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Italian left communist, Prometheus Group leader.


MINERS' UNION DAY. Butte, Montana.


Krusty the Klown; (F)red?NATIONAL JUGGLING DAY.

1374 -- Not Gauntless?: Author Geoffrey Chaucer gets annual pension of 10 pounds ($2,400) from John of Gaunt.

1381 -- Wat Tyler revolt: Jack Straw & 30,000 peasants & poor city folk rebel, march on London, demanding an end to serfdom & seeking higher wages. King Richard II acceded to their demands, but after the peasant leader Wat Tyler is killed, he reneges on his promises & hundreds of the protesters are executed.

1650 -- First publication of Mercurius Politicus, British periodical published by Marchamont Needham, "that mercenary soul that for a handful of earth shall be hired to assassinate the greatest fame & reputation."

1738 -- Author Giuseppe Cerutti lives. Jesuit teacher, during the agitations preceding the French Revolution Cerutti took the popular side.

1789 -- US: Mrs. Alexander Hamilton serves ice cream for dessert to Washington. French ambassador huffs "Let them eat cake."

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1865 -- The WB Channel? W.B. Yeats lives. Irish poet/dramatist. Snagged the 1923 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Early influences included William Blake's poems, Emanuel Swedenborg's writings & other visionaries. Founded, with Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory, the Irish Literary Theatre. Worked as a director & wrote numerous plays for it.

See Kenneth Rexroth essays in Classics Revisited or More Classics Revisited.. While not online, Rexroth's introduction & authors he cites are, at

1868 -- US: Ex-slave Oscar Dunn becomes Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.

1868 -- US: Steamship Pennsylvania blows up on the Mississippi River, near Memphis, Tennessee, killing 160.

1870 -- anarchist diamond dingbat Romnia: Alexandru Bogdan-Pite%C5%9Fti lives (aka Ion Doican or Ion Duican; d.1922).

  • Symbolist poet, essayist, & art & literary critic, also known as a journalist & left-wing political agitator. Frequented French anarchiste circles, was a presence in the group of Auguste Vaillant & acquainted with the geographer Élisée Reclus.

    Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti

    1871 -- Canada: Hurricane kills 300 in Labrador.

    1885 -- France: Le 13 juin 1885, à Marseille, le journal anarchiste Le Droit social après s'être proposé de démontrer l'inanité du suffrage universel, donne dans son n°2, un conseil aux compagnons pour "voter en anarchiste" (en réalité, provoquer l'incendie des urnes), et "faire flamber tous les torche-culs" se trouvant à l'intérieur. Il suffirait pour cela de glisser un bout de phosphore plié dans un bulletin. On ne sait si ce conseil fut mis en pratique, mais les anarchistes préfèrent encore bouder les isoloirs ces "pissotières républicaines," et pratiquer comme Octave Mirbeau "la Grève des électeurs."

    Michael John Thompson Rare Books, backroom
    1886 -- Canada: Fire destroys nearly 1,000 buildings in Vancouver, BC. One infamous smut parlour, fronting itself as Michael John Thompson, Rare Books, thought US Marines & NATO were trying to target him; prepared for any emergency (such as a customer or actual sale of a book), MJT more or less survived into the 21st-century.

    1887 -- US: Miner's Union Day. Butte, Montana: Bluebird Incident, Butte effectively became a closed shop.
    Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

    1888 -- Fernando Pessoa lives. Celebrated Portuguese poet, played a major role in the development of modernism in his country. It is sometimes said that the four greatest Portuguese poets of modern times are Fernando Pessoa. Wrote for avant-garde reviews, notably Orpheu, a forum for new aesthetic views. Noted for his use of heteronyms, or alternative authorial personalities (Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis, Álvaro de Campos, etc), resembling the verse personae of Ezra Pound. Played chess with Aleister Crowley. Among his books is O Banqueiro Anarquista.

    1889 -- Italy: Amadeo Bordiga lives (-1970). Prominent Italian Marxist & a key contributor to Left Communist theory & Council Communism. Face-to-face, he accused Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Uncle Joe Stalin of betraying the Revolution, calling him "the gravedigger of the revolution" — the last person to do such a thing & survive.

    1893 -- Dorothy Sayers lives. British novelist, essayist, medieval scholar, anthologist. Best-known for her amateur detective in top hat, Lord Peter Wimsey. Went through a wild period in 1920, bearing an illegitimate son.

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    1894 -- Literary critic/professor Mark Van Doren lives, Hope Park, Illinois. Got the 1940 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Among his pupils are Lionel Trilling, John Berryman, Thomas Merton, & Allen Ginsberg.

    Masthead, Premier numéro du 1er avril 1904 de
    1897 -- Argentina: La Protesta Humana appears. Began after El Perseguido folded (Jan. 31, 1897; the first of the rapidly developing active & numerous anarchist presses). Protesta Humana is followed by the (daily) Protesta (April 5, 1904), which for many years weathers all the storms.
    Further details/ context, click here; Anarquismo, Anarquista, Anarchie, anarkismo, anarchisme[Details / context]

    1900 -- 3 Rounds & You're Out?: China's Boxer Rebellion against foreigners & Christians.

    Tong Wars / Boxer Rebellion: a secret society formed to promote boxing leads an uprising against colonial exploitation in China. The uprising begins with riots & arson that follow the beating of two young Boxers by Baron von Ketteler, German colonial ambassador. Ketteler himself is ambushed & killed on 20 June on his way to meet with the Chinese government.

    1903 -- Harold "Red" Grange, the "Galloping Ghost" of football, lives.

    1909 -- Spain: Congress of the labor federation Solidaridad Obrera today votes overwhelmingly to accept the general strike tactic, "depending upon circumstances."

    The anarchists in Solidaridad Obrera (a regional federation embracing 112 labor syndicates throughout Catalonia with a membership of 25,000 workers) were anarcho-syndicalists who believed in operating within large labor movements...

    Further details/ context, click here; Anarquismo, Anarquista, Anarchie, anarkismo, anarchisme[Details / context]

    1910 -- anarchist diamond; anarquista France: In Paris, confrontations take place at Faubourg Saint-Anthony between cabinetmakers & police. The anarchiste Henri Cler is wounded & dies. Cler's funeral at the Pantin cemetery on the 26th draws tens of thousands of people, & is the scene of new police violence, who seemingly have scant respect for anyone, living or dead.

    1910 -- France: Fernand Rude (aka Pierre Froment) (d.1990), lives, Lyon. Social historian, sympathetic to libertarian/anarchist movements. Wrote Le mouvement ouvrier à Lyon de 1827 à 1832; La révolution de 1848 dans l'Isère (1949), Allons en Icarie (1952); C'est nous les Canuts; (1954); Les révoltes des Canuts 1831-1834 (1982). For the Paris Commune Centenary Rude issued Bakuninist materials, De la guerre à la Commune & Le socialisme libertaire.

    1914 -- US: Riot breaks out at Miner's Union Day parade & spreads to union hall, Butte Montana.

    During the riot, the hall is looted & safe is stolen & dynamited. Acting mayor Frank Curran is pushed out of second-story window.

    1920 -- Get This!, animated dingbat US: Priority Mail?

    Post Office Department rules children may not be sent by parcel post.

    1925 -- Canada: During continuing strike actions, angry miners victimized by company-owned cops & goons, burn three company stores in Nova Scotia to the ground.

    A company president sneers,

    "We hold the cards,
    they will crawl back to work..."

    Wrong. The company stores never open again.

    Further details / context, click here; labor[Details / context]

     Saran Wrap?
    1935 -- Rap Artists?: Wrapper Christo & Jeanne-Claude, wrap artist, both live. See Daily Bleed Gallery page,

    1944 -- Buzz-Cut?: Nazi Germany begins V-1 (Fieseler Fi-103) buzz-bomb attacks.

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    1948 -- Novelist Dazai Osamu dies, suicide, in Tokyo. A dark, wry tone captured the confusion of postwar Japan, with traditional values discredited. His last, unfinished novel was, ominously, Goodbye.

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    1951 -- William Power dies. Leading Scottish literary critic of his generation.

    1955 -- Worst accident in auto racing, Le Mans, France. A car hits a retaining wall, explodes in midair & kills 77 people as parts of the car shoot into the crowd. Officials refuse to cancel the race. Horrified by this callousness, nearly four-fifths of some 250,000 spectators leave.

    1960 -- US: Newsweek, clueless as usual, reports apathy among students. They (Newsweek) are oblivious to Port Huron meeting taking place, civil rights movement, Vietnam War.

    1960 -- Safety First? Sidney Cohen's survey of 5,000 individuals who had taken LSD 25,000 times concludes it is safe. You can throw away those pesky life preservers now.

    1961 -- France: Le Havre — 27 people deported after swimming ashore in protest of ban of San Francisco-to-Moscow disarmament march.

    1963 -- US: Civil rights activist, martyr Medgar Evers dies, Jackson, Mississippi.

    1966 -- Holland: Provo riots in Amsterdam. (Pre-situ street activists, the Provos this month elect first representative to Amsterdam Municipal Council.) See also 16 June. ANARCHIST

    1966 -- US: Supreme Court's Miranda decision; suspect must be informed of rights & lefts.

    1967 -- US: Thurgood Marshall nominated as first black Supreme Court justice.

  • Huey, Dewey, & (F)red
    1968 -- Vietnam: Friendly Fire: Crew of a US helicopter, "misunderstanding" radio instructions of a Vietnamese Ranger officer, fires a rocket & a blast of machine gun fire at a South Vietnamese command post in Saigon, killing, among others, the Saigon Chief of Police.

    Gives meaning to the phrase "good police work."

    1968 -- High Seas: Hull of a Day?: Hull of the World Glory fails off South Africa, resulting in a 13,524,000 gallon oil spill.

    1969 -- US: Jefferson Airplane with Grace Slick at the Family Dog Ballroom at the Great Highway. The show was broadcast by KSAN in Frisco.

    1971 -- US: Publication of classified Pentagon papers on US involvement in Vietnam begins in the New York Times.

    The NY Times had finally tired of being mouth-piece for the government line / lies on the war, & Daniel Ellsberg had the dirt...

    During this month American vets start admitting to US atrocities in Vietnam.

    Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

    1977 -- Put On Ice?: 200 indigenous peoples from Alaska, Canada, Greenland & Siberia convene the first Inuit Circumpolar Conference in Barrow, Alaska, urging the ban of all weapons testing & disposal in the Arctic.

    1979 -- 3 Hills & You're Out? US Court of Claims awards Lakota Nation $122.5 million for government's illegal taking of the Black Hills, South Dakota, in 1877.

    1980 -- Guyana: Guyanese historian, activist, head of Working People's Party, Walter Rodney assassinated, Georgetown.

    Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-05
    Political revolutionary, historian, martyr.

    1981 -- Teenager fires six blanks at Queen Elizabeth II.

    @ anarchist symbol
    1982 -- André Claudot (1892-1982), French anarchiste, artist, teacher, dies. The libertarian filmmaker Bernard Baissat did a film of his life, Ecoutez Claudot (1979).

    1983 -- Way Out, Man: Pioneer 10 is first man-made object to leave the Solar System.

    1985 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: "Doonesbury" satirizes Ronnie Reagan's Medal of Freedom award to Mafia pal Frankie Sinatra.

    1986 -- Benny Goodman, American Big Band leader, clarinet playing King of Swing, dies at 77, New York City.

    1987 -- IceCycles?: Daniel Buettner, Bret Anderson, Martin Engel & Anne Knabe complete cycling journey of 15,266 miles from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Argentina.

    1988 -- Palestinian nonviolent activist Mubarek Awad deported from Israel. Later settles in Washington, DC & founds Nonviolence International.

    US Factoid
    1993 -- Somalia: US "peacekeeper" shoots 14 unarmed demonstrators, Mogadishu. Protecting those pesky US "interests".

    Valerio Isca
    1996 -- US: Valerio Isca (b.1900) dies, age 95 (a quitter!). Italian-American anarchist, co-founder of the Libertarian Book Club. Paul Berman wrote a short piece about his friend, which appeared in Slate magazine in September 1996.

    1996 -- Canada: Four women block a convention center gate & are arrested at a protest of the SUBCON VIII arms trade exhibition in Toronto.

    2006 -- Russia: 100 people detained when cops mistake a rugby match as a brawl. Brawl & rugby — sounds a bit redundant.

    2007 -- China: Not enough names to go around, ministry says. AuntieDave has a few he will sell on the cheap...if they can't outsource to 3rd World countries like India or the US.

    2012 -- Thomas Pynchon permits his entire backlist to be published in digital format & Jon McGregor wins the 2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, the world's richest literary prize.

    3000 --

    "I think Bill Gates & the Unabomber are the same guy!"

    — Some drunk guy in a bar

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