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&in a house of many doors, such as the city, the distinction, inside to out, may be difficult, an habitual mystery.

      — Janet Kauffman, "The Blue Door Of Detroit"


"The Pantarch," founder of anarchist utopia "Modern Times," on Long Island, New York. Inventor of a universal language ("alwat"). Philosopher of "universology." Early New York boho free-love radical.


Lenny Bruce Gravesite
Lenny Bruce displays his grave concern.

"Now lemme hip you to something. Lemme tell you something. If you believe that there is a god, a god that made your body, & yet you think that you can do anything with that body that's dirty, then the fault lies with the manufacturer."

— Emmis

1492 -- Columbus & Alonzo Pietro set sail for the Indies.

1519 -- México: Cortez brings a sample of Western Civilization to the New World in the name of his King & Catholic faith: looting, killing, subjugating, raping & massacres in his "March of Death."

1526 -- New Old World: First North American slave revolt.

1621 -- New Old World: Massasoit & Pilgrims agree on league of friendship. This treaty is made by Plymouth Colony with the Indians, & is kept, by both sides, for 50 years

1622 -- New Old World: First Indian massacre of Europeans, Jamestown (Virginia); 347 slain.

Sex Pistols stamp
1765 -- New Old World: Stamp Act imposed upon American colonies by Great Britain.

Stephen Pearl Andrews
1812 -- US: Modern Times founder Stephen Pearl Andrews (1812-1886) lives, Templeton, Massachusetts. Lawyer, anarchist, free-love advocate.

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bullet hole
1820 -- Legendary naval hero Stephen Decatur (see 16 February) mortally wounded in a duel with a fellow officer.

Black Rain movie poster
1828 --
Strange Stuff:

Black Rain falls again (!) in the Clyde Valley.

... A correspondent to Knowledge, 5-190, writes of a black rain that fell in the Clyde Valley, March 1, 1884: of another black rain that fell two days later. According to the correspondent, a black rain had fallen in the Clyde Valley, March 20, 1828: then again today.

1832 -- Goethe dies, age 82, in Weimar. His last words: "More Light!" Poet/playwright/novelist/philosopher.

Nothing is more revolting than the majority; for it consists of few vigorous predecessors, of knaves who accommodate themselves, of weak people who assimilate themselves, & the mass that toddles after them without knowing the least what it wants.

— Goethe

Josiah Warren, American anarchist
1842 -- US: Anarchist / publisher / abolitionist Josiah Warren (1798-1874) opens 2nd Time Store in New Harmony.

Warren founded several “equity” stores, founded three Utopian colonies, & wrote True Civilization.

See Kenneth Rexroth's chapter on Josiah Warren in Communalism

Josiah Warren Archive,
Biographical article on Warren, with references & links,

1846 -- Artist Randolph Caldecott, book illustrator & Punch lives, Chester, England. The Caldecott Medal for excellence in children's book illustration is named for him.

1869 -- Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 2002:

Leader of insurrectionary forces for Philippine liberation from US occupiers.

American historical amnesia: the US policy of genocide meant the massacre of some 300,000 men, women & children in this small country, a feat not superseded until Hitler's Germany. The subject, surprisingly, is avoided or papered over in American schoolbooks & media.

1873 -- Puerto Rico: The Spanish National Assembly finally abolishes slavery in Puerto Rico. The owners are compensated with 35 million pesetas per slave, & slaves are required to continue working for three more years.

1873 -- anarchist diamond dingbat; anarquistaSpain: Fermín Salvochea y Álvarez, an early & important Andalusian anarchist, is briefly mayor of Cadiz with the proclamation of the 1st Republic; among other measures, he implemented an 8-hour work day before having to flee the country. When he died in 1907, 50,000 people in Cadiz attend his burial & his tomb has never lacked a daily renewal of fresh flowers.

1882 -- US: The Edmunds Act is passed by Congress, making polygamy a felony offense, disenfranchising polygamists & barring them from public office. Apparently the only US law to deprive citizens of their civil rights without trial.

anarchist circle
1893 -- France: Kleber Claux, French-Australian anarchist, naturalist, lives, Mogneville.

1895 -- Lumiere brothers first project films onto a screen in public.

Marius Jacob, French anarchiste
1905 -- France: the trial of Alexandre Marius Jacob & his gang, begun on March 8th, concludes in Amiens. Alexandre Jacob was a burglar, & member of anarchist "Les travailleurs de la nuit" (Workers of the Night) gang, credited with 150 burglings.

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1908 -- Louis L'Amour (1908-1988) lives. American writer of western fiction. After the 1950s L'Amour published, at the peak of his career, several westerns a year. Best known is Hondo.

1910 -- Nicholas Monsarrat, novelist (The Cruel Sea), lives, Liverpool, England.

Bienvenido Santos
1911 -- Bienvenido N. Santos (1911-1996) lives. "One of the giants of Filipino American literature."

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1927 -- México: Passport regulations done away with for those who wish to enter its territory — a declaration since revoked.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1942 -- Norway: Manifesto against Nazi control of education read in most churches.

1947 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Truman issues an order calling for strict FBI check-ups into the loyalty of all prospective Federal employees. The order results in the creation of the "Attorney General's List" of subversive organizations.

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Hey, hey!: Smiley Face
1954 -- US: Admiral Arthur W. Radford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announces that "the French are going to win" in Indochina.

1956 -- Carl Perkins injured in a car accident enroute to New York City for an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. He spent several months in the hospital. Before he recovers, Elvis Presley covers his hit, "Blue Suede Shoes", & Perkins' career never recovered.

1958 -- South Africa: Women demonstrate against pass laws.

Ettore Bonometti
1961 -- Ettore Bonometti (1872-1961), Italian anarchist militant, dies in Brescia.

Bonometti first went to prison in March 1892 where, to the delight of many — & the consternation of certain others — he regaled everyone with his anarchist songs & anti-monarchist views.
Obviously he won the adoration of his jailers, as they insisted on encores numerous times, & he again graced Italy's jails in August 1892, November 1893, February 1894, & April 1895 — & many other times over the years.

1963 -- EMI-Parlophone releases the Beatles' first album, "Please Please Me" in the U.K.

1966 -- Sopwith Camel appears at the Matrix in the Marina District in Frisco.

1966 -- Italy: L'(in)giustizia di stato condanna a sei mesi di reclusione per pubblicazione oscena la scrittrice Milena Milani e il responsabile dellla Longanesi Mario Monti rispettivamente autrice ed editore del romanzo "La ragazza di nome Giulio."
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Dany Cohn-Bendit
1968 -- France: Students occupy the school at Nanterre & the March 22nd Movement emerges — an organization with no hierarchy & no ideological program. Includes members of various groups & also unorganized students.

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Cable car
1968 -- US: In Frisco, the President's daughter, Lynda Bird Johnson, is ordered off a cable car for eating an ice cream cone.

1968 -- US: March 22-23: A MOBE conference in Lake Villa, Illinois brings together MOBE, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), & Yippie activists to plan the Convention demonstrations.

1968 -- Czechoslovakia: Antonin Novotny resigns the Czech presidency, setting off alarm bells in Moscow. The next day leaders of five Warsaw Pact countries meet in Dresden, East Germany to discuss the crisis.
[Source: WholeWorld is Watching]

Miguel Garcia
1969 -- Spain: Miguel Garcia released from prison.

Former Portuguese diplomat, Antonio de Figueredo, despairing of attempts at ameliorating the dictatorship of Dr. Salazar, persuades local anti-fascists to unite with Iberian dissidents, including ETA & anarquista militants such as Garcia.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Thug war: Uncle Sam seizes, You forfeit, poster by James Koehnline
1972 -- Furry Freak Brothers?: 13-member National Commission on Marijuana & Drug Abuse recommends legalization of marijuana.

Collage by SaintMeister James Koehnline

1972 -- US: Congress approves Equal Rights Amendment (ERA, never ratified).

1974 -- US: First & founding CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Convention – March 22-24, 1974.

animated Women's buttons

We didn't come here to swap recipes...

Fire, animated
1975 -- US: A technician checking for air leaks with a lighted candle causes a $100 million fire at the Brown's Ferry reactor in Decatur, Alabama. The fire burns out electrical controls, lowering the cooling water to dangerous levels. Musta been a leak.

1976 -- US: Presidential candidate Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Jimmy Carter tells audience at the National Association of Record Merchandisers' Scholarship Foundation Dinner that Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin & other bands inspired him while working late nights as Governor of Georgia. To prove he would never lie to them, he quotes lines from the Beatles' "Yesterday" & Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind."

No War, No Followers!
1977 -- Iran: To alleviate a chronic power shortage (caused by anti-regime strikes & sabotage) the Shah of Iran institutes a 1 hour daylight saving time. Public outrage against this measure becomes a symbol of opposition protests & result in the collapse of the regime soon after. CIA, once again, is surprisingly in the dark all the while.

Source: [Calendar Riots]

1978 -- Puerto Rico: Karl Wallenda, age 73, dies while crossing a wire between two hotels in San Juan. He is knocked off balance by a gust of wind & falls to his death ten stories below.

1980 -- US: 30,000 march against conscription, Washington, D.C.

1983 -- US: Midnight Special? 16 arrested in four-day cross-country demonstration against shipments of nuclear warheads by train.

Overflowing recycle can
1987 -- US: The 'Mobro 4,000', piled with 3,168 tons of NY garbage, begins a 162-day, 6,000-mile search for a port willing to take its' load. As the boat barges its way into the media spotlight — a surreal symbol of man's inability to clean up his own mess — it's rebuffed by six states & three countries before NY City agrees to burn the trash.

Eugen Relgis, poet, anarchist; source ephemeride anarchiste
1987 -- Uruguay: Eugen Relgis (1895-1987), Rumanian poet, antimilitarist & prolific anarchist author of some distinction, dies, Montevideo. Wrote Cosmometapolis (1950); La letteratura, l'arte e la guerra (1968); Principi umanitaristi: Umanitarismo e socialismo (Principles of Humanism, 1969, published in 18 languages), the biography, Han Ryner (1971), among others.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1990 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaEngland: Death of Geoffrey Ostergaard (1926-1990), gentle anarchist/pacifist. Wrote on workers' control, & also similarities of Sarvodaya in India & anarchism.

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TRB logo
2001 -- England: Tom Robinson & Lee Griffiths: THE DOGS BOLLOCKS TOUR 2001 UK.

Tony gibson, British anarchist
2001 -- Tony Gibson dies, ripe young age of 86. British psychologist, BBC producer of programmes on youth groups & social workers, writer, Bryl Cream model & an anarchist. Wrote the science fiction novel, Breaking In The Future (Zenith Books, Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1965).

Money flag, animated
2003 -- Iraq: An American soldier raises an American flag above the Iraqi flag, a symbolic sign of occupation.

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2007 -- India: Anti-guru U.G. Krishnamurti dies.

13th annual Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair
2008 -- US: 13th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair (March 22nd & 23rd). Over 60 publishers, distributors, independent booksellers, alternative media & political groups, artists, & others.

2009 -- Folklorist & labor historian Archie Green dies, aged 91. A former shipwright & carpenter who became one of the most influential folklorists of the past half-century. Author of such books as, The Big Red Songbooks, Wobblies, Pile Butts, & Other Heroes: Laborlore Explorations, & articles such as "Carlos Cortez & Wobbly Artistry," "Hillbilly Music: Source & Symbol".

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2009 -- Dadaesque painter, sculptor, performance artist & avant-garde philosopher Robert Delford Brown winks no more, Wilmington, North Carolina.

He touches a nerve at the core of the social codes that organize not only our behavior but also the limits of our art.

— Allan Kaprow

2228 --
Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise lives (aka William Shatner [1931-])

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3500 --

"We are upping our standards ... so up yours."

      — Pat Paulsen for President, 1988
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