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The Daily Bleed: Noam Chomsky, Giovanni Passannante, Paris Commune, Maria Lacerda de Moura, Jura Federation, Ricardo Flores Magon, Antonio I. Villarreal, Librado Rivera, Henri-Edmond Cross, John Henry Mackay, John Cage, Raoul Vaneigem, Jef Jaisun; Timeline, Almanac of Radicalism, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists... a radical annotated chronology, almanac, daybook, anarchist CALENDAR, anarchisten, anarchism, anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, sindicalismo, anarquia, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, anarki, anarkist, libertarian, syndicalist, anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-communism, What Happened on this day, in recovered suppressed history May 16

How heavy the heart is now, & every heart
Save only the word drunk, power drunk
Hard capsule of the doomed. How distraught
Those things of pride, the wills nourished in the fat
Years, fed in the kindly twilight of the books
In gold & brown, the voices that had little
To live for, crying for something to die for.
The philosophers of history,
Of dim wit & foolish memory,
The giggling concubines of catastrophe —
Who forget so much — Boethius’ calm death,
More’s sweet speech, Rosa’s broken body —
Or you, tough, stubby recalcitrant
Of Fate.

Kenneth Rexroth, excerpt, "Again at Waldheim"

glowing star, animated MAY 16

Belgian-born Gypsy jazz musician, bon-vivant.


ST. BRENDAN'S DAY: Commemorating his 6th-century voyage from Ireland to ... The Garden of Eden? America?

-- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014anarchist diamond; anarquista FEB 2014

Nouvelles biographies : de Thomas Henry Keell, John Turner, Etienne Roda Gil, Ignacio Nuñez Soler, Alexandre Cohen, Auguste Le Lann, Fermín Salvochea.

Nouveaux événements : premiers numéros des journaux : "l'Amico del Popolo", "Die Einigkeit", "Voice of Labour", "El Cosmopolita", "L'Echo de Montjuich", "El Látigo", "Le Malthusien", " A Propaganda anarchista", "Le Tocsin", "Les Vagabonds", "La Verdad"; - Les signataires du "Manifeste de 16"; - La création de la Fédération Ouvrière Régionale Paraguayenne, du "Centre d'Etudes Sociales Rafael Barrett", du "Centre Ouvrier Régional du Paraguay", du "Grand Cercle des Ouvriers" (Mexico), de "La Social"(Mexico); - Vote de "l'Anarchist Exclusion Act"; - "Exposition internationale sur l'anarchisme" (Barcelone, 1993).

Enrichissements : et nouvelles images de "The Blast", de "Golos Truda", "Freedom"(GB), "L'Espagne Antifasciste", "Combat Syndicaliste", "Plus loin", "Le Forçat du Travail" et le "Manifeste abstentioniste", illustration sur "La Révolte des Canuts", "Les souteneurs" gravure de Louis Moreau, photo de Gérard Lacaze-Duthiers, photo de la Colonne Vendôme renversée, photo de Vittorio Pini, photo d'E. Bonomini (à l'époque de son attentat) et photo de son procès.

Corrections : "Manifeste antiguerre" de 1915, (date passée du 15 au 12 février), . New biographies: of Thomas Henry Keell , John Turner , Etienne Roda Gil , Ignacio Núñez Soler , Alexander Cohen , Auguste Le Lann , Fermín Salvochea . New events: first issues of newspapers: " Amico del Popolo "," Die Einigkeit "," Voice of Labour "," El Cosmopolita "," L'Echo de Montjuic "," El Whip "," The Malthusian " " A Anarchista Propaganda "," The Tocsin "," The Vagabonds "," La Verdad "- The signatories of the "Manifesto 16" - The creation of the Regional Workers Federation Paraguayan , the " Centre for Social Studies Rafael Barrett "the "Worker Regional Centre of Paraguay ", the "Grand Circle Workers" (Mexico) , of "The Social" (Mexico) - Vote for " the Anarchist Exclusion Act "- "International Exhibition on anarchism "(Barcelona, ??1993) . Updates: new images and " The Blast ", the" Golos Truda "," Freedom "(UK)," Spain Antifascist "," Fight Unionist "," Later ", "The Convict Labor" and " abstentioniste Manifesto ", illustration to "The Revolt of the silk workers" , "Pimps" burning Louis Moreau , photo Gérard Lacaze-Duthiers , photo Vendôme Column reversed , photo Vittorio Pini , photo E. Bonomini (at the time of the attack) and photo of his trial . Corrections: "antiwar Manifesto" of 1915 (last date of February 15 to 12).

1527 -- The Medici government in Florence is overthrown; the Republic is re-established.

1571 -- Johannes Kepler, by his own calculations, is conceived at 4:37 a.m.

1691 -- Jacob Leisler becomes first American colonist hanged for treason.

1717 -- Voltaire (François Marie Arouet) suspected of writing subversive satire, is imprisoned for the first time in the Bastille.

Book pages turning, animated
1763 -- James Boswell & Samuel Johnson meet in the back of Tom Davies' London bookshop. Aware of Johnson's well-known prejudices, Boswell at this long-waited meeting admits: "I do indeed come from Scotland, but I cannot help it." To commemorate this momentous event, on this very day in 1791 Boswell published his Life of Johnson. Noteworthy trivia, indeed.

1770 -- France: Marie "Let them eat cake" Antoinette marries future King Louis XVI of France, after a "swept off her feet romance." She later confesses: "I just lost my head." (More than 800 people are killed by fireworks at the wedding).

1792 -- Denmark becomes first Western country to outlaw slave trade.

1836 -- Edgar Allan Poe marries Virginia Clemm, his 13-year-old tubercular cousin. (Possibly secretly married previously, on September 22, 1835.)

1848 -- France: An unsuccessful communist coup is attempted, Paris.
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

Le Père Peinard
1864 -- France: Auguste Delale (1864-1910) lives. Anarcho-syndicalist. Collaborated on Jean Grave's journal La révolte, with Émile Pouget on Père Peinard, Libertaire, etc. Delale was a founding member of l'Association Internationale Antimilitariste at the 1904 Congress in Amsterdam.

For Émile Pouget, see "Émile Pouget's Life As An Activist" by Paul Delesalle:

Passannante's attentat on Humbert; illustration by Flavio Costantini; source
1870 -- Italy: Giovanni Passannante [sometimes spelled Passanante] busted by cops while surreptitiously plastering subversive manifestoes on the walls in Salerno.
Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste, Anarþist, ANARÞÝZM, Anarþizmin, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarquista, anarchico[Details / context]

1871 -- France: The Paris Commune, following the decree of April 12, destroys the Vendôme Column ("monument de barbarie"). Gustave Courbet sera rendu responsable de ce crime de lèse-majesté.
[Background Details, click here]

1871 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Korea: A peace-loving US naval force tries to open the country to foreign trade (US marines land at mouth of the Han, are withdrawn after fighting).

Maria Lacerda de Moura
1887 -- Brazil: Maria Lacerda de Moura lives (-1945), Barbacena, Minas Gerais.

A teacher, Lacerda de Moura is one of Brazil's first feminists, a journalist & anarquista writer.

Further details/ context, click here; anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista, sindicalistas, Brasil[Details / context]
anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista, sindicalistas / Brasil

1888 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The Union Labor Party holds its first national convention, Cincinnati, Ohio.

1891 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Henry Lawson's poem "Freedom on the Wallaby" appears in Worker, Queensland, Australia.

1893 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The first typewriter with results visible while typing is patented.

Gustave Lefrancais
1901 -- Gustave Lefrançais (1826-) dies.

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1904 -- US: Supreme Court upholds the deportation of British anarchist John Turner. The court rules, based on arguments presented on April 6th & 7th, that Congress has unlimited power to exclude aliens & deport those who have entered in violation of the laws, including philosophical anarchists.

Turner was arrested in New York on October 23, 1903, under a warrant issued by the Secretary of the Department of Commerce & Labor.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1909 --

Ricardo Flores Magón, Antonio I. Villarreal & Librado Rivera imprisoned for 18 months for alleged "violation" of the neutrality laws.

Postcard with Juan Sarabia, Ricardo Flores Magon, Antonio I. Villarreal & Librado Rivera
Postcard in Latvian (or possibly Lithuanian) of

Text translation: Mexican Revolutionaries Sentenced on 16 May (the last three) to 18 months in prison, Tombstone, Arizona; the first was kept in prison for a year without trial, released by agreement (2). They were all prosecuted for "neutrality border violations (3)."

Henri-Edmond Cross
1910 -- Henri-Edmond Cross (aka Delacroix) (1856-) dies.

French neo-impressionist/pointillist painter, illustrator, anarchiste.

1912 -- Author Studs Terkel lives, New York City.

1914 -- Germany: Dance the Nite Away? MDMA ('ecstasy') patent #274.350 issued to pharmaceutical company Merck, which filed for the drug on Christmas Eve 1912.

1915 -- US: The Modern School retreats from New York City to rural Stelton, New Jersey, while the Ferrer Center perilously remains in the city until 1918 when the anti-radical hysteria following America's entry into the war drove it out of business.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1918 -- US: Congress passes Sedition Act against radicals, penalizing anyone judged to be hindering the war effort by making false statements, obstructing enlistment, or speaking against production of war materials, the American government, its constitution, or flag. Signed into law by Beloved & Respected Comrade Liberal President Wilson on May 21.

1919 -- American popular pianist, gay-in-denial Liberace lives. Unlike bartenders, used bookstore dealers & self-styled radicals, this dude knows how to dress.

1924 -- Niilo Lauttamus (-1977) lives. Prolific Finnish writer, who published over 20 war novels focusing on the events of World War II in Finland & Germany.

1927 -- US: Booked To Die? US Supreme Court rules booksellers must file income tax returns. Take that, Richard.

1929 -- US: The first Academy Awards are given. The term, Oscars, isn't used to describe the statuettes presented actors & actresses until 1931. The first awards ceremony attracted an audience of 200 people.

1932 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Author William Faulkner begins work in Hollywood.

1933 -- anarchist diamond; anarchist John Henry MackayBleed Saint, Swiss-German anarchist, gay writer John Henry Mackay dies.

1933 -- Germany: The first blacklist of "unacceptable" books is declared by German National Socialists of the Berlin Librarian Commission. Among the titles banned by the Nazis are the anarchist novelist B. Traven's The Carreta & Government:

"I wish to do my share so that authority figures & authority worship vanish."

Source: [Calendar Riots]

Filareto Kavernido, German anarchisten; source:
1933 -- Dominican Republic: Filareto Kavernido (1880-) arrested & murdered by authorities. Gynaecologist, philosophical Nietzschean, communist-anarchist, pacifist, idiste, passionate advocate of Esperanto (Ido).

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1934 -- US: General Strike backs Teamsters union strike for recognition in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1938 -- US: Supreme Court issues the Mackay Decision, permitting employers to permanently replace striking workers. Employers used this weapon against striking workers sparingly until the 1980's, when its use increased under the influence of the Reagan Administration's anti-union/anti-worker policies.

1940 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Glenn Hughes opens Seattle's new Penthouse Theatre, on the University of Washington campus.

Tower, American concentration camp
1942 -- US: Hikoji Takeuchi, a Nisei, is shot by a guard at Manzanar.

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1942 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Gordon Hirabayashi challenges Japanese-American exclusion orders, Seattle, Washington; he is arrested & his case goes to the US Supreme Court, where he loses.

Warsaw illustration by William Gropper
1943 -- Poland: The Warsaw ghetto resistance is crushed by the Nazis. 56,000 die in the process.

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1951 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Bolivia: Outgoing Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Urriolagoitia resigns & turns over the administration to an army junta, in order to prevent the election of Victor Paz Estenssoro.

1953 -- US: Bill Haley & his Comets hit the Billboard music charts for the first time with "Crazy Man Crazy." The first rock n' roll record to make the pop music chart.

1953 -- Gypsy jazz musician Django Reinhardt dies (1910-), Fountainebleau, France. One of the most important jazz guitarists of all time.

1955 -- James Agee, American poet, novelist, & one of the most influential film critics of the '30s & '40s, dies in New York.

rocket sled
1958 -- US: Eli Beeding experiences 83g deceleration on a rocket sled, New Mexico. Like sledding in the Alps.

1958 -- Source=Robert Braunwart A concert of John Cage's most important compositions, a 25-year retrospective, is recorded at Town Hall, NY. David Tudor, piano, with an ensemble conducted by Merce Cunningham.

1959 -- US: African-American Mack Parker murdered by white mob.

1960 -- US: Primary Colors: A research study reports that TV commercials "in living color" are over three times more effective than black & white commercials. Inspires the slogan "black & blue" (TV watchers being properly beat to a pulp).

1961 -- South Korea: Military coup deposes Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Prime Minister John Chang.

1961 -- US: SNCC students replace CORE Freedom bus riders.

1962 -- US: Marines sent to Thailand in response to gains by rebel Pathet Lao in neighboring Laos.

1963 -- US: Sit-ins & marches throughout the south for the next 10 weeks: 758 demonstrations in 186 cities, 14,733 arrests in 11 southern states of enlightenment (throughout June & July).

1967 -- Vietnam: Nhat Chi Mai immolates herself in Saigon, South Vietnam, to protest the war.

1967 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: A student strike at University of Sonora leads to clashes with police.

Paris Uprising 1968
1968 -- France: May '68: The upheaval continues, universities, factories, places of work shut down or occupied. Permanent forums, going 24-hours a day, have developed, open to all, where float anarchist black flags & red flags. Slogans flower the walls, & poetry takes again its place in the sun. Certain notions abound, people — strangers — talk to each other, engage in debate, in the streets, everywhere...

"All is possible "...

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1968 -- England: Students at Enfield College of Technology protest imposition of a 10% quota on overseas students. Also, defying a ban by the proctors, 50 Oxford students distribute leaflets outside the Cowley car factories, supporting the engineers' wage claim. Michael Inwood, a philosophy don, supports them. Suggestions for a temporary halt in immigration are rejected by the Home Secretary.

1968 -- Italy: Student upheavals during the May Days sees scuffles at a college in Florence.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1969 -- US: Going Down?: The USS Guitarro, a $50 million nuclear submarine undergoing final fitting in Frisco Bay, sinks to the bottom as water pours into a forward compartment. A House Armed Services subcommittee later finds the Navy guilty of "inexcusable carelessness" in connection with the event.

1969 -- A Stand-Up Guy?: Pope John Lennon, declared "an inadmissible immigrant to the US," seeks a visa to visit America. 10 days ago his "standing visa" was revoked by the US Embassy in London because of his drug conviction last November.

Legalize Hemp Now!
1969 -- US: Jefferson Airplane bass player Jack Cassady arrested for possession of marijuana in New Orleans, gets a 2-1/2 year suspended sentence.

1972 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Presidential Aide Charles W. Colson orders thriller-author E. Howard Hunt to break into Arthur Bremer's apartment to "survey its contents," but Hunt rejected the assignment as too risky. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dick M Nixon wanted to tie Bremer to the left-wing, if possible, to smear liberals during his pre-election campaign.

1972 -- US: Baseball's Greg Luzinski's 500-foot home run hits the Liberty Bell monument in Philadelphia. A real dinger....

1972 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Turkey: Government announces the arrest of 20 for publishing a Marxist newspaper.

1973 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: 6 SLA members die during a shoot-out & fire, Los Angeles (-May 17).

1974 -- US: Mohawk people reclaim part of homeland in upstate New York.

1975 -- Japanese Junko Tabei is first woman to reach Mt. Everest's summit.

1977 -- US: A commuter helicopter idling on the helipad atop New York City's Pan Am building topples over as a landing strut collapses. The chopper's blade snaps off & spins across the roof, slashing six people to death & injuring another seven. A seventh victim, a woman walking on Madison Avenue 59 floors below, is killed by a piece of the falling blade.

Jef Jaisun; source
1977 -- Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent - Jef Jaisun played on Friggin' Here May 16th, 1997 Show #22 * played - request

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1979 -- US: A. Philip Randolph dies. African American labor leader & peace activist, president of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.

1979 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Gary Gygax publishes Dungeon Masters Guide (Dungeons & Dragons).

1984 -- Andy Kaufman, comedian, dies at 35 of cancer.

1985 -- Michael "Air" Jordan named NBA Rookie of the Year. Jordan, of the Chicago Bulls, was the number three draft choice.

Revolting, NY subway car graffiti
1987 -- US: Grand Day in NY Harbor? "Bobro 400," a huge barge, sets sail within eyesight of the Statue of Liberty with 3,200 tons of garbage nobody wants. The floating trash heap soon became America's most well-traveled garbage can as it begins an eight-week, 6,000 mile Odyssey in search of a willing dumping site.

1988 -- US: Surgeon General declares, in a report, cigarettes & tobacco products are addictive. The report, the work of 50 scientists who studied 2,000 research articles, found the "processes that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those that determine addiction to... heroin & cocaine." The Tobacco Institute criticized the conclusion, noting many smokers are able to quit smoking.

Secondhand smoke is not a problem.

If children don't like to be in a smoky room, they'll leave.

(As for infants) ... at some point, they crawl.

— Charles Harper, chairman, RJR Tobacco Company
I was with some Vietnamese recently, & some of them were smoking two cigarettes at a time. That's the kind of customers we need!

— US Senator Jesse Helms, on his meeting with the Vietnamese ambassador designate at a dinner given by the R J Reynolds Company
Allen Ginsberg weighs in:

1988 -- US: Undercover Trashman? US Supreme Court rules trash may be searched without a warrant. (See 1987 above.)

1989 -- anarchist diamond; anarchist Giuseppe PinelliItaly: Dopo 20anni, il 16 maggio 89 a Modena gli anarchici si ritrovano in piazza con una rappresentazione teatrale per non dimenticare.
Per aver distribuito durante la manifestazione un volantino che ricorda l'assassinio di Giuseppe Pinelli 2 anarchici vengono denunciati per oltraggio all'onore del corpo della polizia di stato. / Wrongly arrested for a bombing carried out by neo-fascists & a CIA-informant to discredit the left, Pinelli was murdered by the police.

1989 -- China: 250,000 continue protests in Tiananmen Square. Protests in Shanghai & five provincial capitals.

1991 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: EPA says US industry reported it added 3 million tons of toxic waste to the environment in 1989.

1996 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Amnesty International calls on Perú to release 600 political prisoners.

1998 -- Global Street Party, around the globe.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The Moonies buy United Press International (UPI) news service.

2004 -- Italy: XI Congresso USI-AIT, May 16th(?), in Rome.

IWW Starbucks Workers Union logo with Black Cat
2007 -- US: Baristas at the Wealthy St.(!) Starbucks in East Grand Rapids announce their membership in the IWW Starbucks Workers Union, becoming the first store in Michigan to declare union membership at the world's largest coffee chain. Starbucks, notorious for poor treatment of workers, follows with numerous anti-labor violations & is forced by the NLRB to settle Grand Rapids union worker complaints in October.

2010 -- Israel: Noam Chomsky, an 81-year-old professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology & critic of Israel, is refused admittance to speak at Berzeit University. This follows a pattern of refusing to allow United Nations investigator Richard Falk, Ivan Prado, one of Spain’s most famous clowns, & critics such as Norman Finkelstein & others into the country (a self-described "robust democracy").

2013 -- A study suggests marijuana may improve blood sugar by decreasing insulin resistance. Ummmmmmmmmmmm, love them double chocolate brownies!

3000 --

When evil is allowed to compete with good, evil has an emotional populist appeal that wins out unless good men & women stand as a vanguard against abuse.

— Hannah Arendt, Origins of Totalitarianism

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