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As she speaks, the tears
run down her face; one
falls onto the sleeve of her red sweater
staining a spot maroon

while all around me
the house is filling up with snow.

  — Tom Wayman, "As She Speaks"


Swedish religious mystic, inspirer of Utopianists worldwide.

In calendar lore March is said to have stolen its last three days from April. Three Strikes & you're out. That's the law. We are all Doomed.

Orson Wells in many mirrors, film still

502 -- Gundobad, King of the Burgundians, issues a new legal code that brings Romans & Burgundians under the same law.

1254 -- The Mongols break camp, with William of Rubrick.

1626 -- New Old World: First American forestry legislation enacted, Plymouth Colony.

1772 -- England: Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg dies, London.

1790 -- France: Marquis de Sade freed by "demand of the people." Buncha Sadists.

1797 -- England: The pregnant Mary Wollstonecraft marries novelist/anarchist/political theorist William Godwin. She dies in the autumn, 11 days after the birth of her daughter, Mary. Her daughter Mary goes on to marry the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (author of "The Mask of Anarchy") & writes the novel Frankenstein.

1830 -- France: Claude Rougeot lives, Demigny (Saone & the Loire). Shoe-maker, Lyons anarchiste & participant in the insurrection in the Guillotière suburb in Lyon (30 April 30, 1871) where they tried to establish a commune in conjunction with the Paris Commune & similar efforts in other cities in France.

1848 -- US: Niagara Falls stops falling for a full day due to high winds & an ice jam.

1867 -- US: Cy Young, winningest baseball pitcher ever (509 wins, 1890-1911), lives.

Louise Michel, anarchiste, La vierge Rouge cartoon
1883 -- France: Louise Michel

Elle écrit au préfet de police pour lui dire qu'elle se rendra à, son bureau le lendemain. See also tomorrow.

[Source: Michel Chronologie]

CoCaine pop can
1886 -- US: Junk Bonds? Coca-Cola is created (with cocaine). Takes over the world.

1889 -- Love The State I'm In?: Howard Lindsay, playwright, producer, & actor, lives, Waterford, New York. Wrote, with Russel Crouse State of the Union.

1895 -- Ernest Jüenger Jünger, Ernst Jungerlives. German novelist/essayist, whose militarism (after his son's death) & anti-semitism changed, in his allegory On the Marble Cliffs (1939), into criticism of German National Socialism.

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1898 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Red Emma, still on her speaking tour of Feb-June, addressing 66 meetings, returns to Chicago for additional lectures (March 29-April 2); speaks before the gymnastic society Gut Heil in a Chicago suburb & to residents of a Jewish neighborhood in Chicago.

1900 -- Italy: Con una mossa a sorpresa il presidente della Camera Giuseppe Colombo mette in votazione, con l'inusuale metodo di alzarsi o stare seduti, le modifiche al regolamento. I deputati della maggioranza si alzano rapidissimi e il presidente toglie immediatamente la seduta considerando valida la votazione. La farsa continua.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1901 -- Uuno Kailas (1901 - 1933) lives. Finnish poet/translator. In the 1920s Kailas came in contact with expressionism, which influenced his poetry. The knowledge of his approaching death shadowed Kailas' later works, where central themes circle around suffering, sin & mortality.

1908 -- Italy: Antonio Pereira lives, Naples. Anarchist, member of the Ortiz column in the Spanish Revolution, & the underground movement after the fascist Franco became dictator.

1912 -- Last entry in Scott's diary, in a blizzard 18 km from the South Pole.

"Taint a fit nite out for man nor beast"

1918 -- US: Amid growing war hysteria, 300 University of Wisconsin students pack Madison's Turner Hall on South Butler Street to disrupt a talk by Socialist Party national secretary Adolph Germer, who appears on behalf of US Senate candidate Victor Berger.

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1920 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2014, remove 2015Italy: The metalworkers of "Industrie Metallurgiche", a branch of Fiat in Turin, call for a sit-down strike. With Italian employers set in a course of provocation, management responds with a lockout.

Pie chart of US budget: 47% is military costs
1923 -- US: War Resisters League founded, New York City.

"War is a crime against humanity."

1925 -- US: Late March. Black leaders protest the showing of D. W. Griffith's "Birth of a Nation," scheduled to open at the Rialto Theatre in Charleston on April 1, on the grounds it violated a 1919 state law prohibiting any entertainment which demeaned another race. Hizzoner W. W. Wertz & the West Virginia Supreme Court supported their argument & prevented the showing of the film. [Posey, The Negro Citizen of West Virginia, pages 70-71].

1929 -- Lennart Meri lives, Tallinn. Author/film director/translator/statesman. Son of Estonian diplomat/writer Georg Meri. Wrote books based on his expeditions to Siberia, Soviet Far East & the Arctic. Best known is Hõbevalge (Silverwhite, 1976).

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Clement Duval, anarchiste
1935 -- Clément Duval dies. Anarchiste illegalist, member of "La panthère des Batignolles," sentenced to death by a French court for a burglary (in which a policeman was wounded trying to apprehend him).

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1936 -- US: A reflective crowd of 10,000 watches the 200" mirror blank passing through Indianapolis.

1943 -- Spain: Nine members of the "Juventudes libertarias" (anarquista youths) an underground group opposing the fascist military takeover, are arrested & garroted at the "Modelo" prison. They are just a few of the tens of thousands who met, or will meet, a similar fate in the early years of the Franco dictatorship.

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1949 -- Beatster Jack Kerouac's first novel, The Town & the City is accepted for publication by Harcourt Brace. Kerouac receives a $1,000 advance in monthly installments. A novel in all the traditional manners, he has not yet found the voice that will bring him fame, nor has the "Beat Movement" that he will come epitomize, along with many of his writer pals, been formulated yet. It will be this fall that he uses "beat generation" for the first time.

Mushroom from atom bomb
1951 -- US: Julius & Ethel Rosenberg convicted of selling US atomic secrets to the USSR. The case was pockmarked with glaring inconsistencies (& the chief evidence against them was the testimony of Ethel's brother, David Greenglass, a convicted co-conspirator) — but it was their fate to be tried during the height of McCarthyism. While most critics now concede Ethel was probably innocent, they are both executed 19 June 1953.

1952 -- E. B. White writes to his editor, Cass Canfield, about Charlotte's Web: "Whether children will find anything amusing in it only time will tell."

1957 -- British novelist Joyce Cary dies.

Armand Robin, anarchiste
1961 -- Armand Robin dies. French poet, translator, anarchiste.

"Que m'importe qu'on m'abatte au coin de la rue, j'écrirai des poèmes jusqu'à ce qu'on me tue."

1962 -- Argentina: Military coup topples civilian government.

1968 -- Grateful Dead & Chuck Berry open at the Carousel Ballroom in Frisco.

1969 -- US: Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, John Froines, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale, & Lee Weiner are indicted on Federal charges of conspiring to cross state lines with the intent of inciting violence & with individually crossing state lines to incite violence.

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1970 -- Death of Vera Brittain, author/pacifist/feminist/poet.

Marilyn Manson
1971 -- US: Charles Manson, convicted on 19 January 1971 of the ghastly "cult" murders of seven people, is sentenced to life imprisonment (after 9-1/2 month trial — longest in California history.)

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1971 -- US: Lt. William Calley is convicted of the premeditated murder of at least 22 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai 4.

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1971 -- Led Zeppelin registers all six of its albums on the charts simultaneously, a feat never before made in pop history.

1973 -- anarchist, laborItaly: Beginning of wildcat strike & occupation of Fiat plants at Mirafiori.

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1973 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dick M Nixon declares meat price controls to stave off housewives meat boycott set to start April 1.

1973 -- US: Former Black Panther H. Rap Brown (+ three others?) convicted for October 16, 1971 robbery.

1976 -- US: After a gig in Memphis, Bruce Springsteen jumps the fence at Graceland in an attempt to see his idol, Elvis Presley.

1976 -- Israel: Mass protests against deportation of two leftist Arab mayoral candidates from the West Bank. Some Arabs are more free than others.

1982 -- Modernist composer Carl Orff dies.

1987 -- Nicaragua: US Vietnam Veterans For Peace, marching from Jinotega, reach Wicuili.
Young girl with flower

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Hey, hey!
1997 -- US: Second annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair held. The Fourth Anarchist Book Fair was held March 27, 1999. On May 8, 1999, the New England Anarchist Book Fair was held in Boston. The 6th Bay Area Anarchist bookfair was held March 24, 2001. The 7th Annual Bay Area Book Fair, sponsored by our friends at Bound Together Books, is held on March 30, 2002, at Kezar Pavillion. These book fairs are also occasion for Bay Area Anarchist Conferences which are held the following day.

1998 -- RICHARD BELLAMY (1927–98),
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2002-05. Beatnik shaman/prankster, cleverly disguised as an art dealer. Sobriquet: "The eye of the Sixties."

Dies in his sleep three months after celebrating his 70th birthday. His Green Gallery was central to the New York avant-garde art movements of the 1960s, & launched many important art careers.

Hey, hey! SF Anarchist bookfair poster
2003 -- US: Eighth annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. One of the largest displays of political literature on the West Coast. 50 exhibitors, authors speaking on current issues, government & social change, a free event. Held at The Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, speakers include Bo Brown, Max Elbaum, Diane Di Prima, Eric Drooker, Roy San Filippo, Chris Carlsson, Ron Sakolsky, Kirk Read, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

3000 --

"Jehovah the bearded & angry god, gave his worshipers the supreme example of ideal laziness; after six days of work, he rests for all eternity."

      — Paul LaFargue's The Right to be Lazy & Other Studies (Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, 1907)

3500 --
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