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Sit-down Strike

  Flint, 1937

Inaction is on this place like a pestilence:
Whoever sees smoke or spark
Whoever hears sharp whistles
Dreams . . .

Streams of blood have made this plant a fort:
Whoever steel has bitten
Whoever gas has gagged

Unkillable with brotherhood, discovered manhood:
He is a man whose peace
Breaks chains, whose silence

Great like an emperor in his own still palace:
Tools are his weapons as
His fate cries Hold!

Fear has scattered in the poisoned wind, retreat
Is enemy. Now union
Grows; the adverse concert

He hails a coast that waits an eager day,
Caught sight of now, shining
Clean in the sun, most worth the

— John Malcolm Brinnon


Revolutionist, theorist, editor, martyr, Education Minister in the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic.

Jesus, Man, it's Elvis!

EVE OF THE FINDING OF THE TRUE CROSS, England. Branches of mountain ash & witchen tree gathered as a protection against evil.

England: GANGE DAYS, wherein to perambulate the parish & serve neighbours with buns & beer (a custom later appropriated during the 19th Century as "beating the bounds" & used to enforce respect for property rights).

& Elvis so loved the world that he died, fat & bloated, in a bathroom.

1519 -- Renaissance polymath Leonardo Da Vinci dies, Cloux, France.

1551 -- William Camden (Britannia, 1586), lives, London. Chief historian & antiquarian of Elizabethan times.

We Are Devo
1668 -- Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, ends War of Devolution.

1670 -- England: Hudson Bay Company chartered by King Charles II, giving them ownership of "Rupert's Land," which comprises much of central & western Canada.

1772 -- Novalis (pseudonym) lives (1772-1801). Early German Romantic poet, who influenced later Romantic thought. The central image of his visions, a blue flower, became a symbol of longing among Romantics.

1780 -- William Herschel discovers first binary star, Xi Ursae Majoris. He finds most stars (like you & I) are "bi."

1859 -- Jerome K. Jerome lives, Staffordshire, England. Journalist, essayist, & short story writer whose humorous Three Men in a Boat, has been translated into many languages. Wrote over 40 books, but in spite of his serious works he was labeled permanently as a humorist.

Oh, shoot! animated email cannon
1863 -- US: Target Practice? Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was accidentally — & fatally — shot by his own troops. He dies eight days hence.

1879 -- Spain: Social Democratic Party founded in a Madrid tavern.

1881 -- Canadian writer Mary Maclane lives, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1886 -- One of the most influential German writers of the mid-20th century, expressionist Gottfried Benn, lives, Mansfeld. Degeneracy & medical aspects of decay are important allusions in his early poems, many found in Morgue & andere Gedichte ("Morgue & Other Poems," 1912).

1886 -- US: Twenty-five hundred workers march in Milwaukee for the 8-hour day.

Demonstrators carry red Socialist flags & the tricolor banners of the Eight Hour League.

In response, the Governor Jeremiah Rusk supplies the Milwaukee National Guard headquarters with increased ammunition & the entire city police force with four companies of infantry & artillery. Despite the threat, the workers parade & this threatened violence.

1895 -- Italy: In Florence, the trial of Oreste Lucchesi & Amerigo Franchi begins. They are on trial (-May 22) for assassinating Giuseppe Bandi, editor of "Il Telegrafo," on July 1, 1894. His articles resulted in the repression & arrest of numerous anarchici.

1895 -- Mécislas Charrier lives. French anarchiste illégaliste, guillotined for an attempted train robbery in which a person was killed. Charrier was not the killer, but he defended his illegalist actions & defied the court to take his head. They obliged.

1896 -- Nicaragua: US Marines land at Corrinto, to "protect" US interests.

1897 -- Italy: Demonstration in Rome after anarchico Romeo Frezzi is found dead in a prison cell, believed murdered by his police guards.
Further details/ context, click here; libertarian, anarchico, anarchismo, anarchici, anarchica, anarchy, anarquista[Details / context]

1911 -- US: First worker compensation law in US enacted, in Wisconsin. America begins to crumble, best beef up those standing armies...

1911 -- US: Passage of the Illinois Workman's Compensation Law, which Dr. Alice Hamilton helped to get passed.

1915 -- England: This month the "International Anarchist Manifesto on the War" is issued from London; Emma Goldman is among over 30 anarchist signatories from the US, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, & Russia.

EG, anarchist feminist ... show details

Amilcare Cipriani, Italian anarchist
1918 -- Amilcare Cipriani dies. Italian anarchico involved in the Paris Commune, & a friend of Lissagaray. Also did seven years in prison for "conspiracies" in Italy, was wounded fighting against the Turks, & sent to prison again for three years. Wrote for "Le Plébéien" & other libertarian papers.

... show details

Leonard Nimoy, Spock
1919 -- US: Benjamin Spock pediatrician/author, lives.

"There are only two things a child will share willingly — communicable diseases & his mother's age."

Gustav Landauer
1919 -- Gustav Landauer murdered by soldiers.

Called a "mystical" anarchist, Landauer was involved in the "Red Bavaria" uprising & murdered by soldiers. Landauer was a signatory to the Ernst Joël Petition (1915), among other leading cultural figures of the day, including Walter Benjamin, Martin Buber, Kurt Eisner, S. Fischer, Alfred Kerr, Heinrich Mann, Thomas Mann, Fritz Mauthner & Frank Wedekind.

1919 -- Brazil: Beginning of a General Strike which eventually includes 50,000 workers of all trades & unions in Sao Paulo.

Pierre Chardon anarchiste; source
1919 -- Pierre Chardon (Maurice Charron; 1892-1919) dies (né le 3 novembre 1892 à Châteauroux). French militant individualist anarchiste & antimilitarist. Wrote & directed "La Mêlée", etc.

1920 -- US: Boston radicals, including Sacco, Vanzetti, Mario Buda (aka Mike Boda), Aldino Felicani, & others meet to discuss support for Roberto Elia & Andrea Salsedo & to plan a protest against their illegal imprisonment. Salsedo is killed in police custody tomorrow.
Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1921 -- Russia: Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman begin receiving visits from many foreign delegates, during this month, for the International Congress of the Third International. EG, anarchist feminist
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1921 -- India: Filmmaker Satyajit Ray lives, Calcutta. Director, writer (World of Apu, Adversary).
Daily Bleed Patron Saint, April 23.

1921 -- Paul Wulf lives (1921-1999). German antifascist much influenced by the work of the anarchist Erich Mühsam. Muehsam, Eric

Wulf was a victim of Nazi eugenics, forcibly sterilized in 1938. Following WWII he was an active Nazi-hunter, flushing out & revealing those seeking to hide & integrate themselves in the community.

Roger Boussinot, French anarchiste
1921 -- France: Roger Boussinot lives (1921-2001). Humaniste libertaire, écrivain, scénariste, et historien du cinéma.

"LIBERTE. Principe fondamental de l'anarchie, opposé de façon irréductible au principe d'autorité..."

— Les Mots de l'Anarchie

1924 -- US: Supreme Court upholds the involuntary sterilization of mentally retarded persons.

1924 -- Theodore Bikel lives, Wien. American folk singer, actor (The Russians Are Coming).
[Source: Robert Braunwart]

1932 -- Premiere of Jack Benny program on radio.

1933 -- Germany: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Adolf Hitler abolishes all labor unions.

1935 -- Canada: Telegrams of tribute greet Emma Goldman at a farewell event hosted by Rabbi Stern of Montreal. EG, anarchist feminist ... show details

1936 -- Edna St. Vincent Millay's manuscript of Conversation at Midnight is destroyed in a hotel fire in Florida.

1936 -- The "Sterilizers of Bordeaux" trial in France.

In April 1935, lacking specific laws against voluntary vasectomies, the government charged Dr. Norbert Bartosek, an anarchist Austrian, & others (among them Aristide Lapeyre & both Andrée Prevotel & André Prévotel) with the "crime of castration" & "aggravated assault." Charges against Andrée are dropped; Bartosek received three years in prison & the others 16 months.

1936 -- Spain: First edition of "Mujeres Libres" appears.

The magazine Mujeres Libres went to the streets of Spain, where the essential ideas which drove the collective & their actions, were harvested.

... show details

1937 -- Spain: Friends of Durruti rally at the Goya Theater, where the film 19 de julio is screened to comments from Jaume Balius: there are speeches by Liberto Callejas & Francisco Carreño as well. Anarquista militants from the C.N.T. also interrupt a telephone conversation between Companys & Azana.
[Source: Agustin Guillamón, AK Press]

1938 -- Trotsky caricatureAt the beginning of the month, Emma Goldman is reading Orwell's Homage to Catalonia & writing "Trotsky Protests Too Much," a reply to two articles on the Kronstadt rebellion that appeared in the New York Trotskyist journal "New International" (Trotsky was responsible for the infamous slaughter at Kronstadt, "the butcher of Kronstadt & murderer of anarchists").
EG, anarchist feminist ... show details

1945 -- Colette becomes first female member of the Académie Goncourt, high tribute for literary merit in France.

1945 -- Bianca Perez Morena de Macias lives, Nicaragua. Model, Mick Jagger's one-time wife, Amnesty International activist.
[Source: Robert Braunwart]

1945 -- US: James F. Byrnes lives. US secretary of state (D, 1945-57), US senator, US Supreme Court judge, governor of South Carolina.

He once declared that South Carolina would abolish the state's school system rather than abolish school segregation.
[Source: Robert Braunwart]

1945 -- México: Jorge Prieto Laurens lives. SLP, Zapatista, anticommunist propagandist.
[Source: Robert Braunwart]

1948 -- US: 75th Birthday Anniversary Celebration of Rudolf Rocker. May 2, 1948.
... show details

1954 -- First commercial jet plane, BOAC Comet, goes into service. Soon grounded, for the structural defeat of exploding in the air, coming down like a comet. BOAC press release: "No comet."

1955 -- India: Not Caste in Stone? Parliament forbids discrimination based on caste.

1956 -- For the first time in Billboard history, five records appear in both the pop & R&B Top 10. They are: Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel," Carl Perkin's "Blue Suede Shoes," Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally," the Platters' "Magic Touch" & Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers' "Why Do Fools Fall in Love." Presley's & Perkins' hits are also in the country & western Top Ten at #1 & #2 respectively.

I was goin' pretty fast, I looked behind,
a'here come the devil doin' ninety-nine.

— From "Race With the Devil" by Gene Vincent

Save the Planet, Kill Your Self!
1957 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Joseph McCarthy Commie-hunting senator, dies at 47. About 40 years to late.

"I killed more people tonight than I have fingers on my hands. I shot them in cold blood & enjoyed every minute of it . . . They were commies, Lee. They were red sons of bitches who should have died long ago . . . They never thought that there were people like me in this country. They figured us all to be soft as horse manure & just as stupid."

        — Mickey Spillane, Atlas Shrugged

1958 -- Philippines: Ernesto Nazareno, anti-nuclear activist, arrested & tortured.

1960 -- US: Despite international protests, California fries Caryl Chessman.

1963 -- US: Ring Around the Rosie? In the American citadel of freedom & Christianity, Birmingham, Alabama jails 958 children. Tomorrow those not jailed get free showers & doggies, courtesy of "Bull" Connors.

1967 -- US: Armed Black Panther contingent marches into California State Assembly in Sacramento in protest against a bill that would ban the carrying of unconcealed weapons.

Anti-Krieg Museum
1967 -- Ernst Friedrich (1894-1967), founder of the Berlin Peace Museum, anarchist pacifist, dies.

His book War Against War presents his demand for militant struggle against war & militarism.

"Without social revolution there can be no lasting peace....We must prepare systematically an uprising against war." ... show details

1968 -- France: Protest at University of Nanterre escalates into French student strike. By May 20 six million workers are on strike; within a few days the number is up to ten or eleven million.

2 mai 68  Pompidou part pour l'Iran et l'Afghanistan / Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Prime Minister Georges Pompidou leaves for official visits to Iran & Afghanistan. Courses at the faculty of letters are suspended at Nanterre after incidents there.
Les cours sont suspendus à la faculté de Nanterre.

... show details

1968 -- US: Despite the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., his Poor Peoples' March on Washington, DC begins, led by successor Ralph Abernathy. 3,000 erect Resurrection City, a tent city on the Mall until the 17th.

1970 -- US: First woman jockey at Kentucky Derby (Diane Crump). Talk radio never the same. Ditto Blue Grass.

1970 -- US: ROTC building burns down at Kent State University in Ohio.

1971 -- US: Jane Fonda & Donald Sutherland address a "G.I. Anti-War Rally" in Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma, near Fort Lewis, had one of the country's early & active G.I. Coffee houses, involving, among many others, Auntie Dave's long-time acquaintance, Stan Anderson.

1971 -- US: The last surviving member of the Pioneer Aid & Support Society, Irving Abrams (1891-1980), presents the deed to the Haymarket monument to the Illinois Labor History Society.

Every year on the Sunday closest to May 4, & the anniversary of Black Friday, November 11th, labor organizations come to this monument to pay tribute to these anarchist heroes by stressing their labor activism & ignoring their anarchist ideas.

J. Edgar is Kinky?
1972 -- US: Paranoid long-time FBI honcho J. Edgar Hoover dies, Washington DC. Cross-dresser who ran the FBI as a private fiefdom from his closet for over four decades. 40 years too late...Hoover, crossDresser

1972 -- Stone the Crow lead guitar player Les Harvey is electrocuted on stage at a show in Swansea, Wales. The 25-year old was tossed into the air after touching a poorly connected microphone.

Stop the Spread of Nixon's Vice button
1974 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Former Vice-President (during Nixon's 'Lawn Order' administration) Spiro Agnew is disbarred by the Maryland Court of Appeals. While Dick M proclaimed he was not a crook, Spiro never did. But then Dick M also claimed to be a pacifist. Spiro never did.

"It is difficult to feel compassion," said the Court in its unanimous opinion, "for an attorney who is so morally obtuse that he consciously cheats...that government that he has sworn to serve."

1980 -- Pink Floyd's hit single "Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)," with its chorus of kids chanting "We don't need no education," is banned by the South African government.

Striking black teachers & black children, upset about inferior education, adopt the song as their anthem. The government declares the song "prejudicial to the safety of the state."

1982 -- High Seas: British Navy kills 368 in sinking of Argentinean ship General Belgrano, South Atlantic.

1984 -- Germany: 33,000 West German metalworkers strike for 35-hour week.

1985 -- US: Crime Pays. E.F. Hutton, one of the US's largest brokerage companies, pleaded guilty to 2,000 federal charges related to the manipulation of its checking accounts. The company agreed to pay $2 million in fines & to pay back up to $8 million to banks it had defrauded. E.F. Hutton sez "Prison is Hell," & when E.F. speaks...

1985 -- US: Poverty Welfare Program? Senate votes to limit Pentagon spending to 85 levels, adjusted for inflation.

1986 -- US: 38 anarchists gathered in Chicago to commemorate victims of the Haymarket Massacre arrested & charged with the high crime of "Mob Action."

See Mob Action Against the State: Haymarket Remembered...An Anarchist Convention, a broad ranging collection of essays from 70 anonymous contributors, with graphics & photographs,

Christo fence
1989 -- Hungary: Anti-Christo? Dismantling of the 150-mile-long fence on Austrian-Hungarian border begins. There goes the neighborhood.

1991 -- Paul Lapeyre (1910-1991) dies following a car accident.

French anarchiste, along with his brothers Aristide Lapeyre & Laurent.

... show details

Paulo Freire logo
1997 -- Brazil: Paulo Freire (1921-1997), Brazilian philosopher & radical educator, dies of heart failure in Sao Paulo.

2002 -- Grinder's Stand premiers, Nevada City, Nevada. Play by Oakley Hall III, the brilliant & charismatic founder of the Lexington Conservatory Theater.

2003 -- Israel: Film director James Miller murdered by an Israeli soldier while filming the Emmy Award-winning filming an HBO documentary "Death In Gaza" in a Palestinian refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Israel refuses to prosecute the culprits.

2010 -- Thailand: Red Shirt protests of April & May are met with a bloody indiscriminate government crackdown.

3000 --


n. A part of the earth's surface, considered as property. The theory that land is property subject to private ownership & control is the foundation of modern society, & is eminently worthy of the superstructure. Carried to its logical conclusion, it means that some have the right to prevent others from living; for the right to own implies the right exclusively to occupy; & in fact laws of trespass are enacted wherever property in land is recognized. It follows that if the whole area of terra firma is owned by A, B & C, there will be no place for D, E, F & G to be born, or, born as trespassers, to exist.

             — Ambrose Bierce, Devil's Dictionary

3500 --
Illustration by Sue Coe; source


Illustration by Sue Coe

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