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Our Daily Bleed...

— from "Ourselves or Nothing"

In the mass graves, a woman's hand
caged in the ribs of her child,
a single stone in Spain beneath olives,
in Germany the silent windy fields,
in the Soviet Union where the snow
is scarred with wire, in Salvador
where the blood will never soak
into the ground, everywhere & always
go after that which is lost.
There is a cyclone fence between
ourselves & the slaughter & behind it
we hover in a calm protected world like
netted fish, exactly like netted fish.
It is either the beginning or the end
of the world, & the choice is ourselves
or nothing.

— Carolyn Forche

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Blacklisted, exiled American Film noir director.

March comes in like a lion & goes out like a lamb.

— John Fletcher, A Wife for a Month

Ancient Babylonia: SACRED DRAMA DAY, in which the king, in the role of Marduk, re-enacts the conquest of Tiamat, the watery chaos.

Islamic: Mawlid An-Nabi, Muhammad's Birthday.

"BleedMeister, I'm warning you NOW that Passover in 1999 begins on March 31 — that means the first night is March 30. Jewish holidays — indeed all Jewish days — begin at sundown the night before. Git it right or git out of Cyberspace."

— Bleedster Ruhama


EARTH HOUR: Turn off all your electric lights.


Bunsen burner


A bright burning flame
A smoking smell around
The bunsen burners on
The science has begun
All the flames are burning
And everyone is learning.

— Lia Wainwright-Powers

297 -- Diocletian's edict against the Manicheans.

1135 -- Moses Maimonides lives.

1492 -- Expulsion of Jews from Spain.

1596 -- René Descartes (1596-1650) lives, La Haye. French philosopher, scientist & mathematician, whose philosophical conclusion "Cogito ergo sum" — I think therefore I am — is the best known quotation in all philosophy & revolutionized the ways of thinking.

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1621 -- The great English Metaphysical poet, Andrew Marvellis, lives, Winestead, Yorkshire. Wrote "An Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland"; "To His Coy Mistress".

1631 -- All Done?: John Donne dies, London, England, after having his portrait painted in a funeral shroud (to provide the sculptor of his monument with a design from which to work).

1809 -- Nikoloi Gogol lives (1809-1852), Ukraine. Great Russian novelist, dramatist, satirist & founder of the so-called critical realism in Russian literature, best known for his novel Dead Souls.
Archetypal Mad Poet. Daily Bleed Patron Saint March 20, 2004-5

"I am destined by the mysterious powers to walk hand in hand with my strange heroes, viewing life in all its immensity as it rushes past me, viewing it through laughter seen by the world & tears unseen & unknown by it."

Hey, hey! Smiley Face
1814 -- US: Fidel? Wartime economy is in such dire straits that Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President James Madison recommends repeal of the "Non-Importation & Embargo Acts," a measure permitting merchants to trade with the enemy. Congress saw no alternative (surprise), & within two weeks, both houses passed Madison's new bill by overwhelming majorities.

1836 -- The first monthly part of Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, Charles Dickens' first novel, is published. By the 15th part the printing has ballooned from 400 copies to 40,000.

1840 -- US: He's No Welfare Bum?: 10-hour workday established for federal public works employees.

1855 -- Author Charlotte Bronte dies, age 38 & pregnant, Haworth, Yorkshire.

anarchist symbol
1871 -- France: Commune of Narbonne falls, as incarnated by Émile Digeon. Digeon (1822-1894) was a revolutionary journalist who headed the Commune, proclaimed in conjunction with Paris Commune.

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1873 -- Henry James writes, after meeting Matthew Arnold: "He is not as handsome as his photographs — or as his poetry."

1883 -- Emily Dickinson is asked to submit a book of poems for publication two months before her death.

Eiffel Tower
1889 -- France: Eiffel Tower completed.

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1898 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman lectures on "The Inquisition of Our Postal Service" to the Progressive Bohemian Labor Organization, addressing recent censorship cases, including the conviction of the Firebrand editors. The organization votes unanimously to adopt a resolution protesting postal censorship.

1898 -- anarchistUS: Robert Reitzel dies, in Detroit.

1907 -- Germany: First German Anarchist Congress, in Offenbach, with representatives from the whole country. Participants include Friedrich Kniestedt.

Octavio Paz
1914 -- Octavio Paz, poet/critic/diplomat lives (1914-1998), México City. Wrote The Other Mexico; The Bow & the Lyre. Received the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature.

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1914 -- Maria Lang (1914-1991) lives. Prolific Swedish mystery writer. Lang's best known characters are Puck Ekstedt & Christer Wijk, who are considered classical figures in Swedish mystery novels. Her own alter ego is the author Almi Graan, who started to appear in her stories from the 1960s. Lang also wrote children's books & short stories.

1915 -- Italy: A Milano viene repressa una dimostrazione contro la guerra guidata dal direttore dell'Avanti Giacinto Menotti Serrati che viene arrestato con altre 235 persone. Nello stesso giorno si svolge senza intervento repressivo della polizia una manifestazione a favore della guerra guidata da Benito Mussolini. Lo stato si è schierato, come sempre, dalla parte dei violenti e dei guerrafondai.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1918 -- US: Daylight Savings Time is instituted.

1919 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman is interviewed by Winthrop Lane for an independent investigation of federal prisons slated for publication in the research magazine Survey.

1919 -- Spain: Se aplica por primera vez la ley de fugas en la persona de Miguel Burgos, secretario del Ramo de Curtidos de la CNT.

anarchist diamond dingbat; new entry, remove 2008

Following the triumph of the CNT in the recent "Canadian strike," the Civil Governor, in collusion with the employer's association, determined to use any method to crush the union. Constitutional guarantees were suspended & again the cenetistas were persecuted & jailed. Thus, too, is Miguel Burgos murdered.

"Ley de fugas"

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1920 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2014, remove 2015Italy: Sit-down strikes are called in solidarity with a lockout at one Fiat plant, & Fiat responds by making the lockout total.

1924 -- India: Gandhi begins nonviolent campaign for temple entry, Vykom.

1926 -- John Fowles, author of The French Lieutenant's Woman, lives, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England.

1927 -- US: Migrant farm workers organizer, nonviolent activist Cesar Chavez lives, near Yuma, Arizona.

1932 -- US: 150 wild swans perish, going over the Niagara waterfall.

1933 -- US: Civilian Conservation Corps established to help alleviate suffering of the depression.

1935 -- Herb 'tijuana brass' Alpert lives.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1936 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministEngland: Emma Goldman lectures on her book, Living My Life, at Conway Hall, in London.

1936 -- Marge Piercy lives, Detroit, Michigan. American poet, novelist, & social activist. Author of 17 volumes of poems, numerous novels including Woman on the Edge of Time (explores a global utopian society organised on broadly anarchist lines), winner of the Arthur C. Clarke for her cyber-fiction novel She, He & It.

"The imagination is a very powerful liberating tool. If you cannot imagine something different you cannot work towards it."

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1937 -- anarchist feministEngland: Emma Goldman lectures on Spain at a meeting in East London.

1941 -- US: Attacks by Wisconsin state trooper fail to break the Allis-Chalmers strike in Milwaukee.
Union-hating company president Max Babb is fighting against a closed-shop demand from United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 248, a militant Communist-led union. But today, 76 days into the strike, the troopers fail to get scabs across the picket lines. The plant remains closed until the government negotiates a compromise.

1945 -- The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, opens at the playhouse Theatre in New York.

1949 -- Canada: Last great strike of the Canadian Seaman's Union.

1957 -- Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Obie Wheeler & Glen Douglas open a tour of the South in Little Rock, Arkansas.

1959 -- The Dalai Lama flees Tibet to India.

1959 -- England: Sir Winston Churchill's home burgled to the tune of £10,000.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1960 -- Pope John XXIII makes the Bishop of Rutabo the Catholic Church's first black African cardinal.

1960 -- Italy: Viene ucciso il commissario della polizia di stato Cataldo Tandoy. Nel 1963 emergeranno le collusioni del commissario con la mafia locale e il carattere mafioso del delitto.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1962 -- UFO?: EMI of Great Britain withdrew its last 78 RPM records from its catalog. In the US 78s had been out of sight since 1957.

1963 -- US: Los Angeles ends streetcar service after nearly 90 years.

1964 -- Brazil: Right-wing coup topples the government of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President João Goulart. Years of military repression follow.

Brazil: It's Official:

April Fools!

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1966 -- US: Two-day boycott of Seattle, Washington schools begins, protesting de facto segregation.

1967 -- Guitarist Jimi Hendrix sets his guitar ablaze on stage for the first time. This happens at Finsbury Park, London.

SF Mime Troupe
1967 -- US: San Francisco Mime Troupe appears at Fluxfest at Longshoremen's Hall.

The Mime Troupes is collectively owned & operated by its workers.
Wacky Ed Holmes argues Anarcho-Syndicalism in his stylish Tie-Dyed Tee, but Elliot Kavee's rhetorical fuming is accentuated by his neat Black Crinkle Tee. Who will win?

1968 -- US: Under continuing attack by protesters & upheavals all over the nation, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Hey Hey! LBJ! announces he will not seek reelection, orders a partial bombing halt in Vietnam & appoints Averell Harriman to seek negotiated peace talks with North Vietnam.

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1970 -- US: Oakland (California) Induction Center is site of spring Vietnam War protests; 2500 Berkeley students turn in draft cards — typical, notes historian Todd Gitlin notes, of protests across the US (before Cambodian protests even start).

1972 -- England: CND begins 56-mile march from London to Aldermaston. More than 500 people attend a rally in London ahead of a four-day demonstration against nuclear arms. Protesters— singing, blowing horns & carrying banners — are launching the latest leg of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The black banner carried on the first march to Aldermaston in 1958 was hung around the plinth of Nelson's Column.

Strand photo of peasant woman; source
1976 -- Paul Strand, renowned American photographer, dies.

1977 -- Philippines: Planning to rob all 38 passengers & crew, charter pilot Ernesto Abuloc leaves the cockpit & opens fire in the cabin, but can only kill seven before passengers overpower him, Zamboanga.

1985 -- Australia: 300,000 demonstrate in peace rallies countrywide.

1986 -- US: Following a 12-year campaign, a New York City Gay Rights ordinance is signed.

1986 -- O'Kelly Isley, 48, of the Isley Brothers dies of a cerebral hemorrhage.

1990 -- England: Trafalgar Square poll tax riot; simultaneously, Strangeways explodes with a riot that will become the longest rooftop protest in British history - until 25 April.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1991 -- US: Five Plowshares activists hammer missile launching cones on nuclear Navy ship, Milwaukee.

1992 -- US: New York state cancels contract to buy power from controversial James Bay II hydroelectric project. The project, a massive series of dams that would have wiped out tens of thousands of square miles of Cree & Inuit land, is eventually canceled as a result.

1995 -- Latino superstar Selena is shot & killed by her former personal assistant & former president of her fan club, who was fired for embezzlement.

1997 -- England: Four East Timorese arrested in Warton, at the British Aerospace factory where Indonesian Hawk fighter jets, used in the ongoing occupation & genocide of their homeland, are built.

Large Blue Moon header
1999 -- Second Blue Moon of the year. Celebrated by many as a sign of "The End Times" at the Blue Moon Tavern.

Sorry, We're open!

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Blue Moon Sign
1999 --

Not retiring: The historic Blue Moon Tavern, in Seattle's University District turns 65 this week, old enough to retire but still going strong. A five-day birthday celebration kicks off today. Fittingly, the festivities begin on the second blue moon of the year.

Gus Hellthaler of Three Fools, owners of the Blue Moon, is promising discounts on draft beer & a weekend of live music. At 3 p.m. tomorrow, the Blue Moon has the April Fools' Day unveiling of the famed 8-foot-tall art object: "Hammered Man" which later inspires the "Hammering Man" now fronting the Seattle Art Museum.

(Hammered Man resembles a work of public art with a similar name. There's one major difference: The Blue Moon's plywood ripoff of "Hammering Man" features the all-important requisite beer belly.)

Stale Urine Review: Stan Iverson, anarchist"People do more at the Blue Moon than just drink beer & talk, but they are usually drinking beer & talking while they are doing them!"

Sorry, We're Open!

I'm here for the mushrooms that broadcast on transcendental frequencies ... [for] Monday Night Football at the Blue Moon Tavern, opera night at the Blue Moon Tavern (which incidentally, is scheduled so that it coincides with Monday Night Football — a somewhat challenging overlap that the casual patron might fail to fully appreciate); & I'm here for the flying saucers that made their first public appearance near Mount Rain-ier.

— Tom Robbins, "I'm Here for the Weather," Pacific Magazine, August 28, 1994.

Rob Stolk, anarchist Provo
2001 -- Netherlands: Dutch Provo stalwart, anarchist & street activist Rob Stolk (b. 1946) dies, Amsterdam. A founder of Provo, with Roel van Duyn & Robert Jasper Grootveld. Provo, founded in May 1965, officially disbanded on May 13, 1967.

ROB STOLK, Patron Saint 2009-2011
Dutch Provo stalwart, street activist.

2002 -- US: 2002 Bay Area Anarchist Conference convenes, following yesterday's Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair.

Movie poster: Greed, Money & Oil ruled White House hearts
2003 -- Iraq: The Bush Regime's war against the Hussein Regime continues.

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2003 -- US: NBC fires journalist Peter Arnett, saying it was wrong for him to give an interview with state-run Iraqi TV in which he said the American-led coalition's initial plan for the war had failed because of Iraq's resistance. Arnett called the interview a "misjudgment" & apologized, but added "I said over the weekend what we all know about the war."
[Details / context]

Not in Our Name
2008 -- US: Not in Our Name National Project (NION) comes to an end. Began in March of 2002. In the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001, the American government had already launched the brutal invasion of Afghanistan, enacted the Patriot Act, & indiscriminately rounded up & detained thousands of US residents based solely on their religion or country of origin. In response, diverse activists embraced the Not in Our Name project with the idea that a culture of resistance needed to be created.

2008 -- Greece: Blacklisted American Film noir director Jules Dassin dies, Athens. Among his films after he fled Hollywood in the 1950s, were “Never on Sunday” & “Topkapi."

2012 -- Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. Free! a free two-day event put on every year by Bound Together Bookstore in Frisco’s Golden Gate Park. Brings together radical booksellers, distributors, independent presses & political groups from around the world.

Anais Nin
3000 --

"The body is an instrument which only gives off music when it is used as a body. Always an orchestra, & just as music traverses walls, so sensuality traverses the body & reaches up to ecstasy."

— Anais Nin The Daily Bleed: Rob Stolk, Marge Piercy, San Francisco Mime Troupe, Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, German Anarchist Congress, Commune of Narbonne, Emile Digeon; Timeline, Almanac of Radicalism, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists... a radical annotated chronology, almanac, anarchist CALENDAR, anarchisten, anarchism, anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, sindicalismo, anarquia, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, libertarian, syndicalist, libertarian, What Happened on this day, in recovered history March 31

White House Vultures Feeding on the bodies of the dead
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