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This is her pilgrimage, as moslems go to mecca, as jews to the western
wall, as japanese to mona lisa in the louvre, she has come to Corcovado
walking in the steps of enchantment.

       — Brenda Flanagan, "The Girl From Bahia"

Weary Willie

Canadian-based psychedelics researcher, drug-law reformer.

Alternate Patron Saint: EMMETT KELLY
Classic clown of the bindlestiffian, hobo tradition.



193 -- E-Bay?: Didius Julianus, highest bidder in Praetorian auction, becomes Emperor of Rome.

1038 -- Death of Rav Hai Gaon, last of the Geonim of Pumpedita, responsa author.

1282 --

The X-tian 'Easter Day' is the Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox (anywhere from March 22 to April 25), as settled in 325CE. But Easter is from the pagan spring goddess Eostre, a Germanic version of the Scandinavian fertility goddess Frigga.

On or about this day, at Inverkeithing, Fife, a priest called John recaptured some of the old spirit: he paraded a larger-than-life model of his genitalia on a pole accompanied by lightly clad women dancing in circles while he shouted come-ons. He was later sacked.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1515 -- Spain: Saint Theresa of Avila lives, Avila (!).

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2004-5
Religious mystic, poet. Put passion back into the Passion.

1760 -- First two volumes of Laurence Sterne's The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy published.

1775 -- Samuel Johnson delivers a harsh opinion of the late poet Thomas Gray:

"Sir, he was dull in company, dull in his closet, dull every where. He was dull in a new way, & that made people think him GREAT."

1794 -- Cleans Up?: Nathan Briggs gets patent for the washing machine.

Proudhon brings down Civilization!
1849 -- France:
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is condemned to three years in prison & fined 3,000 francs for one of his lampoons published in the newspaper Le Peuple. The unhappy tribunal explains the reasons for his harsh sentence:

"1°D'excitation à la haine du gouvernement; 2° De provocation à la guerre civile; 3° D'attaque à la Constitution et à la propriété!"

"D'excitation, provocation, attaque"

1° Stirring up hatred against the government
2° Provoking civil war
3° Attacking the Constitution & property!

Source: Ephéméride Anarchiste

1868 -- Maxim Gorky (1868-1936) lives, Nizhni Novgorod (renamed Gorky in his honor, 1932). Russian short story writer, novelist, autobiographer & essayist.

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"To an old man any place that's warm is homeland."

1870 -- Karl Marx addresses his "Confidential Communication" to his German friends to stir up hatred against Mikhail Bakunin (his anarchist nemesis) by declaring him an agent of the pan-Slavist party from which he allegedly received 25,000 francs per year. It was, of course, a lie.
alt spellings: Michael Bakunin, Michel Bakounine, Mihail Aleksandroviç Bakunin; Aleksandrovic, Aleksandrovich, Mihkail

Paris commune, March 28; graphic by Flavio Costantini; source
1871 -- France: Paris Commune, over 200,000 people turn out at the City Hall to see their newly elected officials, whose names are read to great & festive acclaim, making this day a revolutionary festival. The red flag, raised over all public buildings, is emblematic of the Commune.

Viva la commune graphic; source
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1871 -- France: Commune of Creusot falls.

1881 -- US: Barnum & Bailey's Circus forms. American politics is never the same.

1884 -- US: Cincinnati townspeople, unhappy authorities had not handed out a severe enough punishment to confessed murderer William Berner, show their displeasure by burning down the local courthouse. The State Militia is called out to restore order; in the ensuing battle, 42 were killed & 128 injured.

Kropotkin Philosopher All-Stars card
1886 -- France: Peter Kropotkin's The Place of Anarchism in Socialistic Evolution, an address delivered in Paris, first appears in Le Révolté, March 28-May 9 (translated by H.Glasse. London: William Reeves).

Ravachol; illustrated by Flavio Costantini; source
1892 -- France: François Ravachol, alias Leon Leger, anarchist expropriator & dynamiter, is arrested in Paris at the Very Restaurant, 22 Boulevard Magenta, for having blown up the homes of Benoit, the judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal, & Bulot, the deputy prosecutor of the republic.

Sentenced to death by the tribunal for the murder of a rich beggar, the hermit of Chambles, Ravachol climbs the scaffold singing at the top of his voice the anticlerical song "Pere Duchene."

Illustration by Flavio Costantini

1904 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator Joseph E. Burton of Kansas convicted of illegally using his influence to prevent the Post Office from issuing a fraud order, & of accepting bribes.

Algren's Never Come Morning, pulp book cover
1909 -- Novelist Nelson Algren (A Walk on the Wild Side) lives (1909-1981), Detroit, Michigan. Grew up in Chicago in a poor Polish area; served a four-month jail term for stealing a typewriter. Algren joined a John Reed Club & edited the experimental magazine New Anvil. Heavy drinker & gambler, involved with Simone de Beauvoir.

Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a place called Moms. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1910 -- First flight of a seaplane. The plane, called a Hydrovion, was created by Frenchman Henri Fabre. Using a 50 horsepower rotary engine, Fabre flew 1650 feet on water.

1911 -- France: Part of the Bonnot Gang is caught & killed by cops after months of joyous bank robbing & other escapades. Many letters had been sent publicizing their actions & taunting the police. Comprised of unemployed anarchistes, the Bonnot Gang received much enthusiastic response from the public.
Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste, anarchisme, anarchistes, anarchie[Details / context]

1911 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: On or about this day (late March) Red Emma Goldman delivers six lectures in Minneapolis & three lectures in Omaha.

1912 -- Italy: Lo stato si accaparra per legge il monopolio delle assicurazioni sulla vita. La piovra estende i suoi tentacoli.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Circle A
1915 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: "The Most Dangerous Woman in the World," Emma Goldman is arrested for telling an audience how to use contraceptives; she chooses 15 days in jail over $100 fine.

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1915 -- Switzerland: International Socialist Women's Conference calls for peace, Berne.

1918 -- Canada: 2,000 demonstrate against conscription, in Quebec; police are forced to retreat into the police station.

1924 -- England: Canadian-based psychedelics researcher, John Beresford lives.

1930 -- Japan: Founder of the Japanese Christian church, Uchimura Kanzo, dies in Tokyo. His teaching/writing influenced many of Japan's modern writers.

1930 -- Constantinople becomes Istanbul. Yup.

1932 -- Madrid: Spanish anarquistas begin burning monasteries.

1937 -- Spain: Late March-early April: A flyer bearing the endorsement of the anarquista Friends of Durruti Group is issued.

1939 -- Italy: Il fascismo celebra la vittoria del generale Francisco Franco nella guerra di Spagna.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Virginia Woolf
1941 -- Virginia Woolf, 59, author/feminist, ends her life in the River Ouse. She leaves a note for Leonard:

"I have a feeling I shall go mad. I cannot go on longer in these terrible times. I hear voices & cannot concentrate on my work. I have fought against it but cannot fight any longer. I owe all my happiness to you but cannot go on & spoil your life."

1942 -- US: Minoru Yasui walks into a Portland, Oregon police station at 11:20 pm, presenting himself for arrest to test the constitutionality of the curfew orders in court. His case, along with those of fellow dissenters Gordon Hirabayashi & Fred Korematsu reaches the US Supreme Court.

1944 -- Humorist Stephen Leacock dies in Toronto, Canada.

1953 -- Jim Thorpe, American athlete, crosses life's Big Finish Line.

1958 -- Jazz conductor W.C. Handy dies.

1960 -- US: Two anti-payola bills introduced in Congress by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Representative Emanuel Celler of New York. He blames payola for "the cacophonous music called rock & roll" & claims it would never have achieved popularity, "especially among teenagers," if not for payola.

Good cookin'! Technician demonstrating huge blowtorch
1960 -- Scotland: Belt of Scotch? 20 firemen trying to put out a fire in a warehouse full of scotch whiskey are crushed by a collapsing wall after the whiskey explodes, Glasgow.

1962 -- US: New York City Fifth Avenue Coach employees return victoriously to work as the company abandons operation to NYC authority. Birth of MABSTOA.

The 28-day strike by Local 100 begins when Fifth Ave. Coach fires 29 employees & threatens to layoff 1,500 other workers.


1964 -- England: 300 arrested in sit-down protest at US Air Force headquarters, Ruislip.

1965 -- US: Martin Luther King, Jr., on TV calls for boycott of Alabama.

Dyland discography, book cover
1965 -- Bob Dylan goes to England (tour for the film Don't Look Back).

1965 -- US: Senators Frank Church & George McGovern come out against the Vietnam War.

1968 -- Spain: University students march against the fascist government of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Generalissimo Franco.

1968 -- US: Martin Luther King, Jr., leads a march by striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.

After King himself had been led from the scene one 16-year-old black boy is killed, 60 people are injured, & over 150 arrested. Violence at the march persuades King to return to Memphis the following week.

[Source: WholeWorld is Watching]

1968 -- France: In Nanterre, suspension of all school courses until April 1 because of student unrest.

1969 -- China: Anna Louise Strong, former Seattle School Board member & labor organizer during the 1919 Seattle General Strike, dies in Beijing.

1970 -- England: Time bomb found at Waterloo Station. One of many attacks in England & France during this year, some believed attributable to 'The Angry Brigade' or similar guerrilla anarchist groups.

1970 -- France: Jules Vignes (1884-1970) dies. Anarchist publisher, propagandist & idist (Ido, international language, a simplification of Esperanto).


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1972 -- Canada: Quebec General Strike.

1976 -- US: Organized Crime? The FBI, largest & highest US police agency, discloses it burglarized the Socialist Party 92+ times between 1960 & 1966. The price of freedom is vigilance — or is that vigilante?

Three Mile Island
1979 -- US: A Three Mile Island cooling unit fails, leading to a meltdown that uncovers the reactor's core. Amid the worst nuclear disaster in US history, it takes Pennsylvania authorities three days to advise pregnant women & children to evacuate. Thousands flee the Harrisburg area. The men — apparently born macho mutants — hang around for their daily dose.

"No nuclear reactor is an island."

[Details / context]

Weary Willie
1979 -- US: Hobo clown Emmett Kelly (Weary Willie) dies, Sarasota, Florida.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint December 9 (1997)

Best of the hobo clowns. Patron saint of the Big Top.

1980 -- US: In the biggest race of his life, Jesse Owens comes in second behind Jim Thorpe (see 1953 above), at the ripe age of 66, in Tucson, Arizona.

1983 -- Argentina: 96% of the workers out on strike; junta totters.

1985 -- Russian-born muralist Marc Chagall dies.

Award Statuette
2001 -- US: First Annual Anarchist Awards presented. Celebrating a year's worth of the best protests, meanest cops, & stinkiest hippies! by the Academy of Anarchy... including Chantelle Hylton, Phil Busse, Wm. Steven Humphrey, Katia Dunn, & Ian Thompson. Includes Protester of The Year, Best Choreography of A Protest, Best Protest Involving Pets, S.F.H. Award, Best Musical Score, Lifetime Achievement Award, Villain of the Year.

2003 -- Iraq: Arabic language television stations reported Friday that US missiles killed more than 50 people in the market. US denies it.

Anarchist statues; source
2006 --

"Don't let the System Get You Down ... Cheer Up!"

US: In the Land of Jeb Bush & Katherine Harris (Florida): Cara Jennings, Anarchist Cheerleader, & founder of the global movement of Radical cheerleading as a teen activist, is elected Lake Worth City Commissioner. Cara wins a stunning 61.7% of the vote, whopping her incumbent opponent— a businessman heavily weighted down toting the bags for developers & outside monied interests. Neo-ConArtists scratch their fuzzy right-thinking heads.

2009 -- G20 protests around the world.

"We won't pay"

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2011 -- US: Massey Mines hit with 80 Citations for safety violations. Massey's citations are among 166 issued at eight mines in five states during special inspections in February. Upper Big Branch mine cited for 1,300+ safety violations from 2005 through 2010, with 50 citations in the 30 days leading up to the deadly West Virginia coal mine explosion that killed at 29 miners in the worst mining disaster in the US in 40 years.

3000 -- big brother is watching
Big Brother Is Watching You, film still Ashcroft, liar


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