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. . . What weather of shelters
      our own or anybody's analogs—
feeds down the icecaps to computers
      its song of fallout
           this spring?

What crawl of cobalt
      cracks the blood count with bells,
dissolves the crystals
      & divides the lovebirds in the laboratories
         from the dead? . . .

— Walter Lowenfels, excerpt, "Letter to the President"

June 6

Great French Symbolist painter, student of Rodolphe Bresdin.

FESTIVAL OF CHIU HSIEN, Taoist Spirit of Wine.

-48 -- Julius Caesar defeats Pompey at Pharsalus, Greece (Aug. 9 RC).
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

Friendly anarchik
1178 -- NASA?: Some monks at Canterbury report an explosion on the moon.

1242 -- Source=Robert Braunwart France: 24 wagonloads of talmudic writings are burned in Paris.

1606 -- Playwright Pierre Corneille (Le Cid) lives, Rouen, France.

1638 -- England: A football match on Burnt Fen is the guise for anti-enclosure rioters from Ely & Lakenheath to assemble & destroy the drainage ditches.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1716 -- Source=Robert Braunwart New Old World: Substantial Jewish settlement in Massachusetts begins. Proof, as any good rightwinger can tell you, of the International Jewish Communist Conspiracy to Take Over the World.

Carded? Visa card!
1778 -- US: Get Out of Jail Free?: Debtors prisons abolished; debtors continue to flourish.

1780 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Mob storms & burns Newgate Prison in London.

1788 -- Source=Robert Braunwart de Sade completes his novel Eugenie de Franval in the Bastille.

Bald Soprano poster
1797 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Public hair-pulling fight by rival sopranos Cuzzoni & Bordoni, London. (That's public, not pubic.)

Inspiration for Eugene Ionesco's avant-garde play, 'The Bald Soprano,' right?

1799 -- Black Russian poet Aleksandr (Sergeyevich) Pushkin lives (1799-1837), Moscow. Often considered his country's greatest poet & founder of modern Russian literature.

"Please, never despise the translator. He's the mailman of human civilization."

1803 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Ceylon: British troops are massacred & imprisoned by the Ceylonese at Colombo.

1813 -- Canada: US invasion of Canada halted at Stoney Creek, Ontario.

1815 -- England: London Peace Society forms.

1816 -- US: 10" snowfall in New England, the "year without a summer" (Krakatoa). 25 cm of snow falls in New England; Frost occurs from Canada to Virginia (-June 9) ("eighteen hundred froze to death"); Bangor Register reports individual snowflakes 5 cm in diameter, Maine.

Hi Dave — How's things? One small correction for today's dates: 1816 — the volcanic eruption that caused the "Year w/o a Summer" in New England was at Tambora not Krakatoa in the East Indies. Krakatoa was in the late nineteenth century.

1832 -- Jeremy Bentham dies, 44, London. Utilitarian philosopher, founder of the Westminster Review. His skeleton, dressed & seated in a sedan chair, is still preserved at University College, which he founded.

1840 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: NY weekly fiction paper New World is founded.

1842 -- Steele MacKaye lives, Buffalo, New York. American playwright, actor, theater manager, & inventor. First American to act Hamlet in London, founder of the Lyceum Theater.

1875 -- Thomas Mann lives (-1955), Lübeck. German essayist/novelist, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929. Moved to the US during the Nazi 30s, returned to Germany in 1947 during the HUAC witch hunts in the US. Wrote Buddenbrooks; The Magic Mountain.

A harmful truth is better than a useful lie.

— Thomas Mann

1882 -- The first electric flatiron — the electric iron — patented by H.W. Seely of New York City. Now if'n the electric chair fails, you can flatten 'em.

Roller coaster, animated
1884 -- US: World's first roller coaster opens, Coney Island, New York City.

1885 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of Joanna Russ novella The Mystery of the Young Gentleman.

1887 --
Sculpture by Jean Arp

The air is a root...

the stones woke to eat the exact


Jean Arp lives. Became a . . . & a . . . leader of the short-lived/eternal . . . movement known as . . . Max Ernst . . . MERZ, Kurt Schwitters . . . first Surrealist . . . Abstraction-Creation . . . dada . . .

"The seven head lengths of beauty have been cut off one after the other but nevertheless man acts as if he were a being that vegetates outside of nature. industriously he adds seven to black in order to get thereby another hundred pounds of chatter."

See our Daily Bleed Sinners page,

1889 -- US: Great Fire in Seattle, Washington destroys 25 downtown blocks.

1897 -- Crazy as a Fox?: Frank Samuelson & George Harvo set out in a small open rowboat from New York Harbor to row across the Atlantic in the 18-foot "Richard K. Fox." With no mast or sails (only five spare pairs of oars), they pull constantly for 55 days, reaching St. Mary's in the Scilly Islands (off England).

1897 -- anarchiste diamond dingbat; anarquistaPortugal: Arnaldo Simões Januário lives. Anarcho-syndicalist militant. Arrested & sent to various concentration camps (Angola, the Azores, Cap Verde & Timor).
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1903 -- US: Luigi Galleani's journal Cronaca Sovversiva founded, in Vermont. It is widely read by Italian anarchists in many countries including those in North Africa. He publishes it until he is kicked out of the US in 1919 during the "Red Scare" for his radicalism & continues to publish it in Italy.

"When we talk about property, State, masters, government, laws, courts, & police, we say only that we don't want any of them."

       — Luigi Galleani, The End of Anarchism?

1904 -- Helen McCloy lives (1904-1993) American mystery writer, first woman to serve as president of Mystery Writers of America. In 1953 she received Edgar for her criticism.

1909 -- Isaiah Berlin (-1997) lives. English social historian, philosopher, essayist, friend of authors Anna Akhmatova & Boris Pasternak. According to an anecdote, the Cold War began in 1945, when Berlin visited Anna Akhmatova in Leningrad, which so irritated Stalin that he personally ran the philosopher down on the telephone.

1909 -- anarchiste diamond dingbat; anarquistaFrance: Emilie Lamotte dies. Lecturer & anarchist pedagogue. Lamotte taught in a religious school, until meeting her future companion, André Lorulot. In 1906, along with Lorulot, Ernest Girault & Jean Goldsky she helped found the libertarian colony at Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Map, Lower California
1911 -- México: Government requests US permission to send troops from Chihuahua to Baja California (through US territory) to fight "bandits" (permission granted). Francisco Madero (a revolutionary opportunist seeking power), wins US support to send troops into lower California to crush the experimental "Libertarian Commune" whose rallying cry has been "Tierra y Libertad". The Commune began when the Magonistes took the city of Mexicali, on January 29, 1911, followed by taking part of Tijuana.
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1911 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nicaragua: Treaty signed turning over customs to the ever benevolent Uncle Sam(never ratified).

1916 -- US: Founding of National Women's Party.

In 1923 the National Women's Party pushes an Equal Rights Amendment in Congress. But many women's groups, especially those tied to the labor movement, oppose the effort.
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1916 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Edgar Rice Burroughs grants the first Tarzan movie rights to Bill Parsons. Playwright George Bernard Shaw once averred that Jesus, Sherlock Holmes & Tarzan were the best-known names in the world.

1916 -- French Symbolist painter Odilon Redon dies, Paris, France.

1918 -- First WWI battle between German & American troops occurs at the battle of Belleau Wood.

1919 -- Italy: I fasci italiani di combattimento presentano il loro programma che ha come obiettivi : abolizione della monarchia e istituzione della repubblica, suffragio universale per entrambi i sessi, fine della coscrizione obbligatoria. sequestro dei profitti di guerra e maggiore giustizia fiscale, partecipazione dei lavoratori agli utili delle imprese, riduzione a otto ore della giornata lavorativa. Rappresenterà uno dei più chiari esempi di aria fritta mai prodotti al mondo.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1919 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Finland: War declared on Soviet Russia.

1921 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Blotto?: Hermann Rorschach introduces his ink-blot test, in "Psychodiagnostik."

1924 -- Source=Robert Braunwart D. Milhaud Surrealist ballet "L'homme et son desir" premiers, Paris.

1925 -- Maxine Kumin, lives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, novelist, children's author.

1932 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Chile: Revolt ends in the appointment of a Socialist government.

1933 -- US: First drive-in movie theater opens, in Camden, New Jersey.

1934 -- Source=Robert Braunwart First US edition of Thomas Mann's Joseph & His Brothers is published.

Salvador Dalai? Actually, the Dalai Lama
1935 -- Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Tibetan spiritual leader, lives. His spiritual quest inspires the hit Broadway musical "Hello, Dalai."

1935 -- American novelist Harry Crews lives.

1935 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014Canadian poet & novelist Joy Kogawa lives, Vancouver, British Columbia. Interned during WWII, Kogawa has worked to educate Canadians about the history of the internment camps, & was active in the fight for government redress. Author of the award-winning Obasan.

We are sent to the sending, that we may bring sight....

1936 -- First issue of Peace News published in England. Still publishing today, promotes pacifist publishing, & War Resisters' International (WRI), a network of anti-militarist organisations in over 30 countries.

1936 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Clifton Fadiman reviews Thomas Mann's Stories of Three Decades in The New Yorker.

1937 -- Spain: The Control Patrols are disbanded.

1944 -- France: D-Day, 150,000 Allied troops invade the beaches of Normandy.

1944 --


In this play by Boris Vian, the horrors of world catastrophe are presented with what Cocteau called “an exquisite insolence”. The Knacker’s ABC, a paramilitary vaudeville, takes place on June 6, 1944, during the landing of Anglo-American forces at Arromanches. In the midst of complete chaos, the sole concern of the horse knacker & his family is the problem of their daughter’s marriage to a German soldier who has been billeted in their house. The grimness, cruelty, & idiocy of our contemporary world is thoroughly exposed by Vian’s deft use of the absurd.

“…the concept of fighting war by means of war, as some choose to do, seems to be quite intolerable, & there remains, alas, only a limited choice of alternative methods… The play is above all a burlesque: it seemed to me that the best approach to war was to laugh at its expense, a craftier but more effective way of fighting it…”

Boris Vian

Originally published as L’Equarrissage pour tous (Editions Toutain, 1950) Second edition in Boris Vian’s Théâtre (Editions Jean-Jacques Pauvert, Paris, ©1965)
Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste,  anarchismo, anarchici, anarchico, Anarþist, ANARÞÝZM, Anarþizmin, anarþizme, Anarþist, anarquista, anarchie, anarkismo, anarchisme[Details / context]

1945 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Brazil: Casting the Death Knell? War declared on Japan (WWII). Yup.

1947 -- Source=Robert Braunwart First US edition of Thomas Mann's Essays of 3 Decades is published.

1949 -- England: George Orwell's 1984 is published. 25,000 copies are printed, with 23,000 selling within four months.

"...& the clocks were striking thirteen."

In Huxley's dystopia, there were no big brothers to watch over us. As far as he was concerned, none were needed.
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1950 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Japan: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Douglas MacArthur orders the government to ban Communist leaders from office.

1954 -- Cynthia Rylant lives. Waitress & librarian who became a prolific children's author. Her role models were James Agee & Harper Lee.

1954 -- Peter Spier lives, The Nederlands. Author/illustrator of children's books, of People.

1955 -- During this month Beatster Jack Kerouac, in New York City visiting Lucien Carr & other friends, writes "MacDougal Street Blues" poems.

1956 -- Bjorn Borg, Racketeer, lives.

1960 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: J. Edgar Hoover memo says the Lee Harvey Oswald currently in Moscow may be an impostor. Doesn't mention cross-dressing so far as know.

1961 -- Archetypal psychoanalyst Carl Jung dies, Küsnacht, Switzerland. Some of his theories are the basis of a form of literary criticism known as Archetypal Critic.

"Only the good die Jung."

1961 -- Source=Robert Braunwart South Korea: Military junta assumes all constitutional powers.

1962 -- The Beatles audition for producer George Martin of EMI Records. After listening to a playback of the audition tapes, Martin said, "They're pretty awful."

1963 -- US: Third 'Liberty Rally' of the Citizens Committee for Constitutional Liberties, Manhattan Center, in NYC. 2,000 people attend, on the second anniversary of the Supreme Court decision upholding the registration provision of the McCarran Internal Security Act. Speakers include Jim Monsonis (SDS), Norman Thomas, Claude Lightfoot, Blanche Posner (Women Strike for Peace), Tyndell Vivian (SCLC).

1966 -- The Turtles, & Oxford Circle at the Fillmore Auditorium in Frisco, California.

1966 -- US: Author Truman Capote holds famous "Black & White Ball" — widely regarded as most glittering bas of the decade.

Dick Gregory cook book cover
1968 -- US: Hunger Artist? Comedian Dick Gregory begins hunger strike in Olympia, Washington jail after his arrest in support of Nisqually fishing rights. (Back when there were still fish to be had.)

1968 --
5-7 juin 68 Début de la reprise du travail en France.

1968 --
Poor men are assassinated every day / but the victim never dies / he just keeps living until one day he picks up a gun / & fires it at his oppressor / & casts his vote for liberation. / The martyr is not he who was killed / but he who fired the gun. / That is all we need to remember about the sixth day / of June nineteen hundred & sixty eight.

— Julius Lester, SNCC, on the event of the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Source: [Calendar Riots]

1970 -- US: Officials gather at Charleston Air Force Base to celebrate the arrival of the first operational C-5A. As it touched down, the tire on one wheel blew-out, & a second wheel fell off the landing gear & bounced down the runway by itself.

1971 -- US: 40 Native Americans camp at sacred Black Hills site atop Mount Rushmore; 20 are arrested.

1972 -- Source=Robert Braunwart South Africa: Student rallies banned (they have been protesting apartheid).

1975 -- England: Bill Hetherington jailed for two weeks for talking to a sailor about leafleting soldiers.

1977 -- Spain: The anti-crats (or acratas) disrupt another meeting, as they do every weekend, in Madrid & all the major centers.
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They are a plague upon the Spanish politics-as-usual-left-&-right scene.

1978 -- US: Proposition 13 passes in California.

Euclid had a better & far more interesting idea: If a straight line stands on a straight line, then it makes either two right angles or angles whose sum equals two right angles:

1979 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nicaragua: Beloved & Respected Comrade America's DrugLord Anastasio Somoza declares a state of siege in face of popular revolt.

1980 -- US: Computer malfunction for the second time in four days — signals a Soviet nuclear attack on US & allows us to repeat our mantra:


Gentlemen! You can't fight in here, this is the War Room!

— President Merkin Muffley

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1981 -- US: Backlog of 6,000 Haitians facing deportation hearings.

1981 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Maya Yang Lin wins American competition for design of Vietnam War memorial.

1982 -- Lebanon: Israel invades south Lebanon to destroy PLO military bases. They stay until this day in 1985, but for a narrow security zone.

Kenneth Rexroth, anarchist poet
1982 -- US: Kenneth Rexroth dies. Poet/Buddhist/anarchist/semi-Beat/translator.

Important & influential poet involved with various labor groups & political anarchists. When the second literary renaissance of the 1920's occurred in Chicago, Rexroth was there. Founder of the San Francisco Libertarian Circle & later involved in the Beat movement, a literary period that evolved in the 1950's & 60's that attempted to elevate common consciousness.

Rexroth was called "Godfather of the Beats" because of his involvement with the readings & events at the Cellar jazz club.

"Few understood that as poet and critic he was practicing philosophy in its root sense of "love of wisdom," questing for the good, the true, and the beautiful, in this barbaric age of capitalist, fascist, and pseudo-communist exploitation, cultural collapse, wars, and ecological disasters pointing to the annihilation of humanity."

— Morgan Gibson

Daily Bleed Patron Saint. See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page,

1982 -- Lebanon: Israel invades. They stay until this day in 1985, but for a narrow security zone.

1982 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Antinuclear rally draws 85,000 people to the Rose Bowl, Pasadena. Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Wonder & Tom Petty perform.

1983 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nicaragua: Three US diplomats expelled for plotting to kill the foreign minister.

1984 -- Sikh Temple at Amirtsar occupied by Indian Army, 300 slain.

Statue of Liberty....'Never Mind'
1988 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader George Bush makes campaign promise to support reparations for WW II Japanese-American internees (promise broken, May 1989).

Illustration by Rick King

1988 -- US: Capsule containing deadly radioactive cesium broke open at Radiation Sterilizers, a food irradiation plant, in Decatur, Georgia. 10 workers exposed, & 70,000 medical supply containers & milk cartons had to be recalled. The Department of Energy had previously declared the cesium capsules to be accident-proof.

1988 -- US: Fun-damentalist media watchdog Donald Wildmon claims to have seen Mighty Mouse snorting cocaine in a recent Saturday morning cartoon. Though animator Ralph Bakshi explains that the rodent was sniffing flowers, the scene is cut from future broadcasts.

1988 -- Source=Robert Braunwart South Africa: 2 million participate in a General Strike (-June 8).

1989 -- Greenpeace officials announce at least 50 nuclear weapons & 9 nuclear reactors, the products of US & Soviet naval accidents, were lost on the ocean floor since World War II.

Using data obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the group (in conjunction with the Institute for Policy Studies) found over 2,000 major peacetime naval accidents have occurred since 1945, resulting in some 2,800 deaths. Accidents ranged from loss of an entire vessel & crew to minor collisions & fires that left little damage & some injuries.

1989 -- US: Sacramento: Citizens have had enough of "low-cost & safe" nuclear power; Rancho Seco nuke plant vote shuts it down. There was a near melt-down (an event surprisingly covered-up until after the Chernobyl disaster in Russia) in 1985. See the Stan Iverson Archive,

1989 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Iran: In the Dumps? Khomeini's body is spilled on the ground in a funeral frenzy.

1989 -- anarchiste diamond dingbat; anarquistaFrance: Funeral of Hortensia Torres, Spanish militant anarchist, in Toulouse.
... show details

1990 -- A Federal judge in Florida declares that 2 Live Crew's "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" LP is obscene. Two days later a record store owner is charged with selling the hit album.

1991 -- Jazz saxophonist Stan Getz dies.

"My life is music. & in some vague, mysterious, & subconscious way, I have always been driven by a taut inner spring which has propelled me to almost compulsively reach for perfection in music, often — in fact, mostly — at the expense of everything else in my life."

— Stan Getz

1993 -- Source=Robert Braunwart "Kiss of the Spiderwoman," musical based on the Manuel Puig novel, wins seven Tony Awards.

1993 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Liberia: Army massacres 600 refugees, near Harbel.

1994 -- US: Three Syracuse activists occupy local congressional offices to protest forced US repatriation of Haitian refugees. Four others arrested for sit-in at US Capitol in Washington, DC.

1995 -- Source=Robert Braunwart P. & J. Kockelman patent a human slingshot bungee-cord amusement ride.

Street party! Amuse de kids: park your car sideways in the garage & leave it there!
1998 --

Amuse the kids....      

Resistance has no vote!       

No cars       

No cops

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Amnesty International accuses NATO of war crimes in Kosovo.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Brazil Rancher Jeronimo Alves Amorim is sentenced to 19 years for ordering the murder of union leader Expedito Ribeiro de Souza.

Some homeless planet or other, always in transit
2012 -- Transit of Venus occurs. Rapid Transit Tickets go on sale tomorrow @ Recollection Used Books.

2013 -- England: The Guardian publishes its first story based on information obtained from NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden (who 10 days later has a higher approval than the US Congress). Snowden outs himself as the source on the 9th.

3000 --


Earth is eating trees, fence posts,
Gutted cars, earth is calling in her little ones,
"Come home, Come home!" From pig balls,
From the ferocity of pig driven to holiness,
From the furred ear & the full jowl come
The repose of the hung belly, from the purpose
They Lion grow.

Philip Levine, excerpt, "They Feed They Lion"


Civilization by John Heartfield
3500 --

DISCLAIMER: Use of semi-advanced computing technology does not imply an endorsement of Western Industrial Civilization.

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