi's vulgar, dangerous & physical sense of humor brought comedy closer to rock & roll than any other comedian.

1983 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Can't See The Forest For the Trees? Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President Ronnie Reagan visits Klamath County, Oregon. Reagan says "There is today in the US as much forest as there was when Washington was at Valley Forge". (A lie; actually, there is 30% as much.)

1984 -- William Powell dies.

1984 -- US: Standard Oil of California buys Gulf. Sorry . . . & you thought they already owned all the gulfs!

1988 -- West Germany: Simultaneous demonstrations against nuclear "mafia," Essen, Gorleben, Frankfurt & Regensburg.

1992 -- US: Caterpillar declares strike impasse.

1994 -- Ukraine: Voluntarily agreeing to give up nuclear weapons, the government begins transferring its nuclear stockpile to Russia.

Bush, Cheney Halliburton & Co., robbing us blind; source
2003 -- US: Hundreds of "Books Not Bombs" student protests nation-wide against Bush's planned recolonization war against Iraq & his pack of lies.

2007 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014Iraq: A car bomb explodes & kills 26 people on Mutanabbi Street — Baghdad's "Street of the Booksellers". The historic center of Baghdad bookselling, a street filled with bookstores & outdoor book stalls, named after the 10th century classical Iraqi poet Al-Mutanabbi & the heart & soul of the Baghdad literacy & intellectual community.

2011 -- UK: 1 million free books are to be made available in the UK & Ireland today; some booksellers object due to falling sales. So sorry,

3000 --

"Pranks are the deadly enemy of reality. &
'reality' — its description & limitation — has
always been the supreme control trick used
by a society to subdue the lust for freedom
latent in its citizens."

       — Joey Skaggs

Democracy: We Deliver! (bombs)
3500 --

Osama Bin Bush, terrorist
4000 --
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