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Our dead fathers came down to us in the river.
Thousands of fathers & grown brothers
Bobbing in the Euphrates...
The two generals rode their horses
Over the hill
Like happy widows on strong donkeys.

— Norman Dubie, excerpt,
"The Desert Deportation of 1915,"
from The Mercy Seat


American dance visionary, anarchist choreographer.

Hanging sign: Fly Rods & Reels


1291 -- Rudolph Hapsburg purchases the rights to govern Lucerne, Switzerland.

1550 -- Spain: In a Royal Order of Charles V of Spain, the question "What is an Indian?" was posed; exploration of America was suspended until the matter was settled.

1640 -- Aphra Behn, novelist, spy, playwright, lives, England. Wrote Oroonoko. The first Englishwoman to live by her pen.

Aphra Behn, the first Englishwoman to earn her living as a writer, is baptized at St. Michael's Church in Harbledown, near Canterbury, Kent. When she becomes a spy for Charles II's government, payment is so slow that she is put in debtor's prison, where she writes many of her earthy social comedies.

1681 -- New Old World: Province of New Jersey is sold for $25,000. Hasn't increased in value since...fetch 'bout two-bits if'n we're lucky.

1689 -- Aphra Behn, novelist, spy, playwright, dies, London, England, age 48. Wrote Oroonoko. The first Englishwoman to live by her pen.

1746 -- England: Defeat of the Roman Catholic pretender to the British throne, "Bonnie Prince Charlie" also ends publication of Henry Fielding's anti-papist weekly The True Patriot.

1746 -- Scotland: Massacre of Scots by English army, Culloden.

1797 -- England: Sailors mutiny at Spithead, off Portsmouth .
'Calendar Riots'

1818 -- US: Senate ratifies Rush-Bagot amendment (unarmed US-Canada border).

1825 -- Henry Fuseli, Romantic painter dies.

1828 -- Spanish painter Francisco Goya dies.

1844 -- French novelist/urbane critic Anatole France lives (1844-1924), Paris. Awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921.

"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, & to steal bread."

His skepticism appears in his early works, & later hostility toward bourgeois values led him to support French Communist Party (His father was a bookseller — which explains much.) In the 1920s his writings were put on the Index of Forbidden Books of the Roman Catholic Church, which, of course, ensures they will be read by yet a larger audience. France participated in the Dreyfus case (1896) with other writers, foremost being Émile Zola with his famous article J'Accuse.

1854 -- US: "Army of the poor" leader Jacob Coxey lives, Masillon, Ohio.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003, JACOB COXEY
Leader of "Coxey's Army" of hobos, who marched on Washington in Protest in 1894. Arrested for strolling on the White House lawn.

Coxey's Army, 1894.

Jacob S. Coxey of Masillon, Ohio, a well-to-do businessman who was a Populist & quite untypical of his class in other ways, proposed a plan of federal work relief on public roads to be financed by an issue of Treasury notes — thus ending the depression of 1893 by means of monetary inflation & work relief for the unemployed.

When Congress refused to pass this bill, Coxey stated,

"We will send a petition to Washington with boots on."

Thus Coxey's Army marched peacefully from Ohio to Washington, DC where they were cheered by crowds, but Coxey & his lieutenants were arrested by police & about 50 people were beaten or trampled.

 Mass Kontroll
1854 -- Laurent Tailhade lives (1854-1919), Tarbes. French poet, writer, anarchiste polemist, opium addict (La noire idole), translator (Satyricon de Pétrone).
[Details / context]

La Luminosa Torre
Texto de André Breton (1896-1963), en LE LIBERTAIRE del 11-1-1952

Fue en el negro espejo del anarquismo que el surrealismo se reconocio por primera vez, mucho antes de definirse a si mismo y cuando apenas era asociacion libre entre individuos, despreciando espontaneamente y en bloque las opresiones sociales y morales de su tiempo.

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1862 -- US: Slavery abolished in District of Columbus.

1866 -- US: Nitroglycerine at the Wells Fargo & Co. office explodes.

1866 --
Gustave Henri Jossot lives (1866-1951), Dijon. French painter, illustrator & caricaturist who targeted the mainstream institutions of family, army, justice, churches, schools, etc.

Jossot, deeply libertarian, refused to be labeled an anarchiste. Depressed for years, he gave up caricatures in 1907, moved to Tunisia in 1911, converted to Islam in 1913 for a short period before denouncing religion & agitating again, for the rights of Moslem women, etc. Jossot confined his artistic endeavors to painting landscapes & Tunisian everyday life.


1867 -- Wilbur Wright, of aeroplane fame, lives.

1871 -- John Millington Synge, Irish dramatist lives, near Dublin.

1871 -- Ivan Turgenev arrested & jailed for publishing an obituary banned by the St. Petersburg censorship committee.

Paris Commune illustration
1871 -- England: Demonstration in Hyde Park in London, in support of the Paris Commune.
[Background Details, click here]

1874 -- US: Democracy in Action? 200 men led by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Elijah Baxter, the elected Governor of Arkansas, surround the State House, seized 24 hours earlier by defeated candidate Joseph Brooks & his supporters. Two weeks later, a pitched battle between the two camps kills or wounds 25.

1880 -- Australia: Compulsory state schooling for 6 to 14 year old children is introduced in New South Wales.

1889 -- Charlie Chaplin, commie tramp, lives (1889-1977) .

"In the end, everything is a gag."

1896 -- Tristan TzaraTristan Tzara, French poet/essayist known mainly as the founder of Dada, lives, Moinesti, Romania.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 2008
Founder of Dada, inventor of cut-up poetry;
later disappointed Surrealist & Communist Party member. European Dada Archive
—, 1963 dada zurich, chronicle by Tristan Tzara International Dada Archive, U. Of Iowa
Mouvement Dada, book cover

1902 -- Philippines: Surrender of the last resistance to US intervention. Apparently the benevolent US occupying forces left a few resisters alive despite a policy of genocide, with orders to kill every man, woman, & child above the age of 10.

Look out Iraq! Look out World!

Ricardo Flores Magon
1903 -- México: The buildings of the anarquista newspaper El hijo del Ahuizote are seized by the police for the second time. The staff, Ricardo & Enrique Flores Magón & Librado Rivera are arrested for having "ridiculed public authorities."

1904 -- Samuel Smiles dies in London. Best known for the didactic Self-Help.

1910 -- EG, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman lectures in San Francisco, mid-April, & debates a socialist on "whether collective regulation or free love will guarantee a healthy race."

1917 -- The 296th Regiment are the first to refuse to advance on the German Hindenburg Line in a mutiny that will embrace more than half a million conscript soldiers of the French Army.
'Calendar Riots'

1918 -- US: Prince Hopkins arrested, indicted by federal grand jury in Los Angeles for violating the Espionage Act; released on $25,000 bail. On August 30, he pleads guilty & is fined $27,000.

EG, anarchist feministEmma Goldman's last act before entering prison for her draft resistance work is organizing & funding the Political Prisoners' Amnesty League. During the war, thousands of dissenters were sentenced to long prison terms.

At Angel Island, a concentration camp for dissidents, many are systematically tortured. At the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, prisoners are hung by their wrists for weeks at a time.

Involved, among others, in the formation of the Political Prisoners' Amnesty League were Leonard D. Abbott, Dr. C. Andrews, Prince Hopkins, Lillian Brown, Lucy & Bob Robbins. Prince Hopkins was chosen permanent chairman, with Leonard as treasurer.

1919 -- US: Anarchist choreographer Merce Cunningham lives, Centralia, Washington.

Free Sacco & Vanzetti!
1920 -- US: Italian-American anarchist Feruccio Coacci is arrested in Bridgewater, Ma. for his activities supporting Cronaca Sovversiva & deported on the 18th.

This is during a period of a second series of "Palmer raids" which swept 33 cities throughout the US in January to suppress radicals, labor agitators, & in this case, is related also to the South Braintree hold-ups & the crime for which Sacco & Vanzetti were ultimately executed for.

[Details / context]

old book
1922 -- Kingsley Amis lives (1922-1995), London. Novelist, poet, critic, & teacher, father of writer Martin Amis, generally grouped among the "angry young men" in the 1950s, though he rejected the affiliation.

A man of outrageous wit & genius, with a reputation as "supreme clubman, boozer & blimp." A radical as a young man, later a conservative critic of contemporary life. Amis wrote over 40 books, including some 20 novels, many volumes of poetry, & several collections of essays. His first novel, Lucky Jim (1954) was a huge success.

1922 -- US: Where's the Beef? First sermon preached from an airplane. Ranks up there with dropping cows from an airplane but not so exciting.

1922 -- US: Annie Oakley shoots 100 clay targets in a row, setting a women's record.

1924 -- Argentina: Durante o mandato de Silvetti caracterizouse pola súa actitude unitaria cara á (FORA) anarquista. Iniciou unha grande campaña en defensa dos presos por cuestións políticas. Durante a súa xestión á frente da central sindical aconteceron os tráxicos sucesos da Patagonia que acabaron con 1.500 fusilados.

Do 16 ó 22 de abril de 1924 realizouse o Primeiro Congreso Ordinario da Union Sindical Argentina (USA) sendo reelixido por un mandato. Ao remate do mesmo volveu ao taller, foi electo dúas veces máis membro do Comité Central da USA. Organizou o Sindicato de Obreiros da Industria do Calzado.

anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista, sindicalistas, syndicalist / Brasil

1925 -- US: During this month Boni & Liveright publishes Alexander Berkman's The Bolshevik Myth, critical of the Bolshevik counterrevolution in Russia.

Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist   In an attempt to refute the report of the British trade union delegation, Emma Goldman & her comrades — as the British Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners in Russia — publish a pamphlet, "Russia & the British Labour Delegation's Report: A Reply."

Emma continues speaking on conditions in the Soviet Union with a lecture at South Place Institute today, "An Exposure of the Trade Union Delegation's Report on Russia"; she also delivers a second lecture in London on April 27.

1930 -- Perú: José Carlos Mariátegui, political leader/essayist & first Perúvian intellectual to apply the Marxist model of historical materialism to Perúvian problems, dies in Lima.

1932 -- EG, anarchist feministNorway: Emma Goldman visits Oslo, her first visit to Norway, where she has "three wonderful meetings." One lecture is canceled by the Communist-controlled student association, which objects to her criticism of the Soviet Union.

1934 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader LA County Supervisor Roger W. Jessup calls for deporting some 7,000 indigent Filipinos on the welfare rolls.
[Details / context]

1935 -- EG, anarchist feministCanada: Emma Goldman speaks on birth control at Hygeia Hall, after meeting with the head of a Toronto birth control clinic.

Andreau Capdevila Puig
1937 -- Spain: Andreu Capdevila Puig (1894-1987) fou conseller d'Economia de la Generalitat de Catalunya (16 d'abril - 5 de maig de 1937) i després president del Consell d'Economia. Dirigent del Sindicat Tèxtil de la CNT, actuà especialment a Sant Andreu de Palomar (Barcelona). El 1939 s'exilià a Perpinyà. Continuà militant a la CNT, i col.laborà regularment en els periòdics sindicalistes "Le Combat" de París i "L'Espoir" de Tolosa de Llenguadoc.

At the Santa Andreu Artillery depot where 30,000 rifles were stored:

... show details

CAPDEVILA PUIG, Andrés Né à Barcelone le 24 décembre 1894 – mort le 10 mars 1987 Ouvrier teinturier - MLE – CNT – Barcelone (Catalogne) – Perpignan (Pyrénées Orientales) & Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) Andrés Capdevila Puig avait commencé à militer très jeune dans le quartier de San Andrés (Barcelone). Ouvrier dans des teintureries, et militant anarcho syndicaliste, il était connu pour la fermeté de ses revendications et avait eu des responsabilités à la CNT tant à la fédération locale qu’au niveau régional dès les années 1920. Pendant la révolution, le CR catalan lui avait confié la tâche d’élaborer le décret de collectivisation des entreprises. Il avait été ensuite nommé le 26 avril 1937 président du Conseil d’économie de Catalogne dont il sortira désillusionné par « cette expérience réformiste » qu’il (...)

1943 -- Second synthesis of LSD leads to accident & Swiss Chemist Albert Hoffman recorded his experiences — its psychedelic effect. On the 19th he will purposely take a strong dosage.

"I perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes with intense kaleidoscopic play of colors."

But Hoffman didn't know about breakfast cereal. According to one researcher large doses of bran cereal may produce the same types of experiences.

You see, he explains, LSD is produced by ergot, a common fungal infestation of wheat, & may in some cases survive food processing. Therefore, under such conditions a high bran diet could result in a consumption of 100 micrograms of LSD — more than enough to produce an effect on an inexperienced user.

1947 -- US: Lew Alcindor (aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), very way tall guy, jazz collector, lives.

barbeque grill
1947 -- US: Massive explosion & fire kills 500 in Texass City, Texass.

1949 -- Indonesia: Marxist Tan Malaka dies, Blitar, Java.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 2009-2010
Legendary Indonesian Marxist, pan Islamicist.

1961 -- During this spring Beatster Jack Kerouac meets painter Stanley Twardowicz in Northport; Bernice Lemire, a student at Boston College, writes "Jack Kerouac: Early Influences."

Writings & Drawing cover
1965 -- Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is released.

1965 -- England: Bad Odour? Vigil at church sequestered by the military, Foulness, Essex.

1966 -- US: 4,400 march NYC.

1966 -- US: G. Gordon Liddy & the FBI raid Millbrook & bust Timothy Leary for possession of marijuana.

1966 -- US: Charlatans, Mystery Trend, Wanda & Her Birds & the Haight St. Jazz Band appear at California Hall in Frisco.

1967 -- Greece: Government bans Marathon Peace March. Held yearly since 1963, when 300,000 first turned out.

1967 -- US: Negro uprising, Cleveland, Ohio.

1968 -- Novelist/playwright Edna Ferber, hailed as the greatest woman novelist of her day, dies in New York.

Calkins says ROTC is a Good Thing
1969 -- Hugh Calkins gits interviewed.

1971 -- US: Raising Cain? Vietnam Veterans Against the War throw their medals & canes on White House Lawn at demonstration in Washington DC.

1971 -- US: Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates over 2,000 people openly refused to pay part or all of their income tax in protest over the war in Vietnam.

1973 -- Laos: US bombs Laos, April 16-17, in an extension of the Vietnam War.

1975 -- Cambodia: The Khmer Rouge Rebels win control of Cambodia after a five year civil war. They rename the country Kampuchea & begin a reign of terror.

1983 -- Sweden: Bridge blocked to stop boat loaded with guns for export.

1985 -- US: Supreme Court upholds rights of Navajo Nation to tax businesses on the reservation without obtaining federal approval.

1986 -- US: First American "test-tube" baby born, Cleveland, Ohio.

1987 -- US: Patent Office announces genetically engineered animals can be patented; when was seed patent law?

Frances Steloff
1989 -- US: Frances Steloff dies at the age of 101. Founded the Gotham Book Mart on January 1, 1920. She died Fine in Fine (but for light jacket wear at the edges).
Stories about the shop & Steloff's dedication to it & to writers grew over the years till they assumed the quality of legend.

Miss Steloff lovingly kept up correspondence with many of the writers she met in her shop.

She championed the experimental & challenged the censors which resulted landmark decisions on censorship....

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

Ralph Ellison
1994 -- The Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison, dies in New York, never completing his second novel. Published two collections of essays, Shadow & Act (1964) & Going to the Territory (1986). African American who also lectured & taught on black culture, folklore, & creative writing.
"I am an invisible man. No, I am not a spook like those who haunted Edgar Allan Poe; nor am I one of your Hollywood-movie ectoplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh & bone, fiber & liquids — & I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, because people refuse to see me."

1998 -- US: Bill Not Bored has another day in court, at 100 Centre Street, Part F, at 9:30am, NY City.

Bill Not Bored (a.k.a. Bill Brown, publisher of the situationist fanzine NOT BORED!) was arrested by the NYPD for allegedly spray-painting graffiti denouncing outrageous pedestrian barricades that Mayor Giuliani & Police Commissioner Safir installed at every intersection along 49th & 50th Streets between Fifth & Lexington Avenues in Manhattan.

Bill Not Bored faced felony criminal mischief charges, despite the fact that writing graffiti is a Class A Misdemeanor under New York State Penal Law.

More World, Less Bank! poster
2000 -- US: Seattle songster Jim Page plays at the A16 Anarchist & Anti-Capitalist Activities in Massive Rally & Non-Violent Protest at the IMF & World Bank in Washington DC.

Jim Page is acerbic, powerful, poignant, clever & very funny — & can improvise a song in a flash. He reveals the nuances, twists & turns of political & everyday life in songs that are crafted to be engaging, one interesting lyric at a time.

Listen to: Whose World is This, &/or
Stranger In Me

2000 -- Australia: 116 Kosovar refugees deported to an uncertain future in Kosovo & 21 sent to the Port Hedland Detention Centre.

2004 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2012, remove 2013Seeking legal recognition as a news organization, the National Rifle Association begins NRANews, a website dedicated to presenting its view of the right to kill keep & bear arms.

2005 -- Iraq: US humanitarian aid worker Marla Ruzicka killed, Baghdad.

2009 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Barack Obama releases Bush torture memos allowing the CIA to torture al-Qaida & other "suspects" held at Guantánamo & secret detention centers round the world. Obama rules out prosecutions against the culprits. It is a "time for reflection, not retribution," so he sez.

3000 --

The professed concern for freedom of the press in the West is not very persuasive in the light of ... the actual performance of the media in serving the powerful & privileged as an agency of manipulation, indoctrination, & control.

A "democratic communications policy," in contrast, would seek to develop means of expression & interaction that reflect the interests & concerns of the general population, & to encourage their self-education & their individual & collective action.

       — Noam Chomsky, Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies

SECURE beneath the WATCHFUL EYES of Big Brother
3500 --

anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less
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