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Wherever I go I carry a door with me, opened or closed, depending on what's happening

       — David Ignatow, "Thank You"


Cuban film actor, theater director, cultural activist.


France: FESTIVAL OF THE WASHERWOMEN. Italy: MEZZAQUARESIMA, the Mid-Lenten festival, where Carnevale is a fat man & Mid-Lent a skinny old hag sometimes with seven legs for seven weeks. Young people cavort around her effigy in the streets.

NEW YEAR'S DAY: Ancient Babylonia & still is in Afghanistan & Iran (Zoroastrian Fasli calendar, since 1906).
Begins 13 days of fire- & water-jumping, masked door-to-door communal soup collections, wrestling displays, open-air kettle-drum & oboe concerts, all culminating in mass picnics on the 13th day [Iran].
Forget resolutions & party down.


Spring equinox: days begin to outstrip nights. Picnic or evening soirée, the choice is yours.

First of the month of GERMINAL (budding) in the French revolutionary calendar.

Old (and fixed) date for X-tian EASTER celebrations, in order to avoid coincidence with Passover. In use between 433 & 596CE but finally proved unworkable. Nobody should work on Easter anyhow. Or any other day....


I ran U ran
we all ran
from Iran

— a tee-shirt

Howard Besser, The T-Shirt Bandit Terrorist(!), captured by FBI,
Visit Howard Besser's fabulous t-shirt collection, 533 of them & counting...

62 -- England: Queen Boadicea [boh-DAY-shuh] of Iceni in eastern Britain commits suicide rather than be captured by Roman troops.

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1678 -- The London Gazette offers a reward to anyone who can reveal the author of An Account of the Growth of Popery, published anonymously by Andrew Marvell in 1677.

1685 -- "Get Bach?": German classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach lives.

1788 -- US: Fire in New Orleans destroys 800 buildings.

1804 -- French Civil code, the Code Napoleon, adopted.

1843 -- William Miller says the world will end on this day..... (oops!) He'll try again a few more times.

1844 -- William Miller says the world will end on this day. (Ooops. Can't win them all.) Sorry, Bill, try again Y2k.

1848 -- Gustaf von Numers (1848-1913) lives. Finnish playwright; his best known works were in cooperation with Kaarlo Bergbom, the central figure of Finnish theatre in the 1880s. Later Numers broke with Bergbom & wrote plays for Swedish theatres.

1851 -- US: Modern Times, an anarchist colony, founded in NY by Josiah Warren, Stephen Pearl Andrews, William G. Greene.
See Kenneth Rexroth's chapter on Josiah Warren in Communalism
See also "The Lemonade Ocean & Modern Times" by Hakim Bey,

1853 -- US: American Labor Union founded.

1857 -- Japan: A major earthquake followed by massive fires fanned by high winds all but destroys Tokyo; an estimated 107,000 die, most from the flames.

1871 -- France: Proclamation of the Commune of Toulouse.

1877 -- Anna Strunsky Walling lives. A family story says that because Anna was small at nine her parents misstated her age to get a cheaper ticket, hence much subsequent confusion over her real birth date, which is today.

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1887 -- Lajos Kassák Hungary: Avant-garde theorist Lajos Kassák lives (1887-1967), Érsekújvár. Poet, novelist, painter, essayist, editor, theoretician of the avant-garde & occasional translator, was the father of many modern isms. Kassák was among the first to be arrested after the collapse of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. (See the 1919 entry below.)

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1891 -- US: A Hatfield marries a McCoy, ending a famous long feud in West Virginia.

1905 -- Author Phyllis McKinley lives, Ontario, Oregon.

Huge pig wearing Moo (Cow) shoes
1907 -- Honduras: Marines land here during war with Nicaragua, to "protect US interests." Yup. Must be a dandy nice place. Done it before (1903), & done going to keep going back (1911, 1912, 1919, 1982-90).

1910 -- Gaspard-Félix Tournachon (aka Nadar) dies, Paris. French photographic pioneer, caricaturist, bohemian.
Autonomedia Calendar Patron Saint 2005.
Source: Autonomedia Calendar

1911 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Scheduling problems, March 13-21, for Emma Goldman's lecture series in St. Paul — she holds only one meeting.

1913 -- France: Émile Maurin (1862-1913) (known as Elie Murmain) dies. Militant & photographer. See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page,

1914 -- Emma Goldman, anarchistUS: Emma Goldman, the "Queen of Anarchy," addresses a demonstration of unemployed workers at Union Square in New York City; the rally is followed by a march along Fifth Avenue. This event launches a city-wide campaign of the unemployed, in which Alexander Berkman takes an active role.

Magon by Carlos Cortez
1918 -- US: Mexican anarchist Ricardo Flores Magón is arrested for the final time under the Espionage Act of 1917. Ricardo Flores Magon, anarchistArrested in Los Angeles, placed under $50,000 bail. He is later convicted, under the Espionage Act, for obstructing the war effort, & sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. He will die in prison, ostensibly at the hands of his prison guards.

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1919 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaHungary: Insurrection of the Councils with the participation of anarchists in the Commune of Budapest.

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1920 -- Brazil: Segundo Congresso Operário Estadual do Rio Grande do Sul - Na rua Comendador Azevedo, 30, dias 21 a 25 de março.

1920 -- Brazil: Second Rio Grande do Sul State Congress.

Held March 21-25th with delegates representing 30 associations, all adhering to revolutionary unionism.
Source: [Arquivo de História Social]

Segundo Congresso Operário Estadual do Rio Grande do Sul - Na rua Comendador Azevedo, 30, dias 21 a 25 de março de 1920. Estiveram presentes delegados de 30 associações todas comprometidas com o sindicalismo revolucionário.

Chairman Mao addresses questions: Here's a Good One! A worker asks 'What about worker self-management!!
1927 -- China: New insurrection by Shanghai workers succeeds. Tomorrow Nationalist troops enter the already liberated city.

Beginning of the Shanghai Commune, which lasts until April 12 when it is crushed by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Chiang Kai-shek's nationalist troops (aided by Communist Russia's arms, advisers & money).

Where's Mao when you need him?

1937 -- Puerto Rico: The "Ponce Massacre," 22 Puerto Ricans killed in demonstrations for independence from US.

1937 -- Spain: The anarchist Iron Column meets in assembly to vote on militarization or disbandment: it agrees to militarization.

Tower, concentration camp US
1942 -- US: The first advance groups of Japanese American "volunteers" arrive at Manzanar. The WRA would take over on June 1 & transform it into a "relocation center."

1946 -- US: First the Schools, Then the World?: United Nations set up temporary headquarters at Hunter College, New York.

1960 -- South Africa: Sharpeville Massacre, 69 people murdered by police during protests of apartheid pass laws.

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1961 -- The Beatles play Liverpool's Cavern Club for the first time.

1962 -- A bear becomes the first creature to be ejected at supersonic speeds.

1963 -- US: Alcatraz, the world's most secure prison, closes. Only one man ever escaped the island in San Francisco Bay in 30 years — only to be arrested when reaching the mainland.

1964 -- Timothy Leary starts first week of solitary LSD. This spring Newsweek reports on Millbrook.

1964 -- England: Top This? Three women found guilty of indecency for wearing topless dresses, London.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1965 -- US: Viola Liuzzo murdered while transporting civil rights workers after the Selma-to-Montgomery march (see 19 March).

1965 -- US: Civil rights marchers from Selma head for Alabama capitol Montgomery, Alabama with Martin Luther King, Jr. among the 25,000 who participate. TWU (Transportation Workers' Union) contingent included, to support voting rights drive. They arrive on the 25th.

1967 -- Eric Burdon & the Animals appear at the Civic Auditorium in Frisco.
Source: [Frisco History Archive]

1969 -- US: Proctor & Gamble Company accidentally ejects 5,000 gallons of soybean oil into the Chicago River, reducing the local percentage of dissolved oxygen (necessary for marine life respiration) to zero.

John & Yoko
1969 -- The newly wed John Lennon & Yoko Ono begin their famous "bed-in for peace" at the Amsterdam Hilton.

1969 -- US: San Francisco State College strike ends.

1969 -- US: Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint heads fiction bestseller list; Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five published. Vonnegut calls himself an anarchist, using black humor against the ruling class.

1969 -- US: Black students exit from occupied student union building at Cornell University carrying guns.

1969 -- US: Easy Rider, starring Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda & Jack Nicholson, premieres.

1969 -- US: Speak-out, "Abortion: Tell It Like It Is," held at Washington Square Methodist Church, in NY City. The first public action of Redstockings — a socialist-feminist women's liberation group. See Feminist Revolution (1973; edited by Kathie Sarachild, with contributions by Judy Grahn, Patricia Mainardi, Carol Hanisch, Michele Wallace, Ellen Willis, Rosario Morales & many others).

1970 -- US: In New York, an effigy of Gus Johnson, president of the letter carriers' union local there, is hung at a tumultous meeting where the national union leaders are called "rats" & "creeps."

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1971 -- US: Following a high-speed chase, a Seattle, Washington police officer shoots & kills black suspect Leslie Allen Black. An inquest later finds the shooting "unjustified." Similar to a number of other killings by police during this period.

1973 -- US: Watergate tapes.

"There's a cancer in the Presidency." John Dean informs Richard Nixon.

The Trickster inquires: How much money do you need?

Dean: I would say these people are going to cost a million dollars over the next two years.

Trickster: We could get that ... you could get a million dollars. & you could get it in cash. I, I know where it could be gotten . . .

By recording this, the brilliant lawyer & Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dick M Nixon provided the evidence needed for Article I of Impeachment: Obstruction of Justice. [Not to mention creating one of the top 10 mescaline comedy tapes of all time.]

"I love the Nixon stamp because I can spit on both sides."

1977 -- US: Menomonee activists take over courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, demanding authorities investigate the beating of two women.

1980 -- US: 550 women gather at Amherst, Massachusetts, for Women & Life on Earth Conference.

1981 -- West Germany: Demonstrations erupting into violence involving young people — most in sympathy with squatters — angry with authority, in 19 cities.

No Masters cover by The Layabouts
1981 -- US: The useless & lazy anarchist band, The Layabouts, takes form, Highland Park, Detroit, Spring, 1981, the Colorado House...

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1985 -- South Africa: During funeral march for three killed in Sharpeville memorial demo, South African police kill 19 more.

1988 -- François-Charles Carpentier dies. French militant anarchiste, friend of Louis Mercier Vega & fighter with the Durruti Column. See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page,

1990 -- Namibian Independence Day. (or yesterday?)

1990 -- England: Ploughshares Two disable US F-111 bomber, Upper Heyford.

1991 -- Fender Bender?: The man who invented the electric guitar, Leo Fender dies.

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1995 -- Cutting Edge?: The state of Mississippi ratifies the 13th amendment to the US Constitution outlawing slavery.

1995 -- South Africa: On the anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre, newly elected democratic government establishes today as Human Rights Day.

1996 -- France: Conference on La Culture Libertaire begins in Grenoble, March 21st to 23rd, with over 30 sessions (some parallel) running from 9am to 7pm for three days.

Skull Gun
2003 -- Iraq: US begins concerted bombing & missile attack of western Baghdad.

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2006 -- Iraq: Repeat after Bush: Victory is just around the corner! (Osama's surely hiding just around the other— better alive than dead.)

2010 -- Ireland: Pope's 13-page sex-abuse apology to Irish Catholics is read to Massgoers. Protesters walkout during Mass at St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral in Dublin. Musician & prominent abuse campaigner Sinéad O'Connor dismisses the Pope's letter as a "a study in the art of lying".

Army recruit with arms in the air to get his pits sniffed
3000 --

"Social theorists have tried many definitions of human nature: human beings are the animals that make tools, that laugh, that play. I have another:

Human-beings are history-makers. We eternally make our present by looking backwards. We present ourselves by expressing a significant past. To know us in our history is to know who we are."

— Greg Dening, Performances

All bleeding eventually stops!, animated Bleed slogan
3500 -- Poetry from the anarchists The Daily Bleed: Kurt Vonnegut, The Layabouts, Ricardo Flores Magón, Emma Goldman, François-Charles Carpentier, Iron Column, Modern Times, Josiah Warren, Stephen Pearl Andrews, William G. Greene, Émile Maurin, Second Rio Grande do Sul State Congress; Timeline, Almanac of Radicalism, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists... a radical annotated chronology, almanac, anarchist CALENDAR, anarchisten, anarchism, anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, sindicalismo, anarquia, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, libertarian, syndicalist, libertarian, What Happened on this day, in recovered history March 21

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