[Daily Bleed]: dailyShiningRustedGlory: 2/10 BERTOLT BRECHT galeano February 10 [Daily Bleed]: dailyShiningRustedGlory: 2/10 BERTOLT BRECHT DailyHomelessRevelersPantomime: 2/15: JOHN MORGAN MORE STOLEN CHILDREN "Marxism is the worst form of mental illness," ruled Colonel Antonio Vallejo Najera, psychiatrist supreme in Genralissimo Francisco Franco's Spain. He had studied Republican mothers in prison & proven that they harbored "criminal tendencies." To defend the purity of the Iberian race, threatend by Marxist degeneration & maternal deliquency, thousands of newborn infants, children of Republican parents, were kidnapped & plopped into the arms of families devoted to the cross & sword. Who were those children? who are they, so many years later? No one knows. Franco's dictatorship falsified the records to cover its tracks & ordered everyone to forget: it stole the children & it stole their memory. Need to get alink to Cascadia's tree octopus Add this to bleed dbase: 1912 -- Roy Sullivan, A Virginia Forest Warden, was born on this seventh day, & during his 70 years he survived seven lightning bolts: 1n 1942 lightning tore off a toeanail. In 1969 another bolt singed off his eyebrows and eyelashes. In 1970 a third charred his left shoulder. In 1972 a bolt left him bald. In 1973 another burned his legs. In 1976 a bolt gashed one ankle. In 1977 a 7th bolt seared his chest & belly. In 1983 the bolt of lightning that split his skull did not come from the heavens. 1756 -- A VICTORY FOR CIVILIZATION It happened north of the Uruguay River. The king of Spain bestowed upon his father-in-law, the king of Portugal, 7 missions of Jesuit priests. The gift included the 30,000 Guaraní Indians who lived there. The Guaranís refused to submit & the Jesuits, accused of conspiring with them, were sent back to Europe. On this day in the hills of Caiboté the resistance was defeated. Victory went to the combined armies of Spain & Portugal, more than 4,000 soldiers accompanied by horses, cannon & a large number of land grabbers & slave hunters. Final score, according to the official statistics: Indians killed, 1,723 Spaniards killed, 3 Portuguese killed, 1 DailyHomelessRevelersPantomime: 2/15 EDGAR SNOW query AMZ re: Blocked unless FBA ________________________________________________________________ fix link at http://recollectionbooks.com/bleed/saints/StWilliamGodwin.htm Godwin is listed as owner of the ARMAGEDDONIA ANARCHISTS baseball team, BAD LINK: http://www.clark.net/pub/cosmic/98aar.html#berkman _____________________________________________________ They say it issued from a woman. A word she said, or didn't. They say. Wilhelm Reich, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Dario Fo, Bill Witherup, Russell Blackwell, Léo Campion, Dwight Macdonald, Los Solidarios, Errico Malatesta, Emma Goldman, Willi Jelinek, Emile Digeon, Charles Benoit, et al: The Daily Bleed, What Happened on this day, in recovered history March 24
Cat Has Had the Time of His Life

thin line

Our Daily Bleed...

Let me tell you something about meditation. At the absolute center, is the vortex we are spun from like clay, there is a shaping hand which is neither Godlike nor peaceful as you imagine.

      — Forrest Gander, "The Violence Of The Egg"

Reich on!

Way beyond Freud & Jung . . . the SexPol dynamo.

Ancient Rome: DAY OF BLOOD, part of the FESTIVAL OF ATTIS (Hilaria). Priests gash themselves with knives in frenzied dancing to wild music, an offering to the resurrected Attis.

79 -- Famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius buries the towns of Pompeii & Herculaneum & some 20,000 inhabitants. Although some manage to flee, most inhabitants of these seaport towns were cut off by damage to docks, boat landings, & rough seas.

809 -- Death of Harun al-Rashid.

1241 -- Poland: Mongols under Kaidu take Cracow.

1490 -- George Agricola, "Father of Mineralogy," lives.

1580 -- First bombs (grenades) thrown, in Holland.

1635 -- French engraver/illustrator Jacques Callot dies.

1638 -- New Old World: Deep Ecology? Rhode Island purchased from the Indians for 40 fathoms of beads.

1661 -- New Old World: Willi Leddra executed in New England for being a Quaker.

Hey, hey! Smiley Face
1788 -- US: Commie Ingrates?: People of Rhode Island, in a special referendum, reject the new United States Constitution by a 10-to-1 margin. Don't call them Rhode Island Reds for nothin.

1812 -- England: Luddites attack Thompson's mill Rawdon, Leeds; similarly Joseph Foster's mill at Horbury on 9th April; also during this month, Assizes in Nottingham, tried Wm Carnell, Jos Maples, Benj Poley, Benj Hancock, Geo Green, Jos Peck & Gerves Marshall.
Source: [Luddite Chronology]

1829 -- Professional crackpot George Francis Train lives.

Tar & Feather
1832 -- US: Mormon Joseph Smith beaten, tarred & feathered in Ohio.

Tarring & feathering dates back to the days of the Crusades & King Richard the Lionhearted. Tar was readily available in shipyards & feathers came from any handy pillow. Though the cruelty invariably stopped short of murder, the tar needed to be burning hot for application.

William Morris
1834 -- England: Utopian William Morris (1834-1896) lives, Walthamslow. Daily bleed Patron Saint, 3 October 3, 1998.

Poet/artist/socialist/designer/printer whose designs generated the Arts & Crafts Movement in the later half of the 19th century. Associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood & a close friend of the painter-poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti & his sister poet Christina Rossetti. Best known for News From Nowhere (1890).


Bad Day
1834 -- US: Bank of Maryland collapses, & depositors lose between $2 & $3 million. It eventually became clear that a "stupendous fraud" had been committed, &, fully 17 months after the bank failure, a bloody riot erupted in Baltimore (see 8 August).

1860 -- Clipper "Andrew Jackson" arrives in 89 days from New York.

1869 -- Émile Fabre lives, Metz, France. French playwright, administrator of the Comédie-Française (1915-36), who wrote his first play at the age of 13.

Houdini Hanging Around...
1874 -- Hungary: Escapologist Harry Houdini lives, Budapest. Some believe he was murdered by a cabal of spiritualists, organized by Sherlock Holmes, with a sucker punch below the belt.

anarchist symbol
1878 -- France: Charles Benoit lives, in Rouen. Revolutionary socialist, then an anarchist. Assisted Jean Grave with his paper "Les temps nouveaux." Formed the "propagande par la brochure" group, which actively distributed their very inexpensive — & often free — booklets. During WWI Charles Benoît & André Girard, broke with Grave over the "The Manifesto of the 16" ("Manifeste de seize," siding with the Allies during WWI), Benoit publishing "La paix par les Peuples" in response. Benoit was also active in the League for Human Rights.

1882 -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow dies, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The first American honored with a bust in Poet's Corner, Westminster Abbey.

Dr.Jazz...Hello Central!
1883 -- US: First telephone connection between New York city & Chicago.

1889 -- Argentina: "Revolte" reports that some time ago the Buenos Aires Commissioner of Police sent for Errico Malatesta, to tell him that the police would be represented at all public meetings. They also tried to monitor private (group) meetings, but desisted when "invited" to leave. Malatesta, in exile from Italy, was quite active in doing propaganda work in anarchist & labor circles here at the time.
Source: [Max Nettlau]

Circle A
1894 -- France: Émile Digeon (1822-1894) dies. Revolutionary socialist journalist, libertarian free thinker, anarchiste journalist, responsible for the "Commune of Narbonne," declared in 1871 when Paris rose up (Paris Commune). Again in Narbonne, in 1883, Émile is presented during the election campaigns as "an anarchist candidate"(!) Published La Commune de Paris devant les anarchistes (1885).

Orgone box
1897 -- SexPol revolutionary Wilhelm Reich lives, Dobrzynica, Galicia. Reich wrote The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Sex-Pol Essays, Function of the Orgasm, etc.

... show details

Russell Blackwell
1904 -- US: Russell Blackwell lives (d.1969). Cartographer, community activist, Wobbly, anarchist & co-founder of the Libertarian League.

A lifelong hatred of artichokes . . .

... show details

Jules Verne
1905 -- Jules Verne, father of modern science fiction, journeys no further, dies, Amiens, France.

Leo Campion, French anarchiste; source anarcoefemerides.balearweb.net
1905 -- Léo Campion lives (1905-1992). French anarchiste, free thinker, pacifist. Friend of Hem Day), for whom he worked, in Brussels. Used the occasion of his arrest for pacifist activities to ridicule the legal & military authorities in court. Befriended the Spanish anarchists Durruti & Ascaso.

... show details

1906 -- US: Dwight Macdonald lives (1906-82). American social critic, philosopher, combative journalist & anarchist.

Deserted Trotskyism & moved on cheerfully & with characteristic insouciance to pacifism & anarchism. In the 1950s, he was a fierce anti-Communist cold warrior &, later still, an even fiercer opponent of the Vietnam War & a great enthusiast of the student radicals of the 1960s.

1918 -- Canada: Women win the right to vote, years before the US grants similar rights.

Cover of 'A Political pamphlet', signed
1919 -- US: Poet/painter/beat/publisher/anarchist & founder of City Lights Bookstore in Frisco Lawrence Ferlinghetti lives, Yonkers, New York.

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1919 -- Spain: "La Canadienne" strike in Barcelona ended on 8 February, but in the face of the refusal of the army to release a score of still imprisoned militants, they strike again today in a beautiful show of solidarity.

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1924 -- Spain: Aurelio Fernández Sánchez is arrested & imprisoned in Barcelona. Spanish anarchist militant & anarchosyndicalist, member of "Los Solidarios." Active in the FAI & CNT. Became secretary of the CNT (in exile) of Mexico. Participated in the CNT (Spanish) congresses in Limoges in 1961 & Montpellier in 1965.

1924 -- Spain: Barcelona police attempt to haul in the militant anarchist group, "Los Solidarios."

“Los Solidarios”

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universal anarchist icon
1926 -- Italian playwright, manager-director-actor-mime Dario Fo lives, Leggiuno-Sangiamo, Italy.

In 1997, the Nobel committee awarded Dario Fo the Literature Prize, noting he "emulates the jesters of the Middle Ages in scourging authority & upholding the dignity of the downtrodden."

Dario Fo´s career started in small cabarets, theatres. In 1959 he founded the Compagnia Dario Fo — Franca Rame, producing satirical dramas such as Archangels Don´t Play Pinnball & He Had Two Pistols with White & Black Eyes.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist In 1968 Dario founded the acting group Nuova Scena, which had ties to the Italian Communist Party, but his satirical views aroused much criticism from the Communist Press — like earlier from the Catholic Church.

In 1970 Fo started Colletivo Teatrale La Comune. Among Fo's most famous works are Accidental Death of an Anarchist & We Can´t Pay? We Won´t Pay!

1927 -- Chili Pepper: Hot!Canada: Emma Goldman's English-language lecture series in Toronto (March 24-April 26) covers social topics as well as drama, including plays of Susan Glaspell, Eugene O'Neill, & Russian drama.

"Red Emma" also researches a new lecture on "The Awakening in China," which draws 800 people.

After protests from the Catholic community, Emma delivers the final lecture of the series, on birth control, to a packed hall.

She also lectures in Yiddish on the history of anarchism & on art & revolution.

1929 -- Italy: Svolgimento del plebiscito. La polizia controlla chi non si reca a votare rifiutandosi con ciò di manifestare la sua adesione al fascismo. Più di 8 milioni e mezzo di italiani si esprime a favore del fascismo (più del 98% dei votanti). E' il trionfo del fascismo e del mussolinismo, in una parola dello statismo.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Take the A train
1932 -- US: First radio broadcast from a moving train, WABC, from Maryland.

1932 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministGermany: Emma Goldman's lecture tour of the country finished up, she is back in Berlin, where she continues to solicit the interest of American publishing houses in translations of German & Russian works for Alexander Berkman.

"Red Emma" lectures to the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) on "Woman's Achievement in the United States"; & to the women of the F.A.U.D. (Freie Arbeiter-Union Deutschlands).

Poet Bill Witherup can Fly! 000r00r0000r0000roooo
1935 -- Poet William Witherup lives (1935-2009), Kansas City, Missouri. Raised in Richland, Washington in the shadow of the Hanford Atomic Energy facility. Author of Down Wind, Down River: New & Selected Poems; Black Ash, Orange Fire: Collected Poems 1959-1985; Men at Work. Bill Witherup, aka Bear Dog. Here's barking atcha, 000r00r0000r0000roooo.

He cleans himself; rests,
But keeps a wary eye—
The bone is now "just right."

— excerpt, "The Poet as Hornet"

"Skeptical of civilization, disgusted with its discontents, in him the reformist vein in West Coast writing finds outlet through an occasional tirade against polluters of every stripe…."

— William Everson

1938 -- anarchistEngland: Large meeting & showing of the Louis Frank film, "Fury over Spain," in Peckham, East London.

1942 -- US: The first Civilian Exclusion Order issued by the Army is issued for the Bainbridge Island area near Seattle. The 45 families there are given one week to prepare.

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1952 -- Germany: Willi Jelinek dies, in the Bautzen prison camp (ex-GDR, East Germany), under unknown circumstances. Militant German anarchist-syndicalist. Member of "General Union of Workers" & collaborator on the weekly magazine Proletarischer Zeitgeist published in Zwickau (Saxony) from 1922 to 1933.

anarchist diamond dingbat; new entry, remove 2008

“Where one obeys, there are chiefs who order”

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1955 -- Tennessee Williams' play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opens at the Morosco Theater in New York.

1955 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014José Rivera lives. Puerto Rican playwright (School of the Americas) & screenwriter (The Motorcycle Diaries).

1956 -- Italy: Danilo Dolci & 22 others are tried in a Sicily court for the nonviolent direct action of attempting to repair an old road without proper government authorization. "The Sicilian Gandhi," twice a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Elvis Saves!
1958 -- Elvis Presley, 23, inducted into the army. Over the next two years, his serial number, 53310761 is perhaps the most favorite in history.
And Elvis so loved the world that he died, fat & bloated, in a bathroom.

1962 -- England: 1,172 arrested in sit-down against nuclear weapons, Parliament Square.

1965 -- US: First Vietnam teach-in, University of Michigan. (Organized by SDS?) 500 participants were expected, but 3,000 showed up for an all-nighter.

... show details

1967 -- Political satire as The W.C. Fields Memorial Orphanage presents the Pitschel Players at 120 Julian St. near 15th & Valencia in Frisco.

1969 -- US: Lennox Raphael's play Che is busted for obscenity two days after opening at the Free Store Theatre in Manhattan, NYC.

1973 -- Lou Reed is bitten on his fanny by a fan at a concert in Buffalo, New York. The "display of affection" occurs while Reed is about to perform "Waitin' for the Man." Screaming "leather!," the fan gets past security as he assaults Reed. The fan is ejected & Reed comments afterwards that the US "seems to breed real animals."

Rudolfo Walsh
1977 -- Argentina: Yet another government can only stammer the speech of death.

Rodolfo Walsh writes an open letter to the Military junta regards its infamous crimes; a day later, the dictatorship assassinates him.

The naked word is scandalous where fear rules, the naked word dangerous where the great dance of disguises is danced.

1978 -- US: The Wampanoag claim to land in Cape Cod (Mass.) is dismissed by US District Court in Boston because they had no tribal status in 1869. Tribal status is finally granted nine years later — without most of their land.

1980 -- El Salvador: Archbishop Oscar Romero assassinated during mass, San Salvador, by US-supported rightist goon squads (graduates of the US Army School of the Americas (fondly known as the School of Assassins).

... show details

1980 -- México: The country's worst oil well blowout is finally capped. Since 3 June 1979, it has dumped 3.1 billion barrels, at the Bay of Campeche, near the Yucatan Peninsula, (twice as big as the 1978 Brittany [Amoco Cadiz] spill).

1986 -- Yugoslavia: During an anti-government strike wave by dockers & textile, sewage & construction workers, troops force miners to work. The miners respond by adulterating the coal with rocks.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1987 -- US: ACT UP's first demonstration on Wall Street, in New York City. Over 250 protested the FDA's sweetheart deal with Burroughs Wellcome (& charging $10,000 a year for the only approved anti-AIDS drug, AZT). Silence = Death.
Source: Douglas Crimp, AIDS Demographics

1987 -- US: Doonesbury explores Beloved & Respected Comrade Acting President Ronnie Reagan's brain. Man obviously armed with a microscope...

1988 -- Israel: After a secret 7-month trial, Mordechai Vanunu, an employee in a bomb-making factory, is convicted of espionage for revealing details of Israel's atomic weapons program to the London Sunday Times.

His revelations show Israel's nuclear capability to be greater than experts assumed, & that Israel could build up to 200 atomic bombs as well as neutron & hydrogen bombs. He got 18 years in prison & 10 years later, in 1998, is allowed out of solitary confinement for the first time.

Birds dead in oil
1989 -- Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster, Prince William Sound, Alaska.

Exxon has successfully avoided paying most cleanup costs through numerous court battles. Destroys thousands of square miles of pristine wildlife habitat in the largest oil spill in US history.

Exxon Corp. spends the next several years spending millions avoiding lawsuits, creating new PR spins, & obstructing cleanup efforts. 20 years later (2009) numerous species have not recovered & oil is still being found on the beaches.


1990 -- American radio comedian Ray Goulding dies.

1992 -- A Chicago judge settles the Milli-Vanilli class-action suit by approving cash rebates of up to $3 to anyone proving they bought the group's music before November 27, 1990 — the date the lip synching scandal broke.

2001 -- SF anarchist book fair poster; source infoshop.orgUS: Frisco Bay area 6th annual Anarchist Book Fair.

Featuring Paul Krassner, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Elizabeth Martinewz, Jaimes Guerrero, Ruthie Gilmore, Michelle Tea, Chris Crass, Cindy Milstein; Anarchist cafe poster Cafe, Films, etc.

Approximately 60 anarchist groups & alternative book, magazine, & publishing people are represented.

Presidential Evil
2003 -- US: Michael Moore is in the Hollywood poopHouse, following last nights Academy Awards, for denouncing Beloved & Respected Comrade Illegitimate President Bush for his war on Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Saddam Hussein. 5 stars

While Moore was roundly booed & jeered by the bulk of Hollywood's finest patriots, the Daily Bleed rates this segment Five Stars &

Left thumb up!

Three Thumbs up. Right tumb up!One of the finest Academy Awards moments ever broadcast, this is sure to be an underground cult classic overnight! http://www.michaelmoore.com/

2004 -- Spain: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader prime minister-elect Zapatero, prime minister-elect, in brief meetings with visiting world leaders in Madrid, stands firm recent vows to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq unless US occupation authorities are replaced by the UN.

2008 -- Rafael Azcona Fernández lives (d. 2008). Spanish screenwriter whose films (La Grande Bouffe, Belle époque, etc.) are characterized by the surreal & bizarre. Daily Bleed Patron Saint October 24.

Baseball dugout painting
3000 --

Baseball Canto

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Watching baseball, sitting in the sun, eating popcorn,
reading Ezra Pound,
and wishing that Juan Marichal would hit a hole right through the
Anglo-Saxon tradition in the first Canto
and demolish the barbarian invaders.
When the San Francisco Giants take the field
and everybody stands up for the National Anthem,
with some Irish tenor's voice piped over the loudspeakers,
with all the players struck dead in their places
and the white umpires like Irish cops in their black suits & little
black caps pressed over their hearts,
Standing straight & still like at some funeral of a blarney bartender,
and all facing east,
as if expecting some Great White Hope or the Founding Fathers to
appear on the horizon like 1066 or 1776.

But Willie Mays appears instead,
in the bottom of the first,
and a roar goes up as he clouts the first one into the sun & takes
off, like a footrunner from Thebes.
The ball is lost in the sun & maidens wail after him
as he keeps running through the Anglo-Saxon epic.
And Tito Fuentes comes up looking like a bullfighter
in his tight pants & small pointy shoes.
And the right field bleechers go mad with Chicanos & blacks
and Brooklyn beer-drinkers,
"Tito! Sock it to him, sweet Tito!"
And sweet Tito puts his foot in the bucket
and smacks one that don't come back at all,
and flees around the bases
like he's escaping from the United Fruit Company.
As the gringo dollar beats out the pound.
And sweet Tito beats it out like he's beating out usury,
not to mention fascism & anti-semitism.
And Juan Marichal comes up,
and the Chicano bleechers go loco again,
as Juan belts the first ball out of sight,
and rounds first & keeps going
and rounds second & rounds third,
and keeps going & hits paydirt
to the roars of the grungy populace.
As some nut presses the backstage panic button
for the tape-recorded National Anthem again,
to save the situation.

But it don't stop nobody this time,
in their revolution round the loaded white bases,
in this last of the great Anglo-Saxon epics,
in the territorio libre of Baseball.

[Audio version was back online after a 3 year absence; ooops, now everyone is "selling" the audio version]
Muybridge action photo
One-time Little Leaguer Austin "Mudball" Taylor unfortunately took his great baseball pages with him when he "retired": http://mudball.com/
& please don't forget to visit this very sick little boy who lives just across Lake Washington from us, Mudball Taylor (well, he was little when we first started the Bleed back in '97, but he seems to have been growing over the years... & the young lad emailed us saying he doesn't understand why we call him sick):

Ed Abbey quote: A Patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government
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February 18 BEREFT OF HIM When Michaelangelo learned of the death of Francesco, who was his apprentice & much more, he took a hammer & smashed the marble he was sculpting. A short while later, he wrote that such a death: ...had been God's will, but it caused me great harm & infinite pain. The saving grace lies in the fact that Francesco, who in life kept me alive, by dying taught me to die without sorrow. I had him for twenty-six years...Now only infinite misery remains. Most of me went with him. Michaelangelo lies buried in Florence, in the church of Santa Croce. He & his inseparable Francesco used to sit on the steps of the church to enjoy, in the vas plaza below, the duels fought with kicks & blasts of the ball that we now call soccer. . --- Eduardo Galeano, Excerpt from Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History http://childrenofthedays.com/ "I'm a writer obsessed with remembering, with remembering the past of America above all and above all that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to amnesia." ADD to JAN 21 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/22/bolivias-second-largest-lake-dries-up-and-may-be-gone-forever-lost-to-climate-change need to fix this link in the Godwin page: http://burn.ucsd.edu/~anow/ppl/wri/index.html