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      out of my light.

        — Diogenes of Sinope


Martyred heroic leader of the Kronstadt Rebellion.
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Dancing Irish fool, animated cartoon

SAINT PATRICK'S DAY (HOL NI/IRE): St. Patty isn't Irish, but a missionary converting everyone to Christianity so they can drink Guinness all day long. Everyone is Irish, everyone is drunk.


MOORISH TAG DAY: The Moorish Orthodox Church celebrates multicultural & multidimensional awareness, with shamrocks in the fez, Cheshire Cat hide & seek & other festivities.

1740 -- England: Death Sentences? Justice of the Peace Henry Fielding, writing under the name of Captain Hercules Vinegar, summons poet laureate Colley Cibber to court for murdering the English language. DOA?

1775 -- US: Richard Henderson, a North Carolina judge, buys a vast tract of Cherokee land for the Transylvania Land Co.; purchase is later declared invalid but land cession is not reversed.

1811 -- Karl Gutzkow lives, Berlin. Becomes a pioneer of the modern social novel in Germany.

1826 -- US: The Kendal Community (now Massillon) founded in Ohio. "Friendly Association for Mutual Interests."
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1845 -- Rubber band is patented. Almost as good as spitwads.

1846 -- Kate Greenaway lives, London. Creator of books for children such as Mother Goose (1881), Little Ann (1883), & The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1889) & using her artistry as painter & illustrator.

1871 -- France: Louise Michel takes an active part in the business of the guns of the national guard on the Montmartre Hillock. After the proclamation of the Paris Commune, the French anarchiste works primarily with social & teaching issues.

Indian depiction of Powder River massacre; source
1876 -- US: Army soldiers attack & massacre a sleeping village of Lakota, mistakenly believing it to be the encampment of Lakota warrior Crazy Horse. Powder River, South Dakota.
[More Details here] & also [here]

Otto Gross, anarchist
1877 -- Austria: Psychoanalyst, sexologist & libertarian revolutionary Otto Gross (also Grob; also Grob) lives (1877 - 1920). Influenced by the philosophy of Max Stirner, Friedrich Nietzsche & the political theories of Peter Kropotkin. Involved in the development of psychiatry & psychoanalysis as well as in the modern literature of Expressionism & Dadaism.

A generation before Wilhelm Reich, Gross was the first analyst to emphasize the dialectical interdependence between individual inner change & collective political change. He tried to live his radical ideas in both his private & professional life — which he refused to separate— & thus became anathema to those trying to establish the credibility of analysis as a science in the eyes of society & academe.

Less than a year after his death, Anton Kuh wrote of Gross as "a man known only to very few by name — apart from a handful of psychiatrists [Freud, Jung, et al] & secret policemen — & among those few only to those who plucked his feathers to adorn their own posteriors."

The psychology of the unconscious is the philosophy of revolution, animated statement

Ancient Viking ship
1891 -- High Seas: Better Dead Than Red? British Steamer "Utopia" sinks off Gibraltar killing 574.

Ravachol with suitcase; graphic by Flavio Costantini; source
1892 -- France: On the second floor of 39 Rue de Clichy, François Ravachol places a small suitcase.

In the building lives Bulot, a public prosecutor. Five people are wounded in the considerable carnage.

"I have done this", Ravachol declares, "first because M Benoit passed an unfair sentence on Decamp & friends. The jury asked for the minimum sentence, he gave the maximum. Second, because there has been no publicity over the ill-treatment they received at the Clichy police headquarters. It is for these reasons that I have especially marked out MM Bulott & Benoit, but I want all those who have the responsibility of meting out justice to be more clement if they want better treatment themselves."

Illustration by Flavio Costantini

1894 -- Paul Green lives, Lillington, North Carolina. One of the first white playwrights to write perceptively of problems of Southern blacks. Began writing for the Carolina Playmakers in 1919. His best-known play is the 1927 Pulitzer Prize winner, In Abraham's Bosom, about a man's attempt to establish a school for his fellow blacks.

Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen illustration; source
1894 -- 'March 18', cover illustration by Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen (often spelled as Steinlein), from Le Chambard Socialiste, March 17, 1894.
March 18, the start of the Paris Commune of 1871 is commemorated. Next to Marianne on the first row are an agricultural worker, an industrial worker & an artist.
Nice collection art works & a detailed timeline, see the International Institute of Social History web site,

1897 -- Jules Jouy (1855-1897) dies. Anarchiste songster, poet, & pioneer of the social song.
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1898 -- Mazatec Shaman Maria Sabina lives.

Fancy psychedelic purple arrow

Under the guidance of the now famous Mazatec curandera Maria Sabina, Wasson & Richardson each consumed six pairs of the mushroom Psilocybe caerulescens var. Psilocybe caerulescens var. mazatecorum.

Severino di Giovanni, anarchist; source
1901 -- Severino di Giovanni lives, Chieti, Italy. Anarchist/typographer.

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1906 -- US: Johann Most (1846-1906) dies, Cincinnati, Ohio. German-American anarchist, propagandist, bookbinder, publisher of Freiheit.

1909 -- William Butler Yeats records in his journal Lady Gregory's view of Alfred, Lord Tennyson: "Tennyson had the British Empire for God, & Queen Victoria for Virgin Mary."

Nat King Cole at piano; source
1917 -- African American pop singer Nat "King" Cole lives.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, & be loved in return."

— from the song "Nature Boy"

1917 -- Switzerland: The gallery DADA opens ...

1920 -- Germany: General Strike overcomes Kapp Putsch.

1921 -- USSR: Kronstadt falls to the Bolshevik military assault under the direction of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Trotsky, who boasted he would "shoot them like pigeons." There is a great slaughter when the island is taken. To the end of his life Trotsky continued defending his actions, as Kenneth Rexroth notes, in a dispute with Victor Serge he continued dispensing Bolshevik lies.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1921 -- Russia: Lenin introduces capitalist-style economics with his New Economic Policy (NEP), in reaction to the collapse of the Russian economy that occurs because of ongoing civil war & an Allied blockade of the country designed to end Bolshevism.

1921 -- England: The first birth control clinic in the nation opens.

1923 -- José Carlos Mariátegui regresa a Perú después de vivir en Europa.

Left Perú as a Bohemian nighthawk who wrote of horses, a mystical poet who felt much & understood little. In Europe he found the Americas & found Marxism & found Mariátegui.

From a distance he saw what he could not close up. For Mariátegui Marxism was not a catechism or master plan, but the key to "entering the deep country." & the clues to the depths of Perú is in the Indian communities — still practicing their socialist traditions of work & life despite being raped & dispossessed by the large sterile estate system of the landowners.

1927 -- England: Arthur Ponsonby proposes abolition of Royal Air Force, House of Commons.

1934 -- US: Thousands of blacks battled the police in New York in protest of the Scottsboro trial.

1937 -- Spain: The Friends of Durruti Group is formally established.

The growth of the Group was a consequence of unease with the CNT's policy of compromise with the Republican government.

See the Anarchist Encyclopedia,

Jules Sellenet, French anarchist, aka Francis Boudoux
1941 -- France: Jules Sellenet, known as Francis Boudoux (1881-1941), dies. French militant, antimilitarist & anarcho-syndicalist.

Member of "l'Association Internationale Antimilitariste," he was arrested numerous times for his antiwar activities & also for offenses "related to industrial disputes." Boudoux also fought in Spain with the Durruti Column.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1944 -- John Sebastian of the Lovin' Spoonful lives.

William Gibson
1948 -- Science Fiction author William Gibson lives, Conway, South Carolina.

Gibson left the US for Canada when he was 19 to avoid the draft for the Vietnam War.

The cyberpunks are Vietnam era, as «punks», & identify with grunts vs. officers.

‘Cyberpunk’ is a kind of sf sub-genre; its works are set in a computer-driven, high-tech near-future & feature low-life protagonists interacting in hard-boiled detective type plots.

1950 -- US: Half day work stoppage brings out 10,000 Local 100 members in support of 40 hour work week.

1953 -- US: The American Way? At a "Friendly Sons of St. Patrick" dinner in New York, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Atty. General Herb Brownell boasts that "10,000 citizens are being investigated for denaturalization, & 12,000 aliens for deportation as subversives."

1955 -- Canada: Fans pelt NHL Commissioner Clarence Campbell with garbage & smoke bombs at a game for suspending star player "Rocket" Richard, starting a stampede & a 7-hour riot outside that injures 37, Montreal.

1956 -- Beatster Jack Kerouac hitchhikes from North Carolina to California, where he meets up with the anarchist poet Gary Snyder in Marin County. During the Spring Kerouac writes The Scripture of the Golden Eternity; writes Old Angel Midnight. Kerouac also meets Alan Watts & Robert Creeley.

Tibetan children playing flutes
1959 -- Tibet: Dalai Lama flees to India from Lhasa after the Chinese army crushes a revolt in Tibet.

Source: [K.S. Karol]

1960 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Ike Eisenhower authorizes secret training of Cuban exiles for an invasion of Cuba. Another selfless American gesture to help the people of Cuba.

1962 -- Ray Charles starts his own record label, Tangerine records.

1965 -- Italy: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader King Farouk of Egypt, well-deposed & well-exiled, dies in Rome.

1965 -- US: 1,600 demonstrate at Montgomery, Alabama courthouse.

1966 -- César Chávez & the National Farm Workers Association march from Delano to Sacramento, California, from March 17 to April 11, arriving on Easter Sunday.

Vietnam, Apocalypse Now button
1968 -- England: In London, at the largest Vietnam antiwar march in Britain to date, 25,000 people attempt to storm the US Embassy at Grosvenor Square. The US won't let them in, apparently refusing to recognize their passports. Ninety-one police casualties.

America is Devouring its Children, poster
1968 -- US: Yippies announce at a press conference they will sponsor a "Festival of Life" in Chicago during the upcoming Democratic Convention.

Sabotage Cat
1970 -- US: Postal wildcat strike.

Cliff Notes
1972 -- US: Dita Beard dictates statement from a hospital to which she had been spirited by administration agents, alleging her previously disclosed memo linking an ITT trust settlement with a campaign contribution was a "forgery" & a "hoax" (see 29 February; 26 March).

1974 -- Ethiopia: 3,000 women workers march for equal pay & better labor conditions.

1976 -- Italy: Nationwide wildcat work stoppage, roads blocked, town halls besieged. Unions declare a one-day General Strike in an attempt to recoup this movement.

1978 -- Worst oil spill off Brittany — supertanker Amoco Cadiz breaks in two: 223,000 tons.

1981 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaUS: George Crowley dies, Seattle. Railroad worker, anarchist activist.

1982 -- US: Karl Marx & Co. (American foreign securities brokers) sues USSR for payment of Tsarist war debt. The company has discovered gold in the historical dustbin.

1982 -- Samuel George Jr., lead singer of the Capitols who had a 1966 hit "Cool Jerk," dies in Detroit after being stabbed with a knife in a family argument.

1983 -- Italy: A seguito della denuncia di un industriale, vengono arrestati per corruzione il vicesindaco di Torino, il socialista Enzo Biffi Gentili, assieme ad assessori e consiglieri del PSI, PCI e DC. La piaga del furto di stato (le cosiddette tangenti) è presente geneticamente in tutti i partiti al potere, a livello centrale e locale.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Stan Iverson, self-sketch
1985 -- US: Benefit for anarchist Stan Iverson (1927-1985), at Seattle's Morningtown Pizza & Subs. One of many fund raising efforts to aid Stan in his fight against cancer.

1988 -- US: Soldiers sent to Honduras. Protect US interests. A nasty job, but someone has to do it.

1991 -- Italy: Quattro bambini dello Sri Lanka muoiono congelati dal freddo al confine tra Jugoslavia e Italia. La politica de repressione statale della libera circolazione degli individui dà i primi frutti.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Woody Woodpecker
1992 -- Grace Stafford, cartoon voice of Woody Woodpecker, dies at 87.

1996 -- México: 30,000 march in Villahermosa, in support of a campaign to blockade state-owned oil wells that displace thousands of poor people.

America film Theatre; source
1997 -- In a thorough investigation of the Human world's heads of state, there are no finalists in Cow Tse Tongue's "Remarkably Intelligent for a Human" Awards.

Steal This Radio logo
1999 -- US: Microradio movement news accounts on the struggle to free the airwaves: STEAL THIS RADIO Loses first Round of Free Speech Lawsuit.
[Source: Pirate Radio Kiosk]

2002 -- Jordan: Toujan Faisal, the only woman ever elected to Parliament, goes on a hunger strike in jail, a day after being arrested for accusing the government of corruption, charged with defaming the state & its officials. Elected in 1993 & defeated in 1997, she is a leading advocate of free speech, & an end to political detentions & infringement on public freedoms.

Axis of Evil: Bush, Cheney & Darth Vader
2003 -- US: Having wreaked havoc on the US economy, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Bush addresses the nation to explain why he will soon be a war criminal.

12th annual Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair poster
2007 -- US: The 12th annual Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, San Francisco County Fair Building (Golden Gate Park). Films, speakers, panel discussions, exhibits, kids & family space, & cafe lunches. Due to public demand & continually increasing turnout (last year there were over 5000 people), this year the bookfair is extended to two days: Chris Carlsson, Ward Churchill, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, James Kelman, Saul Landau, Josh Macphee, & many other speakers. Panels include Strategies to Uproot War & Empire, The Future of Radical Print Publications, & The Future of Independent & Radical Bookselling. Admission is free(!).
SPEAKERS: Jen Angel, Melody Berger, Chris Carlsson, Ward Churchill, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Stephen Dunifer, Fly, Aaron Gach, Tiny Garcia, James Kelman, Saul Landau, Josh Macphee, Wendy-o Matik, Keith McHenry, Cindy Milstein, David Solnit, Michelle Tea, James Tracy, Marina Sitrin PANELS: * Strategies to Uproot War & Empire * IWW Standing Up to the Boss! * The Future of Radical Print Publications * Indigenous Perspectives on Anarchism: Resistance, Solidarity & Paths of Self-Determination * The F-Word Salon * Connecting the Big Picture to the Little Picture * The Future of Independent & Radical Book selling

2010 -- US: Wells Fargo's Wachovia Bank agrees to pay $160 million to settle charges that it failed to stop more than $100 million of Colombian & Mexican drug traffickers' money being laundered. Wells Fargo knew of the laundering prior to purchasing Wachovia & began stashing money away to pay the fine.

2010 -- US: An investigation is launched into how a Wal-Mart big box store in New Jersey announced "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now".

2010 -- US: American television officials issue an apology following the broadcast of two hours of pornography on two children's channels.

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Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003: KUO MO-JO
Hallmark early 20th-century communist Chinese novelist.

Uncle Exxon, etc, Wants You! to Wage War
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The Daily Bleed: The Daily Bleed: Stan Iverson, George Crowley, Gary Snyder, Francis Boudoux / Jules Sellenet, Kenneth Rexroth, Kronstadt Rebellion, Johann Most, José Arcadio Márquez, Severino di Giovanni, Jules Jouy, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Ravachol, Otto Gross, Louise Michel; Timeline, Almanac of Radicalism, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists... a radical annotated chronology, almanac, anarchist CALENDAR, anarchisten, anarchism, anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, sindicalismo, anarquia, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, libertarian, syndicalist, libertarian, What Happened on this day, in recovered history March 17

President Evil...Bush
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"Of course we're criminals. We've always been criminals.

On this planet we have to be criminals."

— Green Lantern

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