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B. Traven

MAY 13

Philippine Independentista, revolutionist, social activist.

Ancient Anatolian festival of PURULLIYAS commemorates legend of conquest of dragon Illuyankas by the Weather God controlling rainfall over the dragon of drought & flood. Connected with European folk customs linking Rogation Day, Ascension & St. George's Day.



1501 -- Portugal: Amerigo Vespucci departs Lisbon on the voyage that gets the New Old World named after him.

1607 -- New Old World: Captain John Smith & 105 cavaliers in three ships lands on the Virginia coast, starting the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown.

1665 -- New Old World: A statute is enacted (in future Rhode Island), offering freemanship with no specifically Christian requirements, thus effectively enfranchising Jews.

A Taxing Time?
1794 -- US: Whiskey Rebellion begins in western Pennsylvania. The War of Independence only just over, people who have recently become "Americans" take up arms against their own 'revolutionary' government & fight for autonomy.

Tax collector tarred & feathered during rebellion. = = > >

Robert Benchley, when told drinking & smoking are "slow poison":

"So? Who's in a hurry?"

The Irish began by dividing their island north-south & setting up a distillery. They don't remember if sex is in the picture, 'cause it gets sort of foggy after the first few litres of coconut whiskey, but at least they know that the English aren't getting any.

Jack Daniels label

1828 -- US: The absurdly high "Tariff of Abominations," to the surprise & horror of the Jackson supporters who framed it as a political ruse, is passed by Congress, & subsequently wreaks havoc with the nation's economy.

1840 -- Alphonse Daudet lives (1840-1897), Nîimes. French writer, remembered for stories of southern France. Wrote Letters from My Mill & The Prodigious Adventures of Tartarin of Tarascon. Lived his last years in prosperity & fame but suffered consequences of venereal disease.

1840 -- France: Ernest Teuliere lives. Journalist, Communard, member of the antiauthoritarian International (anarchist).

1842 -- Popular British opera creator Sir Arthur Sullivan lives.

1842 -- US: Anti-American? A "People's Government," organized by reformer Thomas Dorr, attempts to seize power in Rhode Island by capturing the arsenal at Providence, but is repulsed when the incumbent regime calls out the militia.

Ooopsie! bullet hole
1846 -- US: Congress declares war on Mexico. Upon victory the peace-loving US annexes Mexico's northern half, including much of what is now California, Arizona, New Mexico, & Texass, to satisfy Southern political pressure to add new slave-owning states. Poor Mexico...so far from God, so close to the United States.

1881 -- Brazil: Alfonso Henriques de Lima Barreto lives (1881-1922), Rio de Janeiro. anarchist diamond; anarquista

Important Brazilian novelist, wrote for the labor press, a social critic & an anarchist sympathizer. Author of Triste Fim de Policarpo Quaresma, (9th edition, 1971; novel of the 1910 Sailors’ "Revolt Against the Lash"). Lima Barreto wrote for the anarchist press, in "A Plebe, A Voz do Trabalhador" & "A Lanterna".

See Carmem Lúcia Negreiros de Figueiredo, Lima Barreto e o Fim do Sonho Republicano (Rio de Janeiro, 1995). anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista, sindicalista / Brasil
In French, see
Used books by Lima Barreto at Biblio.com

1886 -- US: NY State commission named to report on humane & practical methods of execution.

Some believe NY City police's present-day tendency
towards summary execution has possibilities.

1888 -- Brazil: The nation which imported more African slaves than any other Western Hemisphere country (including the US), abolishes slavery. So it is said...

1890 -- Italy: Pietro Gori, lawyer & anarchist, is arrested today for "inciting" the clashes during May Day demonstrations in Livorno, charged with fomenting rebellion & class hatred & organizing strikes towards these ends.
... show more (1° May) Manifestation & crashs to Livorno between laborers & forces dell?ordine. Peter Gori with with others 27 students & laborers is accused of?ribellione & eccitamento all?odio between the various social classes, & he is indicated like organizer of the strike prepared for that recurrence. Arrested 13 May he is tried & condemned to a confinement year, sentence that in cassation will come reduced to some months. Locked up in the jail of Livorno then in that one d Lucca he comes freed 10 November.

1893 -- Crackpot, flagpole-sitting champion Alvin "Shipwreck" Kelly lives.

1893 -- US: Western Federation of Miners union forms in Butte, Montana. (or the 15th?)

1903 -- Apolinario Mabini y Maranan (1864-1903) dies; also known as the "Sublime Paralytic," a Filipino theoretician who wrote the constitution for the first Philippine republic of 1899-1901, & served as its first premier in 1899.

1906 -- Willa Cather becomes an editor for muckraking McClure's Magazine.

1907 -- Daphne du Maurier lives (1907-1989). English novelist/playwright best known for her novel Rebecca (1938), filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940. She describes writing a book as "a purge; at the end of it one is empty . . . like a dry shell on the beach, waiting for the tide to come in again."

1911 -- The New York Giants set a major-league baseball mark this day. Ten runners crossed home plate before the first out of the game (against St. Louis) was recorded. Notable because this is the number of runs AuntieDave's #1 Son would like to see his team, North Central #2, score in a game.

Escola Moderna em São Paulo
1912 -- Brazil: In São Paulo, "Ecole Moderne" opens, established on the principle of rationalist education recommended by the Spanish libertarian Francisco Ferrer (shot in 1909). Four anarchists are founders: Neno Vasco, Edgard Leuenroth, Oreste Ristori & Gigi Damiani.
See Régina Jomini-Mazoni's book, Ecoles anarchistes au Brésil (1889-1920). anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista, sindicalistas / Brasil
Photo: Fachada da Escola Moderna em São Paulo, com o Prof. João Penteado à esquerda, em 1913

1916 -- Sholem Aleichem, dies, in New York. Creator of Tevye, popularized in the musical comedy The Fiddler on the Roof. Most of his works in Yiddish have been translated into English. Tevye, the Dairyman, is the story of a tradition-bound father as he watches his three daughters marry men he feels are below them.

Man Ray photo
1928 -- Man Ray, artist, chess player/designer, anarchist, filmmaker & photographer, premiers L'Etoile de Mer (The Star of the Sea), a film by Man Ray based on a poem by Robert Desnos, at the Studio des Ursulines. It continues to be shown in the same program as The Blue Angel at least until December.

Kool Aid
1931 -- A Wild & Crazy Guy: Jim Jones, Kool Aid Reverend, lives.

Jonestown's images persist: 914 suicides & murder victims swollen & stacked like lengths of wood; a metal vat on a platform with purple, cyanide-laced Kool-Aid at its bottom.

1936 -- Le 13 mai 1936, mort à Turin (Italie) d'Alfredo Bagaglino. Militant anarchiste italien. Après de nombreuses années d'activisme notamment dans les mines de charbon de l'Illinois (USA), il est, pour cause d'anarchisme, déporté en Italie en 1920, par le gouvernement américain. Arrêté par le régime fasciste italien, il sera ensuite condamné à la relégation dans un "confino."

1937 -- Roger Zelazny (aka Harrison Denmark) (1937-1995) lives. A prominent American "new wave" science fiction writer along with P.K. Dick, Samuel Delany, Thomas Disch, Ursula K. LeGuin & Harlan Ellison. His abiding interest in magic, myths & dreams appear in early books such as This Immortal, Lord of Light, The Dream Master, & The Doors of His Face, which are among his best.

"I had been . . . crossing & recrossing the line between sanity & madness so many times that I had all but rubbed it out."

— Corwin, Prince of Amber, in The Guns of Avalon, by Roger Zelazny


1938 -- US: Supreme Court decision permits "permanent replacement" of labor strikers.

1940 -- Bruce Chatwin, English author (In Patagonia; On the Black Hill), lives, in Birmingham.

1942 -- US: Forty-five year old Ichiro Shimoda, a Los Angeles gardener, is shot to death by guards while trying to escape from Fort Still (Oklahoma) enemy alien internment camp. The victim was seriously mentally ill, having tried suicide twice since being picked up on December 7. He is shot despite the guards' knowledge of his mental state.

1943 -- La guerra in Africa termina con la resa in Tunisia delle forze tedesche e italiane.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1950 -- 'Tis Wonderful, 'Tis Marvelous?: Steveland Morris Hardaway lives, prematurely. Too much oxygen in the incubator left him permanently blind. Not a handicap to Steveland's musical talents as a singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist. At the tender age of 10, Little Stevie Wonder — as he was called by Berry Gordy at Motown — was discovered singing & playing the harmonica.

1954 -- Marshall Islands: Natives plead for an end to H-Bomb testing. Probably all anti-American commie-dupes.

1957 -- Wasson's mushroom article appears in Life magazine.

Nixon & the Pelvis
1958 -- Venezuela: Rockin Good Time? Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dick M Nixon's motorcade greeted with rocks & bottles in Caracas.

... show details

1959 -- SI dingbat France:

Cavern of anti-matter . . .

May 13 ...

Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio covers the walls, floor & ceiling of Drouin Gallery to create a 'cavern of anti-matter' out of 145 meters of rolls of industrial painting.

'Unfortunately, the poor presentation of this "attempt at the construction of an ambiance" prevented the efficacious application of industrial painting already seen in Italy & Germany.' ("Potlatch" #30.) Also, Constant, first monograph published by the Bibliothèque d'Alexandria appears, Paris.

1960 -- US: San Francisco police attack students protesting a local hearing of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Students holding a "sit-in" against "red-hunting" find themselves in a violent stand-off with cops. Includes Beloved & Respected Comrade anti-Leader Abbie Hoffman. ANARCHIST

... show details

1961 -- US: On Stand-by? Police watch while counter-protesters beat pro-Castro "Fair Play for Cuba" demonstrators in downtown Seattle, Washington.

1967 -- Mickey Mantle joins six other baseball legends with home run number 500. He connects off the Junk Man, Stu Miller, who is known to, literally, lob baseballs to batters, then put batters in the dirt with high fastballs on the next throw ... & worse.

1967 -- US: Blacks riot in Frisco's Playland by the Pacific, while the Diggers host a "love feast" in Haight-Ashbury.

1967 -- US: 250 Chicano students from Los Angeles colleges & universities meet to form the United Mexican American Students (UMAS).

Rob Stolk, anarchist Provo
1967 -- Netherlands: Provo, founded in May 1965, officially disband.

Le vote ne change...French poster
1968 -- France '68: The Sorbonne is occupied by students & others in the May upheaval. This is the first in the series of occupations which last throughout the month & into June.

Today discontent with the government spreads into the labor force & workers began joining in the protest with a series of strikes & factory occupations.

PARIS POLICE opened fire when students attacked a police van which had knocked down several of them in the Place Deufert-Rochereau. Negotiations between the North Vietnamese had begun. Both sides seemed prepared for a long stay. Essex University virtually declared itself independent. A meeting of 1,000, both staff & students, voted to set up a 'free university'. Students from the French Academy in London demonstrated in sympathy with their compatriots. Force was used to evict 40 Gypsy families at Forest Road, Redbridge near London. Their caravans were forced open with crowbars & they were pulled out.

... show details

rue; cars overturned, as barricades down a long street


1968 -- US: In Washington, DC Resurrection City rises, a demonstration by the Poor Peoples Campaign.
[Source: Chicago '68: A Chronology]

1969 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Nixon sends draft reform plan to Congress in effort to undercut student Vietnam War protests.

1970 -- US: The New York Times' random survey of underground rock radio stations finds much of the underground radio audience uses it for background music to "get stoned by." Meanwhile, in Houston, Texass: Listener-sponsored radio station KPFT's transmitter is blown up by person(s) unknown.

1970 -- US: Movement for a New Congress — to elect peace candidates — founded at Princeton University.

1971 -- US: At Chadwick University, in Michigan, thousands of protesters gather at 7pm to protest a banned rally.

... show details

1974 -- US: Over 50 people are hurt when youths start hurling bottles outside a Jackson 5 concert at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. 43 are arrested.

1977 -- US: Mohawk end three-year occupation of Ganienkeh "Land of Flint" in Adirondack Mountains, in exchange for 5,700 acres elsewhere in New York.

1977 -- Spain: La Pasionaria returns to Madrid, 34 days after the Communist Party is legalized.

1977 -- US: 500 demonstrators arrested at Seabrook demo found guilty of trespass.

1981 -- Italy: In St. Peter's Square, Rome, Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca, 23, shoots & seriously wounds Pope John Paul II in an assassination attempt.

TV viewers jam the switchboards of stations across America to complain that their soap operas & game shows have been preempted by coverage of the shooting of Pope John Paul II.

1983 -- Reggie Jackson is baseball's first major leaguer to strike out 2,000 times.

"He swings & he is hit by the pitch. & it is hit over the wall & out of here for a home run."

— sportscaster Ralph Kiner

1985 -- US: A long-running confrontation between Philadelphia police & a radical black cult called MOVE comes to a head as Hizzoner Wilson Goode orders its headquarters bombed. The resulting blaze destroys 61 homes, killing 11.

Says one resident, "MOVE in its wildest day never perpetrated anything on our block like what Wilson Goode did."

Ooops...The mayor defends his strategy as "perfect, except for the fire."

On June 24, 1996 — 11 years after police drop a bomb on a row house occupied by the anti-government group MOVE— a jury orders the city of Philadelphia & two former city officials to pay $1.5 million to a survivor & relatives of two members of the group who died in the resulting fire.

Grinning Green Devil
1989 -- Tasmania: Tasmanian Devils? Greens gain balance of power in House of Assembly.

1989 -- China: 1,000 students begin hunger strike in support of demands for televised debate between students & government & other democratic reforms. Later another 2,000 students join hunger strike.

1990 -- France: Robert Jospin (1899-1990) dies. Socialist, pacifist & one-time libertarian. Wrote for the anarchist press (La Patrie Humaine, Le Réfractaire, Le Libertaire etc.) while with the Pacifist Union. Bernard Baissat devoted a film to him.

Bill Gates, Muscle Man
1991 -- US: Apple releases Macintosh System 7.0. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Chairman Bill Gates said "That's it, I quit!"

Used to be you could pie Bill, get a Pie Bill Screensaver, play the game, watch the movie, etc, at the Pie Bill Gates Web Ring, but the Ring no longer exists...

1992 -- Ecuador: Government grants 148 native communities legal title to more than three million acres in the Amazon Basin (an area much smaller than the size of the state of Washington; Three million acres is 4,688 square miles. Washington's area is 66,544 square miles. All of Ecuador is less than twice the area of Washington (109,394 square miles).

1993 -- US: Eight African-American protesters are indicted in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for participating in a demonstration at the unveiling of a memorial for Chattanooga police. The demonstration was in protest of the failure of a local grand jury to bring charges against a policeman who choked to death an African-American motorist, Larry Powell.

1998 -- US: Thousands of yellow cab drivers go on a one day strike in NYC. Buncha terrorist A-Rabs taking the day off.

Luisa Capetillo
2009 -- Dr. Jessica Gaspar presents “Luisa Capetillo: la musa active” (Luisa Capetillo: The Active Muse), a play inspired by the life & work of Luisa Capetillo at the Julia de Burgos Theater, School of Humanities, at the University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras.

An anarchist free thinker, writer, & activist. A feminist & suffragist, Capetillo was the first Puerto Rican woman to commit to writing her theories on the rights of women. Among her many writings, in 1909 she published Mi opinión sobre las libertades, derechos y deberes de la mujer (My opinion about the liberties, rights, & responsibilities of women). Although remembered by many as the first woman to wear pants in public on the island, her struggles as a labor leader in a male-dominated society made her a woman who was far ahead of her time.

2012 -- Germany: Eco-warrior Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is arrested for allegedly violating Guatemalan territorial waters in 2002. He also faces an outstanding Costa Rican warrant for attempted murder during the same incident. Watson was assisted while in prison by European parliamentarians Daniel Cohn-Bendit & Jose Bove.

2013 -- Belize: A 2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid at Nohmul is destroyed by a construction company seeking road fill gravel.

3000 --

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

— Henry David Thoreau, Walden


War, Illustration by Sue Coe
3500 --
Illustration by Sue Coe

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