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Daily Bleed: on this day in recovered history April 29, Jehan Jonas, Maya Deren, Emma Goldman, Ethel Mannin, P-J Proudhon, Jacob Coxey, Séverin Ferandel, First of May Group, Mid-Atlantic Anarchist Bookfair, et al: A People's History! Social, Cultural, Labor, Arts & other events Mom & Pop forgot to tell us about! A Wakeup Call, Almost as Good as Boiled Coffee!
Red knights, brown bishops, bright queens
Striking the board, falling in strong L's of

— Ezra Pound, opening lines,
     "The Game of Chess"


Visionary filmmaker, convert to Haitian voudoun.

FEAST OF FLORA (Roman) / CHLORIS (Greek); marked by licentious revelry & public prostitution.


1429 -- France: Joan of Arc leads Orleans to victory over English.

1667 -- John Arbuthnot lives, near Bervie, Kincardineshire. Scottish physician/writer, close friend of Jonathan Swift. His History of John Bull popularizes Bull as the prototypical Englishman.

Hi Bleedmeister — hope you're keeping well.

The Bervie in the entry for John Arbuthnot is locally known as Bervie, but if you looked for it on a map you'd have to find Inverbervie. Otherwise you might end up at Glenbervie, then you'd either end up incredibly bored, or have to look through the kirkyard for Burns' ancestors, or do a tour of Macphie's dairy factory.

Mind there's not much in Inverbervie either, unless you count Bervie chipper as a cultural landmark.

All the best,

— Bleedster Carol

Yikes! & what bar stool did you say you fell off?

— Auntie Dave

PS: I'm compelled to include your note in the Daily Bleed, so future probable visitors will be forewarned to 'keep on truckin' when they see the "Sign of the Inverbertebrie"...

Unless, that is, they are intent on meeting up at The Sally & mixing it up good with the bloody locals (like the Liliputians...some thin & some quite thick).

1724 -- Pedro António Correia Garçãolives (1724-1772), Lisbon. Portuguese Neoclassical poet.

1839 -- England: Chartists riot & occupy Llanidloes for five days.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

Proudhon: God is Evil
1858 -- France: Justice by P-J Proudhon — philosopher, economist, sociologist, anarchiste — appears.
Proudhon, Courbet portrait

"Property is theft!"

Plays pitcher for the Armageddonia Anarchists; not as good as BleedMeister's Nummer One Son, but has a wicked slider.

"To be governed is to be ...

1875 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Henry James' Transatlantic Sketches published.

1885 -- England: Women admitted to exams at Oxford University for the first time.

1894 -- A Capitol Crime?: Jacob Coxey's protest Army of the Poor reaches Washington, DC. Led a group of 500 unemployed workers from the Midwest & arrested for trespassing on Capitol grounds.

JACOB COXEY 1999 Patron Saint (April 16)
Leader of "Coxey's Army" of hobos, arrested for strolling on the White House lawn.

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1895 -- Joseph Conrad's first novel, Almayer's Folly is published.

Conrad's The Secret Agent … [constructs] anarchism as a form of fraudulent self-deception symptomatic of a widespread social degeneracy in British society. The...novel's ambivalent engagement with Nietzsche, showing how through a dialogue with Nietzschean intertexts anarchism is constructed as a form of religious fanaticism that is connected with the dangers of both foreign imperialism & the lower classes.

1895 -- Warships sent to Nicaragua to "protect" US interests. (Are there ever any others?)

1896 -- Séverin Ferandel (1896-1978) lives, in Basses-Alpes. Travel agency interpreter, anarchist militant, syndicalist, ran a radical bookstore, aided Spanish refugees, etc. while living in France & Mexico. See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page,

1899 -- Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington (1899-1974), jazz man, lives to Take the "A" Train.

1899 -- US: Their demand that only union men be employed refused, members of the Western Federation of Miners (WFM) dynamite the $250,000 mill of the Bunker Hill Company at Wardner, Idaho, destroying it completely. Levels the playing field for a few minutes.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President McKinley responds by sending in black soldiers from Brownsville, Texas with orders to round up thousands of miners & confine them in specially built "bullpens." 1899 - 1901 saw US Army troops occupying the Coeur d'Alene mining region in Idaho.


1912 -- Terence De Vere White lives. Irish author of more than two dozen books, literary editor of the Irish Times & a leading figure in the cultural life of Dublin for over 30 years.

Win Zip?
1913 -- Every Motel Has Some? The all-purpose zipper is patented by Gideon Sundback.

1915 -- Netherlands: Women's International League for Peace & Freedom founded, The Hague.

1915 -- EG, anarchist feministUS: Late this month, Emma Goldman embarks on a lecture tour.

This tour is motivated primarily by need to pay off debts of her publication, "Mother Earth."

One of Emma's first engagements, in Philadelphia, is delivering "The Limitation of Offspring" in Yiddish before an audience of 1,200.

1916 -- Ireland: Irish nationalists surrender to British in Dublin.

Maya Deren
1917 -- Visionary filmmaker, ethnologist Maya Deren lives, Kiev, Ukraine.

I make my pictures for what Hollywood spends on lipstick.

— Maya Deren


Maya did things in the Forties that other women didn't do. Somehow we never got the idea that a woman could be a film director. It's very difficult to conceive that something can be done if it hasn't been done before. It always requires an innovator, a heretic. & Maya was a heretic.

— Hella Hammid

1919 -- Germany: From April 29 to May 2, government forces in Munich crush in blood the Republic of the Councils of Bavaria. Resistance results in many hard-fought street battles. Many resistors (workers, socialists, anarchists, sympathizers) are summarily executed, leaving over 700 dead.

1919 -- Italy: I deputati approvano a grande maggioranza (382 a favore e solo 40 contrari) la politica estera del governo caratterizzata da nazionalismo gretto e da mire espansioniste.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1933 -- Constantine Cavafy, poet, dies in Alexandria, Egypt, at 70.

1937 -- Spain: Late this month a poster from Friends of Durruti Group is pinned up on trees & walls throughout the city of Barcelona. In it, they set out their program:

"All power to the working class. All economic power to the unions. Instead of the Generalidad, the Revolutionary Junta."

Source: [Agustin Guillamón, Friends of Durruti Group]

1938 -- EG, anarchist feministEngland: A literary & musical evening in London for the S.I.A. (Solidarid Internacional Antifascista) draws a small audience & is a financial flop; Ethel Mannin finds Emma Goldman's militant speech inappropriate to the occasion, organized to promote humanitarian ends.
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Ezra Pound a Nails
1945 -- Poet Ezra Pound turned over to the American Army by Italian partisans as a fascist traitor.
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1945 -- US troops liberate concentration camp victims, Dachau.

1951 -- Viennese philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein dies, Cambridge, England.

1959 -- US: EnCore? CORE lunch counter sit-in in Miami.

1961 -- England. 826 arrested in nuclear disarmament demonstration, London.

1962 -- México: Day-Glo Decor? A México City boy named Henry Espinola dies of radiation poisoning. In March Henry found seven pellets of radioactive cobalt in the street, brought them home, & kept them in a cookie jar as a decoration.

Henry's mother dies on July 19. Three days later, authorities discover the pellets & remove them from the house.

Henry's sister dies August 18 & his grandmother on October 15. Only his father, who visited just on weekends, survived.

Smiley face in business suit

1965 -- US: An earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter Scale shakes Seattle, Washington, killing five & causing over $15 million in damage.

1966 -- Spain: This year has seen the formation of the First of May Group to co-ordinate Spanish resistance outside the DI (a secret section (Interior Defense) to organize & co-ordinate actions of the Spanish Resistance). Today Mgr Ussia (Ecclesiastical Counselor to the Spanish Embassy to the Vatican) kidnapped in Rome; the first action claimed by the First of May Group.

1968 -- US: Rev. Ralph Abernathy succeeds Martin Luther King, Jr. as President of Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

1968 -- US: Hair! premieres on Broadway — back in the good ol'days when BleedMeister had hair.

1970 -- US: National Guard shoots seven students at Ohio State University.

1971 -- US: Third sabotage in as many months at Berkeley nuclear power station, Glos.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

Curve Ball of Death
1973 -- Over 15,000 attending a rock concert by Elvin Bishop, Canned Heat, Buddy Miles & Fleetwood Mac are routed from a baseball stadium in Stockton, California, by police firing tear-gas canisters. More than 80 people, including 28 cops are hurt & 50 arrests are made.

Tunnel rat
1975 -- South Vietnam: The last US troops flee. Seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel," there is a mad scramble as the last American troops gracefully fall all over themselves in withdrawing from Vietnam. American Navy evacuates US personnel & a select few South Vietnamese refugees. The last American combat death in Vietnam occurs. South Vietnamese President Duong Van Minh surrenders. Tomorrow, April 30, 1975, at 8:35 am, the last Americans, ten Marines from the embassy, depart Saigon.
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1976 -- After playing Memphis on a southern tour, Bruce Springsteen jumps the fence at Graceland to see idol Elvis Presley. Vainly mentions his simultaneous appearances on the covers of Time & Newsweek to security — but, unimpressed guards give him the boot.

1978 -- England: 10,000 demonstrate against nuclear power plant expansion, Windscale, Cumbria.

1980 -- Film & TV thriller master Alfred Hitchcock dies, Los Angeles.

1980 -- Jehan Jonas (1944-1980), chanteur libertaire, dies. -- alias for Gérard Beziat --Death of an anarchiste talent, cabaret songster, poet, playwright. Jehan Jonas has his hours of glory in the Sixties & Seventies without ever being truly famous. A splendid artist whose texts fall in the realm between Boris Vian & Léo Ferré & Brassens, his works were subjected to the censure, & remain forgotten or ignored.

In 1964 Jonas performed with Léo Ferré & in 1970 performed in the Midem: Gala des Indépendants with Robert Charlesbois, Jacqueline Francois & Michel Corringe.

Jonas died prematurely, his beautiful stamp of voice gone: hospitalized in Salpêtrière with a brain tumor, he died on April 29, 1980, 35 years old.

"Un éternel soleil a brisé mon élan
On dirait que la mort s'enrhume à l'infini
Le macchabée récite un pater circoncis
Et l'on part en cercueil vers l'ancien testament"
Jehan Jonas, anarchiste songster

1983 -- US: Harold Washington sworn in as Chicago's first black mayor.

1992 -- US: Los Angeles riots kick off immediately following the "Not Guilty" verdict in the Rodney King trial.

Despite a videotape documenting the episode, an innocent verdict is returned in the savage police beating of African American Rodney King, leads to the worst rioting in Los Angeles history, with much destruction of property, looting, 53 deaths & hundreds of injuries.

1996 -- South Korea: Three men are arrested for protesting a nuclear power plant under construction, in violation of the country's Law of Atomic Energy, which strictly limits the scope of permitted action in opposition to state nuclear policy.

2000 -- US: Mid-Atlantic Anarchist Bookfair. Seth Tobacman from NYC presents a slide show of his amazing artwork! Detrius (from the band Angry Folk!) plays acoustic Anarcho folk punk. Len Bracken on 'The artwork theory of revolution & a general theory of civil war', from his book The Arch Conspirator, with mention of Paul LaFargue's The Right to Be Lazy.

2004 -- US: Abu Ghraib torture & prisoner abuse: Photographs showing Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison being tortured, abused, humiliated by US soldiers spark outrage around the world. Six soldiers face courts martial & their commanding officer is suspended.

2004 -- US: Federal authorities file the first criminal charges under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 against a group that spammed ads for allegedly worthless "diet patch" products. Gots to protect the worthless.

2010 -- US: Coast Guard begins a controlled burn to remove oil spilled in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster (the largest offshore oil spill in US history). As economic losses mount, shrimp fishermen in Louisiana & Alabama file class action lawsuits against the oil company BP & owners of the drilling rig.

2012 -- China: Authorities round-up associates of human rights activist Chen Guangcheng in light of his escape from house arrest.

2013 -- US: Basketball's Jason Collins becomes the first active player in one of the US' Big Four sports leagues to announce he is gay.

3000 --

The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking that we have done so far, has created problems we cannot solve at the level of thinking at which we created them.

— Albert Einstein

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