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[...] but I think the details change,
crows' feet around the eyes of a man
who still walks around
but who died back there the last time,
the name of the President maybe,
the date on the calendar.
Something in us dies each time,
like our so-called innocence
each dawn. I light candles.
My country, 'tis of thee.

— Bill Tremblay,
excerpt, "The Eternal Return of the Same"

Winona Beamer




Hawaiian native culture expert, folk activist, hula dancer.

(PH)Red's Hot Wheels

Florence, Italy: EXPLOSION OF THE CAR. A large wooden car full of fireworks & explosives sits in the piazza. A wire runs to the cathedral. A dove-shaped rocket is ignited at the altar, runs along the wire & explodes the car.

BleedMeister has warned Nummer One Son (in school in Florence Spring 2004), not to be in the car when it goes up...but do kids (17-years old) listen to their parents!?!

787 -- Pepin, King of France, installs his Organ in the church of St. Cornielle at Compiegne.

1618 -- Agustín Moreto, Spanish dramatist, once considered the equal of his near-contemporary Lope de Vega, is baptized. Turned out over 100 dramas, gaining him great popular success.

1703 -- Danish Baroque poet & clergyman Thomas Kingo, dies in Odense. Remembered mainly for the Kingo hymn book, a collection that first appeared in 1699 & had at least 85 of his own poems.

1729 -- New Old World: Advertisement in American Weekly Mercury offers Indian woman & child for sale.

1841 -- US: Horace Greeley's New York Tribune begins publication:

Do not lounge in the cities! There is room & health in the country, away from the crowds of idlers & imbeciles. Go west, before you are fitted for no life but that of the factory. (New York Tribune, 1841)

During the 1840s Greeley wrote numerous articles promoting a voluntary system of agricultural collectives he called "association," based on the writings of French socialist Charles Fourier. Although he employed Karl Marx as a European correspondent in the 1850s, Greeley exchanged most of his high-minded utopian schemes for down-&-dirty party politics in the contentious decade leading up to the Civil War.

1847 -- Joseph Pulitzer lives, Budapest (or Makó), Hungary. Bought the New York World in 1883. In 1885 he was elected to Congress from New York, but resigned.

In the 1890s Pulitzer had a circulation war with William Randolph Hearst, & his newspapers were accused of "yellow journal" practices.

Through his will, he established the Columbia University School of Journalism & annual prizes for literature, drama, music, & journalism.

1848 -- France: Revolution in Paris aids plans for massive Chartist uprising in London — stopped by the cops.

1848 -- England: Mass meeting of Chartists, campaigning for civil rights, Kennington Common, Surrey. A procession to the House of Commons to present a petition for civil rights is prevented by authorities.

'The Tenth of April'

Today was long remembered thus, the fear of an English Revolution having been very real: revolutionaries in Paris promise aid for a planned Chartist uprising in London on this day, which is canceled after massive occupation of London streets by troops.

Punk's not Dead
1849 -- Safety pin patented. Punk movement begins.

1864 -- México: Archduke Maximilian, supported by a French army, becomes Emperor.

1866 -- US: American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) founded.

1867 -- Irish man of letters AE (George William Russell) lives, Lurgan, County Armagh.

1878 -- US: California Street Cable Car Railroad Company starts service.

Anna Kavan, self-portrait; source,
1901 -- France: Surrealist painter, recluse Anna Kavan lives — born "Helen Woods" — in Cannes.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint, ANNA KAVAN
Writer, surrealist painter, addict, recluse, suicide.

1907 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist  Canada: Emma Goldman makes her first visit to Winnipeg; lectures in German & English on topics including "Crimes of Parents & Education" & "The Position of Jews in Russia."

1911 -- Scotland: Singer Sewing Machine Strike is defeated in Glasgow. Soon a campaign of systematic victimization is initiated by Singers & over 400 workers, including all the strike leaders and known members of the IWGB (IWW), were sacked. Within five years unions nearly doubled in membership.

1912 -- RMS Titanic sets sail for its maiden voyage. There is discontent among the 1st class passengers as rumors fly, "there may not be enough ice."

1912 -- England: Riots in Wigan require army intervention before they are put down.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1918 -- Russia: This evening of the 10th & 11th, in reaction to growing protests of Russian anarchists to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, the Cheka — the Bolshevik secret police — raids anarchist centers in Moscow. Approximately 40 anarchists are killed or wounded, more than 500 taken prisoners.
Source: Emma Goldman Papers

Emiliano Zapata, anarchist
1919 -- México: Anarchist revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata ambushed & assassinated by Mexican troops, age 29, Chinameca, Mexico. One of the main — & best known — participants in the peasant uprisings against the central government's authority from 1910 until his death. A wax replica of his body is put on public display — obviously not his body, for everyone knows he still rides in the hills intent on finishing the job he began on November 28, 1911 (the Plan of Ayala, the peasants' declaration of independence).

... show details

1925 -- F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is published. Eventually his best-known work of the Jazz Age, sales are disappointing. A dispassionate examination of blandness & emptiness in the lives of tycoons & flappers was acclaimed by critics, but was not a popular success.

1931 -- Kahlil Gibran dies, New York. Lebanese born American philosophical essayist, novelist, mystic poet, & artist. Author of The Prophet.

"The man who hears & understands we call mad, & flee from him."

1937 -- Bella Akhmadulina lives, Moscow. A distinctive poetic voice in post-Stalinist Soviet literature. Wrote Struna (The Harp String).

1938 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist   England: In Liverpool, Emma Goldman speaks on Spain at two meetings today & tomorrow: on the first day to a 1,000 people at an ILP-sponsored event; on the second to a small gathering of the Workmen's Circle. Communists disrupt both meetings.

... show details

1941 -- Paul Theroux lives, Medford, Massachusetts. Novelist (The Mosquito Coast), & traveler (The Old Patagonian Express, among others).

1941 -- US: “Hooverville” Burns. As the depression-era shantytown within a town is engulfed in flames, the smoke is visible all over Seattle. Hooverville encompassed 25 square blocks, bounded by S. Charles Street (almost to Royal Brougham Way) at the south & S. Dearborn on the north, Alaskan Way on the east, & Elliott Bay on the west.

Bob (F)red with new pipe
1945 -- US: Medical staff at an Oak Ridge, Tennessee hospital injects plutonium into the survivor of a car accident.

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1947 -- US: Jackie Robinson becomes first African American in major league baseball.

Not to minimize the importance of Jackie Robinson, but he wasn't the first African-American in Major League baseball; he was the first in the 20th century, the first since the 1880s in fact. Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first African-American in Major League baseball.

— Bleedster Michael C., 2009

1947 -- US: FBI agents visit SAG (Screen Actors Guild) President Ronald Reagan & his wife, Jane Wyman, accusing them of belong to Communist front groups; to demonstrate his patriotism, Ronnie quickly agrees to become a secret informer.

1953 -- US: House of Wax, the first 3-D movie, released in New York.

1955 -- Jesse Wallace Hughan dies. A War Resisters League founder & ran for public office on the Socialist ticket.

1959 -- US: Utopian architect Frank Lloyd Wright dies, Taliesin West, Arizona.

Architecture is that great living creative spirit which from generation to generation, from age to age, proceeds, persists, creates, according to the nature of man, & his circumstances as they change. That is architecture.

— Frank Lloyd Wright, 1937

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003 FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT
     Innovative organic architect, utopian idealist.

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1959 -- US: Unknown assassin fails in an attempt to shoot Governor J. Lindsay Almond, Jr. of Virginia.

1962 -- Stuart Sutcliffe, 22, an original member of the Beatles, dies of cerebral paralysis, Hamburg, Germany.
Sutcliffe met Lennon at art school. Sutcliffe introduced Lennon to modern art & literature & Lennon introduced Sutcliffe to rock & roll. He joined the Beatles & played bass (McCartney was on rhythm guitar then). He left the band in 1961 & resumed painting because his headaches were getting too bad. By then he had given the Beatles the look that would soon charm the world, shaggy, brushed-forward hairstyles.

1962 -- US: Baseball's Dodger Stadium opens, built by architect Captain Emil Praeger.
Artful dodger (bare butt)

1963 -- US: $45 million nuclear submarine Thresher implodes during a test dive east of Boston. All 129 aboard are lost.

1966 -- British novelist Evelyn Waugh dies. Photographer Cecil Beaton surmises that he "died of snobbery," & further notes,

"His abiding complex & the source of much of his misery was that he was not a six-foot tall, extremely handsome & rich duke."

1967 -- US: Vietnam Week (April 10-15th): draft card burnings & turn-ins & anti-draft recruiter demonstrations, culminating in massive demonstrations in NY & Frisco opposing the Vietnam War.

Simone Larcher, anarchiste
1969 -- France: Simone Larcher dies. Proofreader. With Louis Louvet, she published the newspaper L'anarchie until 1929. See the Anarchist Encyclopedia

Jim Wanted Poster
1970 -- At a concert in Boston, Doors singer Jim Morrison asks the audience, "anyone want to see my genitals?" just after a brief power failure.

Most everyone missed his opening line:

"& now I'd like to do my impression of the Governor of Arkansas."

Hey, hey! Smiley Face
1970 -- US: Dirty Deeds?: A deed is prepared for the gift of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Nixon's Vice-Presidential papers to the National Archives, & back-dated so the now-Beloved & Respected Comrade President Dick M. qualifies for an otherwise illegal tax deduction.

1971 -- US: Women march on Pentagon to protest the Vietnam War.

1972 -- France: Louis Laurent (1883-1972) dies. Trade unionist, member of the Revolutionary Anarchist Union & the Anarchist Federation of Languedoc in the 30s. Helped publish various libertarian journals, worked with the League of Conscientious Objectors & the CGT-SR (revolutionary trade union). Helped found Libertarian in 1968.

1981 -- UN approves world treaty assuring no civilians shall be attacked with "napalm, mines or booby-traps." Defeated by US veto. Perhaps to "protect US Toy interests"?

"Saturation of unexploded submunitions has become a characteristic of the modern battlefield."

US Military Procedures Report 5

"Toy-size bombs designed to kill tanks & soldiers appear as white lawn darts, green baseballs, orange-striped soda cans — & have proved deadly to children. . .

'When you see a 5-year-old boy come to the hospital without any limbs,' asked Kuwait City surgeon Dr. Mohammad Khaled, 'how can you forget the sight?'"

Ooops...animated fire
1981 -- England: Brixton Riots: Beginning of a weekend of rioting in the racially mixed section of London, known as Brixton. Young people set fire to buildings & cars, pelted cops with bricks, & looted stores. Roving gangs directly fought cops with bricks, iron bars & Molotovs.

... show details

1981 -- Ireland: Imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands elected to British Parliament during the 6th week of his hunger strike.

1984 -- US: Senate condemns CIA mining of Nicaraguan harbors.

 Zoe?; film still from 2001
1984 -- Australia: Zoe, first frozen-embryo child lives, Melbourne.

1996 -- Germany: This month during the Squatter's Movement, which comes under heavy government attack for the next two years, the front house at Rigaer Strasse 80 is evicted, as is the Alt Stralau, which had been squatted in early 1995.

1997 --

"Hey, Hey!


Former POW Douglas "Pete" Peterson is confirmed by the Senate as the first ambassador to Vietnam since the end of the war & the first ever to be posted to Hanoi. Vietnam's Le Van Bang is confirmed as Vietnam's ambassador to the US.

2001 -- China: Communist government detains Wu Jianming, a US citizen, on charges of spying. Other ethnic Chinese intellectuals with American backgrounds recently arrested include Gao Zhan, Tan Guanguang & Li Shaomin. Speculation sees these as political rather than legal proceedings, the rationale for the arrests including efforts to find the anonymous compiler of the book The Tiananmen Papers.

Border crossing
2006 -- US: Nationwide job & school walkouts & pro-immigration demonstrations for America's 12-million illegal immigrants. Funny country, where hard work can earn you hard time.

2006 -- Colombia: Chiquita accused of arms transport for guerrillas.

The human rights tribunal TPP holds hearings against the multinational Chiquita, amongst others, because of their contacts with Colombian guerrillas. Also the US & Switzerland (Nestlé) are held responsible for allowing their multinationals to profit from the conflict in the country. The TPP thinks that employees in Colombia are being kept under pressure as companies use the guerrillas as agents to be able to cut labor rights.

In addition to paying paramilitary groups, the TPP believes evidence exists of Chiquita shipping, in 2001, 3000 AK-47s & ammunition to guerrilla groups in Córdoba & Urabá.

2008 -- Hawaiianist Winona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Beamer dies, Maui.

3000 --

Zapata, anarquista
Illustration by Covarrubias, famed book illustrator


Emiliano Zapata

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