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Our Daily Bleed...

she digs in yr sand

she gets her claws in
& then catapults from
your arms    leaves

you just small scars

— Lyn Lifshin, "Tiger Madonna"
"Uzzano" Number Four. Winter, 1977.


Proto-ecologist, nomadic provider of apples.

Ishill's letter S HEELAH'S DAY (traditional): her identity is none too clear, & those who celebrate "are not anxious to determine who 'Sheelah' was, as they are earnest in their celebration. All agree that her immortal memory is to be maintained by potations of whiskey."




Cthulhu for president...why settle for lesser evil

Ooops...animated fire
1314 -- Immolaytion?: Jacques de Molay of Knights Templar fame burned at stake.

1721 -- Tobias Smollett (The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker) lives, Dalquhurn, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.

1728 -- John Gay writes to Jonathan Swift of reaction to his Beggar's Opera, which opened January 29: "For writing in the cause of Virtue, & against the fashionable vices, I am looked upon at present as the most obnoxious person almost in England."

Elvis Stamp
1766 -- English Parliament repeals Stamp Act.

1768 -- No Viagra? British author Reverend Laurence Sterne dies, 54, in London. In 1741, following his marriage to Elizabeth Lumley, Sterne shocked his parishioners by discoursing upon the fifth verse of the fifth chapter of Luke: "we have toiled all the night, & have taken nothing."

1842 -- Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898) lives. French poet & leader of the Symbolist movement with Paul Verlaine. Translator of Edgar Allan Poe.

Neither God nor Master
1871 -- France: Paris Commune begins. Starts as resistance to occupying German troops & betrayal by big bourgeois.

1,000 women successfully blockade cannons. The Commune is the first real experiment in worker self-management, occurring with the sympathetic cooperation of the petty bourgeoisie.

The uprising is suppressed two months later.

"The Commune was the biggest festival of the 19th century..."

— Debord, Kotanyi & Vaneigem, "Theses on the Paris Commune," March 18, 1962.

Groups of insurgent are spread throughout the city — the authorities frightened, the revolutionists acting in concert. Blanquistes propose a march on Versailles to get rid of the government, but unfortunately their proposal is not adopted.

  • "Theses on the Paris Commune" online at
  • Hippolyte Havel, Proletarian Days, is from the anarchist paper, Mother Earth, March 1908
  • "The Lessons of the Paris Commune" by the communist Alexander Trachtenberg is on line at Anarchy Archives
  • See also The Paris Commune of 1871: The View from the Left, Schulkind (editor)

    1873 -- David Belasco makes his stage debut at the Metropolitan Theatre playing Emperor Norton in the play “The Gold Demon.”

    1877 -- US: Non-reservation Spokane Indians agree to give up their land claims & move to Coeur d'Alene & Flathead reservations.

    "Maybe we should not have humored them when they asked to live on reservations. Maybe we should have said, No, come join us. Be citizens along with the rest of us."

    — Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President Ronald Reagan during a trip to Moscow, when a student asked about US treatment of Native Americans

    1877 -- Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) lives. America's "sleeping prophet," clairvoyant, psychic diagnostician, never went beyond grammar school or studied medicine, but gained fame as a trance healer prescribing drugs & treatments.

    1877 -- Switzerland: Workers celebration in Bern, organized by the anarchists Peter Kropotkin & Paul Brousse, leads to clashes with the police when the latter try to seize their red flags.
    [Details / context]

    anarchist circle A
    1888 -- Argentina: Errico Malatesta is in Buenos Aires doing active propaganda; "Meetings were held today, on the occasion of the first local strikes, etc., & it is probably that the movement El Perseguido was first issued (1890-1897), the first of the rapidly developing active & numerous anarchist press, culminating in the La Protesta Humana (June 13, 1897), followed by the (daily) Protesta) (April 5, 1904), which for so many years weathers all storms."

    Max Nettlau, Errico Malatesta

    1894 -- Egypt: The newspaper Al-Hilal reports the arrest of a Greek worker in Alexandria for distributing "anarchist leaflets."

    The leaflets call for workers to celebrate the anniversary of the Paris Commune.

    Gravestone for Casey Jones
    1900 -- John Luther Jones, veteran engineer
    of the Chicago & New Orleans Limited,
    dies at the throttle in an effort to slow down
    the hurtling express.

    1904 -- Outsider lives. Real name: Aarne Viktor Laitinen. Known as Aarne Haapakoski. Other pseudonyms: Henrik Horna, Viktor Mario, William B. Harrow, Rigor Morton. Writer, journalist. One of the most productive thriller authors in Finland from the 30's to the 60's. He wrote nearly 3000 stories.

    1910 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: A celebration of the fifth anniversary of the anarchist journal Mother Earth takes place in New York City.

    ... show details

    1915 -- American novelist/playwright/crime writer Richard Condon lives; best known for his thrillers The Manchurian Candidate & Prizzi's Honor — both adapted to screen.

    "Politics is a form of high entertainment & low comedy. It has everything: it's melodramatic, it's sinister & it has wonderful villains."

    1915 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman, Harry Kelly, Italian Carlo Tresca, Pedro Esteve, Russian William Shatoff, & physician / anarchist Michael Cohn share the platform for an international celebration of the anniversary of the Paris Commune. A poor turnout is attributed by Emma to the divided stance among radicals on the war.

    Dada puzzle
    1917 -- Switzerland: Hugo Ball: "Together with Tzara I took over the rooms of gallery Corray & yesterday we opened the gallery DADA ..." The Dada Manifesto appears on the 23rd.

    1918 -- First governmental plan for a 'League of Nations' proposed by U.K.

Magon by Carlos Cortez
1918 -- US: Mexican anarchist Ricardo Flores Magón is arrested for the final time on March 18, 1918 under the Espionage Act.

... show details

Ben Reitman
1918 -- US: Dr. Ben Reitman begins his six-month prison sentence in Cleveland for his January 1917 conviction for distributing birth control information. Just one of many visits to jail he endures over the years for practicing "free speech" in America.

Kronstadt: Dead on the ice
1921 -- Russia: Kronstadt fell yesterday. Thousands of sailors & workers lie dead in the streets. Summary execution of prisoners & hostages continues.

Today the victorious Bolsheviks are celebrating the anniversary of the Paris Commune of 1871.

Trotsky & Zinoviev, without shame, denounce Thiers & Gallifet for the slaughter of the Paris rebels.

... show details

1921 -- Steamer Hong Kong runs aground off Swatow, China killing 1,000.

1925 -- US: Tornado in the south-central US leaves 689 dead & 13,000 injured, plus $16-18 million in damage, rendering this the worst tornado on record.

1932 -- John Updike lives, Shillington, Pennsylvania. Novelist, short story writer, poet.

1937 -- US: Police evict striking retail clerks occupying NY Woolworth's for the 40-hour week.

1937 -- Spain: Battles in Guadalajara (March 8 through 18) end in victory for the Republican forces (the International Brigades & a division controlled by the anarquista Cipriano Mera) over the fascist nationalist camp composed of Italian, Moroccan troops & strongly armed & motorized Carlists attempting to seize Madrid. anarchist

1937 -- US: A natural gas explosion in London, Texass (now New London) kills over 300 students, teachers & parents in the worst public school disaster in American history.

... show details

1938 -- México: Lázaro Cárdenas expropriates oil companies.

1938 -- Spain: Lincolns are in reserve at Batea, about 40 kilometers southeast of Caspe; joined by more than 100 new recruits as well as stragglers finding their way back, the battalion strength is back to around 400, after being overrun & decimated by fascist forces in the past week.
Resources & sources on the [Spanish Revolution of 1936]

1942 -- US: The War Relocation Authority with Milton Eisenhower as director is created, as Beloved & Respected Comrade Liberal Franklin Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9102. It is allocated $5.5 million. The first of 108 "Civilian Exclusion Orders" is issued on the 24th.

Mikhael Guerdjikov, anarchist
1947 -- Mikhael Guerdjikov (1877-1947) dies. Bulgarian militant involved in the Macedonian liberation movement, influenced by Bakunin's ideas; editor of numerous papers (& starting Bulgaria's first anarchist periodical, Free Society). His burial is the last gathering of Bulgarian anarchists for many years.

1953 -- US: In response to an investigation by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator Joseph McCarthy, the State Department bars from its overseas information libraries the works of all authors whose loyalty to the US is "suspect."

Books by such writers as Franklin P. Adams, John Dewey, Edna Ferber, Dashiell Hammett, Theodore White, Edmund Wilson, & even Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Secretary Dulles' own cousin Foster are thus withdrawn; some were publicly burned. See also tomorrow when the disposable fun continues.

1956 -- Louis Bromfield, author of Early Autumn, dies. Received 1927 Pulitzer.

1957 -- Bill Haley & the Comets return from 11-week tour of Australia, Europe & the British Isles. They played for a half-million fans.

1959 -- US: On or about March 18, 1959, Big Table, Incorporated, 1316 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois, the Mailer in this proceeding, deposited for mailing in the Chicago Post Office several hundred copies of its publication Big Table 1...

... show details

1962 -- Algeria: Civil war ends in independence from France.

1963 -- US: Supreme Court rules that states must provide free legal counsel for indigents.

1964 -- Perú: Several Cocama tribal villages in Amazon Basin strafed & napalmed by government planes.

1965 -- Outer Space: First space float, by Alexi Leonov of USSR. First human to "walk" in space when he spent ten minutes outside his Voskhod II spacecraft.

Pee Guy
1965 -- Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Bill Wyman arrested for "insulting behavior" in London — for urinating on the wall of the Francis Garage, a gas station where they sought use of the men's room; when the owner refused, & told them to go, they went.

1967 -- England: The first big oil spill: US supertanker "Torrey Canyon" runs aground off Land's End, releasing 119,000 tons of oil. 90,000 tons wash up on Devon, Cornwall. Their heating problems are solved for next millenium.

1968 -- US: At 3 a.m., the staff of San Francisco's "progressive" rock station KMPX-FM walks out on strike citing a lack of control over programming & "hassles over the whole long-hair riff." Performers like the Rolling Stones, Joan Baez, the Jefferson Airplane & the Grateful Dead request the station not play their music as long as the station is run by strikebreakers.

1969 -- US begins secret bombing of neutral Cambodia, escalating war in Southeast Asia.

1969 -- SAN FRANCISCO - The MC5 have blasted their way out of the grease pits of FoMoCo city, resolved their feud with the Motherfuckers of New York's lower east side, & wound up in the San Francisco jailhouse after a near street fight with a squad of TACs.

... show details

1970 -- US: The first mass work stoppage in the 195-year history of the Post Office Department began with a walkout of letter carriers in Brooklyn & Manhattan, soon involving 210,000 of the nation's 750,000 postal employees. Emergency button

... show details

1970 -- US: F***?: Country Joe McDonald is convicted for obscenity & fined $500 for leading a crowd in his infamous Fish Cheer ("Gimme an F..!") at a concert in Massachusetts.

Radical heroes
1970 -- US: Trying to reclaim music from the (quote) "filthy, capitalist" record companies, a radical Madison newspaper called Kaleidoscope releases a bootleg album.

Features Beatles cuts excluded from the album "Get Back" & Bob Dylan's "Isle of Wight" concert. Sells for three dollars, & all profits go to a local activist bail fund. The cover features a photo of John Sinclair, who founded the White Panthers & is doing 10-years for handing two joints to an undercover agent.

1972 -- US: Congressional study announces that the income gap in the US between the richest 20% & the poorest 20% has doubled in the past 20 years (since 1952).

1976 -- Italy: Police brutally attack students at the University of Padua where they have been holding a sit-in; five wounded by bullets.

1976 -- US: New trial ordered for Rubin "Hurricane" Carter & John Artis (for a 1967 triple murder in New Jersey).

Proudhon Tattoo: Property is theft!
1986 -- US: William F. Buckley, Jr. suggests in the NY Times that everyone found to have AIDS "should be tattooed in the upper forearm to protect common-needle users & on the buttocks to prevent the victimization of other homosexuals.

This really gets me hot!"

1990 -- East Germany: First free elections in its 41-year history.

1990 -- US: A Tampa little leaguer, dies, after being struck by a pitch.

BleedMeister's Nummer One son has been clearly instructed not to be beaned by baseballs.

Buncha Flakes? On March 16, 2002 his team's practice is cut short due to snow.

Where's GlobalWarming when you need it?

1994 -- Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain has 4 guns & 25 boxes of ammo confiscated after his wife, Courtney Love, calls police fearing he will commit suicide. He does in about three weeks.

Rotten John
1996 -- The Sex Pistols announce they are reuniting for a 20th anniversary tour. The world yawns.

Homeland security buttons
2003 -- US: While some bums paint the town red, Beloved Respected Comrade "I Was Not Elected President" George Bush II paints the nation Democracy Orange.

A handy color-coded guide is provided here, developed by the Office of Homeland Security, to help you quickly & easily determine just how far the government wants you to bend over.

... show details

James Koehnline's 'Terror Threat Index Illustrated'

2004 -- Nummer One Son flies to Italy for Spring Quarter in Florence before wandering around Europe for two months this summer (Germany, France, Spain, Greece). Rotten Bum...hasn't even turned 18 yet. & much worser, he forgot to take DadMeister with him!

2006 -- March 18 | San Francisco, Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair.

2006 -- France: Youth riots in the streets of Paris, cop cars burn, bricks fly.

2008 -- Canada: Uranium mining protest in Ontario.
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— Batman

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