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Our Daily Bleed...

       one day we were selling them
so much killing hardware
       their governmental teeth
were eroding with the metallic grind
       but their appetites increased...

        — Grace Paley, excerpt, "Leaflet"

Randolph Bourne

MAY 30


Birth-injured Greenwich Village literary radical.


849 -- Early Worms?: Frankish Empire divided between Charles, Louis & Lothar, Worms.

1431 -- France: As she burns at the stake, 19-year-old Joan of Arc screams & calls on God, the Virgin Mary & archangels [ark-angels].
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1593 -- Christopher Marlowe, dramatist, poet, brawler, & government agent, is fatally stabbed with his own dagger in an argument over a tavern bill.

Elizabethan poet-dramatist Christopher Marlowe was not killed in 1593, but banished; he continued writing under the pseudonym "William Shakespeare."

1640 -- Peter Paul Rubens, painter, dies.

1741 -- New Old World: Thirteen black men burned at the stake, & 17 black men, two white men, & two white women hanged, for their roles in planning a slave revolt in New York City.

1778 -- France: Philosopher, satirist Voltaire dies. Possibly the greatest 18th-century European writer, noted for his wit, satire, & critical capacity. His greatest work is Candide (1759).

1783 -- US: Pennsylvania Evening Post begins, first daily newspaper in the country.

1811 -- Vissarion Grigoryevitch Belinsky lives (-1848). Eminent Russian literary critic, often called the father of the Russian radical intelligentsia.

"The basis of religion is pietism, reverence, fear of God. Whereas the Russian man utters the name of Lord while scratching himself somewhere."

Mikhail Bakunin, anarchist
1814 -- Russia: Anarchist theorist Mikhail Bakunin lives, Prjamuchino. [New style calendar; May 18 by the Julian calendar.] Conspirator, rival of Marx, assassin of God. alt spellings: Michael Bakunin, Mijail, Michel Bakounine, Mihail Aleksandroviç Bakunin; Aleksandrovic, Aleksandrovich, Mihkail

"It clearly follows that to make men moral it is necessary to make their social environment moral. & that can be done in only one way; by assuring the triumph of justice, that is, the complete liberty of everyone in the most perfect equality for all.

Inequality of conditions & rights, & the resulting lack of liberty for all, is the great collective iniquity begetting all individual iniquities."

— Mikhail Bakunin

1835 -- Alfred Austin lives. Successor of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, as British poet laureate, memorable now for attacking Tennyson, Browning, Swinburne, Hugo, & Wordsworth as inferior poets.

1838 -- Léon Metchnikoff lives (1838-1888). Geographer, anarchist & secretary to Élisée Reclus.

1842 -- England: Near Miss? John Francis attempts to assassinate Queen Victoria as she drives down Constitution Hill with Albert.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1854 -- US: Kansas-Nebraska Act repeals Missouri Compromise & opens Northern Territory to slavery.

1868 -- US: Memorial Day first observed as two women in Columbus, Mississippi place flowers on both Confederate & Union graves.

1875 -- Giovanni Gentile lives. Italian idealist poet philosopher, politician, educator, sometimes called the philosopher of Fascism. His works show the strong influence of G. W. F. Hegel.

Kropotkin, all-star anarchist
1876 -- Russia: During this month Prince Peter Kropotkin is finally transferred from the prison at Peter & Paul Fortress to the St. Petersburg Military Hospital (I don't have the exact day — ed.). His mental & physical health improved but he hid this from his doctors. The security here is much more lax & Peter immediately begins planning an escape.
[Further details]

1883 -- US: Panic on the Brooklyn Bridge, six days after its opening, results in 12 people trampled to death.

1886 -- US: Randolph Bourne lives, (1886-1918). American literary radical, anarchist.

It is in literature itself that Randolph Bourne appears most unforgettably, in a haunting stanza from 1919 (1932), centerpiece of the U.S.A. trilogy by John Dos Passos:

This little sparrowlike man,
tiny twisted bit of flesh in a black cape,
always in pain & ailing,
put a pebble in his sling,
& hit Goliath squarely in the forehead with it.
. . . If any man has a ghost,
Bourne has a ghost,
a tiny twisted unscared ghost in a black cloak
hopping along the grimy old brick & brownstone streets
still left in downtown New York,
crying out in a shrill soundless giggle:

War is the health of the State.

Further details/ context, click here; anarchism, anarsizm, anarŝizme, Anarŝist, anarquismo, anarchismus, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkismo[Details / context]

1887 -- Julian West goes to sleep.

When West was finally awakened, he did not see the face of his servant, but the face of a stranger, who identified himself as Dr. Leete. West found himself in a house he had never before seen & when he demanded an explanation, the reluctant Dr. Leete told him that the date was September 10, 2000.

West had slept for 133 years, three months, & 11 days.

— Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward

See Franklin Rosemont's "Free Play & No Limit,"

1894 -- Italy: Il tribunale militare di Palermo condanna De Felice-Giuffrida a 18 anni di carcere, Rosario Bosco, Nicola Barbato e Bernardino Verro a 12 anni di carcere quali capi dei Fasci siciliani. L'indomani a Palermo si svolgono grandi manifestazioni a favore dei condannati.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1896 -- Howard Hawks lives (-1977). American film director, screenwriter, & producer whose works gained considerable stature first among French film cultists, then among American critics. Awarded honorary Oscar in 1975. Directed Viva Villa; To Have & Not Have (co-scripted by William Faulkner); The Big Sleep (ditto); Rio Bravo.

1900 -- Italy: Pio Turroni lives (1900-1982), Cesena-Forli. Fled to Belgium in 1923, to escape the repression of the Italian fascist government, then to France in 1925. Publisher of the long running anarchist review Volonta.
Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste, Anarquismo, Anarquista, Anarchisten, anarkismo[Details / context]

1901 -- Russia: Maxim Gorky, arrested on charges of printing revolutionary literature, is released from prison after the anarchist/novelist Count Leo Tolstoy intercedes on his behalf. Gorky later served a similar role by interceding on the behalf of many writers victimized by Stalin's regime.

"What queer people you are!" said the mother to the Ukrainian one day.

"All are your comrades — the Armenians & the Jews & the Austrians. You speak about all as of your friends; you grieve for all, & you rejoice for all!"

"For all, mother dear, for all! The world is ours! The world is for the workers! For us there is no nation, no race. For us there are only comrades & foes..."

— Maxim Gorky, Mother

When work is a pleasure, life is a joy! When work is a duty, life is slavery.

— Maxim Gorky

1902 --

Belgium: Hem Day lives (1902-1969). Belgian scholar, secondhand bookseller, pacifist, anarchiste, & writer (aka Marcel &/or Henri Dieu).

See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page,

1903 -- Countee Cullen lives (-1946). American poet, born in Louisville, Kentucky(?). One of the finest writers of the Harlem Renaissance, along with Langston Hughes.

1904 -- US: Last Chance? Baseball's Frank Chance gets hit by a pitch FIVE times in a doubleheader.

Porky Pig Stamp
1908 -- Mel Blanc voice of Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd & Porky Pig, lives.

1909 -- US: National Conference on the Negro convened, resulting in the formation of the NAACP.

1909 -- Benny Goodman, swinger, lives.

1911 -- US: Ray Harroun wins first 500-mile auto race at The Brickyard — Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Won with an average speed of 74.59 mph.

American Flag?
1912 -- US: Two companies of Marines rushed to Nicaragua to "protect US interests."

"So heavy the price that they pay
As daily the fruit it is stolen
Over the blue Caribbean
But the lengthening shadow of Cuba
will hinder the way.

      — Phil Ochs, "United Fruit"

See Peter Werbe's interview with Michael Schumacher about Phil Ochs,

1912 -- Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman & Ben Reitman speak in Sacramento about their recent experience in San Diego, attempting to exercise their "free" speech rights in the land of the free.

1913 -- First Balkan War ends, Treaty of London.

1913 -- Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman delivers a series of anarchist propaganda lectures in San Francisco, May 25-June 8, followed by several talks on the modern drama, including Stanley Houghton's Hindel Wakes, John Galsworthy's The Wheels of Justice Crush All, & Charles Rann Kennedy's The Dignity of Labor.

Kropotkin Philosopher All-Stars card
1917 -- Russia: Peter Kropotkin arrives in Petrograd. Kropotkin's notoriety results in a large crowd gathering to greet him, & even the new government sends representatives to meet with the old anarchist.
Further details/ context, click here; Anarŝist, ANARŜŬZM, Anarŝizmin, anarŝizme, Anarŝist, Anarchisten, anarkismo[Details / context]

1919 -- France: Militants of the C.D.S. join the first Communist Party (PC), French section of the Communist International, largement inspiré des thèses anarchistes.
[Source: Le Libertaire Chronologie]

Three Strikes...
1922 -- US: Cubs swap Max Flack for Cards Cliff Heathcote during the middle of a baseball doubleheader. Both play for both teams today.

1922 -- US: Lincoln Memorial dedicated. Black officials at the opening ceremony are segregated from whites.
Source: [Vanessa Collection]

1924 -- Italy: Il deputato socialista Giacomo Matteotti denuncia le violenze e i brogli che hanno caratterizzato le elezioni politiche e ne chiede la invalidazione.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1925 -- Shanghai: The Anglo-American police in Shanghai fire on anti-Japanese demonstrators parading on the Nanking Lu, killing 12 Chinese students & workers.
Source: [K.S. Karol]

1926 -- Christine Jorgensen pioneer transsexual, lives.
The first person with enough balls to hack it.

1931 -- Italy: Vengono attuate violenze squadristiche contro circoli dell'Azione Cattolica di cui viene temporaneamente disposto lo scioglimento (come era già avvenuto nei confronti delle associazioni scoutistiche cattoliche).

Riccardo Bauer ed Ernesto Rossi del gruppo Giustizia e Libertà sono condannati a venti anni di carcere assieme ad altri esponenti della sezione di Milano.

Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Memorial Day Massacre, cops murder workers
1937 -- US: Police murder 10 fleeing workers, wound 30 more, & beat 55 so badly they require hospitalization, during the "Memorial Day Massacre" at the Republic Steel plant in south Chicago.

It was a day for parades, picnics & boat-rides — & tear-gas, bullets & death.

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1937 -- Carl Hubbell pitches 24th consecutive baseball victory in a two-year period. Went 26-6 for the 1936 season & 22-8 in 1937. Went one-for-one in the World Series each year. Hubbell had a dubious honor April 16, 1935, serving up Babe Ruth's first home run in the National League — the 709th round-tripper of Ruth's career.

1942 -- Pass the Cadaver?: The highly disputed kidnapping of John Barrymore's body occurs. Legend goes that his old poker buddies ("The Bundy Drive Boys"), including Gene Fowler, W.C. Fields & William Wellman — or perhaps Raoul Walsh — stole Barrymore's corpse from the funeral parlor & sat it up in his usual position at the poker table to scare the hell out of Errol Flynn. Another version has Peter Lorre & Humphrey Bogart sneaking it into the Jack Warner’s house where the hated producer will stumble upon it.

1943 -- US: San Antonio, Texass bureaucrats shut down the Chili Queens, now memorialized every year on Memorial Day.

The Chili Queens didn't take any back talk from men & were blind to segregation — after all, they were minorities themselves. Each night this diverse melting pot of cultures would eat & sing the night away, not as foes, but as equals...

Hail to the Queens!

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Flames for dem dogs, animated

1945 -- England: 5,000 attend three rallies in London for a constructive peace.

1958 -- SI dingbat Italy:

In Praise of Pinot . . .

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1963 -- In Paris, France, Brazilian poet & short story writer, Ribeiro Couto, dies. A leading figure of the Modernismo movement of the 1920s, he wrote fluently in Portuguese & French about the humble aspects of everyday life.

1966 -- Benefit for the Haight-Ashbury Legal Organization (HALO) at Winterland. The Jefferson Airplane performs.

1967 -- Biafra declares independence from Nigeria.

1967 -- US: Memorial Day confrontation in Tompkins Square Park, Lower East Side in New York City, between hippies & Puerto Ricans.

1967 -- US: Benefit for the Haight-Ashbury Legal Organization at Winterland in Frisco. The Jefferson Airplane performs (as they did last year).

1968 -- France: Trains don't run, airports closed; millions of workers have barricaded themselves within their factories & offices; soccer players have occupied their stadiums; there is no mail & it is almost impossible to make a phone call; Universities are closed; France is in the middle of a massive General Strike! Leading politicians warn of a civil war/revolution.

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1968 -- Germany: Students in Munich protest during the May Days.

Kill for Peace?
1969 -- US: 20,000 rally in a peaceful protest in Berkeley, California, to oppose state suppression of People's Park, put flowers on the fences.


Acid Test
1971 -- 36 Grateful Dead fans treated for hallucinations caused by LSD they unwittingly ingested from a spiked apple drink served at San Francisco's Winterland. Although group members are suspected of supplying the drug, they are not accused.

1972 -- US: Labor union ban begins against French airlines & business mail in protest of French nuclear testing.

1972 -- anarchist diamond; anarquista England: The Stoke Newington Eight trial begins, lasting until December, making a record as the longest trial in British history. Four defendants are sentenced to 10 years after a plea for clemency by the jury, four are acquitted.
[Further Details]

1980 -- Switzerland: Beginning of the "movement of the discontented," youth rebellion in Zurich, spreading throughout the country, involving thousands — young & not so young — in demonstrations & confrontations with police, demanding places where they would be free to meet & share counter-cultural experiences. Escalated into broader demands, one being "No Leaders!," & another being:

"Make Cucumber Salad Out of the State!"

[This slogan inspired the 1982 Cucumber Salad Calendar published by Left Bank Books; involved various members of the Left Bank Collective, including Robby Barnes, Sylvie Kashdan, Sue Letsinger, & BleedMeister, who printed it on a small basement press. All of the dates from that calendar are incorporated into the Daily Bleed.]

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1980 -- Carl Radle, bass player for Derek & the Dominos & Leon Russell among others, dies of a chronic kidney problem.

1980 -- Though many say disco is deader than a door nail, "Mickey Mouse Disco" turns platinum.

1984 -- Bomb explodes during Eden Pastora's press conference at La Penca, Nicaragua, killing eight, wounding 28, including American Tony Avirgan.

1990 -- Midnight Oil closes down 6th Avenue in New York City as they play a protest concert in front of Exxon's offices. This is in reaction to the Exxon Valdez disaster.

1993 -- Ark-Angel, composer Herman "Sunny" Blount dies.

March of the Penguins
2006 -- Chile: Students take to the streets, parents bring food to children occupying schools, teachers support them, as does the university population. Today's demonstration is the biggest student rally in the history of student movements.

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2010 -- Gay American poet Peter Orlovsky dies.

3000 --

"The intelligent man who is proud of his intelligence is like the condemned man who is proud of his cell."

— Simone Weil

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