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The Song of the Storm-Finch

letter T he storm-wind is howling, the thunder is roaring; with flame blue & lambent the cloud-masses glow o'er the fathomless ocean; it catches the lightnings, & quenches them deep in its whirlpool below.

Like serpents of fire in the dark ocean writhing, the lightnings reflected there quiver & shake as into the blackness they vanish forever. The tempest! Now quickly the tempest will break!

The storm-finch soars fearless & proud 'mid the lightnings, above the wild waves that the roaring winds fret; & what is the prophet of victory saying? "Oh, let the storm burst! Fiercer yet-fiercer yet!"

— Maxim Gorky, from "Songs of Russia," rendered into English by Alice Stone Blackwell (Appeared in Mother Earth, Vol. 1 No. 1, March, 1906)

Poem in full, in the Stan Iverson Archives,

New York free-radio ethnomusicologist, Wretched Refuser.


to wash the dust from the thousand Buddhas within.

1471 -- Sir Thomas Malory — who may have completed compiling/translating Le Morte d'Arthur while in prison — dies in London's Newgate Prison.

1794 -- US: Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin, a device for automatically removing seeds from cotton bolls.

1826 -- Klutz?: Sir Walter Scott compares his novels with Jane Austen's: "the exquisite touch, which renders ordinary commonplace things & characters interesting . . . is denied to me."

1829 -- England: Charles Charlesworth lives. Dies at seven of old age.

Mikhail Bakunin, line drawing by Levine
1838 -- Michael Bakunin, anarchistDuring this month Mikhail Bakunin's "Preface to Hegel's Gymnasium Lectures" is published.

1850 -- Honore de Balzac, 51, marries Polish Countess Evelina Hanska, after 18 years of romantic correspondence.

Mikhail Bakunin, anarchist
1851 -- Czechoslovakia: The Russian anarchist Mikhail BakuninMichael Bakunin, after first being jailed in Prague, is sent today to the Olmütz fortress in Austria, where he is sentenced in May to hang.

Although the death sentence is commuted, Bakunin is chained hand & foot to the prison wall & suffers acutely. Shortly thereafter, he is handed over to the Russians & imprisoned in the dreaded dungeons of the Fortress of Peter & Paul.

Einstein quote
1879 -- Germany: Relativity theorist, peace activist Albert Einstein probably lives, more or less, Ulm. Charter union member of the American Federation of Teachers Local 552 at Princeton University in 1938.

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Groucho Marx
1883 -- England: Karl Marx dies, in genteel poverty, worked to death, London, age 64.

James Joyce at Shakespeare & Company
1887 -- The founder of the bookstore Shakespeare & Company, Sylvia Beach, lives, in her father's parsonage in Baltimore.

1891 -- US: The American Way? Louisiana mob storms a jail & lynches 11 Italian immigrants recently acquitted of murdering the Sheriff of New Orleans.

Émile Cottin, French anarchiste
1896 -- France: Louis Émile Cottin lives. Received a death sentence (later commuted) for trying to assassinate Clémenceau in 1919 (see below). Cottin died on the Saragossa front during the Spanish Revolution in 1936, where he fought in the famed Durruti Column.

Errico Malatesta, anarchist
1897 -- Italy: Errico Malatesta clandestinely re-enters the country, at Ancône, & begins publishing the newspaper L'agitazione.

1901 -- Argentina: Horacio Badaraco lives (1901-1946), Buenos Aires, y vivía en el barrio de Congreso dentro del seno de una familia que, de constructores de barcos, pasaron a formar parte del status de banqueros.

Interested in anarchist culture from an early age: at 11-years old his parents find him in the Perlado bookstore, leafing through anarchist literature.

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1904 -- Armas Äikiä (1904 - 1965) lives. Finnish writer, poet, Communist & journalist.

1907 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Theodore Roosevelt excludes Japanese laborers from the continental US.

1907 -- US: Stock market crash, New York City.

1909 -- Italy: Gaetano Salvemini pubblica sull'"Avanti" un articolo contro Giovanni Giolitti definendolo "il ministro della malavita", accusandolo di aver incentivato la corruzione nel Mezzogiorno e di essersi procurato il voto dei deputati meridionali mettendo "nelle elezioni, al loro servizio, la malavita e la questura".
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]
[More on Salvemini]

1912 -- Italy: Antonio d' Alba shoots at Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader King Victor-Emmanuel III who is attending a mass funeral for Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Umberto I (killed on July 29, 1900 by Gaetano Bresci). The young anarchist d' Alba is sentenced to forced labor.

IWW clamps wool trust in Lawrence, cartoon
1912 -- US: IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) agrees to terms granting wage increases as 10,000 strikers gather & vote, successfully ending the "Bread & Roses" Lawrence Textile Strike of 32,000-people against wool mills. The strike was precipitated by wage cuts & horrendous working conditions. Lawrence, Massachusetts.

"They are always marching & singing.

The tired, gray crowds ebbing & flowing perpetually into the mills had waked & opened their mouths to sing."

— Mary Heaton Vorse

Martial law had been declared by a city owned by big business; workers were arrested, some sent to jail for a year; a young Syrian striker, John Ramy, was bayoneted to death (But, noted Joe Ettor, "Bayonets cannot weave cloth."); a pregnant woman beat so badly by police that she gave birth to a dead baby; & the strike dragged on. But the workers refused to give in.

& when the raises were won, the strikers insisted that the largest increases go to the lowest-paid.

  • See also Howard Zinn, The Twentieth Century: A Peoples History

1914 -- Canada: United Farmers of Ontario founded at Toronto's Labor Temple.

The Capitalist Vampire
1915 -- England: Walter Crane dies. Artist & libertarian socialist.

Deeply influenced by Morris's pamphlet Art & Socialism, Crane became involved in both the Art Workers' Guild & the Arts & Crafts Society. Like Morris, Crane created designs for wallpapers, printed fabrics, tiles & ceramics.

In December 1914 Crane's wife Mary was killed by a train. The couple had been married for 44 years & Crane was devastated by her death. Walter Crane died today, three months later, in Horsham Hospital.

Walter Crane illustration, The Capitalist Vampire, Justice Journal (1885)

1919 -- France: The 23-year-old Louis-Émile Cottin is sentenced to death. This is commuted to 10 years in prison following a protest campaign organized in the pages of the anarchiste Libertaire. See February 2, 1919.

1921 -- Italy: Errico Malatesta, Armando Borghi & Corrado Quaglino launch a hunger strike in the San Villore prison in Milan.

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1922 -- Less than a year after beginning work at the Shawmut National Bank, author & founder of the Black Sun Press Harry Crosby resigns following a six-day bender.
Source: Geoffrey Wolff, Black Sun (Random House, 1976)

1923 -- Diane Arbus lives. A suicide in 1971. North American photographer & writer noted for black-and-white square photographs of "deviant & marginal people (dwarfs, giants, transvestites, nudists, circus performers) or of people whose normality seems ugly or surreal."

'I want simply to save them, for what is ceremonious & curious & commonplace will be legendary.'

1932 -- Emma Goldman, anarchistGermany: Emma Goldman's tour continues (14-23) with two meetings in Dresden & Leipzig, & further engagements in Naumburg, Zella-Mehlis, Erfurt, & Sömmerda.

1934 -- England: National Civil Liberties Council founded.

1944 -- US: TWU organizes Philadelphia transit workers into Local 234.

1944 -- Russia: L'Unione Sovietica č il primo degli stati a riconoscere il governo dell'ex-fascista Pietro Badoglio. Tra cinici voltagabbana ci si intende a meraviglia.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1949 -- US: To protest the American military build-up, 41 people publicly refuse to pay income tax.

1961 -- US: B-52 carrying nuclear weapons crashes in California while on a training flight.

Giovanna Caleffi Berneri, anarchist
1962 -- Giovanna Caleffi Berneri dies. Italian anarchist, married to Camillo Berneri (murdered by the Communists in Spain), mother of Marie Louise Berneri, Giliana Berneri (anarchists all).

1964 -- US: Dallas jury finds Jack Ruby guilty of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald.

1968 -- US: Alphabet Soup? CBS TV suspends RFE free advertising because RFE (Radio Free Europe) doesn't make it clear it is sponsored by the CIA.

1968 -- Brazil: Commission report publishes evidence of large-scale extermination of tribes (poisoning & machine-gunning) by Brazil's Indian Protection Service. Nearly 30 years later, such attacks are still alarmingly common.

As they say in Brazil, if shit was worth anything, the poor would be born without asses.

— Eduardo Galeano

Ben Shahn
1969 -- US: Graphic artist & social conscience Ben Shahn dies, New York City. Ben Shahn

Lithuanian-born graphic artist, social conscience.
See our Saints page,

1970 -- US: Stamp Act? First American postal strike.

Fannie Lou Hamer
1977 -- US: Mississippi's angriest woman, Fannie Lou Hamer, dies in Ruleville, Mississippi, at age 69.
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"I'm sick & tired of being sick & tired."

1978 -- Spain: In the Carabanchel prison, the militant anarquista Agustin Rueda (b.1952), following years of harassment & recent beatings while in jail, dies from his injuries.

Efforts to keep his life from being forgotten have resulted in commemoration gatherings around Spain, including one on the 25th anniversary of his death (March 14, 2003) & another on October 31, 2004 celebrated with recollections, music & poetry.

1979 -- China: A military jet cargo plane on a training mission crashes into a factory outside Peking, killing the 12-member crew & 32 factory workers.

1981 -- Eric Clapton admitted to United Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota after a serious attack of bleeding ulcers.

1983 -- For the first time in its 23-year history, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Coutries (OPEC) agrees to cut the prices of its crude oil. The decision reflects falling worldwide demand for OPEC products.

1984 --

—The New York Times

Ed Abbey, anarchist author
1989 -- US: No More Monkeying Around? American naturalist novelist, anarchist, xenophobe, Cactus Ed Lives! — or dies — more or less, today. ... show details

"It's a fools life, a rogue's life, & a good life if you keep laughing all the way to the grave."

1990 -- US: Sixteen disabled rights activists arrested at the US Capitol demanding passage of what becomes the Americans With Disabilities Act.

John Fante
1993 --

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Mujeres in red logo
1993 -- Soledad Estorach Esterri (1915-1993) dies. Anarquista, feminist, member of Mujeres Libres, companion in arms with Concha Liańo.

1998 -- US: Pi in the Sky?: At the Exploratorium in Frisco, California, mathematicians assemble, as usual, to celebrate pi (3.14159 etc.). One of probably dozens or maybe hundreds of such assemblies worldwide at which people sing songs & recite poetry about pi, have pi trivia quizzes, & eat pi.

(Pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, is a mathematically irrational number, & is thus considered to be a symbol for the mystery of the universe.)

Moe: "When the roll is called up yonder I’ll eat pie."
Curly: "Pi r˛?"
Moe: "No, pie are round; cake are square."
Curly: "Oh."
Moe: "No, O are round, also."

Third Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair poster
1998 -- US: Third Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, Frisco, California. Artists & speakers include Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Arther Evans, John Shirley, Pat Califia, & Will Rosco. Over 50 exhibitors from all over the United States hawk radical & anti-authoritarian books, records, posters & tee-shirts. Free!

2003 -- Millions of Europeans participate in a 15-minute work stoppage to protest Beloved & Respected Comrade President Bush's relentless war drive against Iraq.

2003 -- US: The campaign staff of the Elder Party's inveterate presidential candidate announced today that Cthulhu will not be running in the 2004 election.

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2007 -- Germany: A mass refusal to pay water charges in the city of Bremen quickly escalates into a series of bitter & widening conflicts with authorities.

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2009 Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair poster; source
2009 -- US: 14th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. Free! Free! Free!

2009 -- US: Ethnomusicologist "Citizen Kafka" Shulberg dies, Brooklyn, NY.

2010 -- US: 15th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. Free! Free! Free! Free!

3000 --

"The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government & the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this."

— Albert Einstein, "My First Impression of the U.S.A.", 1921

3500 --

"Too many of our poets novelists essayists seem to be taking the side of the State in that ancient & inevitable conflict between the State & the independent individual. This is wrong; that is not the natural place for a writer. If it weren't for all these fools & fanatics running around trying to make things better, then most certainly things would get worse. We need this constant pressure against the barriers to change in order simply to prevent a collapse into total evil. The tension against wrong. To keep things from getting worse."

      — Ed Abbey

The Daily Bleed: Edward Abbey, Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, Giovanna Caleffi Berneri, Errico Malatesta, Armando Borghi, Corrado Quaglino, Louis-Emile Cottin, Antonio d' Alba, Horacio Badaraco, Mikhail Bakunin; Timeline, Almanac of Radicalism, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists... a radical annotated chronology, almanac, anarchist CALENDAR, anarchisten, anarchism, anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarţizme, Anarţist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, sindicalismo, anarquia, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, libertarian, syndicalist, libertarian, What Happened on this day, in recovered history March 14

4000 --
South American in colorful Native garb; source "Anarchist history Day book, anarchist almanac, anarchist daybook, anarchist chronology" Anarchist Day book, anarchist almanac, anarchist daybook

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