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Illustration of whacky Artaud
the vengeance of ignored or suppressed history
'The human face
is an empty power, a
field of death ...
... after countless thousands of years
that the human face has spoken
& breathed
one still has the impression
that it hasn't even begun to
say what it is & what it knows.'

    — Antonin Artaud, from a text to introduce an exhibition
of his portraits & drawings, Galerie Pierre, July 1947.


Relativity theorist, socialist, humanist, peace activist.
The Jubilee Saints Calendar has had his birthday listed today for years, but it's actually tomorrow.

Today's Saint, tomorrow's pin-up.


Bali: PURIFICATION FEAST. Yama, Lord of Hell, sweeps demons out of his abode. They fall on Bali. Elaborate offerings draw them to one spot, where they are driven out with noise & chanting, following two days on which no work can be done.


1325 -- New Old World: México-Tenochtitlan City is founded. Huitzilopochtli gives the welcome:

This is the place of rest & greatness — resonated the voice — Tenochtitlán is the city that will be queen & lady of all the others. México is here!

1818 -- John Keats, writes to Benjamin Bailey: "I am sometimes so very skeptical as to think poetry is a mere Jack-o-Lantern to whoever may chance to be struck with its brilliance."

1826 --


Monday, March 13, 1826

What, still more prosperity! — mercy upon us,
"This boy'll be the death of me" — oft as, already,
Such smooth Budgeteers have genteelly undone us,
For Ruin made easy there's no one like Freddy....

— Thomas Moore, Irish Economist (actually a satirical poet, not an economist)

1848 -- Austria: Barricades go up in Vienna, beginning the "Year of Revolutions." By early October, the Imperial court & government have fled & the city is in the hands of the revolutionaries.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

Woman, painted by Maximilien Luce
1858 --

Maximilien LUCE - 1858 / 1941

Maximilien Luce (1858-1941) lives, Paris. Painter, engraver, anarchiste.

Luce was, with Seurat & Signac, one of the founders of the Neo-impressionist School based on the scientific study of light & the analysis of prismatic effect of colours. He was also a great friend of Camille Pissarro, Georges Seurat, Theo Van Rysselberghe & Louis Valtat. For a number of years he was strictly "pointillist" adopting later a looser technique.

Landscapes & urban scenes depicting the world of the working class (builders, dockers, laborers, fishermen) in the 1930s occupy a predominant place in his work.

Casey photograph
1864 -- US: Suicidal train engineer Casey Jones lives to die —
with one hand on the whistle, one on the brake.

Grateful Dead images, animated
1864 --
Drivin' that train
High on cocaine
Casey Jones you better
watch your speed
Trouble ahead
Trouble behind
& you know that notion
just crossed my mind

Trouble with you is
The trouble with me
Got two good eyes
but we still don't see
Come round the bend
You know it's the end
The fireman screams and
The engine just gleams

Old steam train
1864 --

1864 -- US: First contingent of 14,030 Navajo reach Fort Sumner, New Mexico during the Long Walk of the Navajo, a 400-mile forced march in which thousands died.

1877 -- Earmuffs patented by Chester Greenwood. Now the Eskimos are happy. Also inspires the world of very way loud rock'n'roll & headgear for joggers & inline skaters.

Assassination aftermath, illustration by Flavio Costantini, anarchist
1881 -- Russia: Nihilists ("People's Will" group) blow up Czar Alexander II near his palace with a bomb.

Carried out by the group "Will of the People" which hopes to ignite a social revolution. Nikolai Kibaltchitch, Sofia Petrovskaïa, Nikolai Rissakov, Gavril Mikhaïlov, Jehabov, are arrested & condemned to death. Hessa Hefmann is sent to Siberia. The Tsar was killed by the Polish Ignacy Hryniewiecki (1856-1881), who died during the attack.

Few people, even in Poland, are aware how strong the cooperation was between Russian & Polish revolutionaries at this time.

1882 -- England: The death of Alexander II is commemorated at the Rose Street Club; the speakers are Karl Schneidt & a Berlin socialist, Frank Kitz, of the beginning English movement; Herbert Burrows, of the Democratic Federation; & the anarchists Malatesta & Kropotkin (Revolte, March 18).
[Source: Max Nettlau, Errico Malatesta: The Biography of an Anarchist.]

1891 -- Henrik Ibsen's play Ghosts, dealing with venereal disease, opens in London to unveiled abuse.
Emma Goldman on Ibsen, Ibsen

1892 -- Janet Flanner (Genet) lives, Boston. American journalist, Paris correspondent to The New Yorker for 50 years.

Red & Black star
1901 --

Fernand Pelloutier (1867-1901) dies. Pelloutier in the words of Pierre Monatte, can be "justly regarded as the father of revolutionary syndicalism." He rejected parliamentary reformism & anarchist revolutionary violence, favoring instead the General Strike.

Emma goldman, anarchist
1911 -- Ricardo Flores Magón appeals to Emma Goldman for support of the revolutionary movement in Mexico.

1912 -- Bill S. Ballinger (1912-1980), aka Frederic Freyer, B.X. Sanborn, lives, Oskaloosa, Iowa. American thriller writer, who specialized from the early 1950's in a multi-level kind of narration or divided narration. Received Edgar Allan Poe Award from Mystery Writers of America in 1960 for his TV work.

1914 -- Writer of the hardships of Canadian prairie life, W.O. Mitchell, lives, Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. His first novel, Who Has Seen the Wind (1947), is followed by a weekly radio series, "Jake & the Kid," telling of the prairie life.

Art Le Sueur
1914 -- US: Art Le Sueur addresses the first Socialist Convention held in Benson County, South Dakota. Labor radical & father of the radical novelist Meridel Le Sueur.

1915 -- US: Dodgers manager Wilbert Robinson tries to catch a baseball dropped from an airplane, but the pilot substituted a grapefruit.

The Marxist Minstrels, an (unintentionally) hilarious rightwing Revisionist humor book (ghost written by Ayn Rand?), reveals, in passing, that the Brooklyn Dodgers are (quote),

"The baseball arm of the CPUSA."

1918 -- US: Women are scheduled to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York due to a shortage of men. When the US entered WWI, propagandist George Creel set out to stifle anti-war sentiment.

1921 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Mongolia: A revolutionary provisional government of Mongolia is established.

1922 -- Source=Robert Braunwart G.B. Shaw play "Back to Methusaleh" (Part V) premiers, NY.

1925 -- US: Tennessee makes it unlawful to teach evolution.

Apparent huge meteor crater
1928 -- US: 450 die in St. Francisquito Valley Dam burst, California.

1928 -- René-Louis Lafforgue lives (1928-1967). Singer, typesetter, interpreter, anarchiste.

With his anarchist parents in the Basque country during the fighting in Spain, the Lafforgue family was forced into exile in France, where his father was killed in the Resistance.

Lafforgue was an actor & singer, & in the 1950s his talent gained him a place in Georges Brassens' shows, where songs such as "Julie la Rousse" assured his popularity. He & his companion Claudie then opened a Parisian cabaret on rue Mouffetard, "L'Ecole Buissonnière," which became a gathering place for many pacifists & libertarians.

1929 -- anarchist diamondItaly: Ettore Aguggini dies in prison after many years there. One of those convicted for bombing the Teatro Diana in Milan, believed manipulated & set up by the Chief of Police as a pretext by the fascists for instigating a general repression against all anarchists.

1932 -- Germany: With six million unemployed, chaos in Berlin, starvation & ruin, the threat of Marxism, & a very uncertain future, the German people turn to Hitler by the millions.

In the presidential election, Hitler receives over eleven million votes (11,339,446) or 30% of the total. Hindenburg receives 18,651,497 votes or 49%. Since Hindenburg does not get the majority, a run-off election is held. In the campaign that follows, Hitler crisscrosses Germany in an airplane, descending from the clouds into the arms of growing numbers of fanatics, at ever larger rallies. He gives them a positive message, promising something for everyone, then ascends back into the clouds.

"In the Third Reich every German girl will find a husband!" Hitler once promises.

1932 -- US: Spring. Hunger marches take place throughout the country; the Bonus Marchers are expelled from Washington.
Herbert Hoover sends a secret message to Congress advising it not to cut the pay of Army or Navy personnel because they may be neeeded to put down revolution.

Victor Barrucand, anarchist;
1934 -- France: Victor Barrucand (b.1864) dies. Poète, musicien, journaliste et écrivain; d'abord militant anarchiste puis fédéraliste et enfin humaniste bourgeois, défenseur des droits des musulmans algériens.

Victor Barrucand drawing by Félix Vallotton

1938 -- Austria: German army takes over the country & applies anti-Jewish laws.

1942 -- Universal anarchist iconFrance: George Mathias Paraf-Javal (1858-1942) dies, Montluçon. Intransigent individualist.

A founder of "Ligue Antimilitariste" &, with Émile Armand, the anarchist colony at Vaux (1902-07, with 400 members [See Armand's, "A Visit to L'Anarchie", at the Stan Iverson Archives]). Paraf-Javal wrote for Libertaire, & authored numerous booklets, such as Les faux droits de l'homme et les vrais (1907), as well as math & physics texts (published in Spanish for Francisco Ferrer's Escuela Moderna).

[More regarding Armand]

Untermensch, illustration
1943 -- Germany: New crematoriums open in Auschwitz. This follows a 4 October order that all Jews in German concentration camps be deported here. But as the conservative Institute for Historical Review — one of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leading Actor Ronnie Reagan's & other Republican's favorite think-tanks — reminds us, there was no Holocaust.

1943 -- Stephen Vincent Benet (John Brown's Body) dies of a heart attack at 44, New York.

1945 -- Pax Christi founded, France.

Hippolyte Havel; source Ephemeride anarchiste
1950 -- Hippolyte Havel dies in psychiatric hospital, New Jersey.

Havel wrote for Goldman's Mother Earth, was involved in the Modern School in NY, & wrote biographies of fellow anarchists such as the walking she-devil, Emma Goldman (he was also one of her lovers), Harry Kelly & Voltairine de Cleyre, along with various reviews & booklets. Havel edited Revolt, the Revolutionary Almanac (funded by John Rompapas), & also Open Vistas, with Joseph Ishill.

Just before WWI Havel opened a restaurant in NY City's Bohemian Greenwich Village which was a great meeting place for artists & intellectuals.

  • Proletarian Days

  • Hippolyte Havel - Luxury, XH chassis, heavy suspension, Sport PP w/SC, 4 SB PR tires, driver, gunner, VMG w/HD ammo in turret, smartlinked to VMG w/HD ammmo in rear sponson. Armor (Sloped): F33, R30, L30, B34, T20, U10, 10 pt. CA on driver, 10 pt. CA on gunner. Targeting computer, fire extinguisher. Accel. 10, HC 3, top speed 120; 6,600 lbs., $27,879.

    White Man, R. Crumb cartoon
    1957 -- Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly,

    March 13, 1957



    "Whereas, the chief enemy of the United States is Godless communism..."

    Elizabeth Gurley Flynn speaking at a rally
    1961 -- US: Labor organizer Elizabeth Gurley Flynn is elected chair of the National Committee of the Communist Party, U.S.A. One-time IWW & an anarchist in her youth.

    In 1953, Flynn declined a federal judge's offer to deport her & 12 others to the Soviet Union on conspiracy charges (quote): "We have no desire to enjoy the fruits of socialism in a land where we did not work for it."
    Instead, Flynn & the others received three-year jail sentences & fines of 6,000 dollars apiece.

    1962 -- US: Wing Luke becomes the first non-white to be elected to the Seattle City Council, & the highest Asian-American elected official in the continental US.

    NASA t-shirt
    1963 -- US: No Bus Tokens? Labor Local 260 Houston negotiates first contract with Pioneer Bus, ending dual pay scales for black & white drivers.

    1964 -- US: Kitty Genovese stabbed to death in Queens, New York while Winston Mosley rapes & fatally stabs her in three separate attacks occurring over a period of more than half an hour. Although 38 people witness some or all of the crime, as Genovese cries for help, no one called for help until she was already dead, 35 minutes after the assault begins.

    1966 -- US: Watts explodes again.
    Source: 'Calendar Riots'; (i am unable to corroborate, 2002)

    1967 -- US: Religion in a Bottle? United Farm Workers (UFW) wins a contract with the Christian Brothers Winery.

    1968 -- US: Clouds of nerve gas drift outside the Army's Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, poisoning 6,400 sheep in nearby Skull Valley.

    1968 -- Poland: Warsaw, March 1968: a student demonstration leads to riots in the streets.
    March 13: All Polish universities are out on strike. Between March 13-24, there are more strikes, protests & marches. University buildings are occupied by student protesters. On March 25, Warsaw University fires six faculty members whose sympathies remain with the protesters. On the 28th, 3000 students march in protest. 34 are expelled, 11 are suspended, 200 are injured & 11 academic departments are closed.

    1969 -- The MC5, in cooperation with the Motherfuckers stage a free show at Haight's Straight Theatre, Frisco, California.

    The bawdy Scum Palace is filled to capacity with (in the words of the master of "ceremonies") "the most baddest, low down, come down, run down, vile, likker drinkin,' drug runnin,' spiteful, nogood man-haters that ever stalked the face of this earth!"

    Predictably, the crowd went insane. Dee-generate, glassyeyed, straw-toned, teased out braless freakies threw themselves at lead guitarist Wayne Kramer, their raunchy groins oozing fuzz-tone energy. It was a surreal, macabre burlesque of a 1955 Gene Vincent State Fair show.

    On Sunday the 16th the Five turned up at Golden Gate Park to play for an estimated crowd of 20,000 grizzly loonatics. The only cop that turned up that day split when he saw the Hell's Angels congregated behind the bandstand.

    The MC5 are almost like an acid test.

    Source: Fifth Estate, April 1969

    1970 -- US: Song Bombs? A group calling itself "Revolutionary Force 9" takes credit for three bombings in New York City. The New York Times notes a "possible connection to the Beatles song 'Revolution 9.'"

    1971 -- The Allman Brothers Band records its breakthrough album, "Live at the Fillmore East."

    1972 -- Author Clifford Irving pleads guilty to a charge that the "autobiography" of Howard Hughes on which he supposedly collaborated was a hoax.

    1979 -- Grenada: Revolution. Eric Gairy regime overthrown by the New Jewel Movement.

    The US is very sensitive to deviations from its capitalist system of government around the world, & it went to great lengths to maintain its hegemony. The Caribbean was a particularly sensitive region, & any effort to achieve greater autonomy & self-reliance [risked] incurring American hostility. Maurice Bishop & the New Jewel Movement faced constant US hostility during the revolution of 1979 to 1983, culminating in Operation Urgent Fury.

    1980 -- Pink Floyd's "The Wall" goes platinum a few weeks into its 15 week stay at Number One. The two-record set is largely the brainchild of bass player Roger Waters, who now emerges as the group's creative head.

    1980 -- Members of Iroquois & Lakota request European Parliament's support to gain international recognition for their rights.

    1983 -- El Salvador: Marianela García Vilas, founder of the Human Rights Commission, assassinated.

    Paul Citroen holding a large poster
    1983 -- Paul Citroen, 86, dies. Dutch sculptor, painter, graphics workman, photographer, writer.
    After working in a bookshop for some time, Citroen was asked to establish a special book shop for art by Herbert Walden, owner of the famous gallery Der Sturm. This was not an easy job, because there where only a few art books at that time. Walden introduced Citroen to the artists of the Berlin Dada-movement such as George Grosz, Walter Mehring & John Heartfield.

    1984 -- US: If the Bikini Fits, Wear It? Beloved & Respected Comrade Acting Leader Anti-Environment Ronnie Reagan agrees to cleanup Bikini Atoll of nuclear contamination so Bikinians can return (estimated 42 million). The US detonated 23 nuclear devices here — presumably winning the war there.

    1988 -- Palestine: 500 Palestinian police resign in protest of Israeli policies in occupied territory.

    1989 -- Tibet: Demonstrations against Chinese rule.

    1989 -- Germany: Neo-Nazis win 6% of the vote in Hesse, Frankfurt.

    Alanis Morisseette
    1996 -- US: Mississippi lawmakers take away a commendation to Glen Ballard, who produced Alanis Morisseette's "Jagged Little Pill" LP.

    You Oughta Know some of the lawmakers were offended by the lyrics of "You Oughta Know."

    1996 -- South Korea: Two leaders of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Yang Kyu Hon & Kwon Young Kil, are arrested. The Confederation brought a new militancy into the Korean labor movement.

    Pinochet, America's butcher in Chile
    1997 -- Chile: 580 people detained around the country in protests as former Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader dictator General Augusto Pinochet is made "Senator-for-Life." Pinochet is also given immunity from prosecution for the thousands of people butchered under his US-instituted regime.

    ...The man in the river

    wears a white shirt, dark pants & sprawls
    as if sleeping while water riffles his hair.
    This is a photograph from the coup or golpe,

    meaning also hit or shock — just one death
    from thirty thousand.

    — Stephen Dobyns, excerpt from "Paco"

    Background materials on the Chilean workers' movement in the 1970s,
    see the Charlatan Stew Archives,

    2001 -- US: Walt Woodward (1910-2001), who inspired the main character in David Guterson's novel, Snow Falling on Cedars, dies aged 91. Exemplary publisher/editor of the Bainbridge Review from 1940 to 1961 in Washington State, he opposed Japanese internment during WWII, the only newspaper on the West Coast with principle & backbone to do so — a stance which cost him subscribers & advertising revenue in this small island community of great patriots.

    The island's oldest, continuously operating farm — established in 1928 — is owned by 75-year-old Akio Suyematsu, who grows strawberries, pumpkins & Christmas trees.

    World War II brought one of the saddest chapters of island history — the nation's first forced evacuation of residents of Japanese ancestry, most of them American citizens. On President Roosevelt's authority the army forced some 240 people, including Suyematsu's family, to leave — mainly for California internment camps. They received a week's notice in March 1942 to dispose of their property.

    Allahzilla photomontage

    March 13, 2003, KUWAIT - A giant radioactive lizard was sighted on Friday near the Iraqi border by soldiers on patrol in the Kuwaiti desert.

    Cryptozoologists called upon to examine photographs of the creature identified it as Allahzilla, Sheik of the Monsters.

    "Allahzilla is the largest specimen on record of an ordinary species of reptile that is indigenous to the Middle East," explained Dr. Druid. "He was mutated by the 40 tons of depleted uranium that was left behind in Iraq & Kuwait after the first Gulf War."

    Monster hunters have reported the monstrous mutant lumbering through the deserts of numerous Middle Eastern regions, & dubbed it "Allahzilla" because of its apparent preference for Muslim countries.

    Bay Area anarchist bookfair poster 2004
    2004 -- US: Bound Together Books presents the 9th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair.

    2009 -- Palestine: Tristan Anderson, 38, an American citizen, is critically injured by Israeli troops during protests against Israel's illegal Wall in the West Bank village of Ni’lin. Hit by a new type of high velocity, extended range teargas projectile, he sustained life-threatening brain injuries.

    2012 -- After 244 years since its first publication, the Encyclopædia Britannica discontinues its print edition.

    3000 --

    "The mind is a gun shooting at history."

          — Paul Engle, 1931

    Don't be a Hero, Move on
    3500 --

    Saddam Bush playing with gun
    4000 --
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