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I used to like sheepherder coffee,
a cup of grounds in my old enameled pot,
then three cups of water & a fire,

and when it's hot, boiling into froth,
a half cup of cold water
to bring the grounds to the bottom.

It was strong & bitter & good
as I squatted on the riverbank,
under the great redwoods, all those years ago.

Some days, it was nearly all I got.
I was happy with my dog,
and cases of books in my funky truck.

But when I think of that posture now,
I can't help but think
of Palestinians huddled in their ruins,

the Afghan shepherd with his bleating goats,
the widow weeping, sending off her sons,
the Tibetan monk who can't go home.

There are fewer names for coffee
than for love. Squatting, they drink,
thinking, waiting for whatever comes.

Sheepherder Coffee — Sam Hamill




German anarchist poet,
murdered by the Nazis.

France: FETE OF THE LITTLE BOATS. A children's festival involving little pine boats with lighted candles.


Bill Gates pied

Another shot of Gates pied

Resist corporate rule by phoning in sick.

During one World Phone In Sick Day, over 2,000 British Airways employees phoned in sick to protest airline policies, etc.

Inspired by the "consumer terrorists" — known as Decadent Action.

This protest is modest: "We want to remind Americans of their history. The American Revolution was in large part a revolt against corporations, which are bodies formed to allow rich people to shirk responsibility for abuses — they allow exploitation without representation. The Founding Fathers thought corporations immoral, & they were illegal here during the first 50 years of the Republic."

Recent subversions on RTMARK's web site,

Some alternative activities if you can't call in sick.

610 -- Lailat-ul Qadar, the night the Koran descended to Earth.

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1199 -- Richard I the Lion-hearted, King of England, dies at 41.

1327 -- Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca), sees a beautiful married woman to whom he writes 366 poems to her during his life, addressing her always as "Laura," never revealing her identity.

James Koehnline collage
1348 -- Petrarch's Laura dies of plague.

1528 -- German engraver Albrecht Durer dies.

1712 -- US: New York City slave revolt begins: slaves set fire to their masters' outhouse. They then ambush the whites who arrive to put out the blaze, killing nine.

1767 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Voltaire writes "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one."

1781 -- Perú: Túpac Amaru captured after being denounced by a traitor.

Of dust & pain — these are the ways of Perú. Túpac Amaru is brought into Cuzco on the back of mule, covered with chains that drag on the pavement. The traitor does not look for a rope to hang himself, but instead receives his reward of 2,000 pesos & a title of "nobility."

1820 -- Photographer, caricaturist Nadar (Félix Tournachon) lives, Paris France. Pioneered the use of artificial lighting in photography & the first person to take aerial photographs, etc. A close friend of the young Jules Verne (he helped inspire Verne's Five Weeks in a Balloon). Displays a special eye for the personalities of his friends — the notables of Paris, the literati, musicians, poets, critics, & political radicals (Baudelaire, Courbet, Doré, Kropotkin, Liszt, Verne, Bernhardt, etc.).
See Bruce Sterling,

1825 -- Phantasist painter Gustave Moreau lives.

1830 -- US: Angelic tablet finder Joseph Smith founds Mormon Church in Fayette, New York.

1832 -- US: Black Hawk War begins when Sauk/Fox return to plant traditional corn fields & are repulsed by whites.

1860 -- James Kirke Paulding, American dramatist/novelist, dies in Hyde Park, New York. Koningsmarke, the Long Finne, a Story of the New World (1823), Westward Ho! (1832), & The Old Continental: or, the Price of Liberty (1846), represent Paulding's efforts to employ the American scene in fiction.

1862 -- A writer with an eye for the future, Irish-American Fitz-James O'Brian dies in Cumberland, Maryland.

Lincoln Steffins
1866 -- US: American muckraker Lincoln Steffens lives, Frisco, California. 1998 PATRON SAINT.

1868 -- US: It's Final?? Brigham Young marries #27 — his final wife.

1878 -- France: André Mournier (aka "The Agronomist") lives, in Joigny, Yonne. Member of the anarchiste Colony of Aiglemont founded by Fortuné Henry.

Erich Mühsam
1878 -- Germany: Erich Mühsam [Muehsam], poet & anarchist militant, lives, Berlin. Assassinated by the Nazis during the night of July 9 / 10, 1934 (Orianenburg Concentration Camp).

Erich Mühsam

blank space Der deutsche Schriftsteller Erich Mühsam lebte in den Jahren von 1878 bis 1934. Er starb in einem national-sozialistischen KZ (Konzentrationslager).
Mühsam gilt als Vertreter eines radikalen Anarchismus. Von ihm stammen expressionistische Gedichte und Dramen.

See the Anarchist Encyclopedia


1883 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Start of Sherlock Holmes story "Adventure of the Speckled Band" (BG).

1888 -- Dan Andersson lives (1888-1920). Musician/writer, of working class background, who became one of the most popular Swedish poets.

Led a wandering life, as woodsman & charcoal burner, temperance lecturer, factory worker, traveling salesman, & as a journalist. His works, most published after his death, include Charcoal Burner's Tales; Black Ballads; The Three Homeless Ones; Late Harvest.

1893 -- US: Longest bout in boxing history ends after Andy Bowen & Jack Burke box 7 hours 19 minutes to a no decision (111 rounds), St. Louis.

1894 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaItaly: In Chieti, Camillo Di Sciullo, responsible for publishing the anarchist newspaper Il pensiero, goes on trial. Defended by the lawyer Pietro Gori, also an anarchico; Di Sciullo is acquitted.

Oscar Wilde, anarchist
1895 -- England: After acquittal of the Marquis of Queensberry for libel, Oscar Wilde is arrested. During the trial Wilde denies writing The Priest & the Acolyte.

"Was that story immoral?" asks the court.

"It was much worse than immoral," Wilde replies. "It was badly written."

1896 -- Greece: First modern Olympic games are held, Athens. This is pre-Bud, pre-network TV.

1898 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist    US: "Patriotism" is among the five lectures Red Emma Goldman presents in St. Louis, April 6-10; she encounters no interference by Hizzoner or the police(!). Emma is here as part of her speaking tour of February-June, addressing 66 meetings. Local comrades note an increase of young women in attendance.

1900 -- Italy: Il governo ritira il disegno di legge sul cosiddetto ordine pubblico (cioè il disordine repressivo attuato dallo stato).
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1903 -- Holland: General Strike begins.

1904 -- US: Deportation of the British anarchist John Turner is argued before the US Supreme Court, in Turner v. Williams; Rules May 16, that Congress has unlimited power to exclude aliens & deport those who have entered in violation of the laws, including philosophical anarchists.

[Details / context]

1908 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist    Canada: Emma Goldman leaves Winnipeg; she is temporarily detained & interrogated at the border by US immigration officials.

1909 -- Robert E. Peary is the first person credited to reach the North Pole. He was accompanied in this sixth attempt by Matthew Henson (a black guide) & four Eskimos.

1911 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman scheduled to speak in Kansas City, Missouri, April 6-7. Early this month Emma also speaks to law students in Lincoln, Nebraska & Lawrence, Kansas. She is also scheduled to participate in a debate & speak before a Jewish audience in Chicago, Illinois.

1914 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist   US: Emma Goldman begins an expanded afternoon lecture series on the modern drama in Chicago.

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WWI collage with quote 'Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn'
1917 -- US enters WWI, declares war on Germany.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Liberal Woodrow Wilson, elected on an anti-war platform, does an about face.

Thousands of Americans are suddenly declared "anti-American."

Thousands of Americans are now considered "traitors" for opposing a slaughter which leaves 10 million dead. Patriotism

Thousands are now jailed, harassed, tarred & feathered, lynched, forced to get on their knees & kiss the American flag, castrated or killed, etc, by outstanding "patriots" — basically for maintaining the original anti-war position which got Wilson elected President.

In the name of "freedom" the government, police, & vigilantes across the nation destroy printing presses, labor halls & offices, burn books & papers... This, of course, is the war that will "End All Wars."

Leonora Carrington painting
1917 -- Leonora Carrington lives, in Clayton Green, Lancashire, England.

LEONORA CARRINGTON, Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 2004
Makes the scientific discovery, "The task of the right eye is to peer into the telescope,
while the left eye peers into the microscope."

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anarchist cartoon; source
1918 -- Russia: The French captain Jacques Sadoul, on a mission here, writes in a report today:

"The anarchist party is the most active, the most militant of the opposition groups & probably the most popular.... The Bolsheviks are anxious."

Voline notes: "this influence became so great that the Bolsheviks, who could not accept criticism, still less opposition, became seriously disturbed....

They did their best first to prevent, & then to forbid, any manifestation of libertarian ideas & finally suppressed them by brute force."

Illustration from Anarchy Archives
[Details / context]

1919 -- Bavarian Raterepublik declared in opposition to the provisional government. The Central Council of Workers', Soldiers' & Farmers' Councils includes Ernst Toller, anarchists Erich Mühsam, Gustav Landauer & one 'Richard Maurhut' — the man who became famous as the novelist B. Traven.

"What is fame after all? It stinks to hell & heaven. Today I am famous. Tomorrow perhaps fifty people can still spell my name correctly. Day after tomorrow I may starve to death & nobody cares. That's what you call fame."

[Source: Calendar Riots]

1924 -- Germany: "Butcher of Hanover" Fritz Haarmann, with the help of accomplice Hans Grans, lures his 20th (of 28 victims), a 17-yr. old boy, to his apartment to be killed & possibly butchered for resale, in Hanover.

1928 -- Bigoted Jason Compson begins his day (in Faulkner's The Sound & the Fury).

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1931 -- US: Richard Alpert / Ram Dass lives — in a Purple Haze, next to an Orange Barrel.

Scottsboro Boys; source
1931 -- US: First of the "Scottsboro Boys" trials begins in Alabama.

The great crowd assembled before the courthouse, surrounded by state troopers, staged a demonstration of approval with the band playing, "There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight."

[Context / Details]

1939 -- Albania: L'esercito dello stato italiano invade. On April 12, una assemblea di notabili albanesi offre la corona di Albania a Vittorio Emanuele III.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1942 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Ukraine: The Germans murder 1,600 Jews of Piryatin.

1949 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Truman says he would use A-bombs in defense of US & other democracies.

1952 -- South Africa: Mass meetings of non-whites to protest against apartheid.

1953 -- US: Hot Springs, Arkansas professional baseball team is voted out of the Class C Cotton States League after the club refuses to cancel contracts with two black pitchers whose services it had obtained.

1954 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis.) charges newsman Edward R. Murrow has spread Communist propaganda for 20 years. Hold the mustard, please.

1958 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Bertrand Russell introduces the peace symbol, Aldermaston.

1959 --

The cinema, too, must be destroyed....

Shooting begins for Guy Debord's filmSI dingbat
On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Period of Time.


he point is to understand what has been done & all that remains to be done, not to add more ruins to the old world of spectacles & memories.

      — On the Passage of a Few Persons... | [Situationist Resources]

1963 -- US: Birmingham civil rights demonstrations began on a small scale.... At first there were a few sit-ins at lunch counters & a few arrests.... On Saturday, April 6, a group of carefully selected demonstrators marched on City Hall.... Today about 45 demonstrators are arrested.

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1965 --

April 6-8, 1965

"Hey, Hey! LBJ"

Beloved & Respected Comrade President "Hey, Hey! LBJ" Johnson authorizes the use of US ground combat troops for offensive operations.

Tomorrow he offers North Vietnam aid in exchange for peace. North Vietnam rejects the offer.

1967 -- Germany: Tens of thousands protesting Vietnam War jeer Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Vice President Hubie Humphrey in West Berlin, West Germany.

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1968 -- US: In the wake of a riot following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Oakland cops raid Black Panther Party headquarters, killing Bobby Hutton & wounding three others, including Eldridge Cleaver.

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1968 -- Steve Miller, on tour in England, writes in Billboard decrying the British rock scene as "more an industry than a scene ... It's at a low, lifeless point ... The only good bands I've seen are Traffic, Marmalade & Procul Harum. I've seen bands doing queer bits in their underwear to get attention."

1968 -- US: Gunpowder stocks at a sporting-goods store explode, killing 43, Virginia.

1968 -- Massiel triunfa en Eurovisión con el La, la, la.

Oriol Sole Sugranyes, anarchist; source Anarchiste Ephemeride
1976 -- Monopoly game card: Spank the Bank!Spain: MIL (Iberian Liberation Movement) member, & former Centro Iberico militant, Oriol Solé Sugranyes shot dead following an escape of Resistance prisoners (all ETA members but him) from a Segovia jail as he tries to cross the border into France.

1980 -- France: Raiders destroy one computer center & two others two days later. The actions were claimed by Action Directe. The Committee for the Liquidation & Misappropriation of Computers stated:

... show details

1982 -- US begins naval maneuvers in Central American & Caribbean waters.

1982 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Jim Priceman returns $37.1 MILLION in cash to A.G. Becker, Inc., NYC & receives a reward of $250 — that's right, TWO HUNDRED FIFTY BIG ONES!

1985 -- Australia: Satellite dish daubed with human blood, Watsonian Army Base, Melbourne.

1992 -- Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov (I Robot), dies at 72.

1994 -- Rwanda: Plane crash killing presidents of Rwanda & Burundi initiates massacre of millions of Tutsis by Hutus.

1996 -- US: 11 arrested at main post office near Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, for attempting to mail needed medical supplies to Iraq in defiance of US-led embargo. In Iraq, largely due to the embargo, as many people die each month as were killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in NY.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Amnesty International criticizes 27 European countries for police brutality.

2001 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaUS: Second Annual Solidarity Conference, April 6-8, 2001, State College, PA. Keynote Speakers: Jello Biafra & Howard Zinn. Two & a half days of workshops, speakers, films & music, a room of free stuff, art to browse, 30 tables of information & distros, & an exhibit set-up by Amnesty International.

3000 --

"Knowing can be a limiting thing."

       — Richard Hugo, "Writing Off the Subject"

Bill Gates pied

Bush Makes World Safe for Terrorism
3500 --

Bush Makes World Safe for Terrorism
3501 --

Bush Makes World Safe for Terrorism
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