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What fearful power, what awesome divinity is repetition! It is the pull of the void that drags us deeper down the ever widening gullet of a whirlpool.

      Robert Musil


Radical political theorist of socialism & barbarity.


Hindu: FEAST OF GUARI, celebrated by married women with widows taking no part.

Elsewhere in India, a DAY FOR THE WORSHIP OF TOOLS.


537 -- Goths lay siege to Rome.

1302 -- Romeo marries Juliet. About time.

1544 -- Torquato Tasso (1544-1595) lives. Greatest Italian poet of the late Renaissance, best remembered for his masterpiece Jerusalem Delivered (1575).

1726 -- Mme d'Épinay lives, Valenciennes. Friend of Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire. Best known for Conversations of Emily & three volume Memoirs & Correspondence.

1744 -- England: Sotheby's, the London auctioneers, has it's roots in this day, as Samuel Baker begins a 10-night sale of "several Hundred scarce & valuable Books." His nephew, a Sotheby, takes over the business when they close the book on Baker.

1811 -- England: Luddites attack machines designed to replace them in the weaving of wool. As part of their strike, Luddites riot, protesting capitalism by smashing machines that dehumanise them — 63 frames broken up at Arnold near Nottingham.
Source: [Luddite Chronology]

Sabotage Cat
1812 -- England: Luddites suffer first defeat at Rawkolds Mill, Great Britain.
Source: [Luddite Chronology]

Frankenstein with books
1818 -- Mary Shelley publishes her Frankenstein novel.
The story of Frankenstein started the summer of 1816 when she joined with Percy Shelley & Claire Clairmont near Geneva Lord Byron. She took a challenge set by Byron & Shelley to write the most frightening ghost story. The idea came to her in a dream.

The first edition of the book had an unsigned preface by Percy Shelley. Many thought it was his novel, not believing a 19-year-old woman could write such horror. Published in 1818, it became a huge success.

Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks movie poster

1833 -- Nicaragua: US troops "intervene." Protecting "US interests" rather than Nicaragua's we'd suppose.

1835 -- William Makepeace Thackeray, after reading Charlotte Brontë's Villette, is moved to comment: "The poor little woman of genius!...I can read a great deal of her life as I fancy in her book, & see that rather than have fame...she wants some Tomkins or other in love with."

1845 -- New Zealand: Maori uprising against British rule. Today Ngapuhi attack & take Kororareka (now Russell) township, Bay of Islands. Approx 50 deaths altogether. British settlers flee to Auckland. The Maoris realized that the white settlers were increasing at a fast rate, & several violent Maori uprisings occurred between 1845 & 1848, & between 1860 & 1872. These uprisings are known as the New Zealand Wars.
[Source: Working Class Encyclopedia]

1847 -- US: Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman dies. Known as Johnny Appleseed for his large number of fruit tree plantings. He is regarded as the "patron saint" of orchardists in the US, & this is celebrated as his day.

Clement Duval, anarchiste
1850 -- Clément Duval lives (1850-1935). anarchiste illegalist, member of "La panthère des Batignolles," sentenced to death by a French court for a burglary (in which a policeman was wounded trying to apprehend him).

Duval spent 14 years in prison in French Guyana Guyane; Guiana where he attempted over 20 escapes. Finally, in 1901, he made good his escape & eventually slipped into New York City, where he lived until age 85, supported & surrounded by Italian & French anarchist comrades.

"Vous m'inculpez de vol, comme si un travailleur qui ne possède rien peut être un voleur. Non, le vol n'existe que dans l'exploitation de l'homme par l'homme, en un mot par ceux qui vivent aux dépens de la classe productrice."

1857 -- Spain: Spanish war poet Manuel José Quintana, dies in Madrid. Wrote classical odes marked by patriotism & liberalism, including the two-volume Vidas de españoles célebres ("Lives of Famous Spaniards").

1858 -- India: During the Great Indian Indian Mutiny (also known as the Sepoy Rebellion, sepoys being the native soldiers), the battle of Lucknow rages, Mar. 9-16. Flashman, The Great Game book coverThe Brits win, & in June, victory at Gwalior effectively ends the Mutiny. Harsh reprisals against mutineers follow. Sir Harry Flashman, of course, was there; disguised as an Indian cavalryman he was caught up on the wrong side of the Indian Mutiny!

1876 -- Dutch council communist theorist David Wijnkoop lives, Amsterdam.

1888 -- US: "Blizzard of `88," ushered in by an official New York Weather Bureau forecast of "clearing & colder preceded by light snow," killed 200 in New York state & nearly 600 in surrounding states.

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1892 -- France: François Ravachol takes retribution for the Clichy defendants, bombing the homes of the presiding judge (March 11, 1892) & the prosecutor (March 27, 1892). Police in Clichy had attacked a six-man anarchist labor rally. The workers defended themselves with guns & ended up behind bars with long terms of hard labor.

1907 -- Bulgarian Premier Nicolas Petkov is slain by an anarchist.

1909 -- Maurice Laisant lives. French author, anarchiste, antimilitarist. Albert Camus & other libertarians came to his aid when the state brought charges against him for his activities. Son of the anarchist Charles Laisant & brother of the anarchist Albert, grandson of the anarchist Charles Ange Laisant.

1910 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman speaks on "The General Strike [of Philadelphia]" in Pittsburgh. The "free" press will not announce her talks in fear that she will prompt a riot.

1911 -- Alba de Céspedes lives. Italian author/poet & pioneering feminist, best known for her diary novel Quaderno proibito (1952). A journalist in the 1930s, imprisoned twice by the Mussolini regime. In 1944 Céspedes founded literary magazine Mercurio, publishing works from modern Italian writers, including Alberto Moravia, Eugenio Montale & Elio Vittorini.

Living With Music by Ralph Ellison, cover
1914 -- Novelist Ralph Waldo Ellison lives, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Invisible guy, with a fetish for light bulbs in his once dark basement.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2004, RALPH ELLISON
Black American novelist of under-class, under-race.

1915 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman disappointed by the poor attendance at the tenth anniversary of her magazine Mother Earth in New York.

1917 -- "Our armies do not come into your cities & lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators."

— Proclamation issued today by British General Stanley Maude

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1919 -- US:
Mollie Steimer, free on appeal for her 15-year sentence for handing out leaflets, is arrested at the Russian People's House on the East 15th Street during a raid by US federal & local police which netted 164 radicals.

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1920 -- Poet, novelist, editor of The Oxford Book of Contemporary Verse 1945-1980, D.J. Enright lives, Leamington, Warwickshire, England.

1921 -- Russia: The paper Izvestia n°9 of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee of the Sailors, Workers & Soldiers of Kronstadt, notes:
Illustrated figure, Kronstadt Insurrection

"We sent out a call to all the workers of Russia to fight for freely elected Soviets. Our cry was heard. Already, the revolutionary sailors, workers & soldiers of Petrograd are coming to lend us a strong hand."

1922 -- Turkey: Cornelius Castoriadis lives (1922-1997), Istanbul. Aka Pierre Chaulieu or Paul Cardan.

Radical polotical philosopher, social critic & editor of the Journal Socialism or Barbarism (1949-1967). Castoriadis was an activist in the extreme left of the Trotskyist movement before moving to France, where he formed the Socialism or Barbarism group in 1948 with Lefort & Lyotard.

"Now, the SI ," Situationist International 1964

[More on Castoriadis]

1926 -- England: George Lansbury proposes in Parliament abolition of Royal Navy.

1930 -- India: Gandhi's Salt March begins, from Ahmadabad to Delhi, in protest against salt tax.

1931 -- Rupert Murdoch, Australian rightwing media magnate & Sun God, lives. Think you have an original idea? Sorry, Rupert already owns most of those.

1932 -- Emma Goldman, anarchistPoland: The second leg of Emma Goldman's tour begins with two successful meetings (March 11-12) in Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland) — a lecture to FAUD (Freie Arbeiter-Union Deutschlands) members on the American labor movement & a public meeting of the Gilde freiheitlicher Bücherfreunde.

1935 -- US: Shark Bait? The trial of prolific child murderer & incorrigible sexual deviate Albert Fish begins. Charged for murdering & eating 10-yr. old Grace Budd; he ends convicted & executed, White Plains, New York.

1937 -- Spain: Ideas calls for the dismissal of Aiguadé.

1937 -- Macbeth Mine explodes — again — this time killing 18 workers at the Hutchinson Coal Company mine in Logan County, West Virginia.

Left to mourn, a host of friends & kin
and Violet, his beloved darling dear
She might meet him over there,
for this poor Violet prays
He planned to be a Christian someday

— Tom Breiding, "The Obituary of Joe Fry," a song written after discovering the death notice of a miner who died in the Macbeth Mine explosion of 1937.

As a March rain fell, scenes from September past were being replayed. Ten men were killed then. Some of the men who helped carry out bodies in the first explosion were now mangled corpses in the same entries they had trudged over bearing stretchers.

1937 -- Emma Goldman, anarchistGudell notifies Emma Goldman (in England) of the establishment of a new committee composed of members from the C.N.T. [Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo] & the FAI to handle all foreign propaganda matters, in order to alleviate inefficiency caused by the personal & political rivalry between Augustin Souchy & Helmut Rudiger (aka M. Dashar) over propaganda.

1944 -- US: Edgar Zilsel dies, a suicide in Oakland, California.

Born in Austria in 1891, a mathematician, physicist & philosopher, Edgar was an historian & sociologist of science (The Social Origins of Modern Science), a member of the Vienna Circle & a teacher at Vienna People’s University. His wife, Ella, taught English & German literature. At the onset of the Nazi occupation in 1938, they fled to England & ultimately obtained refugee status in the US, although other family members perished in the Holocaust. His son, Paul Zilsel, was a physicist & long-time Seattle anarchist & founder of Left Bank Books.

1950 -- Cuba: Third National Libertarian Congress (March 11-22) "to reorganize the libertarian labor movement & adopt concrete practical measures, enabling its militants to reorient themselves & to play a decisive part in the regeneration of the Cuban labor movement."
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1950 -- US: Flying Subs? American Airlines TWU maintenance workers win 11-day nationwide strike, gaining first severance pay clause in industry & limits on subcontracting.

1952 -- Douglas Adams, English author, lives in a Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Patron of Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund & Save the Rhino International Died, aged 49, in March 2001. Don't Panic!

'Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.'

'Very deep,' said Arthur, 'you should send that in to the Daily Bleed. They've got a page for people like you.'

I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.

1953 -- US: Nice Catch?: An American B-47 accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on South Carolina, the bomb doesn't go off due to six safety catches.

1954 -- US: Army charges Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator Tail Gunner Joseph McCarthy & his counsel, Roy Cohn, with using threats in trying to get preferred treatment for Private G. David Schine. Robert Kennedy has left McCarthy's staff by this time. McCarthy & Cohn's witch hunting days are about to end.

1958 -- USA: H-Bomb falls on Mars Bluff, South Carolina; the nuclear device does not detonate, but does leave a crater 35 feet deep. Didn't they just do this a couple years ago?

1959 -- "Raisin in the Sun," by Lorraine Hansberry, the first Broadway play by a black woman, opens. Superb American playright of great social conscience.

Universal anarchist icon
1963 -- André Lorulot (1885-1963) dies. French anarchiste, lecturer & propagandist.

Andre Lorulot, a leading French individualist before WWI & a leading freethinker for half a century.

— Nicolas Walter

White House, ANIMATED
1965 -- US: Nearly 100 civil-rights activists picket the White House, demanding support for equal rights in Alabama.

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1966 -- US: Timothy Leary sentenced in Texass to 30 years for trying to cross into México as a tourist with a small amount of marijuana; Leary appeals & gives press interviews. Meanwhile, bout this day,

Hey kids! Help the American pilots hit a target other than civilians!
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