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The Daily Bleed: Flavio Costantini, Emma Goldman, sans-culottes, Henri-Edmond Cross, Gustave Lefrançais, Errico Malatesta, Francesco Saveiro Merlino, Louise Michel, George Orwell, Paris Uprising 1968, Situationists, Anastasia Baburova; Timeline, Almanac of Radicalism, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists... a radical annotated chronology, almanac, anarchist CALENDAR, anarchism, anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarchisme, libertarian, anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-communism, What Happened on this day, in recovered suppressed history MAY 20 stanislav-markelov
MAY 20

Russian human rights lawyer, activist, martyr.

Old England: BEATING OF THE BOUNDS, ceremonial perambulation of Parish boundaries.



First of the month of Prairial (pasture) in the French revolutionary calendar.

Is Yoda your god?

"Satan" is from a Hebrew word, "Saithan," meaning adversary or enemy; in original Jewish usage (see the book of Job), Satan is the adversary, not of God, but of mankind; i.e., the angel charged by God with the task of proving mankind an unworthy creation. Thus Satan is not in opposition to God but is doing His will.

Later, the concept of an evil power ruling an underground domain of punishment for the wicked became fixed in Christian doctrine. In such, elements of the Graeco-Roman god Pluto/Vulcan/Hephaestus, the Underworld, & various aspects of Nordic/Teutonic mythology are traceable.

4 -- Jesus of Nazareth lives (probable actual birthday) (BCE).

526 -- Syria: Earthquake kills 250,000 in Antioch.

1498 -- India: Vasco da Gama arrives at Calicut on the Malabar coast.

1506 -- Spain: Christopher Columbus, explorer, dies in poverty in Valladolid, at 55. Neglected & almost forgotten, never fully realizing the importance of his explorations.

Columbus was the first economist.
He didn't know where he was going.
He deceived his men.
& he travelled on government money.

— Victor García, cited The Heretic's Handbook of Quotations, edited by Charles Bufe (See Sharp Press; 2nd edition, March 2001).

1593 -- Christopher Marlowe is arrested for heresy, but he soon escapes.
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

1609 -- England: Thomas Thorpe gets a license to print Shakespeare's sonnets.

1639 -- New Old World: First American public school established, Dorchester, Mass.

1683 -- Elijah Fenton, English poet, lives Shelton, Staffordshire. Collaborated with Alexander Pope & William Broome in a translation of the Odyssey. Fenton translated books 1, 4, 19, & 20.

1747 -- England: Annual Garrat Election by commoners asserting land & assembly rights in Wandsworth & Tooting: takes the ludic form of mock hustings, false names & impious oaths of allegiance [1747-1796].
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1776 -- US: Mohawks, under Joseph Brandt, defeat Americans at the Battle of the Cedars.

1795 -- France: Last major uprising of the sans-culottes against the reactionary authority of the Thermadorian government. Lasted four days; bloodily put down by military force. Main slogan was "For bread & the constitution of 1793" & against the big bourgeoisie.

1799 -- Honoré de Balzac lives (1799-1850). French journalist & writer, one of the creators of realism in literature. "What Napoleon could not do with the sword, I shall accomplish with the pen." He adds "de" to his name & pretends to be of noble birth.

1806 -- John Stuart Mill, philosopher & radical reformer, lives, London. Learns Greek at age three, Latin & arithmetic at eight, logic at 12.

1830 -- D. Hyde patents the fountain pen.

1844 -- US: Wisconsin's Fourierist Phalanx commune established.

1845 -- Robert Browning pays his first visit to Elizabeth Barrett, an invalid confined to a bedroom by a despotic father.

1846 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: US fleet arrives at Veracruz to begin a blockade; Valentin Gomez Far¡as revolts against Mexican President Paredes.

1856 -- France: Henri-Edmond Cross (aka Delacroix) (1856-1910) lives. Neo-impressionist/pointillist painter, illustrator, anarchiste.

1859 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of Ivan Turgenev novel Fathers & Sons.

Rat Race
1862 -- US: Homestead Act is approved, granting 160 acres of western land stolen from Native Americans to settlers at $1.25 an acre.

1867 -- England: A-Hem?: John Stuart Mill's bill to permit women to vote is rejected by the British Parliament.

Gustave Lefrancais
1871 --

"What does it matter to us what judgments may later be passed upon our obscure personalities? If we have seen fit to record the political differences that exist between the majority of the Commune & ourselves, this is not in order to apportion blame to the former & praise the latter. It is simply to ensure that, should the Commune be defeated, people will know that it was not what it has appeared to be up to now."

— Gustave Lefrançais (1826-1901) addressing constituents, 20 May 1871
(cited in Internationale Situationniste 12 [September 1969].)

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1873 -- Levi Strauss awarded US patent for his blue jeans.

1882 -- Sigrid Undset lives (1882-1949), Kalundborg, Denmark. Norwegian writer, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928. Her masterwork is the trilogy Kristin Lavransdotter (1920-22).

1882 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Henrik Ibsen play "Ghosts" premiers, Chicago (in Norwegian). Ibsen

anarchico Sabotage Cat
1883 -- Italy: First (& only) issue of Il Popolo, a weekly anarchist-communist paper appears(?) Pre-publication publicity found the editors quickly arrested: Errico Malatesta & Francesco Saveiro Merlino, Dominico Pavani, Camillo Pornier, Edoardo Rombaldoni & Luigi Trabalza are held for the next eight months, then charged in November for criminal association [malfattori].

Further details/ context, click here; anarchism, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, anarquismo, anarchismus, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm[Details / context]

1887 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Yaqui Indian rebel leader Anastasio Cuca is apprehended in Tucson. He is later extradited to Mexico, where he is executed.

1895 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Oscar Wilde's second trial for sodomy begins, London.

Louise Michel, anarchiste, La vierge Rouge cartoon
1898 -- France: Louise Michel

Elle revient à Paris pour s'occuper de l'édition de ses oeuvres (notamment la Commune) puis regagne l'Angleterre.

[Source: Michel Chronologie]

1899 -- US: Speed Kills?: Jacob German of NY City is the first driver ever arrested for speeding. Mr. German was whipping his taxicab all over Lexington Avenue & going over the posted 12 mile-per-hour speed limit.

1899 -- US: EG, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman arrives in Tacoma, Washington, where she participates in a debate on "Socialism versus Anarchism."

A group of spiritualists lend her use of their temple free of charge for a series of lectures, but when she proposes to lecture on "Free Love," they deny her the use of the hall. She delivers two well-attended lectures in Seattle.

1902 -- Cuba: US troops, present since 1898, leave (the first time); The "Republic" of Cuba is created under US control; Tomas Estrada Palma becomes the first president (-1906).

1904 -- US: Warships ordered to Tangiers, Morocco to "protect US interests." Making Tangiers safe for those late-coming Beatsters Paul & Jane Bowles, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, et al.

1911 -- México: The anarquista Magonistas of the Partido Liberal Mexicano publish a proclamation calling for the peasants to take collective possession of the land in the territories of Lower California where they have driven out the government, for "a free & happy life, without Masters or Tyrant." ANARCHIST

1911 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: Textile workers at Xia, Oax. pronounce in favor of Mexican rebels.

Emma Goldman
1913 -- US: Emma Goldman & Dr. Ben Reitman arrested on arrival in that bastion of "free speech," San Diego, California; vigilantes surround the police station. Police order Goldman & Reitman to board the afternoon train back to Los Angeles.

1915 -- Italy: Cambio di bandiera per la maggior parte dei deputati e per la totalità dei senatori che il 12 Maggio si erano espressi per la neutralità. Parliament (20-21st) grants extraordinary powers to the government in case of war (alla Camera favorevoli 407, contrari 74, astenuti 1; al Senato favorevoli 281 su 281). I voltagabbana quaquaraquà si sono espressi.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1916 -- US: Emma Goldman speaks from the back of a car at an open-air demonstration in Union Square in NY to protest Dr. Ben Reitman's imprisonment for distributing birth control information.

Sculptor/poet Ida Rauh Eastman, Bolton Hall, & Jessie Ashley are arrested later & charged with illegally distributing birth control information at the meeting.

Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste, Anarquismo, Anarquista, Anarchisten[Details / context]

anarchist feminist

1925 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Palestine: Hebrew newspaper Davar of the Palestinian labor movement is founded.

1926 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Thomas Edison says Americans prefer silent movies over talkies.

1926 -- US: Enactment of Railway Labor Act in the aftermath of strikes & Federal seizure of the railroads, guaranteeing collective bargaining rights to railroad workers.

1927 -- Charles Lindbergh flies solo, New York to Paris, winning a prize & taking the cake.

1930 -- US: A Frisco newspaper reports a University of California committee awarded the sum of $1,500 to continue research on the prevention & cure of a burning issue of the day, "athletic foot."

1930 -- First airplane catapulted from a dirigible, with Charles Nicholson as pilot.

1931 -- France: At the now-famous Parisian bookstore & lending-library Shakespeare & Company (see 17 November) Anaïs Nin joins up & borrows e.e. cummings' Enormous Room.

1932 -- Amelia Earhart flies solo across Atlantic ocean.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1933 -- US: Condom shortage? Rubber workers strike in Akron, Ohio.

1935 -- Italy: E' istituita la sovraintendenza alle valute per controllare i movimenti di valuta estera secondo le restrizioni vigenti in tempo di guerra.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1937 -- Spain: Author & one-time used book seller George Orwell, sympathetic to the anarchists, & fighting for the Republic, is shot on the front lines. His Homage to Catalonia is based on his experiences during the Spanish Revolution.

It is the left-wing papers, the "News Chronicle" & the "Daily Worker," with their far subtler methods of distortion, that have prevented the British public from grasping the real nature of the struggle.

The fact which these papers have so carefully obscured is that the Spanish Government (including the semi-autonomous Catalan Government) is far more afraid of the revolution than of the Fascists.

— George Orwell, "Spilling the Spanish Beans," 1937

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1938 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Canada: 500 unemployed workers start a sit-down strike in Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, BC.

1939 -- US: The "Yankee Clipper" takes off from Port Washington, NY, bound for Europe. The flagship of Pan American Airways, it establishes the first regular air passenger service across the Atlantic Ocean.

1940 -- Verner von Heidenstam dies, Ovralid, Sweden. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, "in recognition of his significance as the leading representative of a new era in our literature."

1942 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaPierre Ramus (aka Rudolf Grossman), fleeing from Nazi-occupied Europe, boards ship for Veracruz, Mexico. Austrian writer, pacifist & prolific anarchist propagandist, he dies en route on May 27th, from a heart attack. In one of his last letters, from a refugee camp in Casablanca, Ramus wrote, "In a time where so many without a higher ideal must live & die, I suffer with my ideals & am ready to die with them."

1946 -- Author W. H. Auden becomes an American citizen.

1946 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Government takes over control of the coal mines.

1946 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Poste Haste?? NY Governor Thomas E. Dewey orders Lorenzo Reed, a black prison escapee, extradited to Florida; Reed had been convicted of stealing 20 cents & sentenced to 25 years in prison after a 10-minute trial.

1946 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Army C-45 crashes into 48th floor of Bank of Manhattan, NY; five die.

1949 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The AFofL rejects the reaffiliation bid of the United Mine Workers (UMW).

1949 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The Armed Forces Security Agency is formed — first US government agency formed in total secrecy (as far as we know). Predecessor of NSA.

1950 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Bolivia: A general strike & rebellion break out (suppressed May 22).

1950 -- Germany: Source=Robert Braunwart Germany: A coal-dust explosion & fire kill 75 miners, Gelsenkirchen, W. Germany.

1952 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Korea: Communist POWs riot at Koje Island prison camp, South Korea.

1952 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Songster Paul Robeson overcomes red-baiters to appear in Seattle Civic Auditorium for a benefit concert for the Civil Rights Congress.

1952 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Howard H. Quint writes the preface to his The Forging of American Socialism.

1953 -- Source=Robert Braunwart French General Navarre says he can see "light at the end of a tunnel" in Vietnam. Can't call him a dim wick...big ol' tunnel.

1954 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Attorney General Brownell gives the FBI carte blanche to bug anyone.

1954 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" is released.

1955 -- Beatster Jack Kerouac completes "cityCityCITY," a science fiction story.

1956 -- In Rapallo, Italy, his home for the past 45 years, English caricaturist, writer, & dandy, Maximilian Beerbohm, dies. As a parodist, he remains unsurpassed.

1957 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Cuba: Rebel leader Fidel Castro appeals to the US to stop arming dictator Batista.

1958 -- US: Air National Guard Lockheed T-33 Trainer collides with a Capital Airlines Viscount over Brunswick, Maryland, killing 12. The trainer pilot parachuted to safety.

1959 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Japanese-Americans who renounced their US citizenship when imprisoned in American WWII concentration camps have it restored.

Bruddah Iz
1959 -- US: Hawaiian protest songster Israel Kamakawiwo'ole lives (1959-1997). Activist for Hawaiian rights & Hawaiian independence. Best known for the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World."

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2006-2010
The Gentle Giant, "Bruddah Iz," tha Bob Marley of Hawaiian activism.

CND Protest
1961 -- Wales: Protest demonstration by the CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), in Aberystwyth.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1962 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Mountaineer Edmund Hillary is the mystery guest on television's "What's My Line?"

1963 -- US: White mob attacks "Freedom Riders" in Montgomery, Alabama. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Kennedy sends 400 US marshals to Alabama to protect Freedom Riders.

1963 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Canada: The RCMP arrests 20 young FLQ members for terrorist acts, Montreal.

1964 -- US: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) wins free-speech fight, Roosevelt University, Chicago. anarchist

Fuck Work
1966 -- Pete Townshend & Roger Daltrey of the Who, tired of waiting for the late John Entwistle & Keith Moon, go on stage & play a set with guys from a local band. When Moon & Entwistle show Townshend smacks Moon on the head with his guitar. Moon quits the band — for a week.

1966 -- US: PH Phactor Jug Band opens at 40 Cedar Street, also known as Cedar Alley, near Polk & Geary in Frisco. Capt. Beefheart & His Magic Band opens at the Avalon Ballroom, Sutter & Van Ness.

1966 -- South Vietnam: May 20-23 Buddhist & labor union demonstrations against Ky government in Saigon.

1966 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Rolling Stones hit "Paint It Black" enters the British charts at #5. Auntie Dave is then a gardener...sort of..."We Mow For Our Dough."

1967 -- Seen it Coming?: BBC bans Beatle's "A Day in the Life." A neat trick considering it wasn't released until June 1. McCartney this month also reveals that all of the Beatles have now taken acid.

1967 -- US: NY City, Flower Power Day.

1967 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Uruguay: Postal workers strike.

Paris May Days
1968 -- Paris Uprising 1968France: The revolutionary upheavals of 1968 continue: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader General de Gaulle howls as more than six million workers are now on strike.

20. May — An estimated 10 million workers are on strike; France is practically paralyzed.


ANARCHIST France uprising 1968

1968 -- France: Se suspende el Festival de Cannes, a causa de los conflictos en Francia.

1968 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Black Student Union members occupy President Odegaard's office, University of Washington, in Seattle.

1968 -- US: Brooklyn University is occupied by blacks.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1969 -- Vietnam: Hold the McMustard? US troops make their 11th assault in 10 days on "Hamburger Hill," finally capturing it in one of the Vietnam War's bloodiest battles. The mountain proves of little strategic value, & is abandoned eight days from now. Plenty of time to pick up the bodies.

1969 -- US: 134 day class boycott of San Francisco State University settled.

1969 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Kissinger & Haig request more FBI wiretaps to find government leaks.

1969 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Ireland: Students sit in at University College, Dublin, over Northern Ireland.

1969 -- Source=Robert BraunwartUS: Donald Phelps, the only black school principal in Bellevue, Washington, resigns to protest racism.

1970 -- Source=Robert Braunwart China: Mao Tse-tung issues "People of the World, Unite & Defeat the US Aggressors & All Their Running Dogs!"

1970 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: 100,000 march in NY in support of US policies in Vietnam.

1971 -- Chicago lead singer Peter Cetera beaten up by four creeps at a Cubs baseball game. The men objected to the length of his hair. Cetera underwent five hours of emergency surgery.

1971 -- Delegation of US pacifists travels to Cuba to exchange children's art.

1972 -- US: 21,000 acres in Gifford Pinchot National Forest returned to Yakama tribe.

1973 -- US: 17 of the "Camden 28" found not guilty (of destroying draft files).

1973 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Doonesbury's Marvelous Mark declares Watergator John Mitchell "guilty, guilty, guilty." Most American newspapers in the coming decades either refuse to carry the strip or move him off the comic strip section.

1974 -- England: Pat Arrowsmith jailed for 1-1/2 years for leafleting soldiers about Northern Ireland.

1974 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaRussia: Human rights activist, martyr Stanislav Markelov lives, Moscow. Shot dead on January 19, 2009 while leaving a news conference. Anarchist/journalist Anastasia Baburova was also murdered when she tried to come to his aid.

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1978 -- US: Taxi!?: Mavis Hutchinson, 53, arrives in New York City — the first woman to run across America. 3,000 mile trek took 69 days, running an average of 45 miles each day.

1980 -- South Korea: Uprising in Kwangju against repressive US-supported government.

1982 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Animated cartoon "Dr. Seuss' [sic] The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat" premiers on ABC-TV.

1985 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Israel: Government trades 1,150 Muslim prisoners for three Israeli POWs.

1989 -- China: Martial law in Beijing ordered to quell the pro-democracy movement & massive student demonstrations.

1989 -- Gilda Radner, comedienne (Saturday Night Live), dies at 42 of cancer.

1990 -- Source=Robert Braunwart A freelance Israeli terrorist murders eight Palestinians at random.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Amnesty International accuses China of illegal arrests & torture in Tibet.

1993 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Ireland: A massive IRA bomb explodes in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

1993 -- Source=Robert Braunwart El Salvador: Salvadoran police kill three at a protest by wounded civil-war veterans.

1995 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Iran: Government says it will not send assassins to hunt novelist Salman Rushdie.

1996 -- US: Supreme Court rules that a Colorado state law prohibiting any legislation protecting gays & lesbians against discrimination is unconstitutional.

1996 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The UN & Iraq sign a deal allowing limited oil exports from Iraq.

1997 -- Germany: About 50 activists occupy & prematurely harvest a trial field of genetically engineered maize (corn), ruining the test. Schonfeld.

2002 -- Stephen Jay Gould dies.

Biologist/Paleontologist. Mr. Gould wrote a heck of a whole lot on evolution & the science of man. He thought evolution a "a fortuitous cosmic afterthought."

He debated creationists. A baseball fanatic, he appears in the Ken Burns documentary, Baseball. Among Stephen's works are Ever Since Darwin, The Mismeasure of Man, & The Panda's Thumb. An upcoming work, The Scientists Tumor, is postponed indefinitely.

Chartre D'Amiens centenary poster
2006 -- France: Centenary of the signing of the "Charte d’Amiens" (Charter of Amiens), 1906-2006.

Among the events in Paris, forums organized by Alternative Libertaire, video; includes buffet, bar, bookstalls. anarchist

2006 -- Canada: 7th annual Anarchist Bookfair, May 20 & 21st, part of Montreal's annual 'Festival of Anarchy' begun earlier this month, the largest anarchist event in North America.

Free to all. 75+ distributors, vendors & groups at the bookfair, from North America, Latin America & Europe. Presentations, films, art exhibits, & workshops. (Includes photo exhibit from Kashipur with radio documentary by Seattle's Brook Thorndycraft & Tamara Herman, of the people’s movement resisting the Alcan-backed project.)

2006 -- Ireland: Demonstration in support of 41+ hunger strikers by Afghan asylum seekers for refugee status. Organized by Residents Against Racism with support from the Workers Solidarity Movement.

Flavio Costantini (Rome, 21 September 1926–Rapallo, 20 May 2013)
2013 -- Italy: Anarchico graphic artist Flavio Costantini dies.
Stuart Christie on Costantini,

3000 --
"Who controls the past controls the future.

Who controls the present controls the past.

— George Orwell

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